Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nikki asks Sona to stay back tonight as NG (Natasha Gujral) is coming with family for dinner. Ishwari also insists and says she is getting food of her choice prepared via cook. Sona says she is not feeling well. Ishwari comes near her and says she is really looking pale and can go home and rest today. Sona leaves for home. Dev calls Ishwari and says NG is coming around 8 p.m. She says he called and informed her many times and says Sona went home as she was not feeling well. Radha yells that Sona gave lame excuse and left early. Ishwari says Sona was really sick and was not acting.

Elena comes from college and Saurabh taunts if she found any boyfriend. She says no, all her college mates are not that handsome and says Sona is lucky to have Dev. Saurabh says she is

talking as if Sona is marrying Dev tomorrow. Family then leaves to watch movie.

Ranbeer walks with Neha after shopping. Neha says she can hold her bags and asks him to give them. He says it is okay. She says she cannot marry him. He says if they can be at least friends. She says okay and asks if he will not ask why she said no. He says no use of it and says she has to stop auto as he cannot wave hand.

Sona reaches home, calls mom and asks when are they coming back. Mom says they are going to watch movie and asks if she is fine, if they should return home. Sona says she is feeling just dehydrated and will be fine, they can watch movie. Elena says Saurabh is giving them treat after movie. Sona says she will take treat some other day. She goes to close door and sees Dev standing in front of her. She asks why. He says mom told she is unwell, so he came to meet her, asks if he can come in or she will get chair here. She greets him in.

Ishwari takes care of arragments alone. Gujral comes with Natasha. Radha greets them in and starts her jokergiri. Gujral looks at her. She says she Radha rani, Dev’s aunt. She then introduces her husband and Vicky. Vicky weirdly looks at NG. Radha asks him to greet Gujral. Gajral praises house arrangement. Radha says she arranged house. They sit for dinner. Radha says she prepared dinner. Ria and Nikki smirk. NG asks where is Dev. Sona says he must be coming.

Sona serves coffee to Dev and asks how is it. He says not bad. Their conversation continues. Mischievous children lock door from outside. Dev says he will leave now and tries to open door, but it does not. He says someone locked door from outside and asks when is her family coming. She says they may come late and he can break window and open door. She walks to bring Saurabh’s bat when Dev holds her hand and says breaking is easy but building something takes years. He gets conscious and leaves her hand. A romantic song plays in the background.

Precap: Ishwari gets worried for Dev and asks her brother to call Dev. Brother calls and Dev is unreachable. Gujral hears their conversation silently.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Aarti

    Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho aur chabi kho Jaye..dis song suits devakshi at d present situation..soo excited

  2. Tanya

    Cheap Vicky I just hate him….the way he looks at nuts ohhhhhhh….cheap boy….i m shocked seeing that dev cares for sona such that he came to her home…ohh I’m gonna mad now seeing dev’s smile so cuteee….

  3. Renu

    Its really nice to c dev and sona together…. Though it is a fiction, i smile wen i c them together.. My fav pairs are
    Arjun radhika
    Arnav khushi
    Shlok aastha and
    Dev sonakshi

  4. akshara

    ohh nice episode…and also that seen…dev holds sona’s hand and says BREAKING IS EASY BUT BUILDING SOMETHING TAKES YEARS…that moment is AWESOME

  5. pinky

    Its so nyc to c dat now same ppl who wanted d lead actress to b changed want more scenes of devakshi n r nt able to c dev and natasha together.. Erica has managed to get a huge fan following in merely 2 months!!!! Luved d scene were sona is laughing widout any reason…. finally a nyc episode after so many days

  6. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow nice episode loved devakshi scenes in the end when they got locked in the room. And this Vicky uff hate him just like his mom jaisa Maa waisa beta

  7. Renu

    Hi meenu!!!! Its sad that v have to wait for two more days to watch krpkab….. Y can’t they telecast it on sat and sun….

  8. Ru Bhattacharya

    Hey guys!i wnt 2 dedicate a shayari to Natasha from Dev’s side.
    Tumhe mujhse ishq hai
    Manti hu ki tum ekdam sahi ho
    Jo mujhe soch kar khawab dekhti hai
    Janti hu ki woh sirf tum hi ho
    Koi sak nahi ki tum jaan se zyada chahti ho mujhe
    Par kya karun
    Jaisa mein chahti waisa bilkul bhi nahi ho….
    I think ye Natasha ko sunane k liye Dev ka best shayari hoga! bt m nt sure k ye kam karega ki nahi! bcse i said it 2 my ‘crazy lover’ bt he still love me….

  9. Ru Bhattacharya

    I wnt 2 dedicate a shayari 2 Natasha from Dev’s side….
    Tumhe mujhse ishq hai
    Manti hu ki tum ekdam sahi ho
    Jo mujhe soch kar khwab dekhti hai
    Janti hu ki woh sirf tum hi ho
    Koi sak nahi ki tum jaan se zyada chahti ho mujhe
    Par kya karun
    Jaisa me chahti waisa bilkul bhi nahi ho….i think ye Natasha ko sunane j liye Dev ka best shayari hoga…guys ap sabka kya khayal hai? bt m nt sure ki ye kehne pe kam hoga ki nahi….bcse i said it to my ‘CRAZY LOVER’ but he still loves me……

  10. beth

    Really love the show, dev is a ideal bf and hubby material and sona super coolllll. cant wait for monday yaar.

  11. prit

    I just loved the episode kya scene thi yaar. Ab me bol sakti hu kidev ne bht ache se baat ki sona se wow just loved that line. Ek kaam kijiye aap mujhe yahi chair laake dijiye me yahi bahar baith ta hu. Aap mujhe andar aane ke liye keh hi nhu rahi. Aur khud hi andar chala jaata or vo dono kitni achi tarah se baat kr rahe the has ke. devakshi were vry happy and i just loved to see that. Or sabse best scene they both were locked in sona’s house. Now what will happen. Did dev reach his home. Natasha and her father is waiting for dev. dev ghar pe kya bolega. I just want to see that. And that vickey kitna ghatiya h vo. Kitna 3rd class mind h uska or vo radharani is also vry disgusting. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  12. Meena

    I liked the show for the first time.I found it so boring.Hope it will be interesting from now on.I thought shaheer was wasted in this serial!since I watch Ek Duje ke also I couldn’t help comparing both the shows.I simply adore the show and mainly because of sumo and Shravan and also it is so lively.lead pairs ars are so bubbly and so real !!!!!
    My favourite pairs are Arjun Radika then Shravan and Sumantran and now Dev and Sona.

  13. Ru Bhattacharya

    thanx Tanya! Ru is a Bengali girl name and it means light.so without any doubt m a Bengali girl….

  14. Ru Bhattacharya

    thanx 2 Tanya and Prit! Tanya my dear Ru is a Bengali girl name which means light and popular as a nickname in Bengal .so without any doubt m a Bengali Girl……

  15. prit

    I was also thinking Ru Bhattacharya that are u boy of a girl. Now my doubt is also clear.

  16. Renu

    Omg!!!!! The promos are awesome…. But i those scenes are happening at dev’s hse…. But its very cute to c dev sona…. Waiting for dev to realize his love and let him propose sona… Dev proposing sona will b gud rather than sona proposing Dev… Let that gujral and natasha go back….

  17. Mrunmayee

    Dev is so caring he came to meet sonaactually he loves her and can’t realise. Sona too feels good as dev came to meet her.I love your actingsboth performance are really awesome. Apart from other serials this is sth different realistic and very interesting for youngsters.

  18. tara

    i couldnt watch it yesterday…even i was unable to read the epi..it was just awesome…omg..the last part was superb…love devakshi..mauhhh

  19. Moon

    This was coming I knew when the promo on Natasha’s entry was shown Gujral saying the ‘ best jodee’! Also, i heatd Natasha saying in an interview that she was Aishwarya here and Dev was the Ajay Devgan! Are the makers upto another ” Hum dil de chuke sanam”? But all serials have to bring in a third character to make it spicy and this too is following the same! Its no different as many of us thought.

  20. Sandy

    Moon ya I saw those videos, they look like it’s a dream sequence. I also think it’s sonas dream. There’s one more video of location shoot. In the next episode dev n sona will feel hungry n dev will make sandwich. N dev reached home before gujrals leave n says he had some work.

  21. Sandy

    It is possible that dev and Natasha gets together possibly dev says yes for marraige. But Natasha realises devs love for sona n tells him to go after her. I’m just making this up. It cud be hum dil de chuke in reverse. N they said that Natasha’s role is positive…so it’s possible.

    Or maybe story cud go like therll be some big tragedy in devs house n sona will help them n then maybe dev will fall in love with her, like she did after her accident.

    • Tanya

      Possible , Jo hona hai vo ho par at end I want devakshi together…..waiting for that day…

  22. Savi

    From that exact moment and words from Dev ” breaking is easy but building something takes years”! Hmmm look like he does cares after all. He does notice Sona is pulling away. Don’t get it thought why does the guy await girls to express when all they can do is just SAY IT.

  23. prit

    sandy thanks for sending that link i watched it. Dev and sona are hungry so dev makes something for her as she don’t know cooking. Dev sona ke ghar ke kithen me kuch dish banaata h sona ke liye.she watch him silently.or vo bht pyar se dev ko notice krti h. And on other side gujral and natasha are waiting for dev. And finally dev comes.dev,gujral or natasha ke jaane se pehele hi paunch jaata h. And he meet them but what excuse he made for coming home late that i don’t know guys.

  24. Renu

    Have u guys seen the new promo??? Orange colour shirt ka promo… Wer dev falls in love with sona…. Its really cute to c dev falling in love with sona… Check it out guys..,

  25. tara

    i actually coudnt get anything..from the video..the picture quality was very bad… can someone explain what it was??

  26. anj

    bt n another video…….dev n orange n restaurnt , having juice wth nathasa…………!!!??

  27. Renu

    Guys!! Did u c the spoiler???? Its very bad… Ishwari gives her nod to dev and nataashaa’s marriage… It is said that dev and sona’s love story will not go ahead…. Soon dev and nataashaa will b marrying…. I didn’t like this spoiler…
    They r able to give big spoilers for other dramas. But for krpkab they r giving 2 line spoiler..

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