Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At Sona’s home, Asha gets tired thinking of ideas to write her novel. She asks family to suggest a story. Sourav suggests one. Asha says it is Tagore’s story. Daadi suggests one. Asha says it is also a novel story. Daadi says she just saw it yesterday on TV. Asha asks Sona to suggest a story. Sona says she has a story and tells her story that a common girl thought herself as princess and fell in love with price, when she fell ill, prince married another princess, and girl realized she was just common and does not have right to dream of a prince. Asha says this story is not good. Sona starts weeping. Elena consoles her.

Tailor brings Dev’s sherwani. Ishwari calls Dev’s mobile, but he does not pick call. Dev is at office and waits for Natasha.

Natasha comes. He says thank god she came. She says her daadi taunts her a lot taking his name. He says she is beautiful, intelligent, mature, etc. He asks what is the problem. He says he does not love her and cannot marry her. She stands in a shock with teary eyes. He says when he does not love her, he does not want to marry her and push her into forced relationship. She asks whom he loves then. He stands silently. She says it is her right to know. He says Ms. Bose. She says when he loves Sonakshi, then why did he agree to marry her and why did not he reject her dad’s proposal. He says even he did not know that he loves Sona and just realized. He says Natasha that she is a good girl. She says she is good girl for the world but not for him. He asks if they can live happily knowing this. She says he is right. He says he made a mistake and will explain her dad. She says her dad will understand only her. He says it is his mistake and he will explain her dad. She says thank you for the best birthday gift of her life. Dev feels sorry.

Nikki and Ria wear engagement dress and run behind each other. Radha comes and says still it is time for engagement and their clothes will spoil. Nikki says she is looking beautiful. Radha gets shy and says many boys used to roam behind her in her youth. Nikki and Ria laugh. Radha gets embarrassed and asks where is Dev. Ishwari says Dev did not pick her call at all and must be stuck somewhere. Mama comes he is Dev Dixit and not Radha’s joker son Vicky. Ishwari calls Dev’s office and asks Tina if she knows where is Dev. Tina says Dev was in office and left just 5 min ago, even Natasha was with him. Radha comments that Dev is madly in Natasha’s love and forgot to call Ishwari. Ishwari gets sad that Dev did not call her back.

Sona cries holding pillow on her face. Elena tries to console her, but she continues crying.

Ishwari and Radha get ready for engagement. Dev comes home after some time. Mama says Dev came. Ishwari sees Dev tensed and asks what happened. Dev says this engagement will not happen. Everyone stand in a shock.

Precap: Dev imagines Sona everywhere and eagerly waits to meet her. He goes to her in the early morning. Sona opens door thinking it is milkman but is surprised to see Dev standing in front of her smiling.

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