Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Tina calls Dev to office and says she did not want to disturb him during his sister’s marriage, so she did not. A serious issue has cropped up, Mr. Gujral has sued their company, if he wants they can file case against Gujral’s company. Dev says Tina knows her father is wrong, so she went against him, he does not want to hurt Natasha’s feelings by filing case. He asks accountant to check ways to minimize losses and asks lawyer not to file any case.

At night, Sona reminisces Dev crying emotionally. Dev goes back home and missing Neha. He calls Sona and starts crying again and says he should given time to Neha. Sona starts consoling him and tells him a story about her childhood. She says when she was 2 year old and Sourav 5, she used to fight for cup.

When she became 5, she got a habbit of calling everyone a dog, dad used to scold her. She continues story and e falls asleep. Sona calls his name, but he does not reply. She smiles and disconnects call. Kuch rang pyar ke music plays in the background.

In the morning, Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and sees her writhing in pain. He asks what happened. She says her leg is paining thats all, she got her daughter married and some pains are good. He applies balm to her legs and scolds. She says he does not understand. He says even his sister got married, why did she get up. She says she was just trying to light lamp. scolds her not to get out of bed and go for pooja, anyways she has served many laddoos to god by now. She scolds why is he behind god’s laddoos. He says his mom’s laddoos are only for him. She says she knows he would not agree, so she was just trying. He asks her to rest whole day, he will send her breakfast. He touches her feet and says his pooja is done and now he will arrange for her pooja, leaves from room.

Next morning, Sona goes for work and sees Nikki sitting sadly. She wishes good morning. Nikki asks what is good in this. Sona says she does not know but can see her bad mood, whats up. Nikki says Ria went to office, mom is resting in room, Dev will be going to office soon, she has college holidays. Sona says she would have packed her clothes. Nikki asks why will she. Sona says if she had her college trip, she would have packed her items. Nikki says she forgot. Sona asks not to forget packing her white and gold sneakers. Nikki leaves.

Dev comes and touches her shoulder from behind. She turns. He asks whom she is searching. She says her boyfriend and since has not come yet, she will talk to him. Dev says he is jealous of himself and says he has a meeting and is going to work, requests her to take care of her mother. She says she will take care of her mother, he can go to work. He thanks her and leaves.

At Sona’s house, Sourav tells Elena that when he will win lottery, he will open a restaurant and fix a bed there. Bejoy hears that and taunts that he will bulge more and he will have to wear tent instead of clothes. Asha scolds him not to scold her son and says if she wins lottery, she will invest in Sourav’s restaurant, do fix deposit for Sona’s marriage, will buy a car and take Bejoy for a long drive. Bejoy asks her to search Sona’s groom in her car and says he dreams tha the is not married and has not got a useless son like sourav.

Ranveer comes to his room and sees niece and nephew jumping on bed and Neha fuming in anger. He sends children out. Neha says she needs to go to bathroom but it is busy. Ranveer says it is usual in his house. Bhabi comes and says bathroom is free. Neha says she will go then. Bhabi asks her to take sari and wear in bathroom itself as Ranveer’s brother and relatives are sitting out.

Bhola asks Sona what to do with rock salt. Sona asks him to mix it in hot water and take it to Ishwari’s room, auntyi ruined her health in Neha’s marriage. Dev calls her and asks if she is busy. She says what she does that she would be busy, imagine how will he feel if his girlfriend acts like this. Dev says he is in office and is serious. She says sorry. He says what if his boyfriend says this and laughs. He asks her to go to his room, get a file from cupboard and give it to whoever comes from office. She goes to room and picks file. Ishwari passes by and angrily asks what is she doing in Dev’s room, nobody enters this room except her. Sona says Dev asked her to give this file to employee and asks why did she get out of bed, she should rest. Ishwari takes file and says she is just tired after her daughter’s bidayi and it is common bodyache, she cannot stop her household chores because of that.

Sona calls Dev and says she wants to meet him. He waits outside. She meets him. He says finally she called and asked to meet him, etc…, sees her sad and asks what happened. She says he does not share anything, but should share things related to her. He asks what happened now. She says she read his file, he lost so much money because of rejecting Natasha and accepting her, he is bearing huge loss in business because of her. He says loving her is his good fate and he is lucky to have her.

Precap: Dev scolds Ishwari to rest and not strain herself. Ishwari taunts that is why he asked Sona to get file from his room instead of asking her. Dev makes sad face.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mubeen

    To devakhshi…..In dev style
    we r lucky to have u both devakhshi. ……love u both

  2. Mubeen

    Bose family totally crazy

    Dev n sona……kya kehna. …..sona ne kitne acche se dev ko sula diya……so cute…nice episode

  3. nice episode . dev and sonakshi scenes are as always awesome . feeling sad bcouz ishwari ko dev and sonakshi per doupt hona start ho gaya.

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    Nice conversation between devakshi
    Love u guys
    Nevertheless this ishwari how much possessive her son no one allow to touch dev things xcept her
    Is this happen in real?

    1. I mean seriously..Forget Sona, Dev has three sisters also.Are they also not allowed to touch Dev’s stuffs? usually such kindda possessiveness is reflected between life partners ,husband/wives who are tied together with 7 circles of promises. such mothers will eventually spoil their son’s marriage life.It seems Ishwari ji so insecure as if she sees her daughter -in-law like her sautan.

      1. Priya9876

        Exactly also want to say,
        Neha Riya Nikki they are also not allowed to touch…..huhhh!!! Seriously yaar dis izz too much. ….


      Totally agree with you blink and sonal….
      Ishwari is going to spoil his son’s life..

      1. Agree

  5. Devakshi’s scenes are super

  6. Devga

    Wat happened during neha’s marriage ??? Sry I dint c so many days …. πŸ™ did u miss anything???
    and thank God in today’s episode gkb nahi thi….

  7. Priya9876

    waoooo!!!!! episode…
    sona- mai to apne boy friend ko dundh rahi thi… πŸ™‚
    Dev- strange mujhe khud se hi jealousy ho rhi hai….
    hahah..hahah …funny dev…

  8. Chanpreet0815

    Iswari is such over possesive for dev. And she should not react like this Fir such a small thing. Dev was possessive for her mother’s health.so he would had thought that not to trouble her.but how she talked with sona.
    And dev u r so cute. How sona had make u to sleep. I wish that my future life parter must be like u dev. Sona is such a understanding girl. She read gujrals file and how she felt guilty. Dev lines were superb. Loving her is a good fate and he is lucky to have her. His decision of loving sona is right.
    Nd gujrals aapne toh apne colours dikha hi diye aakhir. Why to mix personal and professional life. dev ko kitna loss hua hoga. I hate gujrals.
    and eagerly waiting for hotel night of devakshi

    1. Hey. Umm actually ure comment made me wonder what Devakshi hotel night? Curiously kills the cat.


      I wish same that i get my partner like dev or randhir (sadda haq), and i should be understanding like sona and sanyukta (sadda haq) but do not want ishwari type mother in law….

  9. I am waiting for my evening and see this episode. Reading the updates and comments I am sure it’s gonna be very awesome experience. someone should tell shaheer and erica that they are really wonderful. continue doing good work.

    1. yeh, I agree!
      They look so perfect together
      However I have seen their many interviews together.They seem so professional ,uncomfortable with each other unlike other reel couples who seems to have lots of fun.
      Sometime I feel they ignore each other off screen , dont know why? πŸ™
      I feel they both are scared that if they if share some off screen bond as well,they might just fall in love with each other. thats why the ignorance and distance. Shaheer seems to be more fun and comfortable with Supriya Ji than Erica.

      1. you are rite.Erica is too reserved and lost for words most of the time,very unlike sonakshi bose who is articulate…. but I love her.

        N I live the part where Dev says he is jealouse of himself. heheheh cutooooooooooooooo

  10. Seriously guys..if at the end Sona and Dev will part ways because of insecurities of Dev’s mother towards any girs who comes in Dev’s Life..Mera pyar se vishwaash uth jaayega..Their relationship is so pure/innocent/lovely .

  11. I feel like strangling mr gujral,how dare he sue dev’s company?and Oho ishwari Aunty Ji pls…Sona Toa file Toa liya..aap aise react ki as if koi bohot badi guna kiya?

    1. I think Ishwari’s reaction was justified. An outsider opening anyone’s cuboard is not acceptable .She should have asked first even though Dev himself asked him. maa to thi na ghar pe ya nikki.

  12. Chanpreet0815

    Yes blink u r right. But see to dev he is a good son and respect her mother lot. And i don’t think so that dev will change his behaviour even after marriage. he wiΔΊl give equal importance to ishwari and to sona also. But i think that ishwari wants dev whole attention towards her. But it can’t be possible all the time. ishwari should think


      Ishwari will not let marry sona and dev…. and in coming tym i have gutt feeling that ishwari will ask dev to settle payment of sona and will ask her leave job or asking dev to marry some other girl; being obiendient sona and dev will do so but yes they will not marry other….

  13. I read in previous command page many discussing about dev-natasha marrage Is it true. Pls reply and clarify whether dev-sona will happen or not

    1. No dev and Natasha won’t be getting married. Even supriya ji and the producers have confirmed that there will be a devakshi marriage. Rest time will tell. There is not a possibility of a third person between Devakshi.

      1. Priya9876

        hushhhh!!! such a relif to read ur this comment/news….
        Thank u…

  14. Watching this serial only for devakshi. Don’t do like other serial .pls unite devakshi.

  15. Pls unite devakshi. Watching only for them. Don’t bring any other girl In Dev life. Dev and sonakshi are the best couple.

    1. Priya9876

      Bestest Couple ever πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. nic episode ….love DEVAKSHI scenes….
    especially the dialogues
    SONA : aaj tak aapne apne bare mein bataya na aaj mai aap ko apne bare mai batatihoo
    DEV : kyu?
    SONA : becoz……I m urs
    lovv this & also shaheer expression ws daammm killing

    I ws guessing hw come nats & gujral r silent really I hate them,trying to make DEV in loss
    may be aaj k episode mai ISH will confront DEVabt his & sona’s relationship but don’t knw whether he will agree or avoid the situation

  17. Subhashini

    Guys in coming episodes more emotions will come to dev and sona life ,definitely dev will choose her mother and leave sona?

    1. Priya9876

      i know this is true but,,,plz dnt say like this….

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  19. Priya9876

    Hey @Prit n @ Shraddha
    M also in queue…..
    I also wanna a life partner like Shaheer/ dev….

  20. Priya9876

    plz ishwari ji come out of ur overpossivness nature… then u will see tht sona is so understanding…nd she is perfect for Dev….
    Aaj aapne sonakshi k haath se key liya hai but kal ( in future )
    aap khud hi sona ko key doge wo v happily nd apne haatho se….

  21. Priya9876

    *****Guys dont u all remember that today is 1 month aniversary of Devakshi Propsal day…*****
    Sooo we should celebrate…..yeahhhh….yipeeeee
    @@@@ FLASH BACK @@@@

  22. Chanpreet0815

    Yes priya why not. We will celebrate it every Month.
    And i know priya that u r also in a queue. And among us u r first so don’t worry. Hehe

    1. Priya9876

      O really?
      M blushing ?

  23. I am very excited to see that dev write devakshi in sona neck we fan are very happy to see our giving popular name in the hand and neck of Dev Sona

  24. Priya9876

    Guys what we are doing plz vote yaar …
    We r still in 2nd position….n there r lots of difference so plz frnds do votes for krpkab….
    Tomorrow is the last day of voting….

  25. Upcoming #DevAkshi scene #krpkab #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi


  26. https://youtu.be/BEJ5bhVIRu0 upcoming #DevAkshi scene #krpkab #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi

  27. Very nice episode…

  28. Can anyone please tell me when will ishwari going to learn the truth about dev’s girl?? Please answer if anyone knows…

    1. Priya9876

      This is not declared dear….

  29. ishwarii is acting like a villian ….

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