Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona fumes after fighting with Arjun. Jatin consoles her that she cannot waste her energy on unnecessary issues. She calms down and asks how does he calm her down. He says he has to as she is his business partner. He cheers her up and they both leave for home.

Dev’s manager asks him who was the man with Sona. Dev says he does not know, his name is Jatin and asks to find out Jatin’s details.

Bejoy excitedly waits for Jatin and asks Asha if she prepare Dhoi mach as it is Jatin’s favorite. He asks about other dishes. Asha says yes and asks him not to pester Jatin more, he is coming after a long time. Jatin comes. Bejoy excitedly greets and hugs him. Jatin touches Asha’s feet and Daadi feet. Daadi says he can hug her. Bejoy asks her not to pester him and

asks how as his trip. He says he was coming early, but Sona took time, asks Asha to serve him dhoi mach soon. Bejoy asks him to stay here. Sona says she already told him. Bejoy says he considers him as his son, though he is not round like Sourav, laughs.. Asha gets angry.. Bejoy’s jokes continue and he takes Jatin to show his room.

Ishwari tells Mamaji that she finally told Dev what is in her mind, she told he is punishing her by living alone. Mamaji asks what did Dev say. Ishwari asks if she is wrong thinking of her son’s happiness. Mamaji says Dev will marry whenever he likes, he is her son and will not punish her.

Asha scolds Bejoy that the way he was behaving Jatin, he willunderstand his intention. Bejoy tells Asha that he will talk to Jatin about his and Sona’s alliance. Asha says he cannot force his decision on Sona. Bejoy says he just wants his daughter’s happiness.

Dev enters his room and sees Golu sleeping, says he came to a wrong room. Golu says it is his room and his bed. Dev enters and seeing Suhana’s drawing says it is very nice. Golu shouts not to praise Suhana’s drawing. Dev says father’s essay and his kind of drawing, says he feels like meeting this girl, and asks Golu if he will let him meet his friend. Golu is already sound asleep.

Jatin asks Sona to tell about Suhana to Dev. Sourav says Jatin is right. Sona says she already gave a choice to Suhana, but she chose to not meet her father. She is worried Dev will snatch Suha. Sourav says nothing will happen.

In the morning, Ishwari comes out searching Dev. Mamaji says Dev went to Golu’s school to give his report and says looks like Dev is Golu’s father and not Vicky, he is always happy when he is with Golu. Ishwari says yes.

Dev gives Golu/Ronak Tripathi’s report to peon and asks him to submit it. He hears Suhana reciting her essay about papa and stands smiling. Golu signals he is here, but Dev continues looking at Suhana. Suhana tells her imagination about her father, how he will meet her and will never go away. Teacher greets Dev. Dev gets employee’s message, smiles and signals at Suhana and leaves. Suhana also smiles.

Ishwari gets out baby clothes from suitcase and says Dev is fond of children and he started to believe in god when he heard Sona is pregnant, then Sona left them. If Sona was present, Dev would have been very happy. Sona took away Dev’s happiness.

Employee gets Jatin’s info and asks Dev to check it on laptop. Dev checks pics. Employee says Jatin is from Kolkota, 32, widower, successful businessman, and is thinking of remarrying. Dev asks about his girlfriends. Employee says he is not involved with anyone and is fond of Sona, he has booked a whole restaurant for a lunch with Sona.

Bejoy gets coffee for Asha and asks if she got an idea for her novel. Asha says no… Sourav comes and expresses his views about love. Bejoy taunts how will he know about know. Sourav says gentleman never tells about his girlfriend. Bejoy asks if his girlfriend’s name is chowmein or noodle.

Ishwari says Mamaji he always tells Dev forgets everything when he is with Golu and reminds a day when Dev brings Golu home for the first time excitedly and does not give him to even GKB, names him junior. Elena takes him to feed. Dev asks to be careful with neck. Elena asks how does he know all this. He says he knows..then says he has held Vickie in childhood. Out of flashback, Ishwari says mamaji she will go and meet Dev.

Dev watches clip and sees Sona and Jatin’s lunch date, gets very jealous and asks employee why this restaurant is empty. Employee says Jatin booked whole restaurant for Sona. Dev reminisces booking whole restaurant when Sona went on a date with her ex-fiance. He angrily breaks laptop.

Precap: Sona and Jatin hear sounds from Dev’s cabin. Ishwari reaches Dev’s office. Vickie asks why did she come here. Ishwari says she came to meet Dev. Sona and Ishwari knock Dev’s cabin at once and call him. Dev comes out shouting he told…stops seeing Ishwari.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. If this new entry is going to be sweet and bubbly and is bringing a family with her and Dev agrees to marry her .. the show may end up meeting the same fate as Tere Sheher Mein (it wz gng prfct till they changed the writers got the lead pairs swaped didnt listen to their fan’s request to reunite the leads and had to go off air)

    1. All I hope is that our show doesn’t follow the same track!!??

  2. Erica Fernandez needs a punch in her acting. Dev acting is superb. From serial stand point, one needs to focus on daughter also. What is the point of Dev and Erica again when things at home are still the same…this is my view who lives abroad and watches serial.

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Only 30 minute is left for our show
    Wait nahi horaha

    Dev angryness & soha cute
    Devakshi rockss dev feed cake to sona for completion of 250epi

  4. U kno guys.. Something very very bad happened in my family today..??
    Quite related to the present krpkab condition..
    I once mentioned here(dont think kisi ko yaad hoga)ki mere di ki inter state shadi hui hai -Bengali bride with a Gujrati groom..an old perspective brahmin rich well off but nonsense kinda gujrati family…saas like the ishwari types..mad over grandchild..sirf apne fayeda ke liye kuch bhi karne kahne vali…..Both our families are modern and well off…They had a luv marriage..Quite like Devakshi…against the desire of that witch….(purani soch Bengali ladki Brahmin ghar ki bahu??)..never thus liked my di..but when she conceived…behaved as if she is her own BETI (???)..took care…but a week ago due to some complications..the baby (girl) was born..in 6 and half months only…doctor couldn’t save that baby…she died yesterday…But today when my sister hosh me aayi then there was no one of her in-laws..when she returned to her sasural they said that…she is il omenous and killed their VARIS…her husband said that she’d desired to kill HIS BABY AND WUD NOW KILL HIS ENTIRE FAMILY????..he now wants to take DIVORCE now…4 only this reason…..now when my SISTER TOO lost her child and wants someone to share that trauma…is given such kind of pressures

    Guys do u think this is the way…shud for this trivial reason they shud act soooo… immature???I felt this incident so similar to the one in krpkab so i blurted out…

    Sorry for speaking out of topic…

  5. I noooo… way want to insult any gujrati over here na.. mind it…

  6. @Riti
    Yeah the same track in PRESENT was done in KAALA TEEKA OF ZEE TV hwhere the male lead married the VAMP when the Female lead was in coma which ended up in BULLLSHIT…. the show is continuing even now…

    The same exchange offer was there in UDAAN OF COLOURS also where there was BRIDE SWAPPING and the changed pairs ROCK today… earlier pairs were boring cliché kinda luv story but the present leads who were RIVALS in the beginning have added to the TASHAN of the show. ….
    And the show is BANG ON…

    But 4 our krpkab, nothing is better than the super duper DEVAKSHI…their chemistry has everything. ..fun romance tashan competition understanding and everything….. but still the JATIN behaves very CUTE.. The Beejoy is total Chikchoy…he SUCKS nowadays. …total overreact. ..
    But Asha looks more young than Sonakshi…after leap…bit hilarious…
    But one has to admit…Jatin is cute both MORPHOLOGICALLY and IDEOLOGICALLY…?????..
    But Our Dev is HOT…. DAMN HOT…in ALL terms….

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