Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev stands in a shock after Sona informs him that she is pregnant. Whole family celebrates. Ishwari forcefully takes Sona to finish her dinner and feeds Sona with her hands. Bejoy sees that and tells Asha that Ishwari become mother from saas and feeding Sona with so much love. Dev sees Ishwari taking care of Sona so well and reminisces Sona and Ishwari’s earlier arguments. He goes to his room and checks Sona’s medical reports and thinks if these reports are wrong or mom and Sona, may be reports are wrong as they are very old. He does not know if he should believe these reports or Sona and mom…he should live in today and not past. He tears papers. Ishwari comes and asks him what is he doing. He says throwing old papers. She asks how to tell dhanywad

in English. He says thank you. She hugs him and says thank you for making me daadi. She gives him moral gyan that he has to spend as much time with Sona as he can, he has to become a life partner from husband now. She sees him staring at her and asks what is he looking at. He says he is looking at her, he is very happy that she has accepted Sona like she loves him. She says she knows what he means, even she is feeling difference in her, grandchild’s desire made her maa instead of saas, she wants too become daadi now. She hugs and thanks him again.

Ishwari takes Dev down and asks him to sit next to his wife, she will bring halwa for him. Bejoy asks Asha if she needs boy or girl. She says girl, what if boy becomes like him. Bejoy fumes and Asha smiles. Dev tells Sona that he is angry on ther that she informed everyone first except him. She says mom wanted to see his expression and asks him to smile now. He smiles. Ishwari brings halwa. Bejoy asks Dev while is he not eating. Ishwari says Sona is holding hand. Riya says bhabhi should hold bhaiya’s hand tightly now as it is double celebration. Ishwari asks Dev to feed Sona and make her double her weight. Nikki says she did not know pregnancy has so many benefits. GKB signals to keep quiet. Neha fumes in jealousy seeing all this. They all hear dhol sound. Bejoy says he called them as it calls for celebrations. Whole family dances. Dev takes Sona aside when did she come to know about her pregnancy. She says in the morning. He asks if she got a checkup. She says no, mom is very experienced and she cannot be wrong.

Vicky takes Elena to their room and starts nok jhok with her. She jokes that she will remvoe mangalsutra. He says he will kill her if she removes it. She says he is so possesive. He says let us give good news to everyone and drags her. She pushes him and runs.

At Bose house, Asha asks till howmuch they have to wait. Daadi says 9 months. Bejoy says he has decided names for baby and says Sanjoy, dhanajoy, nirjoy. Asha says they all sound same like his name. Bejoy says yes. Souav says Ishwari aunty will pronounce Sanjay, Dhananjay, Nirjay…Bejoy says yes, that woman cannot see his happiness. Asha says Ishwari is their samdhi. Bejoy says that is why he jokes.

Sona while resting on bed emotionally speaks to her unborn baby that she was having so many problems with maa, but after he/she came, they both forgot all their differences. Dev on the other side prays god to not break family’s hope, he can break his heart and self-respect, but not Sona’s hope, he cannot see her shattered. He reminisces Sona asking why he does not believe in god. He says a human can do anything he wants. He folds his hands in front of god and pleads not accept his prayers.

Precap: Doc gives Sona’s reports to Dev. Dev returns home. Ishwari asks what is written in report, she knows already. Dev nervously says according to report…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I can’t say anything….. Dev ko aisa dekh kar mera muh….. ???????????

  2. Oh no….. What a beautiful sentimental episode. My dear dev i cant able to see you crying. Please god pls pls accept dev’s prayer….and make it a miracle. A 7% hope is only giving boost to us.

  3. Manya

    Aaj pata chal Gaya ki Dev babu Sona are BAHUT pyaar karte Hai bcoz yeh bahut badi baat hai I also don’t belong in God and main so I family ke kehna pe bhi kabhi kabhi mandir chali jaati hoon and Aaj toh Dev babu ne Bhagwan ke samne haath jode Jabki unhone ise tough problems mein bhi nhi jode the
    So Dev babu ????
    Haina guys??

    1. Priya9876

      Agree mana bacha☺

  4. Mamatha mam…… KRPKAB fans ki tarf se ek kindly request…….. Plssssssss Dev bhagwan ke samne kade rehkar Rothe Rothe sar judake hath joda…….Sona ki pregnant hone baath ko such karlo…… Varna baghwan hone ka faidha nahi hotha……. Dev se bachapan me vnki baba ko cheenliya…. Ab ye……. Mujhe ab thak rona athi thi…… Plssssssss ? ????????????ab se ye track positive hona chahiye plssssss

  5. Priya9876

    Iss bande ( dev ) sari baatey pata thi,,, even he realise every thing….but usk Baad v khamosh tha….kavi kuch nhi bola isne……
    In future baby aa Jane k Baad, ishwari ka behaviour thik Pehle jaisa Ganda n cheap ho gya tooo Fir v dev CHUPP rahega?????
    Matlab Hoti hai……
    Ye sab kuch dekh kar gussa to bohot aata hai but naraz rehna mushkil hai….bcz
    Dev ka pyar auhhhhh!!!!!
    Aaj Jo usne Kiya sachii….bohot mushkil hota hai Kisi k liye jab aap Kisi k pass Jana nhi chahte, usme believe nhi rakhte Ar usi k samne aapka kuch mangna pade…..
    Kya Sach me koi Kisi ko itna pyar kar sakta hai???
    Dev ko rota hua dekh??????

  6. Priya9876

    Sach kahu to mujhe ishwari avi v bilkul v achi nhi lg rahi…..
    She is soo selfish…..
    Ab dekhna to ye reports me h Kya??????
    Agar negative hua firr ishwari ka reaction kaisa Hoga?????????
    Ar agar 7% wali baat pata chal Gyi…..Fir to sona ko Kya Kya sunaye gi ye chipdiiii pata nhi…..

    Bijoy uncle ko to bas chance Milana chaiye ….chance Mila nhi ki suru?????????? ??

  7. what say brotherr and sisters… what will happen next??? i am so confuse.. will sona be able to conceive?? ???

    1. Priya9876

      Sona will conceivce or not,, this is still a big suspense…
      Soo wait N watch?

  8. Priya9876

    This is such a stupidity yaar makers……
    I mean, they wasted a whole day,,, doesn’t they get time to go in hospital and take a confirmation…..
    Pisswari mata ne gyan baant Diya Ar sabne prasad samjh kar kha liya aur Khush ho Gye……
    Aisa nhi hota Bhai…..!!!!! Kahinnnnn nhi hota…..

    1. Sonadi

      They did waste a day but they cannot have another episode .
      They want to have as many episodes as possible.
      Last week’s episodes covered lot of plots. Now it will go little slow. I think we have to be patient.

  9. Priya9876

    Aisa lg Raha tha jaise 9 months ka Khana sab milkey sona ko aaj hi khila denge…..

    Set pe sabko producers ye yellow halwaaaa khila khila kar paka (bore) denge,,, bcz HALWA to wahi same hota hai.. bas Hume Naam alag batate hai,,, besan…..BADAAM….Suji…etc
    Ek Bari gajar ka halwaaaa dikha tha (red color for a change ???)

  10. Spoiler alert: SHOCKING twist in Sony TV’s Kuch Rang…
    By TellychakkarTeam13 Dec 2016 05:58 PM

    The maker (Beyond Dreams) of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is definitely piping up the drama quotient!
    In the upcoming episodes, viewers will be treated to some more interesting twists and turns.
    We have already informed audience that Ayaan (Arpit Chaudhary) is entering in a deceptive fake relationship with Dev’s (Shaheer Sheikh) sister Ria (Ankita Bahuguna). Reason? He is eyeing Dev’s fortune. Now, Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) has turned an investigating officer to probe the matter.
    As per a source, Sonakshi created a fake profile of a boy on social media to trap Khushi (Shagun Sharma), who is Ayaan’s real girlfriend. Sonakshi fixed a date with her but unfortunately the meeting did not transpire.
    Now, Sonakshi will fix another meeting with Khushi. She will get closer to her ‘unravelling the truth’ mission and would further decide to visit Ayaan’s house to fish out more fishy details.
    Sonakshi will sneak in, only to get caught by Ayaan and Khushi who will enter the house hand-in-hand.
    Meanwhile, at Dixit house, Elena (Prerna Panwar) and Vicky (Vaibhav Singh) will inform Radha Rani (Alka Mogha) about their lunch date with Bose family. As they are Brahmin and Bose family eats non-vegetarian food, Radha Rani will pack a lunch box and a water bottle for Vicky.
    This will irk Elena. However, Vicky will manage the situation.
    Furthermore, to keep an eye on her son, Radha Rani will reach Bose house. The lady will be caught by the family peeping from the window. She will be shocked to see chicken in the bowl and will faint.
    This will turn out to be fun sequence.
    Are you excited for the upcoming track? Let us know in the comment section below…

    1. Priya9876

      This GkB iss reallyyyy too much??????
      Maja aayega……

  11. Sonadi

    This episode is really good. The acting by Dev is excellent. When he pleads his case in front of Shiv, I started crying.
    Everybody is happy atleast for a day now except Neha.Sona’s talking to the baby and Dev talking to Shiv at the same time is very well shown. Excellent direction.
    Dev did not look like a angry man when he was pleading his case..
    The pre cap for tomorrow is very interesting and suspenseful. I am eagerly waiting for the Drs report.
    Makers please perform the miracle . We as fans have to see some life between the trio.

  12. Neha1

    OMG..! Shaheer is very confused…!
    I really hope that makers Sonakshi ki pregnancy track dikhaye….vrna toh Ishwari, Pisswari ban ke Dev ki dusri shaadi ka sochegi…according to earlier reports…!
    Let’s hope for the best…!

    1. Priya9876

      Seems like u r a regular user of FB ????
      Even my eyes r always in shaheer’s & Devakshi’s new pics??
      Ur dp?? ?? just saw this pic yesterday….!!!

  13. Sonadi

    Typo Saheer’s acting.
    Happy life between the trio.

  14. Priya9876

    BDW…..aaj se pehle to kavi Dixits house k living room me Mandir nhi dikha tha……
    Agar Mandir hota too ishwari humesa room me hi Puja Kyu karti……

    I know I know aap sb bologe ki,,,,,
    Durgapuja Nd Diwali k time pe too puri family wahi pe aarti kar Rahe the,,,,,but màa ki Sthapana k liye too big place hi chaiye Hoti to….tooo
    woo too temporary tha……

    Breaking news Saalo Baad Dev ki special prarthana k liye banyi Gyi ek special Mandir…..haaaa….haaaaa….haaaaa
    Good job makers…

  15. yeh kya dekha maine,i just can’t believe this itni achiiiii acting n that coversation baghwan ke saath i m sure jab dev baghwan se mang raha tha toh hum saare viewers bhi yehi wish kar re the ki plzzz dev ki baat manlo.it was soo true i kno jab mere family mein koi bhot pain mein hota hai toh main bilkul aise hi mangti hoo,so genuine.
    secondly,sona bhi jab bed room mein apne aap se baat kar rhi thi it was soo emotional
    writers ne itne achiii n well written situation bnayi hai that we can’t help but relate kar re hai.
    still i don’t think ki reports galat hai coz phir dev mandhir jaake itne gusse wale expressions kyu deta n dr aur uske beech kya baat ho rhi thi
    my heart is paining

  16. Priya9876

    Good night guys….
    I wish ki ,,
    Dev ki wish k sath sath God hum crazy fans ki v baat sun le?????

    Waise ek typical TV Wala chamtkar ? ho jata—- bhagwan fool ???? gira kar reply dete h TV me???? this is soo funny….

  17. that means dev ko sab pata tha uske flashback mein jab jab ishu ne sona ko taunt maara yaha tak ki jab woh beemar tha n we thought dev ko kuch sunai nhi de raha hoga. we always thought ki dev is so dumb usse kuch samaj hi nhi aata but usse sab pata tha but woh kuch khaas bol nhi pata tha,sona ka dukh usse bhi hota tha but express nhi kiya usne coz sona bhi kuch bolti hi nhi thi kabhi shakaiyat karti hi nhi thi isiliye dev ko hairani hoti thi ki woh sab handle kaise kar leti hai hai.but aaj jab dev ko ek temporary solution dikh ra hai sona ko khush karna ka aur apni maa ka mood theek rakhne ka toh woh sona ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai.

  18. Ayesh042

    Pleasee let this turn out to be truth tht she is expecting.

  19. Junee

    One thing was clear that Dev realised that Sonakshi was never accepted by his mother! Today all of sudden equations changed and she has become the most precious to Ishwari becoz of the pregnancy! This scared Dev and he pleaded in front of the lord to keep the situation as happy as it is now by converting the improbable situation into a successful one!For he is scared for Sonakshi . His mother’s love for her was conditional and so will again revert back to the previous ugly mode if she comes to know the truth
    Secondly It will be unbearable for sonakshi to face the truth!
    Dev is scared about the uncertainties involved with his beloved Sonakshi! But one thing is clear, he knew about his mother’s attitude towards Sonakshi though never expressed it, but he was aware all along and is scared about this conditional love of his mother turning ugly with the revelation of truth! He was always a silent observer to the bitterness between sonakshi and his mother and that is close to reality.
    Lets see what happens??

  20. Omg…..
    Shit yaar dev Ki acting was too much..❤
    Gazab acting Karta hai banda….
    So natural…..
    Ab main aur deewani Ho gayi
    Mashoor mere ishq Ki kahani Ho gayi
    Kehte hai yeh deewani aur deewani Ho gayi?

  21. Neha1

    Good Morning to all Devakshi fan’s and all KRPKABian’s… Have a nice day..!

    1. Good morning neha

    2. Hiii Neha….. Gud aftrn dear

  22. Kalpana

    Goood Morning KRPKABIANS!!!!!!
    I wish God answers Dev’s prayers! And blesses them with a tiny miny khargosh 🙂 Or a tiny miny Mr. Obodhro 😀 Where’s Juhi?????? I miss her here…..

  23. Please bhagavan make that miracle and gives positive report

  24. Plzzz make that miracle….positive report

  25. Junee

    Hope Dev’s prayers are answered by the Lord ! He has gone through enough in life so let the lord all give him some moments of joy! He deserves it becoz he folded hands for the first time for his wife and mother’s happiness.
    We are all looking forward to a tiny miny Khargosh or Obhodro!!!!
    Hope this happens Makers!

    1. Yes PLZZ makers ???

    2. Yesss junee…… Hope soooo

    3. Neha1

      Yes, Junee… me too hoping that Dev’s wishes comes true…! Hope that somehow, miracle can happen in the show and Sona can conceive a child…

  26. Asmita...

    A superb Good Afternoon …
    Aaru…Aayushi… Arjumanbanu… Ashriti… Akanksha bhardwaj… Anam… Alia… Aashi… Arpita… Archita… Amy… Azra… Azzuu… Aisha… Anj… Anshita… Aarti… Arrjay… Amii… Aila… Archi… Anita… Akangsha… Alka… Ayesh…

    Bhoomi… Bala Chitra S… Bunny… Beth… Aradhana… Banno…

    Chandra… Chari…

    Devga… Dhanu… Dibya… Dolly… DevSona… Dhira… Daksha… DJ789… Divya…

    Esme… Erina… Erika…

    Fareen… Fatso…


    Hafi… Halima Yahaya…
    Ibtesam… Ishita… Iswarya… Indradev… Imran Shah Jillani… Iswarya Santosh… Ishram… Ishu…

    Junee… Juhi… Jeni…

    Kitty… Kaarnuha… Kiran Kumari… Kaya… Karnika… Kalpana… Kittu… Kaira… Krish… Karthika… Khusi…

    Lakshree… Lovinglt… Latha… Lotika… Labiba… Lalitha Manasa…

    Malathy… Mubeen… Moni… Maggie… Maria… Mohit Kalra… Mika… Mahi… Maria…

    Nishi… Neha… Ngkrishnakumari… Nikki… NagaraniPandiyan… Nandini… Nikita… Nabanita… Nida… Nikita… Noorjahan… Nirmala… Niki645… Nidhi… Nutu Tekhil…

    Priya… Preet… Pothik… priyanka… Piya… Pradishma… Piyalli… Pinky… Punitha… Pankaj Grover… Puja Bose… Pri… PK… Pankti… Preeti… Punitha Ranjan… Pinky Tam… Pakhi…


    Radhika… Rishneee… Ramyakumar… Rakshitha… Raksha… Ratna… Rishneee… Ria… Rajdip… RiyaDcruz… Rakshita… Ridhs… Rajesh… Roshni…

    Subhashini… Shraddha… Saurav… Sneha… Sonali… Subasri Gautham… Shubhi… Sri… Sharica… Samaira… Sammy… Sakshi… Saamii… Shalini… Sam… Surti… San… Shweta… Shalu… Sona… Simi… Sadaf Shamim… Srisatya… Simran… Sv… Simplesweety… Shalini Senthil… Sonal… Shree… Saasha… Shivani… Sakthi… Sangita… Smita… Shivansh… Shruti… Shivani… Saina… Sarika Siva… Saibha… Saheli… Sabahnur… Shahnaz… Saurav… Smita… Savi… Sonadi… Swarna…

    Tapasya… Tamnna… Tanu… Tessie… Teena…

    Varsha… Vahini… Varshini… Vini… Vishu… Vaishu… Vani…

    Yashfeen… Yogita…

    Zaara Ali Khan… Zaraa… Zahra Ismail…

    Plz forgive me if I forgot any names… Coz I am sure that I have not mentioned so many names as I was not here for a long time and there are so many new faces… so plzzzzzzzzzz guys… tell me your names by replying this msg sothat I will able to add your name in this crazy fan list…

    1. Good afternoon? ? ? ?
      Desktop repaired?????

    2. sachme asmita itne fans ke naam kaise likh leti hoo.omg its so surprising

  27. Asmita...

    its so nice to come back on this page… I was badly missing this… but now I am very happy that I am back…

    1. Woooooo…..hooooo….!!!! Yeeeeee…..yipeeeee…..!!!!!
      Koi too aaya…..
      M sooo happy??

  28. Asmita...

    I want to share one thing with you….

    Last month I went to my town, where I used to watch this show with my sis & bro… and they both did not like the serial (melodrama of IShu)… I got very angry but as I could not fight with them… I stopped watching this show with them as i can not bear any criticism of the show…

    now my bro has come to meet me… and here also I have to watch the show with him…

    and you know yesterday what happened………..

    I was watching the show… Dev was standing in front of Shiva, pleading with folded hand……

    And suddenly bhai said….

    he does not look like actor… i gave my brother a deadly look… but he was so busy watching TV that he did not notice my look…

    and just he added that…….. Shaheer is doing natural acting that it does not seem that he is an actor and doing acting… it looks like so real…

    and I was damn happy with this…

    1. Hasssshhh…….!!!!! Finally
      ? ? ? ☺
      Sachii baat jyada din nhi chup Sakti?

      Want to say only one thing— thanks Bhaiya for appreciating our super hero SHAHEER SEIKH……
      He deserves this…??????? Shaheer

    2. Hii Asmitha…. Happy to see y back here….. ☺☺☺

      Yesss Shaheer Is in live d character…….meine kaha tha ye serial ka sare stars ✨ NATURAL STARS ✨……. Especially Our “”SHARICA” “,………

      #Love ? u #KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI ??????????###

    3. sachi that is soo nice when i was a silent reader i read ur comment where u mentioned about this incident but now i m soooo happy humare fav. show ne n hamare shaheer ne atleast tumhare bhai ka perception change kardiya.
      this really proves that acting n content matters to change one’s mindset

  29. Thand ki wajh se sare log gayab ho chuke hai……
    Hate u winter season?????
    Kaun kaun presaan h?????????
    7°c………!!!!!!! mummmyyyyyyy ?????

  30. Aaj Dev going to shiv mandir with that reports in think vo reports maybe negative………kya hei ye mujhe bahuth bahuth bahuth bahuth dar ND sad bi lagthi yaaaaaarrrrr????

  31. KRPKAB total family…… Where are u all guys…..??????????

  32. guys waise kal ke episodes mein kisi ne itna bada blooper notice kiya sona ki report mein patient ka naam devrath dixit tha n test bhi galat the .lol mujhe laga tha ki koi galatfemi hai but maine abhi phirse dekha.kkrpab team u need to keep in mind that u can’t afford to do this small small mistakes coz iss show ke fans puri eagle eyes ke saath dekhte hai.khane se lekar kapde sab yaad hai ki kisne kitni baar repeat kiye hai

    1. Asmita...

      no Piya… patients first name is “Sonakshi” and patient middle name is “Devrath”… I just saw this again on youtube after reading your comment.

      1. Junee

        Middle name is Devrath but they were not married at that time but about to be .
        How can one write that ? She was Sonakshi Bose at that time . He accepted this truth and went ahead with the marriage.

      2. haan actually jab uski shaadi hui hi nhi thi.
        anyways guys yaad rakhna sona ka date of birth 9.01.1991 n iss hisaab se sona ka b’day next month hai.ab cvs hume dokha dekar dikhaye.lol.
        waise i always used to wonder ki sona ki age kya hai coz dev ki toh baar baar bta te rhte hai .

    2. Junee

      Ekdum sahee kaha Piya even I noticed it. I couldnt waych it during prime time but saw on you tube and it caught my eyes then again replayed that shot to confirm!!!

  33. If there’s something I really want from the bottom of my heart now, then it’s for Sonakshi’s pregnancy reports to come positive. Frankly speaking, yesterday’s episode literally touched my heart. The way Dev bowed down in front of the lord’s idol, the way he was willingly ready to give up on everything of his, and each and every work let out from his mouth showed his unconditional love for Sonakshi. Till yesterday, we called all him a mamma’s boys who simply made fake promises to Sonakshi, but now, personally, I’d call him the best husband in the universe. His words yesterday made my heart melt. It shows that despite all their arguments and rifts, if there’s someone he really cares the most for, then it’s Sonakshi. Not every man would be ready to give up on his pride just to let his wife smile. The makers have truly shown the true meaning of love through such lines spoken by the characters. A man ready to bow his head in front of the one whom he never believed in just for the sake of his lady simply changes the definition on love. I really do hope that Sonakshi really does get pregnant.

    1. Wonderful!!!

      1. Asmita...

        Have you read it ?

      2. Yes!

    2. Junee

      Awesome! Fantastic! This is exactly the way we want the story to go!!! ????Keep it up Dear Asmita! You rock!?

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