Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona tells Dev that he has to stay away from Soha for 4-5 days. He says he cannot wait. Suhana comes and says she does not want him to fall ill, so he should not come near her. He says Suhana. She gives her promise and closes door. Sona looks at Dev and gets into room.

Next morning, Bejoy sits sadly without having breakfast. Asha asks him to have breakfast and stop thinking about Sona and Soha. Bejoy says he is not hungry. Sourav says baba’s favorite girls are away, so he is very sad. Asha says if he wants to upset Ronita as she prepared breakfast today. Bejoy warns not to provoke his bahu against him. He eats breakfast and says it is very tasty. Daadi says she is lucky that bahu and her bahu both are good cooks. Sourav says he is more lucky. Asha gifts necklace

gift to Ronita. Ronita says there was no need for it. Asha asks if she did not like it. Ronita says it is very pretty. Bejoy says yes food is very tasty. Everyone laugh.

Dev nervously checks on laptop about chicken pox. Mamaji comes and asks if he did not sleep whole night, why is he spoiling his health. Dev says he read chicken pox is very painful and irritable, how will Soha tolerate it. Mamaji says even he got chicken pox in childhood and it is not that bad as they think, so he need not worry much. Dev says really and starts searching remedies online. Sona notices his anxiety and worries.

Bejoy insists Asha to call Sona and let him speak to Soha. Asha calls Sona who informs that Soha is ill. Asha goes aside and asks what happened. Sona says Soha got chicken pox. Asha asks her not to inform Bejoy, else he will come there to pick them up and disconnects call. Bejoy asks why did not she let him talk to Soha. Asha says they reached late night, so Soha is sleeping even now.

Dev gets herbal medicine and asks Sona to give it to Soha, it will improve her condition. Sona says allopathic medicines are working. Dev insists to check on net, they are helpful. Sona says she knows he must have researched about it and takes medicines in. Elena enters and asks how is Soha now. Sona says she is resting now as medicines are very strong and she sleeps whole day. Elena says she was hoping they speak again in life. Sona says she and Asha used to talk a lot about her, how should would react in different situations and comment, etc. Elena says even she missed them and says Sona took a right decision. Sona asks if she is not happy Vicky. Elena gets sad and says even if there is a 1% chance of reuniting with Dev for Soha’s sake, she should. Sona nods okay and says let us not disturb Soha. Elena leaves.

Sona goes to kitchen and picks water from bottle from fridge. She hears a sound and asks who is it, gets afraid seeing light flickering and sees door open. Dev is seen making Golu sleep, goes to Sona’s room and knocks door. GKB comes out of room and says Sona is not in room since 30 min, she heard Soha calling mamma, so went in and made her sleep. Dev asks since when Sona is not in room. GKB says 30 min, where she must have gone. Dev leaves. GKB smirks. Dev calls Sona’s mobile and does not get response. He sees door open and sees Sona chatting with Jatin. GKB comes and says she came to ask if Suhana’s mother is found or not, it is good she reached on time and helped Suhana. She starts brainwashing Dev that Sona should not behave like this in this house, people will badmouth about her, she should have called Jatin inside instead of talking outside. Dev says he does not care whom Sona is meeting and what people will tell, he is just worried that Soha.. GKB says Sona should take care of Suhana, not to worry they are all here to take care of Suhana, what is the use of a mother who cannot take care of her daughter. She just spoke thinking of this house, rest Dev knows well, he can seek her help if needed. She smirks and leaves, leaving Dev fuming on Sona.

Dev eagerly waits for Sona. Sona enters. Dev asks where did she go. Sona says he stopped Jatin from coming here, so she went to meet him. Dev says her daughter was writhing in pain, but she was busy speaking to that man. Sona says Jatin is her best friend and Soha’s god father. Dev says she is not a good mother and cannot take care of Soha. Sona says she took care for 6 years. Dev says her parents took care of Soha and not her. Sona says instead of taking care of Soha, he is standing here and showing his insecurities.

Dev goes back to Golu’s room and reminisces Sona speaking to Jatin, their fights, etc. Sona also reminisces same.

Precap: Dev holds Sona and says she should accept that she is not a good mother. Sona says she does not have to prove that a Soha knows better. She loves Soha like she used to love him some time ago.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Awesome epi
    Eagerly waiting tommorow epi
    Bose sisters talk make me cry in front of my bro
    Too much emotional

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      Ya elena will be a gr8 support for sona and woh kuch jabardast step bhi legi jo saat saal mein nahi liya hope for d bst

  2. Neha1

    Today episode was Good…But most irritating thing was X-GKB instigating Dev against Sonakshi calls her being bad or irresponsible mother?????

    Finally Dev again saw Jatin and Sonakshi… and gets jealous with their closeness…??????

    Sonakshi ke Wet HAIR ne toh Dev ke HOSH udaa diye…
    Tray lete time Dev-Sonakshi ke hands touch hue…

    Precap was looking forward… and waiting for 2mrrow episode… Bas next episode me Ishwari na tapak pade..?????

    A Mysterious person to Enter in Doxit house in KRPKAB….!


    1. Rekhadhir

      Ithcwari PWD Aa rhi hai wapis….

    2. Ishankrpkabian

      Don’t worry neha maybe kal sonakshi apne aap ko great mother proove kar de i think ho sakta hai ye shayad dev bhi mane ki parda ma se achhi ma bhi koi hai jo sonakshi hai

  3. why some people are this much stupids??
    manipulating people is this much easy??
    why can’t people use their own brains at least half??
    please what ever it is don’t separate sona and soha…

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      It’s worthy dev should jealous his jealousy would be the major reason for devakshi

      1. Dev jealous is worthy I agreed but I have some fear b’coz of this foolish people they may be separate sona and soha..
        I want this nightmare shouldn’t come true..
        That’s it I don’t have any complaint with dev jealous but I want this cannot effect on sona -soha relationship. . .
        Anyways gud mngg
        Have a nice day. . .

  4. Worst episode.
    why dev is behaving like this?, poor sona! not even one member is sensible in dixit house.

    1. Mamaji is

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Lady papida is too much from today onward she ll manipulate Dev mind against sonakahi
    How can she enter soha room in abaence of sona?

    Nice line from sona to dev that
    Tumko soha bimar hone pe gussa hai
    Ya soha ki ma kisi aur adamise milne se

    Bechara dev kuch nahi kahe paye again sona
    Thanks maker after 7yr leap sona was showing as a strong woman

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      Hmmm ab to sona ko bhi pata chal gaya hai ki dev jealous ho raha jatin se coz wo sona ke itne paas aata hai use suhana ke usse pass hone utna fark nahi padta jitna sona ke paas hone se padta hai gkb ki saari pole revile hogi ab to

  6. Neha1

    harani and Vicky to create problem for Sonakshi in Dixit huse in krpkab…!


    1. Neha1

      *Harani nhi Radha Rabi

    2. Aarti32

      Thank god harani mein n ki jagah m nhi likha ??

    3. Ishankrpkabian

      You should write m instead of n but its ok karne do jo karna this time devakshi hoke hi rahega kyunki they have brahmastra suhana woh aisa kuch karegin jo commendable hoga dev ne kaha na mera time shuru bt ab suhana ka time shuru

  7. Swarna494

    Episode was not bad, not good..
    But very heart touching wen dev reminiscenced his old fights,romantic moments bw him and sona..

  8. Nice episode. Not much drama. At least no shouting for now. Ex*GKB you need to be taught a lesson.

  9. Today’s episode was good…
    Dev and sona scenes were awesome..
    Omg…dev’s jealous avatar…
    I want to hit radha rani

  10. jab jab meri soch colours ke mamle mein ruk jati hai n i feel that there can’t exist any other colour tab tab sona ki pyaari costume designer tells me that how dare u piya,itni choti soch tumhari;itni berangi duniya tumhari,aao main tumhari help karti hoo n belive me soon ur eyes will be able to detect diiferent colours…..costume designer aunty dimaag sarak gya hai kya aapka matlab erica ki itni ragging itni ragging.maine toh mazaak mein bola tha red,blue,pink,purple,orange,brown,black etc colours if i had any idea ki iss duniya ke saare colours cs aunty chori karlengi toh main aisa kabhi nhi bolti never.yaha meri lyf mein colours ke crisis hai,show ka title kuch rang hai par yaha humpar atyachaar kiya jaraha hai yeh bhooot zada rang dikha re hai!
    chalo cs aunty samaj aati hai ki u like colours but uske kapde toh dhang ke bnao it seems erica crayon stick hai woh bhi glitter wali.

    1. Sach me Puri ke puri rangoli banadiya Erica ko…but u know what? I saw KRPKAB type of skirt worn by one of the main leads in colors channel….I think it is shringar swabhimaan ka…not sure..

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Piya tum wapas aa gayi…????
      I missed you sooooooooooo much…
      ????…aise gayab mat hua karo…
      Love ya!???

    3. Riti1107

      Crayon stick glitter wali??????
      Piya is back ???

  11. taaaaannnaaa naaaaa taann reeeee
    i am in lovvvvvveee with this background music,wish it could be little longer.
    saari kasar gaane bnane mein aur halwa bnane mein hi kardete hai !!

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      I love every bgm of krpkab it has best bgm though person had tweeted before a month ago that krpkab ‘ s bgm is so loud lol it has the best bgm in every indian serial

  12. na na i don’t mind gkb saying rubbish things about sona n jatin’s relation coz tubelight dixit ko jalane ka yehi tareeka hai otherwise pura time soha,soha,soha aur soha matlab soha ka poha bna kar kha jao tum dev.
    writers ne acha kiya thode time ke liye soha ko break diya ab atleast dev ka dhyan sona pe bhi jayega n thats why usne purani yaadien toh yaad ki

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Soha ka poha ?? lol piya….finally u r back wid your faadu comments

    2. Ishankrpkabian

      Hmm uss dumb radha ko pata nahi pichhli baar jab jealous hua tha dev tab kya kya nahi kiya tha ab to puri duniya ko tabah kar denge

  13. waise hello everybody i missed u all n maine aaj finally decide kiya that yes aaj toh aana hi padega bhot ho.gya ye zulm

    1. Aarti32

      We missed u too piya!! Finally tum aa hi gyi

  14. Aarti32

    Aye yaar!! Ye Jatin to us Natasha Gujral se bhi zyada chipku h?

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      Haan but jaise elena ne pehle kaha thi ki sona tu jitna dev se dur jayegi utne paas ayegi ab ye baaat dev par apply ho rahi hai mujhe koi fark nahi padta bolta rahta hai woh sab samne aa jayega fark uska

  15. Manya

    GKB Aaj toh Tu Mujhe ek baat pata hi de Tu kaha se think karti Hai????????
    Think karne ke liye dimaag naamak ek cheez chahiye hoti hai and Mujhe pura yakeen hai ki woh tujhme nhi hai????toh Tu think Na hi Kare toh behtar Hai nhi toh ????????????????????aur agar think Kare bhi toh Deb Ko kuch bola toh Tu toh gyi RK toh woh Kisi ki bhi baat man leta hai???

  16. Devga


    Upcoming more more drama

  17. kal kilye intazaar nahin kar sakata! kya ek saajish-mod chliffhanger! mera nam Sonakshi bhi hai!

  18. but ye fight mode or achi nahi lag rahi hain. pls we want some sweet moments. or jatin ki kya problem hain. 1din vi nhi rehe sakti sona ki bina?

  19. Rekhadhir

    ek baat nhi samjh aayi ki sona ne rasoi main kis ki awaj suni thi….

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      Maybe jatin ki shayad aise usne bulaya ho ya phir someone is coming i don’t have any such ideas but pata nahi after all its krpkab kuch bhi kahi bhi ho sakta hai with 100% positivity

  20. Ishankrpkabian

    Guys plz comment karo and reply karo 2 3 line ka vut reply karo sabko usse comment badhenge 300 ep ke din 300 comments to bante hain so nit only to me bt reply to alll

    Sry guys was not commenting coz started krpkab 1.0 another time that’s why but i saw that comments are decreasing so came back

    Nice progression in the show it is becoming interesting too

    Now u give comments as a fan but we should think as a professional or a critic tooo

    aaj ka episode one of the best ep of 2.0 ab is ke kuch karan hai

    1. Elena bhi ab jut gayi hai devakshi kaene ko positive sign

    2. Mamiji bilkul sahi jaaa rahe ho aur jalao dev ko aur ye bewkoof ko nahi pata ki jitna jalega utna karib aayega utna pain lega uss pain wajah se jaise pichhli baar hua tha waise hi sonakshi phir se dev ke liye saare gam bhoola dengi

    3. Sona still trust dev kaise see jab dev ne kaha ki tum internet pe check kar sakti ho then sona told him i don’t want to do so

    4. Sry guys but wtf this is ridiculous jatin and mami yeh kya kyu kar rahe ho mami tumhe paise to mil gaye ab to baksho

    5. Guys mujhe devakshi ka reunion jald hi feel ho raha bcoz jis tarah se woh log season 1 ke romantic secens dikha rahe hai and i also think dat sona is already fallen for dev again

    6. Un dono ko ek dusre ko touch karte kitna sukoon milta hai jab sona touch kiya i felt dat was intentionally aur unke s*xy eyelocks mindblowing yeh kya khake acting karte hain they are deserving to win at least national award aisa aaj tak tv par kisi ne ek bhi kissing ya intimate scene ke bina nahi kiya they just rocked

    7. Hum dushmanoo ki baatein karte but they have gr8 support system too elena mamaji they all just nailed it awesome and elena vicky ko marne wali hai soha bhi stand lene wali hai to ab sona ka achha time shuru eagerly waiting for reunion

    8. Hamare show ki sabse wonderful baat yeh hai yeh love story build up karna shuru karte hain 50 70 ep ke baad phir bhi hame 2 3 ep mein jo show mahine mein keh nahi paata woh keh deta hai a perfect minded serial best of the rest

  21. Ishankrpkabian

    The other fact i like about krpkab is yahi ek on screen thing hai jisme baap ka bhi importance samjha gaya hai jo aur kahi nahi phie chahe woh sona bejoy ho ya dev soha

  22. Ishankrpkabian

    I know it’s over dose of my comments but last one on this day’s page

    Log kehte hain beyhadh ke jyada trp hai par sony par krpkab hi akela aisa jo apne trps.maintain karta aur serials to trp gavate hain coz of their worse performance yaani ki hamare show performance consistent hai woh bhi itne time baad aur raddi bhar promotion ke bina it’s a huge success of krpkab

    And critically its best show in indian tv history

    Imdb 9.1

    Rotten tomatoes 94% / 9.4

    Best show by times of india won by 56% it has more percent than 3 other shows total

    Only fictional show of india which have more than 4 millions views on 3 to 5 episodes and the ep of propose in nearly gonna going.to touch first ever time 5 million views a big cheers for krpkab hip hip hurray…

  23. What type of show is this manipulate jealous insecurity possessive spoil the entire show makers should realize what they give to viewers current track show Dev jealous don’t forget if someone in Dev life sona also feel jealous it goes on one side

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Dear Sam I guess its high time for us as viewers to look at the positives in each episode instead of pointing out the negatives. This jealousy which you say is spoiling the show, is something that will gradually bring devakshi closer. KRPKAB is one show which has to be watched with some patience and a lot of understanding.

      1. Priya9876

        Ur last line….??? Loved it…

        Well said…

  24. Riti1107

    Missed yesterday’s episode
    Was it worth watching?
    Ya WWF hi chal raha tha ?

  25. Aastha1704

    I wish Elena samjhaye Sona ko dat Ishu,Vicky n RR want this only that she leave Dev and go back. Elena boost Sona to fight for her right over Dev as she Loves him. For Suhana who needs her family. Pls Pls Pls Makers make Sona fight for her own family.

  26. In yesterdays episode everything was perfect only jatin entry was wrong. Ok, i understand that he is a good friend of sonakshi and god father to soha and he may be worried for soha after hearing her illness, but he can call sonakshi, why its necessary to meet personally and particularly in night. I have a doubt once again whether he is a good friend or he loves sonakshi.

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      I agree!! I had the same damn thing I my mind…why does he have to come to meet her at night….but ya maybe he’s trying to make dev jealous so that he can realise his love for sona? He is a good guy though.
      I don’t guess he loves her.

      1. May be you are right that he might be interested to make jealous to dev but how he will understood thatbdev will see him with sona. Thwre is no indication to dev about his plan to see sona in night. For making anyone jealous he should make a situation like that. I think so.
        Secondly, the statement by sona that instead of worrying about soha why dev is concern about jatin. Really surprising. Shee is not allowed to dev to even see soha and telling that she is there to take care of his daughter as a mother then how she will ask such question. Even soha has taken promise from dev to not to enter her room. Secondly, she even not informed dev that she is going outside to meet jatin who came to inquire about soha then how dev will know that she is not there in room. Really, now she is behaving like a typical wife jo ki apne baat ko sahi sabit karne ke liye kisu bhi tarah ke emotions bhari baatein kar lete hai aur husband kuch nahi bol paate….. Kal ke precap me bhi yahi baat samne aati hai.
        Aur iss tarah ke laparwah ke karan gkb aut vicky ko mouka mil jaate hai apne plan ko suceed karna….

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Possibilities brother!! All we can say is “may be this” n “may be that”…..I agree that sona should have informed dev before leaving soha alone….All I hope is that jatin bcms the Cupid for devakshi n not another negative character coz there are already enough of them in the show….(GKB herself is equal to 100 villains)

  27. Neha1

    Elena and Soha act as CUPID striking Love amid Dev and Sonakshi in KRPKAB :-

    Sony TV’s KRPKAB have been evolving in the love sector amid Dev and Sonakshi. Dev-Sonakshi have been fighting ever since they have met.
    Now there’s seriously time to make Dev-Sonakshi as the lead of the show to fall in love ever since again.
    At Bose house Suhana was all alone but in Dixit house Soha is having the company of Elena. Like Soha, Elena to wants to stay at Dixit house forever and and this is possible only if Sonakshi and Dev agree.
    Soha with Elena chalks down a plan so mouth watering that Dev and Sonakshi can’t control themselves but start falling in love with each other again…!

    It’s completely my thinking…. don’t know if this will really gonna happen or not but hope that Soha, Asha,Elena, Golu and Mamaji try to Unite Dev and Sonakshi andalso hope that Ishwari overpossessed nature, X-GKB and Monster Vicky’s evil face will revealed in the show asap..!

  28. Lizaa

    sona nd ele ke baath bahat achi laghi..
    ele ne kaha ki kuch log trouble karenge bt woh uss a support karegi..
    aur yeh xgkb yeh kab se think kar ne lagi…dimag toh hai nhi iss ke pass
    sona ek dum sahi kaha dev ko perfect ..just perfect answer
    lagta h ki precap main dabaa maa tapke gi…

  29. Regarding sona and elena talking, i admit that it was just perfect as a sisters communication but there was not necessary to discuss about dev and sona relationship. The entire confession was that elena agreed abput sona decision by separating and she was misswd her a lot in the entiee seven years but not explored about dev condition or onas condition. So for waht basis she asked sona to think about dev if yhere ia 1% chance for soha sake.

  30. In precap. Sona had shopping bag in her hand…maybe she wld have brought some cotton dresses or medicine or something to comfort soha’s pain or fever…it my thinking….let see what CVS have planned…

    1. Maybe this way sona will be justified….

  31. Riti1107

    Yesterday’s episode ?

    Except the GKB instigating Dev everything was perfect…

    That scene in which Sona came out with wet hair & Dev got ‘440 Volt ke jhatke choone se Sona ke’

    Elena & Sona’s convo was much needed

    The last scene was amazing
    & The new ‘tanana…. ‘ is lovely ???

  32. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been generating great response

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

    Producer Yash Patnaik is a happy man as two of his shows Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and Jaana Na Dil Se Door are getting appreciation from the audience. Commenting on that Yash says,”Its a team effort. Everyone from writers, creative directors, production executives, actors everyone contribute to make a show success.”

    Recently Kuch Rang got an extension for a year: what makes the show so successful? “It has been a great journey. Kuch Rang has been appreciated both by the masses and classes. In Feb 2017 we completed a year and received an year’s extension.We are at a very interesting point now. The journey of Dev and Sonakshi will get more interesting with their daughter Soha playing a key role in that.” Yash also adds,”It’s extremely overwhelming that apart from the appreciation from the traditional audience Kuch Rang has been generating great response from digital platform.

    Every episode of Kuchh Rang is crossing an average of 15,00,000 (1.5 million) views on Youtube which is encouraging. Kuchh Rang has also been one of the most searched Indian series on web.” Commenting on the best compliment so far he has got for the show Yash days,”even people who don’t watch TV otherwise, watch Kuch Rang religiously. Most of the people say the show reminds them of their personal lives.”

  33. Rekhadhir

    Mujhe ek baat nhi samjh aati ki jab shaheer indo main hota hai tab hi woh insta story update karta hai par jab India main hota hai to woh kuch bhi nhi share karta
    Why shaheer
    Nation wants to know????

    1. Priya9876

      Bcz indo me he is very alone na….????

      1. Rekhadhir

        Hmmmm ???

  34. Priya9876


    Shaheli’s Ma’am pov:
    “I hope and wish Shaheer’s project in Indonesia gets over as quickly as possible. Watching this ‘Chotiwaala’ Dev is so difficult otherwise!”

    Ma’am we also wish the same

  35. Suhana scene with dev & sona is a edited one….. they didnt shoot at 1 time

  36. khatri is back in todays episode

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