Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev’s family plays dumb charades. Nikki murmurs a movie name anrd Sona gives right answer. Everyone’s turn come. Saurabh brings sari and asks mom how is it. She says nice and for whom. He says dad’s girlfriend. She beats him. He says she is dad’s girlfriend and says he got his first pay cheque and performance bonus. He even bought shirt for someone. Dad says he does not need it. Mom says he will accept it once he calms down. Saurabh says he even bought gift for daadi and goes to give it to her.

Dev’s family continues playing dumb charades. Dev comes out and asks them to play silently. Nikki asks him to join. He says he is busy. Neha starts emotional blackmail. He agrees and joins them and says her smile was enough for him.

His turn comes and he mimics a movie name. Sona joins him and shows Titanic move. His team identifies name. Sona gets shy and then goes to kitchen. Radha silently follows her, silently drops water on floor and asks her to clean it. Dev passes by and hears her shouting and says it is not Sona’s job and she is a nutritionist, Kichu will clean floor. Radha starts emotional atyachar. Dev gets angry and says Sona is a nutrionist and became one after 5 years of studies and it is not her job to mop floor. Radha continues. Dev angrily calls everyone. Radha silently leaves to her room.

Sona goes to her house and sits silently. Saurabh says she is in love and asks who is it. Sona says no one. He continues taunting her.

Ishwari goes to Radha’s room and sees her crying. Radha complains that Sona has controlled whole house with her magic and even Dev scolded her today. Dev says he did not mean to hurt her and apologizes. Radha continues her drama. He says he will take her for shopping. She says she does not need anything, but he can buy a car for Vicky. He agrees and says he will take Vicky to select his car. He then goes to his room and while working reminisces Sona and smiles.

Sona comes to work in the morning and asks Ria where is Nikki. Ria signals in dumb charades language and says to college. Sona asks where is Dev. Ria says office. Radha comes and starts yelling at Sona. Sona heads towards kitchen. Kichu gives her gift box and says Dev gave it to her. She opens box and sees flowers in it with a sorry tag and note that she did not tell which flowers she likes, so he gifted he his favorite flowers. She smiles.

Precap: Sona asks Ishwari to have food. Ishwari says she does not want to and throws food.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aww Dev is soo sweet but the precap ???

  2. If in my hands will kill that mami …..nuisance for Devna ?

  3. OMG what’s wrong with this ishwari now…poor sona.. She become maid now … This radharani is tooooo much… Wish to give a tight slap …?? so irritating …

  4. Omg precap mein kiya hai phir kiya hua ishwari ku

  5. Vry nice episode. how dev takes sona’s side i loved it and precap is vry interesting why ishwari throws the plate. And i loved how dev give flower to sona. And letter of sorry. I just love dev and sona. And eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  6. I think Ishwari is over possessive for Dev. She acts weird sometimes.

  7. Aww…Dev supported sona today…he smiles thinking about her..then gifts flowers with a sorry note..Awesome…
    I love their chemistry…but hates Radha..
    n why ishwari is like this..she is so possessive…
    Dev will hv to suffer a lot in between his mom n his love
    .i think so..

    Anyway guys…Happy vishu…?????

  8. jab sona ko pta chal gya tha ki movie titanic h den y dint she say?? dev ke saath pose karne ki kya zaroorat thi.. naughty sona tryin to get close to dev… lovly epi BTW

  9. Sarayu(honey)

    I just want to give a tight slap to that radharani. Worst fellow.

  10. sheela Tiwari

    As Ishwari had strugled in the life. which ve made her so possessive.
    Like the nature of Dev . He is quite , very less knowledge of social life.
    He doesnt know out of his world. But he act well. even Iswari in her roll is doing great.
    even Neha s character is also very nice. quite nature sister .
    Hope she ll get everything what she ve lost in her childhood.

  11. Yeh dev and sona kab relationship mein aayenge ? Aur kab woh promos jitna intense story aayega ? 🙁

  12. Cant devs family understand that radha n son r greedy 4 everything n lev them in their limits

  13. Nice episode dev takig sonas side so cute .. saurabh s so cute brother…

  14. I am totally in love with this serial. Beautifully written and amazingly performed.

  15. Lovely episode specially Dev’s support to Sona is admirable! Beautiful way to apologize Dev! Just keep it up! But slowly Radharani is becoming an overdose for us. Terrible lady now tricks Dev to buy a car for her son! Dev should realize this evil mind and smartly get her out of the sustem. Saurav so refreshing and a cute brother. Ishwari ‘ s over possessiveness may diastance her from her own son. Realise it Ishwari. Think about his happiness

  16. Don’t know y but I’m having a strong feeling dat Vicky will misbehave wid sona n radha will badmouth sona n tell her characterless.. N from dat very day,Ishwari will start hating sona even more..dis mother n son Jodi (radha n Vicky) r just too cheap

    1. very cheap

  17. Evn I feel d same Aarti.. vicky wud definitely play cupid among devnakshi

  18. omg…the no. of comments have increased for the show..m so happy…i love the show nd of course devakshi….
    bt aarti if what u said is true..then…. 🙁 🙁

  19. Arti even I have that feeling too! That would be terrible to watch!
    But somehow I feel that Dev will understand the game and Sona will continue receiving support! I hope there is a strong understanding between the two ! We would love to see that

  20. Such a big over actor radha raniiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  21. Uff……..this radharani, so much irritating &the precap was vry bad but overall the epi was nice sepecially dev sona

  22. Ngkrishnakumari

    Devnakshi love you to but this radharani is so mean why she is treating sona as an maid? I think she want rule dev house by blackmailing emotional atyachar to ishwari

  23. I think Radharani s too much and she wanting a car is again too much and Dev agreeing is unbelievable. I think he is dumb as sonakshi calls him.

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