Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev succeeds to compel board members change the study scheme

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev conducts the class at home. Everyone was there, watching. Dev announces they won’t study today. Golu was cheerful. Dev says today we will speak about times 1000 of centuries ago. Ishwari and Radha were happy as Dev begins the lesson. Ishwari discusses with Radha that Dev will teach well, he was a very sharp student and always asked her alot of questions as well.
Some parents complain that children are having fun, they aren’t behaving well in class. Dev says all books and no play makes Jack a dull boy. He requests them all to come after sometime, everyone will be involved even in history subject.
Shorabh was playing with Mishti in the craddle. Ronita comes to suggest him sing in Bengali. Mishti begins to cry. Shorabh asks Ronita to sing.
Dev begins the

story of King Ashok and narrates it through actions. Children got much involved with the lecture. Golu was boastful about his uncle.
Shorabh and Ronita were trying their best but couldn’t handle Mishti, and turn to see Mr. Bejoy stand behind them furiously. He complains he wanted to teach Bengali literature to Mishti but here’s what they are doing.
Dev took lessons of photosynthesis now. After the class, children dances around cheerfully. The parents gather around, Dev asks questions from history which the kids reply instantly. Parents were impressed by Dev’s management. One of the fathers was concerned that school management isn’t ready to cooperate. They decide to meet the trustees. Sona recalls the time when Suha wanted to know about her father, and Sona was unsure Dev would ever take an action.
Dev presents his proposal to the board. The members qualify they run an International school and can’t change thier study policies. Dev says he got support of alot of parents, if they strike media government and even public will question the credibility of the school. One of the old ladies asks Dev for sometime to implement such procedure, they will need to collaborate with the International community of education. Dev deters to take a severe step. But the board discuss with each other and agree to accept the proposal.
Sona was playing with Shubh. She speaks to Shubh that his fathre love them dearly. She was putting Shubh to sleep when Dev returns. She congratulates him. Dev says he had told her it will happen. He says it isn’t romance day, still he can make some changes. Sona laughs.
At night, Dev comes to kitchen and notices all the left over chores. Ishwari comes there and says atleast TK remembers half of chores, and Dev remembers nothing. She suggests about making turmeric milk for him, he will sleep well. Dev tells Ishwari he now realizes how much she had to work and never complained. Mothers are so selfless, they never ask thier children for anything. Ishwari says only a few people understand this, when a child is borne he changes the life of a mother, and fills it with beautiful feeling of motherhood. Sona hear the converstion. She comes to Suha’s room and asks why is she sleepless, if she has stomach ache? Suha says Papa gave her the medicine, she wants Sona to tap her and sing a lullaby. Sona lay down with her. She recalls how Shorabh used to run behind Suha for the medicine. Sona used to mix the glucose in water but Suha argued it was flavorless. Sona had to make her up to take it. She lay down placing her head beside Suha’s.
The next morning, Dev comes to kid’s room and notices their favorite dishes. Ishwari comes there and was concerned what doctor said. Suha says doctor wrote some more medicines. Dev explains they are multivitamins. Ishwari scolds Dev for making them eat junk food. Dev says he made the list only to teach them not to eat it again. The kids were upset. Ishwari advocates the kids that Sonakshi takes care of them, and its fine to eat from good places sometime.

PRECAP: Ishwari makes a video of Dev massaging Shubh and forwards it to Sona. Sona was happy to see this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona’s flashback scenes??
    Shubh and sona??
    Precap…. so sweet??

    1. sona ka flash back tho bahut dikhaya…lekin dev ka bhi tho ek baar bhi nahi dikhaya…
      meee tho uss atitude ke liye fan huu…kitnaa classy hai….goggles,shoes,torn jeans,specially bike…i really love them…kya atitude dikhaya shaheer neee…superbbb…

      1. Aik baari dekhaya tha when golu was born and they came home and dev was not giving golu to anyone ??
        Dev’s attitude was awesome but i really dont want to watch him romancing other girls???
        When he was at hotel after award ceremony with that other girl i dont remember her name those scenes were unbearable?????

  2. Sorabh and ronita’s “keench meri photo” was hilarious???
    Dev dixit can make changes in romance day???
    So school in dixit house and dev as teacher teaching photosynthesis and drawing that sun and tree???
    Dev asking kids their favourite dishes only to ban them???golu’s reaction???

    1. bejoy:haa keecho na photo..photo keech
      saurabh and rounita:dekho papa ko daat padi aur mammi ko bhii…
      really hilarious arshia

      and i was not expecting that(dishes)golu’s reaction…..hahaaahaaa

  3. i like the ishu-dev part…i dont know why but these situations make me heartful……
    and again cool and beautiful epi

  4. I have been being conscious not to spread negativity but felt to share my opinion as a loyal fan of krpkab. Season 2 promo created much hype when it was telecasted.. First i thought they could have taken some time to relaunch season 2, actors schedule and plot n all… It was told season 2 was mainly for fans demands… But i ve been following since the 1st day views are getting decreased day by day n precap s even worse cause there s no much twists n turns to expect …. Writers are highly inclined towards giving social messages n changing the society track which s appreciable but it s kind of preachy… Track s getting way out of the theme n show title…. Shaheer s not in most of the episodes which Makes it way too difficult to connect with the show as he
    s the “most important protogonist” especially sonakshi n with ishwari there s no soul in his eyes but he s doing his best. Show s about relationships n showcasing ugly n beauty shades of love n life. Now it took broad path but lacks hardhitting scenes, most of it theoretical approach not realistic one…nowadays most endearing scenes are when adorable babies n children share screen… At the end of the day here i am waiting for tomorrow episode….

    1. I do not agree with you Aarti aka fan. Instead of showing Saas Bhahu drama they dealing with social problems..First they started with Husband taking care of home and Wife working which is really happening. Then now they started with schooling system. I really love these tracks It is entertaining and also some messages. Look at all other shows ,how dragging they are.

    2. I know what u feel but the point is actors really perform well..body doubles r annoying and they have used them in every scene clearly visible??…sony needed to fill its free slot??…i felt glad that atleast all actors agreed to join 4 season 2 with 30 epis show was special to them??…but its really bad luck that they didnt share same screen space…☹☹
      But watching adorable shubh and cute soha and golu is worthy??specially i love sonas fb scenes and then how she feels that her and sohas life is complete now and was also praising dev infront of shubh today??
      I hope we get shaheer erica in some other good serial as leads??and yes for a long time??

  5. With all of Sonakshi’s success at her office, and Dev’s busy schedule with kids and household chores, wouldn’t it be a nice twist to the storyline if they show that Sonakshi starts feeling a bit neglected and insecure thinking that Dev has no time to show his affection towards her?

    I feel that it would be very sweet if they show how Sonakshi unsuccessfully tries to grab Dev’s attention towards her multiple times and on different occasions. Ishwari notices Sonakshi’s attempts but doesn’t say anything. Finally Sonakshi is forced to whine before Ishwari and Asha how Dev has no time for her anymore and that she misses all of Dev’s affection and attention towards her!

    I’m getting the feeling that since past 3 episodes the story writers haven’t been on top of their game.

    just a thought…

  6. No episode yesterday…. Gawd this Sony TV…….

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