Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Dev gives flower boquet to Sona. Sona says it is written from Natasha to Dev, so she cannot take it. He takes it and keeps on table and says mom he gave bouquet to Sona thinking she deserved it for taking care of Natasha, but she rejected it, he should not have given someon else’s flowers to her, asks why did not she stop her. Mom asks how will she know what is going in his mind. Radha as usual taunts that Sona showed arrogancy by not accepting flowers. Dev says she will not understand and leaves. Radha continues.

Sona goes to Ishwari’s room and sees her stitching something for Dev and asks if she does stitching. Ishwari says she used to stitch to run family but not it is her hobby. She asks her to learn stitching to escape from her mother-in-law’s

taunts. She asks her to ask Dev if he will accompany her for doc’s appointment or should she take Neha. Sona goes to Dev’s room and sees him coming out of washroom shirtless. She turns face. Dev wears T-shirt hurriedly and asks why did she come in. She says aunty asked if he will accompany her to doc’s appointment or should she take Neha. He asks her to ask Neha. She sees sleeping pills bottle on table and asks if he takes them. He says yes, when he does not get sleep. She says it is a short-term solution and he should speak to his family instead. He says he cannot share his problems with family and will share office problems with her daily for 2 hours. She smiles. She then tells aunty is fasting. He angily tries to rush towards mom’s room. She holds his hand and says she gave fruits to aunty and nothing to worry.

Sona goes to her house and smiles reminiscing Dev. Elena comes and jokes with her. Sona says she thought Dev is rich and different, but he is a normal man. Elena taunts her. Sona says she has everyone to share her problems, but Dev is alone. She continues that Dev is mature and does not like anyone. She continues talking to Elena.

Dev forcefully gets food and feeds mom. Mom says still there is a lot of time. He forcefeeds her and taunts people who don’t eat on time. Radha says even she wanted to fast but could not. Dev tells about Gujral and Natasha coming for dinner. Ishwari asks her not to worry, shewill manage.

At night, Dev does not get sleep and picks sleeping pills bottle, but stops lisening to Sona’s words. Sona also looks at Dev’s pic and smiles. In the morning, Sona gets ready and sits for breakfast in hall. Mom and dad’s nok jhok starts. Sona goes to change her dress.

Sona reaches Dev’s home via taxi. She sees home clean and servants cleaaning. Dev comes and asks where is she going. She gets nervous and acts weird. Dev gets confused. Sona hides in kitchen. Radha starts her drama and asks why did she come late. Sona says she did not get taxi on time. Radha asks her to finish her work on time as Dev’s in-laws are coming. Sona asks who. Radha says Gujrals, hopes everything goes well.

Precap: While having dinner at Dev’s home, Natasha asks Ishwari when will Dev come. Ishwari says must be on the way. Dev and Sona get stuck in a room in Sona’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aaj ki episode shaid I’m not going to watch because I can’t bear to see tears in sona’s eyes,but I can’t wait for the precap to take place!!

  2. This Natasha maybe better than the other second girl in other shows which enter the guy’s life but honestly speaking she is quite irritating. I wonder how Dev will react when he will get to know that his Miss Bose is doing these as she is crazy in his love 😛

  3. Erica’s acting specially nuances with her dialect is so adorable! Very cute while trying to express love or even ehile trying to avoid Dev. Excellent acting. But Deb is so dumb / khadoos cant see love in Erica’s eyes or even in her behaviour? Till now hasnt been able to feel love nor can see it yet he is supposed to be that smart intelligent businessman? Very funny!
    Radharani a big joke ! Ugh always a duffer!
    But nice episode

    1. U r right Dev must understand

  4. I don’t know…what should I say…this radharani is so disgusting… I hate her…BT today I really appreciate dev’s work..first he tried to give the bouquet to Sona and then the pill part…his intentions were good BT Sona got it wrong…I just hope ki waqt me saath saath sab thin ho jaye…

  5. Awesome precap..cant wait

  6. Sona dev k room tavi paunchti hai jb dev shirtless hota hai….

  7. Lovely episode….
    Waiting for today episode….

  8. Is episode mein no ” fissalna” for once!
    Natasha ki bouquet keu dena hai ? Isnt that a bit insensitive? Apni garden se bhi ek phul chalega but kisiki bheji hui keu???
    There are other ways to show gratitude!!!

  9. Y sona laught often..even though c is stick in love..xpresses thr her eyes….if c maintain little bit avoid or distance..dev wil come soon…but both of u guys

  10. prcp to bht acha hai but agr nuts k serial me importance is tarah se badta jayga to asli story ka kya hoga?promo me to dikhaya gaya tha ki ye dev,sona nd iswari ke understanding ka story hai!m totally disappointed and agar aisa chalta rahega to me ye dekhna stp kar dungi:-(

  11. I dnt knw y but i dnt like sona and dev as couple.
    No hard feelings for anyone but I find sona very boring and inexpressive. Lack of expression n her voice seems dull. I feel sleepy aftr seeing her act

  12. Ya u r ryt Barish….Natasha ko importance Dena band karo plz…
    N ab dev ko v realize ho Jana chaiye sona k pyar ka….

  13. D only gud thing abu today’s epi is precap! Story drag kar rhe h ab:(

  14. D only gud thing abu today’s epi is precap!

  15. I just loved today’s episode. I was good to see that dev realize his mistake that he should not give natasha’s gift to sona as it was for him. And that sleeping pills how sona explain and at night he remembered sona’s word and keep that pills. I just loved to see that dev ne sona ki baat suni. but why he don’t speak politely. He is always in serious mode. He should smile at least.i think that sona will change dev’s attitude. Our vo radharani she is just disgusting. i don’t like her at all.

  16. come on yaar director, shahheer sheikh s a super hero f th epic story…..mahabharatha………. i think he shud b given sum chellenging situatns were he cn use his acting capacity t th fullest……. here he s just a khaduus…….only one expression anger s there constently on his face………..cant evn understa d luv………

  17. bt todays episode ws good………….

  18. If Natasha is given too much importance then I shall also probably stop watching this show which is also following the stupid love triangle formula like other tracks. Most of the promos seem ” fake” ” jhuta”!!! I dont think i shall find this story interesting if it deviates so much from the original plot of Sona Dev and Ishwari! natasha mujhe bohot superfluous lagti hai’ Dev wears only one expression on his face! Director make use of Devs skills.

  19. Execellent

  20. nice precap

  21. For the first time I felt bad for Radha today. She just wanted importance from dev and ishwari in this episode when she said I went to the temple for dev.bichari.only in this episode.other episode omg she is so irritating.

  22. Nishi ji aap kahte hai ki aap emotional hoke dek nahi payi but hum tho tv me dek b nahin sakthe aur na hee utube me dek sakthe hai exams n ramzan ki beethar abbu allow nahin karte main sirf tely updates padthee hun pichale 3 mahine se aur jub me aunt ke ghar jati hun thab dekti hun aur bus samaj jati hun main to aise bohot sirial dekth hun jaise ki kasam jamai raja dahleez parvarish kala tika kum kum bhagya vishkanya etc

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