Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev after Neha’s bidayi comes to his room sadly. Sona comes and he asks why did she come. He asks if he does not want to share his pain with her. He cries keeping his head on her lap and says he misses Neha, why did she go. She asks him to pour his heart out, if he will not tell her, then whom he will tell. He cries that he could not give time to Neha at all, how can he be so selfish. Sona asks if he asked Neha if she thinks he ignored her. He says he does not have to. Sona says as far she knows Neha, she is very happy and he loved and supported her sister a lot, he even fought with auntyji/Ishwari for his sister. He continues crying that his left…

Neha sits on well decorated bed wearing ghunghat. Ranbeer comes and locks door and gets romantic with her.

He is about to kiss her when his nephew knocks door and says mummy is scolding him. He opens door and nephew and neice enter room and sit on bed and say mummy did not scold them. Neha fumes in anger.

Ishwari cries holding Neha’s picture. Mamaji consoles her that she has still 2 daughters left for bidayi and she can visit Neha’s house and even she can come anytime. He continues consoling her. Topic changes to Dev and he says she got such an obedient son, soon she will get a bahu of her choice. Ishwari says if any girl comes in Dev’s life, he will inform her first. Sibling’s chat continues.

Rabeer’s bhabhi comes and asks children to come out, but they insist to be with new chachi and chachu. Bhabhi leaves. Neha fumes.

At Sona’s house, Elena pulls Sona’s legs that that she was working at Dev’s house as if she has already become bahu. She continues that Dev was looking very handsome in sherwani and her heart was pounding fast seeing him. Sona gets jealous. Asha brings coffee for Elena and tells Sona she should not marry out of Delhi as she cannot live without her. Elena says her would be jamai is from Delhi. Asha asks who is it. Elena says she means they will find a groom from Delhi for Sona. Asha leaves. Elena continues pulling Sona’s legs.

Nikki and Ria cry reminiscing Neha. Dev enters with icecream and asks if they want to cry alone. Nikki says she wanted to occupy Neha’s room once she leaves, but she does not want room and wants Neha, she is missing her a lot. Dev says after Neha left, they realized how much they love her. He feeds Nikki ice cream. Ria reminds Dev how he used to get gola ice for Neha and her. Nikki asks what about her. Ria says she was so small that time. Nikki says even then.. Ria says Dev used to bring gola ice for her and Neha and he dropped Neha’s ice by mistake. Neha threw ice on him. Dev says if fell by mistake. Ria says he would take Neha’s side obviously. Sibling bonding continue and they all 3 get emotional reminiscing Neha.

Precap: Dev calls Sona from office and asks her to get file from his cupboard. Ishwari fumes seeing this and scolds how dare she is to open Dev’s cupboard, only she has right to open his cupboard. Sona says Dev asked her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wat a episode awsome dev cried for his sister brother and sisters love …

    1. Esme

      Yes loved it

  2. i don’t know everybody knows that news or not. but I heard that Neha will can’t adjust at ranveer’s house and she will tell dev to help them financially but ranveer will refuse it . and Neha turn nagetive . Neha sonakshi ko ranveer ki baat par agree karti sun legi and she will try to take revange from sonakshi.
    I don’t know this full news is ryt or not


  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Eagerly waiting tommorow epi
    From today onward we can watch another evil side of ishwari that u harm our devakshi
    Nice siblings bonding between dixits
    Love the way sona console dev

  4. Mubeen

    Hi guys….aftr watching todays episode. ….har ladki sochne lagi hogi……Q sirf hum b ghar jaaye shaadi ke baad ladke q nhi……rt8 na???

    1. Priya9876

      absolutely right..

  5. Mubeen

    N episode…..nrn r lucky to have a brother like dev

    n humaari sona….shyd abi aunty ji dev se dur rehne ko kahegi

  6. Priya9876

    Hey @ Esme in previous page (11th july)
    i gave the link there… of devakshi Tatoo clip…
    go n check…:)

    1. Esme

      Sorry priya i didn’t notice.bt thanx fr telling me.sorry cutie one.

      1. Priya9876

        It’s ok dear ?
        Don’t say sorry

  7. aaj k episode ws good bt bit emotional
    precap ws little.bit annoying bt the main track of the serial is gng to start
    aaj k episode dekne k liye bahoot papad belna padha mujh ku
    episode dekha par precap miss kardiya
    thnks MA 4 update

  8. Esme

    Seeing dev crying i remembered that episode in which sona tells dev to share his problems with his mother n sisters then he will be able to sleep peacefully without taking sleeping pills.dev replied he doesn’t want to trouble his mother n sisters bcoz they hv already faced so prombles just because of him.then he tells sona if she is so much concerned then he can share his problems with her n simply tells her that get ready for the office which he is going to share wid her daily 1 hour in evening.
    It was so funny that next day sona tries to hide from dev n he sees her n calls her.she makes stupid excuse that her brother is calling without ringtone of phone n without no. flashing on her phone which usually happens when d phobe is silent.

    That incident n now look at dev today he is weeping with his head ib sona’s lap.loved it.

    Elena teasing sona was funny n yeah precap darawana meaning horrible. Soon d main story of krpkab is going to start. I am eager to know abt d coming episodes bt yeah we already know tht ishwari will agree in d end.

    I remembered when i first saw the show from dat part in which dev tries to convince sona to become his mother’s nutritionist. It was 5 months ago.now see what turn story has taken.we have seen so many rang of pyar through this show n will be able to watch more rang too.the title is absolutely correct.kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi meaning Some shades of love like this too.
    I love this show to the power of infinity.

  9. @ ha mubeen
    I don’t like leavinaloneaftr mrrg but yeh to reet(ritual) hai dev is lucky hvng SONA woh kitni understanding hai

    aaj episode dekne k liye maine khana banaya,curry banai,pakoda bhi banai mummy koh agar mai head massage doo toh woh soo jati hai she feels its relaxing aaj maine ne woh bhi kiya mom 9:27 ko soo gai & I ws happy so that I can watch this serial alone par dad

  10. Priya9876

    ohhh god!! precap iz really not good…
    Aunty ji plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dnt doo jyada Gusssaaaaaaa….
    After all she is ur cute daughter in law….

  11. Chanpreet0815

    Today’s episode was good. Brother sisters love. I loved it. And felt sad for neha. Her first night after marriage Is being spoiled.

  12. Priya9876

    Hey guys new promo link…
    Watch dis…?

    1. It is not promo but sbs news… Anyways thanks ?
      Devakshi tatoo was so cute.. ?

      1. Priya9876

        Yaaa sorry frnds….
        Dis not new promo….
        You tube wale budhhu bana dete hai….

  13. Chanpreet0815

    Priya papers were okk okk.
    now i think that ishwari ko devakshi ke baare me pata chal jaaega shaayad

    1. Priya9876

      Yeahh!!! Mujhe v lag tha h….
      But aise pata chale usse better hota Dev khud ja Kar maa ko batata…

  14. Asmita have u stopped to write analysis….bcz u dnt write for yesterday too….I thought yesterday for where no devsona Cns so u dnt write …BT today der r some Cns……

  15. I feel it boring and stupid right now about ishu!! I mean salute to mom and son love but for a son one day a daughter in law has to come!!!!how can she be sooooo over possessive!!

  16. Subhashini

    Dev and sona is cute ,but hereafter they meet many struggles in their love story

  17. Episode ws Ooookay.
    Precap ahhhhhh it seems interesting, waiting for the next epi.

  18. i missed yesterdays episode. Thanks to telly updates for updating everyone with their favourite shows regularly.

    nice explaination….waiting for the today’s episode.

  19. Chanpreet0815

    U r right priya dev should tell ishwari aunty about his and sona’s relation. Agar dev ne bata diya toh shaayad ishwari maan jaae.

  20. Chanpreet0815

    OMG blink then its a bad news

  21. Angle Sona and prince Dev

    I am very unhappy Ishwari scolds sona i hope sona handle the situation and GKB do not cause any trouble to sona and i am waiting for seeing Devakshi tattoo

  22. Akankshya Rout

    What ???really…. Natasha se hogi dev k shadi ……. Not fair …… We are watching this show for…. Dev n sona

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