Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev angrily walks out. Ishwari tries to speak. He says he does not want to talk now and leaves house. GKB starts brainwashing Ishwari again that Sona spoilt Dev and made him so groggy, Dev was not like this before marriage. Mamaji asks her to shut up and says even dayan/witch destroys others house and spares her house, but she is not sparing even her house. He asks her to leave from here. Ishwari asks everyone to leave and calls Sona. Mamaji asks not to speak to Sona now, situation will worsen. Ishwari says already situation has worsened and asks everyone to leave again. Everyone walk to their room.

Sona comes down. Ishwari says she asked her some time ago if she came here as baba’s beti or bahu, she came to a conclusion that a woman is nothing herself,

she is a wife, daughter, sister, and mother. She does not know if Sona can become mother or not, she is Dev’s mother though and wants her son’s happiness. Sona says they are married. Ishwari says she wanted to marry and did without elders’ consent. Like a child crying for toys, even they did and elders agreed. Sona says they are not kids. Ishwari says whatever it is, she wants them to separate forever. Sona says Dev will not be happy. Ishwari says even now Dev is not happy, each day some or the other fight happens. Dev sees car locked and walks back in. Sona shows 4.5 crores check and says if she needs more money, she will return even her 50 lakhs. Ishwari says she doe snoot need money and even can support her and her family. Sona says she cannot force her decisions on everyone, this is wrong. Dev enters and shouts she cannot misbehave with maa. Sona asks if he heard what mom told. Ishwari says she told whatever she told him. Sona says now she realized Dev is behind all this situation. She starts blasting Dev why he is so weak and insecure, he should be a man. Dev shouts loving her is his biggest mistake. Sona holds his collar and shouts to accept his mistake. Dev pushes her and she falls on Ishwari. Ishwari falls down. Sona tries to pick Ishwari, but Dev stops her and warns her to stay away from maa. Whole family gathers and mamaji asks what happened. GKB yells Sona pushes Ishwari. Dev asks Sona to get up. GKB yells if she did not here get out. Vicky says same. Mamaji asks what is happening. Neha says bhai’s decision is right, he should have sent Sona long ago. Mamaji asks Sona not to go, everyone are fools, he spent 2 hours and bought a shawl for her, everything will settle down soon. Sona says Dev she is going and walks reminisces her happier times spent with Dev. GKB comments what kind of bahu she is, she is walking out of house just with husband and MIL’s scolding. Sona stops and reminisces Dev’s whole dialouges, to get out. She walks out. GKB smirks. Ishwari thinks she did not think of Dev even once and left.

Dev sits shattered and tells Vicky he wants to go somewhere. Vicky says he will take him out. Dev asks what about maa. Vicky says be a man and takes him smirking at GKB. GKB also smirks.

Sona returns home. Dev says Sona if she remembers they were proud that they bought the house they had rented. Sona asks not to worry, she mortgaged this house and will buy it back and whatever she told, she will buy it back. Bejoy says he knows she can do anything.

Dev starts drinking heavily reminiscing his fight with Sona. Vicky acts as drinking, but fills Dev’s glasses and thinks he spoilt Sona’s husband and now it is her turn, Vicky does not forget his revenge.

Precap: Ishwari gives divorce papers to Dev and says he has to be choose between his family and Sona, has to get it signed by Sona. Dev imagines Sona at home.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. http://www.tellyworld.in/2017/01/post-leap-promo-new-look-of-devakshi.html check it new look of devakshi & their daughter they are look young compared to before leap

    1. DevAksi looks GR8!!!!!!and their DAUGHTER!OMG!!!!!!!!!!she’s sooooo cute!!!

  2. Junee

    Reply to @ Fan
    So you are saying the same things in many words for a word called “IMPACT”! Yes all serials and movies do have and leave an impact on you and that is what makes us respond to it. Most of the fans are depressed after yesterday because it left an impact which was depressing. The day they show romance people feel good with a rush of adrenaline. Thats a good impact thats left on the viewers mind.
    But to take a message from any serial and not movies mind you , one would consider an individual to be an “EDUCATED FOOL” Circumstances/situations are different in everybody’s life so to taking a message from these drama’s is probably not a wise thing to do! For example, which educated competent girl would keep silent in today’s time with a GKB insulting and humiliating all the time? You may call it sanskar but I will call it as a lack of courage to confront! Which competent girl would digest Ishwari’s conditions when she knows that she cannot conceive? Isn’t that humiliating? But Sona did accept and tried to be the good Bahu! Is it possible ? Put yourself in her shoes and think about it.
    Where on earth do you find a Vicky getting his brother drunk and taking over the mobile to play mischief with Sonakshi and a son like Dev who goes over the top about his unreasonable mother? A business man who doesn’t have a teaspoon level intelligence has become a tycoon?
    What message do you get from all these illogical situations? There are innumerable such incidents.But the point is, these are drama’s which you have to give them the grace to be a bit illogical. At the end of the day you would crib and call it boring. Movies on the other hand are specific. The serious ones I am talking about, which can narrate stark reality in 3 hours and its over. But day after day I am sure if you are shown such reality you will crib at the end of the day. Therefore, there need to be balance between close to reality and imagination. Imagination should never go hay wire at the cost of drama. Then it becomes too illogical to digest.

  3. Erica kush nahi present track ke liye khass kar playing a MOTHER ROLE…..?


  4. Subhashini

    Cv’s nae something different kiliyae leap ki baath actors ko young kartiya…????

  5. Junee

    Let the Makers show what they have to! They have lived upto our expectations so far and I think they will live upto it!
    Let the story unfold !!!

  6. sonakshi looks stunning!!!!

  7. Subhashini

    Guys phele mae bhi not interested uss leap kiliyae lekin iss baby ko dekhni kae baath omg iam very much eagerly waiting for leap kab aayega ae leap…i think its so interesting honae wala…….
    He is always cute with babies, now in onscreen he is going to be handsome hot cuteee adorable charming …..sona is also rocking and most importantly uske original hair aagaya screen sae….

  8. They will show wahi purani story…but i hope ki isme bhi WO kuch alag way m dikhayen…waise daughter Wala track mujhe bhi nai acha lag raha..during pregnancy sona ke liye dev ki care and daughter ke ane ki happiness wo sath m share karts…ye sab humlog nai dekh paynge…kash patchup ke bad WO bache Wala track laate..waise agar divorce dikhaynge phir patchup ke bad shadi bhi dobara dikhaynge kya???

  9. Aarti32

    I swear maine show nhi dekhne ka man bana liya tha..But ye makers itte kharab h..Itti sweet cute bacchi leke aata h kya koi!!??Main use dekhe bina kaise rhu!! Uske daant kitte chhote chhote n cute h..Wow..Mine to pyaar hi ho gya usse??

    1. Aarti32

      *mujhe pyaar ho gya usse

  10. Subhashini

    Now Iam very much excitement after the post leap ….the main reasons r….
    1) dev aur sona ki first meeting kaisae hoga….
    2)dev aur baby ka first meeting kaisae hoga….
    3)dev aur sona ki reaction kaisae hoga after they met…
    Omg ae sab jaan kiliyae mae excitement ho dears tum sab bhi ae sochu and mujhae bathav ae sab kaisae hoga….
    Come on guys lets comment our feelings hum sab ae dekhnae ki phele humari feelings ko share karengi phir ho din saath mae dekhingi….

    1. Junee

      ???mujhe pyar ho gaya little Khargosh se

  11. Junee

    OMG I am in love with the little Miss Khargosh????

    1. Subhashini

      Mujhae bhi bouquet sada pyar hogaya ae little kharghosh sae how cute she is ….???????????????????????????????????????????????I love love love u little princess…naam nai patha koi baath nai jaldi patha chalega may be devakshi….

      1. Junee


  12. @junee yes i completely agree with u sis….my comments here s not just for the leap yes i m not happy about the leap but that doesn’t mean that i m not happy with sona’s decision.no one has to endure with that humiliations n insults…she definitely has to leave that mad house.my comments goes to all those illogical things they have been showing…..everyone has their own views n opinions absolutely…be it serials or shows it reaches over all classes of people some of them may be able to figure out some might not right….according to movie nowadays so many movies r coming as so called ‘based on true story’ but they too add some imagination in order to make audiences @ the edge of seat….here media covers not only movies, serials, some reality shows, news n so on

    1. Junee

      I am a Sonakshi supporter so I agree she should leave the mad house but that doesn’t mean she is not flawed! We all are and so is she! Yes most importantly about your take on media “Perceptions ” vary and we should leave it there!

      1. Sonadi

        The scenes does not go with The charecter That is the reason we are saying illogical.

  13. if i say any examples then it will be a political debate so i m not getting into that.this s KRPKAB fan’s page n i will let it be. i just shared my opinions n thoughts that’s it…

  14. Pritha

    This is what i exactly wanted to tell juneedi that let the makers show what they want..they reached our expectation so far…so we can hope that they will do it even now. If they fails we can stop watching any time that is in our hand.

  15. guys KRPKAB ka 2nd promo yad h…
    dev- apka pen mere pas reh gya tha
    sona-ap ye pen lautaane aye the?
    sona-ar wo pal jo humne sath bitaaye wo kaise lautaaoge????
    dev-wo mai lautaana bhi nahi chahta……
    sona-dev…ek br tumahri Maa se bat karne do…
    dev- nahi sonakshi…mai janta hu wo mana nahi karegi pr wo kbi khush bhi nahi hogi….
    sona- kitni ajeb bat h na dev…mai tumahri Maa ko mana nahi Skti ar tum Apni Maa ko mana nahi kar skte……

    kya paate h….kya khote h…jb diloon k faisle bhi dimag se hote h…..

  16. Subhashini

    Harae baba mae tho writers ko thank u bolungi ab for this leap because iss leap ki vajasae we get beautiful princess…how cute she is…mae bouquet sada pyar kartium ussae ….i love that cute baby ….???????????????????????????????

  17. Pritha

    One thing I know that after all this is also a indian serial and all the indian serials are like whrn starting grade A++, then A+ then A and when ending ultimatelt grading it as D is even difficult.
    All the previous shows I started to watch..left those with 100 episodes..this one and sadda haq are the only two serials which i have seen this long.
    I have a rule that when you are feeling like the serial is getting crap watch gor 1 month..if still feeling the same then quit.
    But i have a little soft corner for this production as in their last youth show they kept the story alive and fresh and realistic even after leap and with vommon concept as the execution was briliant.
    So hoping for the best .
    Post leap if the story goes right then there will be lot of curiosity. There are much more things which they can show if they want. I don’t think there is anything wrong if they change dressing style of leads. A cotporate woman wears skirts even after having baby and a 33-34 year old man can wear jacket and drive bike also.
    But dev being casanova is not digestable.
    Till the leap doesn’t take place i am not going tp any conclusion coz wearing jacket…riding bike doesn’t mean being a casanova.

  18. Junee

    Today, I have used TU fan page pretty effectively as a stress buster which has actually helped me to review my Grant writeup very effectively . It helped me to identify mistakes every time I went back after a post on this page????
    Yeahhh !!!!!!

    1. Lol …reading urs I had fun ride too..

      1. Junee

        ??Annie! Get registered dear! It will be easier to follow the thread!

  19. Pritha

    Dev deserves some punishment but he is good by heart…but his biggest problem is him impulsive nature, blind faith, impractical decisions. He is a good business man but not practical in life. He is only the root of all problems. Hiding the truths he only created this situation.
    I think sona should give divorce otherwise she will be accused again as being greedy. It will hurt her self respect again.
    Sona tried enough to cope up with them and bear many insults. So this is enough for her.
    Sometimes ignorence is the biggest answer. Each time when radha insulted her she kept quite but that quiteness showed ignorence.

  20. i m eager to watch post leap episodes u guys have a point lets give them a chance….i wish they don’t fail us…..by the way shaheer looks cool n sona too that cute little princess wooow…i like to see the bond btwn shaheer n the cute princess….

  21. wow little girl is soooooooo cutie ……..I just lov little girl 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. wow little girl is soooooooo cutie ……..I just lov little girl 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. hlw all of u can i join u all ???????

    1. Junee


    2. Erina

      Ofcourse ayana welcome to crazy, mad fanclub of devakshi dear ??????
      Exiciteddddddddd for post leap ?????
      R u exiciteddddddddd?????

  24. Junee

    Makers, kaha se cutie Khargosh pakad ke laaye hey??????????
    Sonakshi is looking gorgeous! Infact long time back some of us mentioned that she should have a more retro look??for Sonakshi!
    reading our comments makers??!!
    Good good???plz keep it on!!!

  25. Shruti710

    You are right kavya
    Saari Galati dev Ki hi hai
    Ek to uska ego aur ilzaam sonakshi pe
    That’s not fair

    Where’s junee di,Priya,chanpreet,ganga,manya and everyone

  26. Subhashini

    Iss baby itna cute ae episode start honiki phele hum sab devakshi pagal ko unka pagal kartiya…..

  27. From the video of upcoming promo shoot, I just felt Erica isn’t that happy playing mother, she dint sound as excited as shaheer… shaheer said his personality will undergo a complete overhaul, but Erica said a little change will be there… as far as sona, she is already a strong, mature and a very sorted character, so I don’t think except for the look there’s going to be much change in her… shaheer I guess is going to more fun post leap bcoz his character would be a total opposite from the one now… let’s see how they take it…

    Her reluctance (could be just my imagination) I think is bcoz she is a film actress as well and you know how the movie makers categorize the actresses once they play a motherly role.. anyway she is so young yaar for the role.. shaheer may have some personal experience with his nieces, so would be a piece of cake for him to play a dotting father…

  28. Sonadi

    After reading all your comments, I see that all of us are letting out our emotions after seeing the last few episodes which is good.
    The fans who were not in favor of leap are looking forward to it.As I had said before this is inevitable.The story has to move forward.
    Hopefully the post leap is good and the makers keep us glued before the box.
    Junee you were right in saying that movies are only 3 hours. We may leave the movie house with heavy heart but it lasts for a short time. The serial with heavy dose of illogical negativity is not like movie. It leave a big mark in our mind every night. My dear one who also watches this show says she can not relate to this serial because it is all unreal. The scenes does not relate to the characters they had created. She just watches because of Shaheer and Erika.
    But somehow I am attached to this show and get frustrated easily. Before this I never watched an indian family serial.

  29. of course erina I m excited coz devakshi ka naya look and their cute little daughter 🙂 🙂 🙂 she super duper cute like her mom dad and thanks u

  30. O BHAISAAB….SONA is looking drop dead gorgeous….i couldn’t have asked for more….
    Finally finally…..?????????
    Now ERICA will flaunt in her real hairs…and SHAH will be in his SHAH look….


  31. of course I m excited coz new look of dev and sona and their cute little daughter she is so cute lik her mom dad ……do u lik her????



  33. Jasmin ur right yaar

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