Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari gets jumps in happiness thinking Sona is pregnant and congratulates her repeatedly. Mamaji also wishes Sona. Ishwari tells Sona she should inform naana naani first and asks to call them on video call. Sona calls Bose hose. Asha asks Bejoy to pick call and Bejoy asks Sourav. Asha picks call. Sona speaks and asks her to come on video call. She gets tensed and asks Sourav to open video call. Ishwari seriously speaks. Bejoy says his daughter….Ishwari says yes his daughter, she has done this..Bose family gets tensed. Ishwari laughs and congratulates them for becoming naana/naani. Bejoy and Asha get very happy. Bejoy says he became Daadu and Asha Dida. GKB says he became naana. Elena says bengalis calls naana as daada. GKB says their culture is opposite.

Ishwari says relationships will remain same whatever they name it, like if she asks her grandson to call her did, she will be maami daadi itself. Mamaji says that is like his sister. Sourav says mamaji even he became mamaji now. Ishwari invites them for dinner and asks to come and bless their beti damad. Bejoy says they will come for sure.

Sona goes to her room. Dev calls her and says Mr. Dhruv, did not you go to meet Khushi. She says no, mom did not let her go. He asks if mom scolded her…she says no and thinks he did, he is becoming papa. He asks what happened. She asks him to come home soon. He says okay. Ishwari takes Sona to her room and asks not exert herself now and to rest for 4 months. Sona says she will do whatever she orders. Ishwari asks what Sourav likes, he is mama now. Sona says he will eat whatever is prepared. Neha sees this and fumes in jealousy. Ishwari asks what she wants to have. Sona says something sour. Ishwari says okay and asks not to go out for 4 months. Sona thinks she has to meet Khushi today, what she will do now.

Kushi waits for her social media boyfriend/Sona’s fake ID in a restaurant. Ayan and Riya are in a same restaurant. Ayan says looks like her brother did not like him. Riya says bhaiya is posessive about his sisters, but he is very sweet. Ayan says what about her bhabi, she still doubts him. She says bhabi cleared her doubt and does not have any problem, they both love each other, so there won’t be any problem. Khushi messages Sona where is he. Sona gets tense.d Ayan sees Kushi and asks what is she doing here. She asks if she should not come here, he and Riya are marrying and they will be busy, what about her. Ayan feels sad.

Bose family comes to Dev’s house. They all congratulate each other. Ishwari serves them food and they all enjoy happily laughing. Dev enters and akss what happened, they all seem to be looking more happier than they should. Ishwari asks him to go and freshen up first and asks Sona to take him up. Dev walks with Sona surprisingly and asks what is happening, why everyone is happy, if she did something. She says no and says she will gain weight. He says he is sure she will never gain weight. She hugs him and takes him down. Sona says he is becoming papa. Dev stands in a shock. Ishwari asks them to stand silently and does their nazar and feeds him sweets this is from would be daadi. Each family member feeds him sweets. Dev eats in a shock. Nikki asks him to smile as this calls for a selfie. Riya says it calls for a fmil pic. They all together click pic. Ishwari says her small Dev is surprised that he is getting a small Dev, soon he will understand everything. She hugs Sona and blesses her to be happy. She tells Dev that she so happy, she cannot describe in words. She heard interest is more dearer than principal, now she realized. She asks Sona to finish her food and stop eating salad, now she has to eat for 2 lives. Whole family takes Sona to dining table. Dev reminisces doctor’s words that Sona has only 7% chances of becoming pregnant and if ever she gets pregnant, i will be a miracle. He reminisces other incidents and thinks he cannot let anyone know about this.

Precap: Whole family dances and celebrates. Dev asks Sona if she got her checkup. She says not yet. He asks how did she know that she is pregnant. She says mom knows everything.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wohoooo…..
    Saas bahu ka pyar peheli baar dekhne ko Mila
    Ishwari is so happy….
    Kaash yeh track chalta rahe….
    Kyunki ab ishwari hamari side hai….
    So no problem

  2. Manya

    The BEST part about this episode is DEV ke expressions??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ starting de bit tab tak jab use Sona ke baare mein pata laga
    I feel so bad for him ??woh Kare bhi toh Kya Kare??
    But main nhi chahti ki Sona Ko yeh pata Lage ki woh maa nhi ban Sakti??
    Guys Kya SP ma’am gayi hai dadi ka role karne ke liye????ya phir yeh bas aise hi dikha Rahe?????plzzzzzz Aisa hi ho plzzz wig maan gyi Ho
    Haina guys?????

    1. Supriya ma’am mangayi tho acha heina……. I love d track more than now

      1. Manya

        Haan Aisa Hi ho❤️

  3. I hope Sona pregnant hone ka baath such hothe Ho hum sab bahuth kush…..
    Feeling Good bcoz Ayaan ND kushi ke beech jo jealousy wala ND misunderstanding bahuth bahuth Achatz hua…. ???

    Sad about Dev ? ab pareshan kam henna Dev ke life pe…… Ye kya hei director ji….. Aap ne kya kardiya….. I hope it’s being tried Ho…. Plssssssss ???
    Dev ur expression… ????????

    1. Sachi ganga ayan ke behaviour ne itne toh hints de diye riya ko ab bhi samah nhi aata. N btw mujhe sona ka plan hi nhi samaj aaya agar woh khushi se confront karti toh plan toh flop ho jata why would she tell sona that theyare planning something awful
      Dhruv banne ka faida hi kua

  4. Kal Dev shiv mandir chal janewala episode…… Am eagerly waiting to watch Shaheer expressions fight with God….. ????

  5. Dev ko aisa dekh kar mujhe rona athi…… ????? thodi din se Sona ND Dev kush kushi the…… Ek pal me poora kushiko bigad diya…. Ye kya hei reyyyyyy baba…. ?????

  6. Hamari Sad comments dekhne ke liye MA bi ithni zaldi update ki thi…. ?? MA it’s not fair……. Not at all fair……. ???

  7. Anjali333

    Kya expressions the dev babu ke???
    Mind blowing
    Saas bahu chemistry was sooo nice
    Over all superb episode

  8. Only bad thing was sona is a doctor…rather than of her missed period and urine pregnancy test ,she trusted vomiting as confirmation of pregnancy…is hisab se to jis newly Wed ko vomiting h wo pregnant h

  9. Devga

    Sory I dint c episode … And not able to see. … Anyways I just wanted to say a bigggggg thanks to SNEHA ….


    AFter watching it muje kudh chakkar aagaya yar …. Aur merrey dhil aur dimag mein ladoo rasagule jamun sab ke sab toot Rahe tey …..


    PRIYA AND SHENA U GUYS R RIGHT … I CANT CONTROL MY SMILE AND BLUSH …. UFF …. My mouth is paining aftr continuously smiling no no blushing toooooo mucchhhh ….

  10. Sonadi

    This episode is full of Sona’s pregnancy. Very well taken.
    I hope this is really true. As illogical situations in abundance in this serial,this is another one.
    How can a Dr like Sona who questions every thing aceepts without confirming.
    Dev’s expression after hearing the news was great.
    Great acting.
    You can see how easily one can bond. Again Neha ‘s jealousy comes in to play. Why she is worried . She did not even want kids.
    I am looking forward to the coming episodes. Now Ayan is going to be jealous.Very good.
    Now it is going to have some effect on Ayan. Truth will be revealed.

  11. Sonadi

    Rhea does not care about Sona’s doubts.She is blinded by love.
    After seeing Ayan’s concern about Kushi being alone ,Rhea should have had some concern about Ayan’s behavior.She had heard what Sona thought.
    She has no clue how the world works.
    She does not even see Ayan kissing the phone. How can she be so blind
    She should have talked to her Bhabhi who cares for her..

  12. Junee

    It was a nice and happy episode but lets see which way they drag it! Ishwari positive for once was refreshing!
    Hope Sona is pregnant and the miracle of 7 percent comes true!
    We all would like to se tiny miny Khargosh or a tiny Awbhodro I think!!?

  13. Junee

    Illogical ot again. Sonakshi being a Doctor believed in experience rather than test and missed periods!
    Strips are available for tests at all pharmacies and is a fairly simple one which any woman can do it. That’s stupidity of Sonakshi that she allowed people at home to believe before confirming herself. Its not possible for any sensible woman to behave this way leave aside a doctor!

    1. Junee

      Illogical plot again

    2. Sonadi

      As I had been saying the makers just do illogical situations to create twists. This has been the mark of the writers of this serial.
      They show the love and affection Iswari shows mesmerized Sona to find out medically even though she says that she wants to make sure.
      May be the ?????7%chance will come true.May be the makers make Dev go to God to plead.This time the God will listen to him,
      This might result in Dev believe in God.
      Probably the next few episodes will be sad ones.
      Sona looking at her in the mirror and Dev’s comment were all being enacted beautifully as usual by Sahir and Erika.
      I went back and watched first 35 episodes. The way they show how slowly Sona and Dev fall in love with each other were beautiful. This was the reason I started watching the serial even though I do not like any of these serials..They act so naturally I feel that there is actually Dixit and Bose family are existing..That is the magic they created But they went off track for sometime creating illogical plots.Hopefully they will correct themselves.

      1. Junee

        Even i enjoy the earlier ones. Slowly falling in love ? the magic created was amazing! The dialogues awsome! Early memories were just awesome!!

      2. Sach mein idk why but maine first 50-60 episodes kumse kum 3-4 baar dekhe hai n baar itne refreshing n koi new baat pata chalti hai.yeh jo writers apne dialouges mein itne deep meaning chupate hai na woh kitni mast hote hai
        n obviously iss show ki shuruwat dev se hi hui thi n shuru mein saari story uske aas paas revolve hoti thi .i used to lov that

  14. Junee

    Even the domestic helps now a days can conduct the tests on their own and find out whether they are pregnant or not! If yes then only they visit the Doctorfor further consultation! What rubbish are they showing!!??

  15. Sonadi

    Normally the romantic stories have sad things mingled with happier ones.
    One ting I noticed in this is that Sona suffers more than anybody.
    They showed that Sona started loving Dev. She started crying when a Dev was forced in to alliance with Natasha.Then the happy ? moments came.The secret love scenes between Dev and Sona.Then the breakup made Sona cry again.The six or seven episode they made Dev more of a angry Maithili sadness. Once they got married agin it was Sona who suffered most.
    Why is that?

  16. Erina

    Well awsum epi nd heart touching too for me … One side after seeing sona happiness I was also happy nd forgotten about that report nd on another side after seeing dev worried face all my happiness fawed away ….
    Awsum performance by shahrica its created such magic that for that moment I felt I was also feeling d same. I totally forgoted that its rel not real ….
    Coming to epi its showing two side of lyf in which one has forgotten all important things in happiness nd another just can’t believe of that just bcse of sadness ….

  17. Main kya bolu?kuch samaj hi nhi aara

    Huhh first i was lil doubtful about this yrack but today when i saw everybody so happy specially ishwari n sona,it changed my thought i just loved their bond n for the 1st time ishwari was actually happy for sona.then came dev’s expression firstly one with the open mouth n phir shock wala.
    Woh dev ne jo halki si smile dekar sochne wala n deere deere shock n sad wala expression diya na bassssss aisa laga usne zehar ka ghoot andar hi andhar pi liya n kisi ko pata nhi chalne diya.bande ne zara si bhi overacting ki
    so its the beginning of a new phasen n i have already fasten my seatbelt to enjoy this ride.cheers everybody

    1. Correction**zara si bhi overacting nhi ki

  18. Erina

    Not only dev I’m also confused what to do aur what not too ?? I agree that hiding trust nd lying is not bad nd it will create huge mess in future but how can anyone gather courage to tell his family d truth nd most important that girl who is dancing nd going mad in happiness that she just forgotten to first consult d doctor.. Its vry tough situation for anybody… So I can’t blame anyone…..

    1. Erina

      *not is typo error ?correct is ?hiding truth nd lying is bad

  19. Erina

    I wounder if I believe in that report then why sona is carving just as pregnant women do ??? What’s coming up is full of suspense !! ¡¡!! Nd I’m scared what will they show next I can’t see my sona once again scattered nd I’m just hoping nd praying that this happiness should continue lyk this only I can’t watch nd want heart break again……

    1. Mei bi nahi chahithi heart break again….. ??

  20. I wish sona sach mein pregnant ho n dev ko god pe yakeen ho jaye but still its illogical sona shld know about her periods but what was that when sona said kuch khatta khane ka man kar raha hai

  21. Omg i just read the khargosh analogy written by someone in india forums.that was so beautifully summarised.

    Actually i was constantly thinking about the story which saurabh dada narrated coz i knew it is not a random story but the future plot cvs are planning.writers r soo smart how cutely they told us about the coming outcomes.that khargosh was actually sona n lohar was ishwari who will constantly try to bring sona down coz of her infertility problem and as we kno that sona is nowdays very keen to impress her MIL,she will definately feel guilty nd as dev said usse lohar pasand nhi usne khargosh ke daant tod diye. Lik wow so can we expect much strong n supportive dev in the upcoming episodes.i m really looking forward for this track to unfold n see khargosh’s positive attitude

    1. piyaaaa…EXPLAIN!!or sent me that link..!!pls pls!! actually when saurabh was narrating that story i wasn’t listening to that..i ws concentrating on dev’s expression!!

  22. We were already so habbituated with ishwari’s emotion going along with different flavors of halwa.
    Now a new flavour has been added in the emotion menu that is BADAM KA HALWA.
    Oh god yeh family itni obsessed kyu hai halwe se phle dev ka fav. sooji halwa,dev beemar hua besan ka halwa,sona dev ki shaadi moong daal ka halwa,gkb ne bnaya vicks ke liye gajjar ka halwa,dev papa banne wala hai toh sona ko badam ka halwa ab woh episodes door nhi jab we all will be tasting div dixit ka halwa

    1. Piya….
      Halwa family yaar ye…… Not Dixit family….. ????

    2. ?????????

  23. What is this guys. How could sona easily believe dat she is conceived without testing? Even the intelligent bose family did not act wise yesterday. Yes i know that all the parents will be happy to know their daughter’s pregnancy. But even the caring and concerned asha even did not ask sona about her checkup. And the biggest thing is sona is a doctor. She is blindly believing all the yhings . Poor sona always got strucked in troubles. Only troubles for sona??. Please makers , make it a miracle for the sake of sona. And for the fans too.

  24. Enjoyed a lot..??
    #Dev’s expression ??
    #Sona — muh to band kar lijye??
    #Ishwari’s happiness…….?? Omg………
    Again a new flavour of HALWAAAA ??
    #Neha jealously….. ? Ye too chalta rahega Bhai…… Ignore maar users
    #Dev’s reaction–after knowing the truth ??
    #Bose & HALWA family selfie??

    Overall it was great episode….

  25. Beautiful article on yestrd episode is out in fuzn prodctns have a look at it….i am tensed about this track…unable to come out of it…i’m like obsessed with this show….exam ke pehle jo feeling hoti hain na waise lag rahi hain abhi mujhe…..kya karoon?

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