Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev asks Sona if even she is thinking about their marriage. She nods yes. She says everything was so perfect. She says is one deed spoilt all memories. He says that one day reminds their love, she taught him what love is. She says when someone asks what love is, she does not have any answer. Dev says they always find reasons to hate each other. She says now her daughter is everything to her. Dev says their daughter is everything to them. Sourav and Ronita’s marriage continues and Panditji asks Sourav to fill Ronita’s forehead with sindhoor. He does. Panditji says marriage is complete. Sona and Dev reminisce their marriage. Sourav and Ronita take Ronita’s parents’ blessings. Father asks Sourav not to let his daughter complain. Sourav says he will not give any chance,

but what if he comes with complaints. Father laughs. They touch Asha’s feet. Asha wipes Ronita’s tears and says she got one more daughter. Dev reminds Ronita’s mother his warning. She nods yes.

Back to room after marriage, Asha thanks god that marriage happened peacefully. Bejoy says if he should talk to Dev to stay here for some more days as Sourav’s marriage just happened. Asha says not now.

Dev excitedly thinks, now it is his turn to torture Sona like she did. He goes to Sona’s room and tells Sona and Soha let us go now to our home. Soha asks at night. Dev says yes. Soha says they should informs dida and dadu. Dev says they both are sleeping, so they will inform later. Sona thinks he is very adamant.

Dev takes Soha and Sona to his home. GKB holding aarti thali waits making her usual weird faces. Golu asks till when she will peform aarti. She calls PK. Dev asks who PK. She says DK went to his village and kept his brother PK as replacement. She scolds PK that he added ghee in lamp, but did not get match box. He runs to get matbox. Mamaji scolds GKB. Soha asks where is daadi. Mamaji says she is still in piligrimage praying for her cute granddaughter. GKB performs Soha’s aarti. Dev says she did not do aarti of her ex-bahu. GKB says they don’t perform guest’s aarti. Elena takes Sona’s bag in. Sona walks in reminiscing her days in this house and sits on her swinger. Elena says she used to remember her a lot and did not let this swinger taken away. Whenever she missed her, she used to talk to this swinger for hours.

Dev asks mamaji why did not maa come with him. He says she wanted to pray 2 others places, so he did not insist her to come along and came alone. Dev says how will maa manage alone. Mamaji ssays he can call Ishwari in the morning. Dev says yes. Sona touches Soha and says she is having fever. Soha says just a little and she is fine. Sona asks her to go and sleep now.

Sourav and Ronita munch sweets and is surprised seeing each other. Sourav says everyone were having sweets in marriage, he did not get one. Ronita says same here. They both feed sweets to each other and says slowly, else they will be caught. Asha, Bejoy, and Daadi switch on light and say they are caught. Bejoy says Daadi she lost her bet that Sourav and Ronita must be together enjoying. Ronita says they are doing same differently. Bejoy calls Sona. Ronita and Sourav say she is not at home and sent message that she and Soha are going to Dev’s house.

Sona goes to kitchen to get water. Dev gives bottle. Sona says water used to be this side. Dev says in 7 years, people change, forget things. Once he leaves, Vicky enters and starts his usual misbehavior. He yells he know why she is here, she cannot be back in Dev’s life. Sona says she is here as Soha’s mother. He says exactly, she is Dev’s daughter’s mother and nothing else and should remember that. She leaves fuming. GKB stops her and says she has shifted Sona’s belongings into a guest room and starts her usual broken English in irritating accent. Sona calls PK and orders t shift her items in Dev’s room. GKB yells what she is up to. Sona warns PK if he wants Dev to inform. PK says no and rushes to shift items.

Sona hears Dev loudly calling Soha’s name and rushes to room. Soha collapses and Dev gets worried. Doc checks her and Sona and comes out. GKB in irritating broken English asks why did he send Golu and Dev. Doc says Soha and Sona got chicken pox and nobody should go near them. Dev says his daughter will stay here for a few days, how will he spend time with her. Doc says he understands, but if he catches, chicken pox he will take more time to recover. Dev gets very tensed.

Precap: Soha asks Dev to promise he will not come to her room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Constructive!! constructive!! constructive!!
    Finally one holy episode without fights!!
    Loved it! Every bit of it!!
    Devakshi moments??
    Sona reminiscing their good time??
    Sona and GKB tashan???
    Chicken pocks ???
    Sona caring for dev..???
    Ignore Vicky???

  2. Neha1

    Overall Good episode….!????
    Dev Sona reminiscing their old memories, Wedding days….Seeing Sourav and Ronita’s wedding…!
    Sourav-Ronita midnight eating Sweets was Awesome..?????
    Sona-Soha and Dev entered in Dixit house…
    Sona was Happy to see her JHOOLA in Garden area…Sona-Elena emotional talks..
    Sona ka X-Mamiji ko KARARA Jawab dena…?????
    DK ka Bhai PK….Hehehehehe.???????
    Soha downs with Chicken Pox…Hmmm So real track… but Get well Soon Soha…!???
    Precap was good, but poor Dev…He has to stay away with Soha…?
    Eagerly Waiting for 2mrrow episode…!

    1. Neha1

      Sorry for typos.
      *with nhi From..!

  3. Neha1

    OMG..! Ishwari to SLAP Sonakshi : Post Suhana’s absence in Dixit house…!


    1. Manya

      Yaar yeh Ishwari???
      Tune Sona Ko Thappad maara le Tu mujhse ????????yeh kha???
      Kaash Soha Ko pata chal jaaye aur woh apni uss so called over possessive PWR,dabbe wali dadi Ko laga de 2???pata nhi Maine Kya likh diya???

      1. Neha1

        Don’t worry Manya…Soha hai na..!! Sonakshi ka Big Support…!
        She will definitely take stand for her mother’s self respect…!

    2. Riti1107

      Ishwari will slap Sona
      Ishwari tu mil jaa kahi tujhe to sab mil ke✊✊✊✊✊✊✊??????????????????
      Zinda nahi chodenge
      Himaat kaise hui budhiya ki .???????
      Dev abhi bhi kuch nahi kahega

  4. Neha1

    Suhana to Support Sonakshi in Dixit house in KRPKAB…!


  5. I don’t like dev taking sona n soha at midnight not even informing Asha n bijoy, it was very bad… If sona left with soha without accepting ishwari then dev will keep quiet, it was foolishness.. Now writer writing correctly because of his foolishness Now they are not even able to spend time together, I don’t know if dev will tell that he want spend time with soha so we will extend one more week like that.. And this Vicky n GKB started their work, how the hell sona is going to stay here…. I am very much worried about sona, dev behavior looks like he will not support sona…

    1. *accepting **informing

  6. Priya9876

    Again a emotinal epi.

    Their convo, Their pain, Their beautiful fkashbacks, Their moments, Their tears….?????

    * Tumne mujhe pyar karna sikhaya tha?????
    * Mujhe aur v bohot kuch yaad ?
    * Hum kitne khush the na humara perfect din jab humari families v khush thi ?????
    (they know very well unka relation unki FAMILY ki wajh se tuti)

    While entering the house, she feels so alone. Sad..those memories ??????
    (Kamina YouTube sari emotions ki band baja deta hai… Sari BGM hi chng kar diya yaha pe) ????

    Why #Krpkab is soo good ????
    We Krpkabins are soo blessed… Really..!!

    1. u r right priya i couldn’t watch the serial in tv these 2 days when i saw in youtube it was so obvious they changed bgms…..it irritates me so much why they do this? muting film song s fine but changing their own bgms??

  7. Sona’s bg tune ta na na

  8. Neha1

    Wow.! Suhana will take stand for Sonakshi against Ishwari, GKB and Vicky…!


  9. It was a ok episode..sona ka torture shuru ho hi gaya..but sona gave a tight reply to gkb..??
    Thank god ish nahi hai par wo din dur nahi jab wo haleshwari ka chehra hum e firse dekhna paregaaaa .. ???

  10. Manya

    Bichare Dev babu??
    1sec bhi waste nhi Karna chahte and…..?
    Iss Vicky and GKB ki toh baat hi Mat Karo??????????
    Dev Ko yaad hai ki Sona Thanda laani peeti hai
    Sona:tumhe yaad tha??(Mujhe YJHD ki yaad aa gyi?? yoga)
    Dev:aur bhi bahut kuch yaad hai???????
    And Sona ne GKB Ko Kya solid jawaab diya????
    Golu:dadi Ho gya Apka round round???
    Saurav and ronita are too cute❤️❤️❤️❤️
    And Precap
    Dev:main Bimaar padunga tumhe Kya problem hai??

  11. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Guys its episode 292 already.
    300 episodes ke celebration mein shaheer nahi hoga kya?? Woh India wapas kab aa raha hai????????

    1. Priya9876

      No idea dude…??
      Lekin aa jana chaiye wapas 1yr. Me pehli baar hi shah 15days k liye gye the otherwise 1week k andar to aa hi jate hai….

  12. Muhammad Lovlu Chy

    yar buffering ke liye, dekh ne ka maan nehi karta, parr phirr adaat se majburrr,
    ek pyarr jisee na dekhee bina nindd nehi ata……….

  13. Belinda

    oh njoyed te episode finally dev n sona stopped fightin n got little closer. But now sona n soha is having chicken pox buy definitely dev wil b still closer tosona after taking care of her

  14. Belinda

    2day i luved te way sona confronts gkb

  15. Belinda

    today I loved the way sona confronted gkb

  16. Too much off dragging

    1. Priya9876

      O bhai kya drag ho raha h…..
      Kya kuch v..?

  17. Lizaa

    finally sona nd soha iss mad house aa gaye…
    sona kitni emotional hogye…
    pehle kichu bhaiya ka bhai aaya tha ab dk ka bhai pk
    sona nd soha ko chicken pox

    1. Priya9876

      I guess u misunderstood here..
      Chicken pox sirf Soha ko hi hua h….
      Dr. Said ki sona ko c.p ho chuka h thts y wo soha k pas reh sakti hai…. Aur jinhe nhi hua h wo soha k pass nhi reh sakte……

      1. Priya9876

        Poor dev…..

  18. If soha slaps ishwari one day what will dev do ???
    I really want this in upcoming days..

    1. Nikkita0194

      Yeah toh bhai tera Sapna hi hai kbi pura ni huga

  19. I liked dev and sona conversation seeing sovrav and Ronita marriage….
    Dev still remembers that sona likes cold water to drink…
    Sona reply to mamiji uff ex GKB (very soon she will be GKB again)

    And dev ko mila Kayla soha se na Milne ka

    He warned jatin and said he wants to spend every min with soha ..so this is God’s punishment….I felt bad for dev…but this is really needed

    1. Kayla nahi jatka

  20. Aarti32

    Thank God Ishwari mata nhi thi aaj k episode mein?? warna wo to pehle din se hi Sona ka jeena haraam kr deti??
    But Dev ne ronita ki mom ko kya warning di thi?? I missed dat episode

    1. Ho Aarti dev warned to ronitas mum that if she try’s to hurt Bose family then ussse bura koi nahi hoga he warned him and also congratulated her that the wedding has got complete without any problems

      1. Its hi not ho

      2. Aarti32

        Thank u Nehal..I missed so many episodes..All Thanx to my exams??

  21. Utkarsh

    What an episode!!!!
    Dev’s villain rup.
    Sonakshi remembering her days in the dixit house.
    Befitting answer by sonakshi to GkB.
    Dev’s restlessness to meet SUhana.
    I think both love each other but can’t find it in their hearts


  22. i don’t think iswari will slap sonakshi. all the news are not sure nah! misbehave to wo jarur karegi! shyed iss misbehaviour ko dekhne ki bad soha alag ghar me rehena chahegi. or iswari ka dream sach ho jayegi!

  23. Riti1107

    Yesterday’s episode was so emotional….
    I don’t know why but when Sona entered Dixit house again …. All those flashback moments …. The scene with Elena made me cry?????

    So Emotional

    After so many days there were so many Devakshi scenes in literal sense ❤❤❤

    Sona ne GKB ka band baja dia ???

    Nd lastly jaise concerned mother’s nazar ka tikka laga dete hai waise hi makers bhi ek fabulous episode ko nazar ka kala tikka … Sorry sorry kala dhabba laga dete hai Vicky ka muh khulwa kar ……

    Precap – Sona’s concern???

    If Ishwari slaps Sona then I’ll I’ll kuch nahi bechara besahara fan gusse wale comments karne ke alawa kya kar sakta hai …

  24. Ishankrpkabian

    Ek nayi khabar aayi hain bahuut achhi wali hai

    Elena will finally stand aganist cheeky vickky in further episodes

    I literally cried when they shown the memories

    It’s going very smoothly and nice and what a reality aliya ko hua to soha ko bhi cp ho gaya

    Bas ab devakshi 2.0 ka love dekhne ka intezaaar hai bcoz leap ke baad ab 60 ep ho gaye ab to reunion kara do shayad 305 ep pe ho coz 76 ep ke pehle inhe pyaar ka ehsaas nahi hota how silly they are in confessing love .but swear jab bhi shuru hoga inka pyaar koi bhi kuch bhi nahi kar payega then soha will also tell maammma sara time to aap hi papa ke saath spend karte ho mujhe bhi to karne do

    Jiss tarike se sona ne gkb ko kaha mujhe lagta hain she will try now to convince dixit family members as dev had done with bise family let’s see it was just imagination. But plz ab to thode bahoot pyaar wale scenes dikha do

    Ty ty reading keep replying

  25. Priya9876

    Saw on twitter:

    Ish-tum Achhi ma nhi ho sona ?
    Sona-ha me kaise achhi ma ho sakti hu?Abi tak mene apne soha ka jeena mushkil karna nahi seekha na?

    Ish-yehi sikhaya hai tumare ma baba ne tume??
    Sona- nahi this I learnt from my ex MIL???

    Ish-main soha ko apne hath se halwa bana ke khilaungi?
    Sona-kyu ab beta aapke hath ka halwa nahi khata kya???

    Dev-tum meri ma se aise baat nahi kar sakti?
    Sona-aisa hai ki tum chupchap office nikal lo..aurato ki baato me mat pado???

    Dev-main office jau na jau tume kya?
    Sona-haan jab vikcy sab loot lega tab pata chalega.pata hai school.kitne expensive hai aajkal

    Dev-sona ye rat me kis se bat kar rahi ho? Jatin se?
    Sona-nahi.taantrik se..tumare gharwalo ka bhoot utarana hai tumare sar se?

    Ish-sonakshi tum is ghar me kuchh dino ki mehmab ho?
    Sona-aur aap is duniya me??

    Ish-sonakshi tumari vajah se mera dev guest room me hai?
    Sona-aur aapki vajah se vo is pagalkhane me hai uska kya???

    Ish-soha mere dev ke jaisi hai ??
    Sona- haan bilkul..aur uski ma ke bare me koi kuchh bole toh fish samjh ke kachha chaba jati hai ?

    Ish-sonakshi tume shadi nibhani nahi aati
    Sona-haan vo to hai.?..but faansi deni aati hai..vo deke dikhaau kya????❤???

    Ish-sonakshi tum mere bete se cooking karwa rahi ho???
    Sona-nahi vo to bas fish grill kar rahe hain baaki fish kicooking to aap karegi ??

    Ishwari- Mai apni poti ka khayal ache se rakh sakti hoon..
    Sona- Thik hai to mai or Dev chale shimla ????

    Soha-mumma shimla se mere liye kuchh Lana
    Sona-haan beta aapki bhai/behan lene hi to ja rahe hain?❤??

    Soha-Dadi meri buaa kaha hain?
    Sona-beta wo to pagalkhana chhod ke nikal li??

    Dev-ma bohat dukhi hai tumne unse aise bat ki.?
    Sona-*hands over 2 buckets* jao jee bhar ke ma-bete ro lo.mujhe dinner pe jana hai

  26. Aastha1704

    Guys only 3 n half hours left for our best ever Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi. Getting interested Day by day

  27. Nikkita0194

    Kisiko bhi mai yad Nhi hu
    Sab mujhe bhul Gaye ?????????????
    Aap sab bhul gaye na

  28. Ngkrishnakumari

    Awesome epi after leap makers gave us a new ray of hope
    Sonakshi had upgrated her image & how to reply the taunt of xgkb
    Dixit houses had pk lol

  29. Ngkrishnakumari

    Our show krpkab is getting interested day by day but nowadays our comment box is decreasing day by day
    What happen to our devakshian as well as krpkabians?
    Please comment as soon as possible

  30. Ngkrishnakumari

    Only 1hr is left for our favourite
    After watching the serial pliz guys do comment

    Our show is going to complete 300epi

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