Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev tells Sona that he will give sales manager designation to Vicky and will inform his HR. Sona asks it needs a proper qualification and Vicky does not have any qualifcation. Dev says Vicky does not even have any qualification, but he has to give him job. She says Rhea also joined as junior and is learing job, if he gives Vicky a high designation, it will be injustice, so he should give him a low position and let him learn job and climb ladder. Dev praises her.

Garib ki beti Radha goes to Vicky’s room and performs her nazar. Vicky asks what is she doing. She says she wants him to secure job, feels her eyes with fake tears and asks if she is looking garib ki beti. She goes to Ishwari’s room and says she should tell Dev not to give job to Vicky as she saw

Sona getting angry, she may not like Dev giving job to Vicky. Dev is innocent and she does not want both brothers to fight. Ishwari assures that nothing wrong will happen.

Dev gets romantic with Sona and holds her. She says she is keeping navratri fast and they cannot get intimate for 9 days. He says when she does not believe in all this, she does not have to do this. Sona says mom told…He angrily leaves from there, goes to mom’s room and confronts her why did she force Sona to keep fast. Ishwari says why will she, if he does not trust her. Sona herself kept fast. Dev says he trusts her and apologizes. Sona hears their conversation and goes back to her room.

Dev goes back to room and sees Sona crying. Sona asks why did he listen to her completely, mom must be thinking she complained him. She kept fast herself. He says she took decision herself and did not inform him. She says she takes her decisions herself, she loved him herself and did not take anyone’s opionion. Because of him, she became bad in front of mom.

Sourav reaches home and switches off fan. Bejoy comes and scolds why did he switch off fan. Sourav says he always lecture to become responsible. Bejoy asks him to pay electricity bill, grocery bill, gas bill, etc. Sourav sits tensed. Asha comes and asks what happened. Bejoy points at Sourav and says this happened. He leaves. Sourav asks Asha, she is so beautiful, why did she marry this mogambo/Bejoy. Asha says Bejoy is missing Sona.

Ishwari tells Sona that she must be missinng her family like any other newly married bride does, so she can meet her parents, she will ask driver to drop her to her parent’s house. Sona thanks her and leaves. Bejoy and Asha’s nok jhok starts at their house. Sona enters and says they fight even now without her. They both get very happy seeing her. She hugs them both. Bejoy says she gave them a good surprise. Elena also comes and hugs Sona happily. Asha says she will prepare her favorite fish dishes. Sona says she is keeping navratri fast. Bejoy yells Benalis celebrate durga pooja, but Ishwari mut have forced Sona to fast. Sona says it was her decision and she will eat only fruits.

Radha comes to Ishwari and tries to brainwash her that Sona went to her parent’s house to complain about her and will munch nonveg food. Ishwari says she went Sona to her parent’s house. Radha continues her wicked talks.

Elena asks Sona why did she fast immediately after her marriage, what must be Dev thinking. Sona says he is angry. Dev enters and says onbviously he should be. He then touches Asha and Bejoy’s feet. Bejoy gets angry seeing him. Asha says she will prepare something for Dev. Bejoy says she should serve fruit as Dev must be fasting with Sona. Dev says he is not. Bejoy yells why only Sona should fast for 9 days and not him and continues yelling at Dev.

Precap: Neha tells Ishwari that she left Ranveer’s home forever. Ishwari comes to Dev’s room and fumes seeing him with Sona and says he has forgotton family values, instead of consoling Neha, he is sitting calmly in his room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Junee

    Follows and not flows

  2. Mamaji ko Garib ki bet I se talak ke Lena chahiye. Phir….na rahegi bans na bajega bansuri. This GKB from the begging is provoking Ishwari. I don’t want her murder but atleast divorce is a better choice. Phir Radha apne Ladle bete ke sath myka chalijayegi hamesha ke liye . Aur Kuch dino mein San ghul mil jayenge.

    1. *There is a lot of mistakes in my comment. Please manage it (the readers)

  3. Junee

    Today its off day for me so I will comment from time to time! Plz bear with that friends??
    Ishwari all the time tries to tell Dona how difficult it is to “learn” everything to run a family , cooking and rishte nibhana bhi but she forgets that every body learns it and some can even learn it fast unlike her! Why is she calibrating her intelligence with that of Sona ? Ishwari took time becoz she always had a wicked mind and motivation or ” matlaab “running at the back of her mind. All the time like a stuck record she keeps on reminding Sona that she( Sona) will not be able to do things the way she( Pisswari ) does and certainly so becoz Sona cannot be scheming like her all the time and therefore she would learn fast Ms Duffer ( Ishwar)!!

  4. Mayank Agrawal

    this blo*dy gareeb ki beti radha rani ko show se bahar kar dena chiye arey kis huq ki baat karti hai vo ……usse laat maarke bahar nikal dena chiye ghar se..

  5. Mayank Agrawal

    DEV itni badi company chalata hai usse itna bhi sense nhi hai ki direct vicky ko sales manager ki post de rha tha..producers think about it ye bhi ek nutritionist jaanti hai business man se jyada to….dev is so fool

  6. all shows start with an awesome concept and eventually with time passing change into saas bahu drama..i hope that this show does not become one like the other ones..so hoping for the best..and to sprinkle more problems in the leads’ lives neha has left ranvir’s house..donno what neha’s problem will bring into dev and sonakshi’s lives..

  7. Sneha1

    Yaar ye CVs inki itni fight kyun dikha rahe hai.. 2 souls who are so filled with love for each other.. who have just faced the whole world to be together…..
    when they are together.. They are just arguing or fighting on one or the other silly topic….
    CVs .. please grow up and let our cute couple behave like a matured adult who handles situation with maturity……
    I am feeling disappointed now… 🙁

    1. Erina

      I totally agree with u sneha

  8. Devga

    Y writers are NOT shwing interest in ranveer-neha relationship…. LET ranveer come and ask neha her problem and LET them sort out their problem… But y NOT showing ranveer’s importance…. ????

  9. Erina

    So i’m back guys to clear ur all views about me. U all think na i’m only suppoter of sona. I love only sona but sorry guys u all r wrong. I’m not only in love with sona but i’m in love with my devakshi. Yaa i’m dissappionted with dev bcse i’m missing my old dev who always try to understand sona,who always try to listen to sona to understand her nd her feeling. I loved that dev who has hidden report to make his sona happy nd keep her away from all pain. I loved that dev who took care of sona in such a awesome nd lovely way after that accidient. I loved that dev who taken decision about his feeling toward sona not at all influenced by anyone…..
    But after marriage i’m missing that dev who was a support system for sona. What he is doing right now seriously i’m dissappionted…..
    So manya, junee, priya, neha, tessie nd yash i’m also feeling bad for dev but d thing is i more connect myself with sona nd i also think like sona that dev should listen to her nd try to understand her also na. He always agree with sona nd later he also use to tell her sorry but as a DevAkshi mad fan i want them to understand each other nd trust each other madly that one can even think to do against them as they can understand that they always support each other nd never ever can they disagree with each other. I want this bond, love, trust, support nd care between devakshi but seriously i’m not getting it from them..
    Hope u all r now able to understand what i want to say nd if not then seriously i’m not able to make u all understand. Nd one more thing i not always support sona bcse i love sona but i support her bcse i think that she is right….

    1. Priya9876

      Take a chill pill eri…
      #love devakshi…

    2. Devga

      Yea hifi…. I am also supporter of devakshi and sona’s brave avatar before marriage…. Dev’s caring avatar before marriage…. And yea NOT to forget Dev’s romantic avatar…. I support these

    3. Junee

      Eri me too think the same way ! I also can identify myself with Sona’s character but lets look at it dispassionately and see where Sona could have avoided becoz she is our favourite! I am disappointed with Dev and have been for quite sometime but here his suggestion to Sona to remain herself was indeed a good one although what he did by jumping to conclusions without hearing the full story from Sona was definitely impulsive! I also cant take it everytime he reassures his mother that she is the only one whom he trusts! What about Sonakshi?? Why cant he avoid making such insensitive comments?
      But truly as U pointed out we want a supportive understanding Dev who would stand by the side of his wife in difficult times and overlook some of her impulsive stands like keeping Vraat! There is a lot of time in their married life to probe but these sre moments to be cherished and Sonakshi shouldnt have gone overboard in trying to please his family becoz she cant win them over so soon . Its only time that takes care of a lot of things and thats the point the serial makers are trying to show but are going overboard by projecting so much negativity. The charm of watching a beautiful love story is slowly being buried by the makers in the greed for high voltage dramas! This show runs for sweet moments of Devakshi but if they overshadow it with constant quarrels and persistent scheming by Ishwari even I would give a second thought to watch it.

    4. Manya

      Samajh Gaye Di?

  10. Ab Sona ka kya hoga ?????

  11. Junee

    why cant they show Neha as a positive character who becomes a friend to Sonakshi and discusses her problems! I would also like Neha to make Ishwari realize that what she is doing with Sona is not right becoz a daughters saying has far more impact than anyone else. Specially
    now that she has walked out of Ranveer’s house!
    They should also show Vicky getting transformed into a useful being and a positive soul after being allicated work! It should work like a rehabilitation program for him! We dont want to see roudy , unscrupulous men on this show. If u have one in hand transgres him towards a positive human being! Plz stop giving Ishwari so much importance if u want to run this show Makers, becoz we are definitely not enjoying the screentime given to her as viewers!
    One reco for Makers and Sony Tv : plz go thru the fan fiction called ” Rang piya ke” and you will know what good stories with characters well balanced and expectations of the viewers are about! It should leave the viewer yearning for more and not fume with disappointment!!!!!!

  12. Priya9876

    @ Bahuriya Laali ab too tu gayi kaam se.. Sona, ab Laali se kaali banane ka time aa gya hai…warna ye log tujhe jine nhi denge…tujhe ar sukhda bana denge…god itni tension me koi khush kaise reh sakta hai…

    1. Erina

      I also think so. Ab sona no more rona dhona but its time to give them back what they have given u bcse they only deserve that

    2. Junee


    3. Sneha1

      ha ha.. i am laughing like hell … Bahuriya.. Laali.. tu to gayi kaam se….
      Sach mein this forum is just a complete stress buster for me…
      Love you Priya for your humurous n witty side….

      1. Priya9876

        Love u too…
        In sona style — aap mujhe bass isliye pyar karte ho????
        Hey ab tum na kehna kyu kitna kaise ….??

      2. Priya9876

        Hey Sneha yesterday I post that link of asian paints ad… Dekha ya nhi???

    4. Luved the phrase Lali se Kali ??

    5. Sneha1

      Haa yaar dekha… Apna Dev to as always cutie pie hai… N sona is beautiful.. Ad was good bus thoda chhota tha… Mera to ad mein bhi man tha ki wo khatm hi na ho

  13. Priya9876

    Jor ka jhatka haye joro se laga ha laga sadi ban gayi umar kaid ki saza ha saza??

    1. Erina

      Tumi ek dum paglo priya ????nd thanks bcse ur comment make me smile ?????

    2. Sneha1

      Thanks a lot priya for the link

  14. Pothik

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa-wuEQRw0E……………………..i hope u all like it

    1. Manya

      Hey pothik where were u??
      And it’s awesomeeee❤️????

      1. Pothik

        Manya i was with u all though iwas not commenting but reading all ur comment.

    2. Priya9876

      kya editing hai waooo
      very nice song…..

  15. Junee

    Enjoy some Devakshi moments thru this song!

    1. Manya


  16. Manya

    By guys I am going to leave for tuitions and sad to say that u have 3classes lined up so will meet u in today’s episodes WU

    1. Junee

      Bye ! Man lagake padhna Dear!

  17. Priya9876


    thelka macha diya hai shaheer ki Tweet ne… lol……

  18. Junee

    OMG ! Gaya fir yeh show! He is absolutely right since his character has been butchered in this serial and still he is being shown as an indecisive not so confident irrational individual! Constantly Ishwari is being showcased and brought to prominence with her mischief! Supriya P is being given too much screen time and its unnecessary! But the story is being wo en that way. Loom at Ranveer Neha they are hardly given any screen time! The makers are thinking this is masaledar but they fail to realise that Dev Dixit is Shaheer Sheikh and it would be difficult for viewers of this show to accept any other actor!

  19. Pothik

    Woooow Elena ne to meri mon ki bat bata di ….love u elena for this …………..http://www.tvserialupdates.com/eleena-ask-dev-sonakshi-honeymoon-plans/

    1. Manya

      Sirf tumhari hi nhi humari bhi and let’s hope for the best?

  20. CVs ne show ka kabada kr diya yaar
    Bichari Sona,
    Stop yaar Rona Dhona,
    Agar chahti ho Dev ke sath rehna,
    Pisswari ke plans se bachna,
    Tumhe hi hoga ladna,
    Stop maanna
    In all oldies ka kekna,
    Seekho bichare devdas ko tym dena,
    Cz ham Fans chahte hain ;
    Sweet Devakshi moments dekhna,
    4 this Dev tumhe bhi padega thoda sudharna
    Padega stop karna
    Hamesha Pisswari pe believe rakhna
    Mrs khargosh,
    U R a brave and intelligent girl na
    Puja vuja hota rahega slowly slowly
    stop this much darna
    Jab Pisswari ki shadi hui
    Vo bhi nhi thi perfect itna
    Tum ko hone bolti hai jitna
    Aur Dev,
    Start Sona pr real me vishwas karna,
    Aur Pisswari;
    Tum bhi apne had me rahna,
    Khatri aayega na,
    To Ur dimag will come to its thikana ,
    Lastly CVs ;
    Stop itna melodrama ,
    And show us some happy romantic scenes varna,
    Ham bhi band kr sakte hain ye show dekhna|
    Hey guys tell me no howzzit…..

    1. Manya


    2. Priya9876

      waooooooo superb yaar……..2 line meri taraf se tere liye:——-

      Tarrif me kya chaiye mujhe kehne,
      sunn meri behnna,
      unhi bas likhte rehne,,,likhte rehnaa…

    3. Junee

      Juhi awesome ‘?????

  21. Show is more or less Saas bahu ki kahani IT is going to loose its charm soon

  22. Hey frndz
    I need to write a horror story for my English project
    And guess wat? ?
    I’ve no shade of idea nor plot 4 it??
    So I can’t copy from movies or serials or novels
    And I have to write it all by own
    Soo.. being my friends. ..can U guys give me some ideas or plots characters etc. ..
    Actually I write quite a good poetry (may be ,as others say )but M a total zero when it comes to stories etc…
    So pls all awesome ff writers and all others pls think and tell me something no…

    1. Manya

      I can’t imagine horror stories yaar I just hate them if it would have been some other I would have done it
      Sorry but I am sure others will help u?

  23. Write Korean drama ghost serials nobody knows.i will say title to u.u can google it Juhi.oh my ghost,master sun,let fight ghost.

  24. Write Korean drama ghost serials nobody knows.i will say title to u.u can google it Juhi.oh my ghost,master sun,let fight ghost.

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