Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mamaji asks Ishwari where is Sona. Sona enters. GKB brainwashes Ishwari that her bahu is coming now. Sona apologizes Ishwari. Ishwari says she will not forgive her so easily as she left home without even informing her. GKB yells how could she go behind her parents leaving he sasural. Sona gives Ishwari money cheque and asks to accept it, though 50 lakhs are short of 5 crores. Ishwari says she came to give cheque then.

Asha prays god to help her daughter as she has gone to return money. Bejoy says Sona is doing right, though people may consider her wrong. Door bell rings. Sourav opens door and sees Dev. Dev touches Asha’s feet and says he needs to speak to baba. Asha says not now. Bejoy hears Dev’s voice and shouts if he came to check if yesterday’s

insult is not enough.

Ishwari asks Sona if she came to give 4.5 crores check. Sona says baba sent her. GKB yells. Mamaji shuts her mouth. Ishwari says it is her insult that her bahu is returning money. If she has come here as bahu or her baba’s daughter, it is an insult if she has come as baba’s daughter. Sona says she knows the complexities of relationships and just wants to return money as baba was called thief and insulted. Ishwari says argument happened from both sides, but she is taking baba’s side. Sona says baba was neer insulted and his head was always high. GKB yells she is talking as if jiji/ishwari is irrespectful. Mamaji warns her to shut up. GKB asks him to shut up instead and continues. Ishwari says she never thought of money at all and did not even expect all this.

Bejoy continues shouting at Dev. Dev says yesterday he did not slap him, it was a mistake. Bejoy throws sweet boxes and pushes Dev out and shouts they are not related now and he should get up. Asha asks Dev to go now and asks Bejoy what happened to him, Dev is their damad. Bejoy shouts if she remembers he is her husband. Asha stands crying.

Ishwari says she cannot accept this money, it is an insult to her. Sona says she did not know about this money since a few days ago. Ishwari asks when did she come to know about it. She says when she left home. Ishwari shouts that means she hid it even after that day, her bahu never respected her. Dev returns home and asks Sona what is happening. GKB yells Sona is insulting jiji. Mamaji warns her to stop throwing ghee in fire. Ishwari says when her son itself hid things from her, what she can expect form Sona. Dev takes money cheque and asks Sona how did she get 4.5 crores and takes her aside.

Dev tells Sona that he went to baba to apologize, but baba kicked him out. Sona asks why did he go when baba warned him. Dev asks why did she borrow money, she should return it right now. Sona says she will not. Dev says she does not know about lending money on interest, she should return it right away. Sona shouts again she will not. Elena with Vicky enters and asks when did Sona come and why they are fighting. Neha yells whenever babhi is around bhai, bhai gets problems always. Elena says every husband and wife fight, what is new in it. GKB comments. Mamaji asks Neha that GKB is brainless, at least she should have sense. GKB silently moves and brainwashes Ishwari again that Sona is not a right girl for Dev, she warned her repeatedly, but she did not listen to her. Ishwari gets dizzy. Mamaji sees her and scolds GKB that she must have told something, he will confront her later. He makes Ishwari sit on a sofa and asks Neha to bring water.

Sona shouts at Dev that she does not understand, she came here to return money, but why is he stopping her. Dev says she is insulting maa by returning money. Sona says baba taught her self respect, etc. Dev says where is the question of self-respect, he already has so many problems and cannot handle this problem. She cannot return money with this high interest. Sona says his ego is hurt that she returned money. Dev says her ego is hurt instead that he gave money to her brother and wants to take revenge, she always go to any extent to satisfy her ego. Sona shouts she is always right. Dev says she and her family is always right, it is waste to talk to her. Sona says then he should not talk.

Precap: Ishwari gets dizzy and falls. Sona tries to hold her, but Dev warns Sona not to touch maa and stay away from maa. Sona says she will leave forever and walks. Mamaji asks Ishwari to stop her babu, else she will never return.

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  1. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    I can’t understand y ishwari expecting sorry from sona….kyu sona aur uski family sorry bolega ishwari ko….mae life mae itna khadya women aur maa ko nai dekha….itna irriate itna irriate karthiya ishwari nae aaj ussae dekhnae kiliyae bhi mann nai karta….phele maa mera beta mera beta bolkar khudh uss beta ka khushi jeenliya…
    Ab mae shaheer ko nai dev ko datrium…itna stupit athmi dev tum,itna dumb tum example precap guys note that dev nae sona ko thakka diya issiliyae sona ishwari ko dhakka dhena pada lekin dev sara kussa sona sae nikkal kar ussae ghar sae get out bolthiya simply usko koi fikar nai sirf possessive maa ki fikar…jeelo beta dev sirf aur sirf tumari maa ki saath sara zindagi jeelo…ae dhono again join karkae maa beta ka chakar mae ek ladki ki zindagi ko barbath nai karaega na better hoga…

  2. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Seriously… Aaj to man kr rha tha ki tv me hi ghus jaun aur is ishwar ki so called bhkt ishwari ka gala daba doon… Kitni beshrmi se boli “mera bhgwan janta hai”… Hunh.. agr bhagwan jaan jata na to pta nai kya hota tera…

    Aur aaj to mamaji b GKB ko chup krwane me fail ho gye..

    Aur Dev… Uski to pucho hi mat… Dev ki akkl to shyd simla me hi reh gyi… Khali dimag lekr asya h wapis…

    But hats off to Sona… Kitna calmly situation sambhal rahi thi… Pr kisi ko brdasht hi nahi hua ki sona itte ache se deal kr rsi thi…

  3. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Kyu dev bejoy uncle ko itni simple sae thappad marthiya lekin gkb ko against ek word bhi nai kyu tumari mami issiliyae…then dev kiliyae sona ki family ko respect karna sirf dikhava thats it…
    So now dev proved that he can leave sona whenever for his mother already he done that again the same thing he is doing now so now i think its better sona to leave that house and live her life happily with self respect and independently.

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Agree with u bani dev really need jort…. Lyk mother like daughter like son all r disguisting even i also feel sona should leave that mental house nd come to her sweet nd understanding family…. I think now sona nd sourav will join hand for their business nd will become famous too as per todays sona dialogue i think nd badly wish ki makers aisa hi kch dikhaye…. Lets hope ki aisa hi Serial m ho nd dev ko achi vali punishment mile taki vo smjh sake what blunder mistake he had committed….

  4. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    I totally support Sona…
    Whatever she is doing is correct
    n whatever she will do will be also definitely correct…

    She can’t be wrong coz she is not dumb as the Dev Dixit…

    She has brain…

    • Neha1

      |Registered Member

      Yeah I agree with you Asmita… She’s not dumb like Dev…I now doubt that how Dev became such a big business tycoon… He doesn’t use his brain when it comes to his mother and he also know that Sonakshi was and will be right as always…!

  5. Shalini Bose

    Yea kea ho gaya 🙁 🙁 Phir se break up. ur suna hai ki a serial 7 years leap lega. Pta nehi kea hoga. Is serial ka trp na down ho jaye. Aj ki episode me Dev and Sona dono hi bhut jada react kar diya. Dev phir se unki SAona ko nikal dya or unki Ma ka sath diya. Mama ji aj bhi bhut ache bola sayed mama ji kuch kar sakta hai.

    • piya

      i literally feel like crying plzzzzzz 7 yrs leap mat show karo isse better main sona ko bina pregnant ke hi dekhna chaungi.oh my god 7 yrs leap baad dev will not listen to anybody not even ishwari n gkb ghar pe.yuckkk main itni choti umar mein aunty nhi banna chahti chiii auntiyon jaisa serial mat bnaaaooo.
      main aaj episode nhi dekh paya phir youtube pe bhi nhi mil raha yeh episode ab written update padke toh himmat ka h bhi nhi ho raha.

      mere dev sona 7 yrs baad nhiiiiiiiiii main ro dungi n yaar supriya ji ne toh kaha tha unhe grand mother nhi banna thn ab kya hogya…..
      isse better monday wala love scene na dikhate Par aisa toh na karteeeee.i knew it whenever devakshi makes promises thn i get goosebumbs coz in the next episode only they break it that also so badlyyyyyy

  6. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Mahua clap clap for the super fast update.
    A) Let me put it in the perspective of “Andher nagri chaupat raja”!
    Darkness will descend on the Kingdom of Dixit’s as the Queen ( Ishwari ) is blind and thinks she is the supreme, arrogant as ever, but blind/ ignorant to the core. So her disciple Radharani gets the better out of her and shall probably rule the kingdom in future. Ironically, the queen will have to take orders from her disciple ( GKB) as the kingdom will be in gloom. But the Prince (Dev) in this Kingdom is also blind as he believes the queen is always right and his duty is only to serve the queen. Yours diligently!! But in doing so, his life will be in shambles. I can see that he will lose everything his love (Sonakshi) but only be burdened with responsibilities to get the princess’s ( Nikki , Ria,) married and provide the Queen and her daughters most dutifully. Sad isn’t it?? The queen will destroy the happiness of all her children.
    This reminds me, Discretion is the better part of valour! We are all blessed with the sense of discretion but to use it appropriately keeps you happy in the journey of life, I think.
    B) Why on earth was Ishwari lecturing on the duties of a bahu? What duties has she performed as a mother in law/mother? Couldn’t even accept and respect her son’s LOVE. Couldn’t ask her son to apologise at home when he wronged?
    Hypocrite woman! Elena and Mamaji will always be spectators. Mamaji could do little to stop GKB!
    C) Dev is so unfair even when he pushed Sonakshi and she banged against his mother, he still blamed her. Rejected her once again for his mother. Dev doesn’t deserve Sonakshi at all. That house is a hell for this girl.
    D) It will be good to see a 7 year leap and Sonakshi being away from him bringing up their daughter. I always wished that Sona has a daughter as it would be a tight slap on Ishwari especially her desire to have a waaris!!
    E) I only hope Dev doesn’t remarry, for this story will then become like the other tracks with divorce, two marriages!! That would be ugly to watch.

    • piya

      hmmmm chalo seperation track i will try my level best to accept it but if remarriage track happens thn it is too much thn dev is totally useless.if he can’t take stand for himself noooo zero expectation phir toh i myself don’t want devakshi reunion.

      but dev will not know about his daughter is lil cliche’ story line then also gkb will brainwash ishwari n ishwari will emotionally blackmail dev which in turn will create super misunderstandings.it would be nice if they show dev knows about his daughter n frequently meets her but that girl is only a common tie betwwen dev sona as no longer they live together n talks lil bit only about their daughter.they still feel for each other but don’t have words to express them so they have cordial relationship…….

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Totally agree with u junee today nd tomorrow dev had nd will cross his all limit nd dis tym i want sona back on dr boss with rude, arrogant nd heartless women for dis dixit family nd specially for dev…. He always leave her hand when she need him most… I really want to see dev suffering lyk hell nd also receive jort but i also not want dis remarriage track but if makers had planned then i only hope they also make sona so strong that dev will regreat nd be shocked after seeing her normal reaction on his marriage issue too… Hoping for d best lets see what makers r upto……

  7. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Bas Yahi dekhna Baaki tha😤😤😤😤😭
    Dev ki Dekho pehle Bol diya get lost uske baad aise Dekh raha hai ki ruk jaao Sonakshi😒😒😒😒
    Mera toh comment Karne ka bhi man nhi Kar raha
    Soch toh Rahi hoon ki serial dekhna chod Doon
    Lekin kal raat 9:30 baje TVs ke samne hi milungi😂😂😂
    Makers plzzz 7yrs ka leap mat dikhao


    Today it seems real circumstances between husband & wife.. they are really good actors….
    heart touching dialogue on the basis of circumstances…

  9. Moni

    give us break please…. breakup dikhana hi hai to thoda sahi tareeke se karo na Waise bhi Iswari kaafi nahi thi kya ab Dev aur Sona ko bhi egos kaha se agayi……Hi to All devakshians….

  10. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Harae ishwari aaj tumari vajasae sona gharsae baar jalra tha lekin ho din aayega jab gkb tum aur tumara beta ko ghar sae baar nikalae wala…uss din tum kya karaega i wish this could happen….jab sona aur uski family tumko help karaega jab patha jalega sachi rishtey kya hoga sachi pyaar kya hoga…uss vakth tum iss pre-nap ka agreement kya karaega ishwari….tumari vajasae tumara beta again drink,stalk karaega tumari vajasae ho kudh apni life ruin karnae wala …

  11. Neha1

    |Registered Member

    OMG…what is going on….I felt that now a days I’m watching Ekta kapoor’s show not Krpkab….. but what to do… Its a typical saas-bahu drama and soon makers planning to 7 yr leap in the show…and we know the upcoming twist and turns….Seriously, krpkab turns into typical Balaji’s shows…no difference… makers had done copy-paste of the story.

    • piya

      isse better seasons wise dikhate short n crisp waise toh makers ki speed super fast hai seasons se bhi jaldi track change karte hai n kuch tracks ko bhool bhi jate hai(neha abhi bhi ghar par padi hui hai ranveer is soo lucky) but still itni speed mein actors ki acting ko appreciate karne ka time nhi milta n saare emotions mix up hote hai.if they really wanna show seperation track thn season naya dikate ki by the time hum prepare hojaye n miss kare n curious be rahe.this step is a big big deal coz i myself donno if i am ready to accept this jatka.waise toh daily basis pe aisa content dikhana bhot badi baat hai coz abhi tak itne time tak aisi grip kisi aur show ne nhi pakdi hai but we all have noticed that kaafi cheeze mix up ho ri hai double standards n most importantly writers khud situation create karke confuse ho re hai.

  12. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari na kudh thali bajanae wala kyunki ho tho kudh uska beta ka life barbath karthiya na ….phele neha itna acha pati ko choda,ab dev itni achi patni ko choda…dixit brother,sisters na ekdum dumb ….

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    |Registered Member

    Hate this dumbo dev if you want to hold ur mom pallu & always satisfied as mamaboy
    Why you spoil sona life?it could be better if she married rhitwik whom he can uderstand her feeling?

  14. Saurav

    |Registered Member

    Dnt want to cmmnt on today’s episode.. Bt I just want to know is there any leap in the cmng episodes or its just someone’s opinion..????

  15. Ngkrishnakumari

    |Registered Member

    Omg nowadays even 21st century business tycoon like Dev had different point of view his mom respect is respect & sona parents respect is nothing
    Yeh to wohi maa wohi beta
    Hopee leap may bring trp up & became topmost show of sony

  16. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode is as power full as it can be.unbeleivable performances.The makers showed the real difference between Dev Sona.Sona was so calm and try to hurt with words speaking so deligently. On the other hand Dev showing anger and talking. Again he pushed Sona in anger as he did by slapping Baba.I can understand Baba’ anger. Dev is dumb and foolish to think that he can be accepted by giving sweets.
    And Iswari is talking that it is not about money. Did n’t she not forget that she was murmuring that what will happen to her daughters if he had given so much money.
    Iswari speaks so much about relationship and all but swayed by GKB ‘s brain washing . She can not think her self.
    I still do not know whether Sona left the check there or not.

    The dialogues were superb even though some of the words I could not understand as I am not that much fluent in Hindi. I will know tonight when they show it U.S with subtitle.I live in U.S. I always watch this desiserial before they show in U.S.
    I am also pleased with fast update .
    As per precap Sona is leaving the Dixit’s house and separation is complete.Again it is because of Dev and his blind faith towards his Maa.
    Sona did the right thing in returning the money.When she encouraged GKB to insult Sona’s family, now she feels insulted. What a double standard. That is the sanskar Dev inherited as he did not do anything to shut his Mami and talking about Sona insulting his Mama . We know now where he got that double standard.
    I want that 7 year leap because there is nothing to show now as they have shown everything after the first breakup.

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Where do u live Sonadi because I keep going to NY and SF on the other coast! Just for curiosity i asked!! I hope you dont mind

  17. Pritha

    |Registered Member

    As per acting today’s episode is a treat…both shaheer and erica were so natural..and as per track today dev really showed the height of dumbness…from which angle it looked liked sona did stupid things? If returning money means insulting Ishwari then what about insulting Bijoy and Sona’s family.
    And this ishwari…she didn’t care for money then why the hell she created this much big scene over that.
    Dev also showed the demo of his stupid ego..he wanted sona to tell him before taking any kind of decision and he himself hid everything from her. Though dev’s intentions were not wrong but indirectly he himself invited these troubles hiding truths. Sona had always been right that for short time happiness, he always neglects the real happiness and invites bigger troubles.
    Today neha was so concered on dev’s problems…then plz yaar neha go back your sasural and atleast save your eloved brother from one problem.
    I think, for now separation and leap should happen…only the separation can make dev realise the importance of sona and the difference between ishwari’s over possessive love and sona’s pure love.

    • piya

      actually ….the other day i was talkin to my mom about the realisation stuff n how one don’t get to kno about their mistakes until or unless we loose that person.we humans r really do complexed n shallow coz even now in our day to day life we have ego knowingly/unknowingly we will never accept that coz we r i a dillusion living in our own pitchure perfect world.we miss out so many things n ppl lik dev r the dumbest coz they knowingly do it n ofcourse isbwari is so obsessed with herself that she unknowingly do it n after quite sometime she gets a jatka n see the real selfish image of herself.dev knows it i guess he stll wanna enjoy his drawback whereas sona’s act never show any selfishness coz she thinks before she acts aise baat nhi hai ki ego nhi aati but woh apne thoughts ko samsjna chahti hai apni growth ke liye doosre ke liye.

      but i was asking my mom ki aisi realisation ka kya faida jismein itnee saal bith jaye insaan apne life ka golden period kho de?life itni chooti hoti hai toh how can we afford to make such stupid blunders.sad…….

  18. Ngkrishnakumari

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari kato kuch bhi nahi ho sakta
    After leap radharani wil rule even dixit house Dev will became rebel
    I want to see Dev to suffer lots for betraying sona love in the upcomming epi
    After 7 year leap hope ishwari charactr may killed

  19. Neha1

    |Registered Member

    I’m seriously fed up with Dev. For the 1st time I hate him…! And I don’t want to say anything about Ishwari… its worthless…! Where was Ishwari when GKB was insulting Bose family….How can she expect a SORRY word from Sonakshi and Why..? And when Sona is giving money with dignity she was like its her insult… Really..!

    Atleast it was good that Dev himself told Sonakshi to get out fromthe house. Sonakshi tried her best to balance the relationship…! I want that this time Maa-Beta (Ishwari-Dev) are going to pay big price. Everytime Dev knows that Sonakshi always right but when it comes to his mother he become blind..! I really want Dev and Ishwari to suffer to big time..!

    Now they will realise Sona’s value. How good she is. This Neha and GKB should pay a big price for separating Devakshi…!

  20. Erina

    |Registered Member

    Totally agree with u all point of views from begining itself i supported sona nd even today also i support sona only…. I truely love her each nd every move…..
    Wow dev wants sona to understand his intenstion about that incident but what happened to him when its come on him to understand sona intenstion??totally disguisting….
    Well ek baat to manni paregi dev sona ko sirf lambi lambi promises hi kr skta h but jb baat fulfill krne ki aati h to vo atlast ishwari ko hi choose krta h 😡😡😡😡😡

  21. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Can’t believe dev itni paagalpan kar sakta h
    Achi feeling nhi aa rhi yaar sona ko 7 yrs k liye jate hue dekh…..
    Exactly break up time pe jaise feel hua Tha waise hi feel ho Raha h,,,like….this only😭😭😭😭

    CV’S plzzz agar vewiers ki Sunna chahte ho to PLZ #LEAP nhi dikha Ooo PLZZ…..
    Ar agar aapne mann bana hi liya h leap Karne ka too during the leap ‘ Ishwari ko Lt. Ishwari bana do….’

  22. Junee

    |Registered Member

    I also feel actually the leap is not necessary as lot of very young viewers will not like it! May be if the story can go this way:
    Sona conceives and leaves for Bangalore that is the best place for health professionals apart from Delhi. Dev comes to know that she is pregnant and goes to Bangalore and functions from there while performing duties for his family . That way Dev sharing and cherishing Sona’s moments of pregnancy can spike the TrP!!! For he will be away from Ishwari and GKB yet will serve them dutifully!Parallely, Ishwari with Mamaji can take the initiative to get the daughters married and Dev Sona can come down and participate. So no b*t*hing and bickering by GKB and Ishwari . Even if it is there it would be brief! Then as the tiny sona grows up they can have the awbhodro too! This way Dev can also cherish the moments with his children ! There is actually no need for a leap. After knowing she is pregnant if Dev tries to convince her to be back she should refuse and Dev should be compelled to function from there. This is how it happens in most families and they can show that! Most of my friends married like me stay away from in laws but take every responsibility from remote. This story will only help Dev Sona to be together and cherish the pregnancy, see the child born and thereafter growing up instead of showing that leap!

    • Sonadi

      |Registered Member

      Your story is good.i think there is one flaw that Dev leaving his Maa which actually Iswari told him. This is not going to happen because of Dev’s blind love for his Mom. So the leap was the best solution. I know we will not see the Devakshi moments .They can do the 7year leap in two episodes.

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Yes even after a 7 year leap Dev will turn into a reluse and rebel !! He will give back Ishwari!! Sonadi this doesn’t happen in reality! I have seen so many Ma bhakht sons who actually never oppose or protest but leave for a different destination with a job and takes his wife!

    • Sonadi

      |Registered Member

      If Dev comes to know, Iswari will also know and she will not leave until Sona comes back to Dixit house.Because Sona is soft hearted and will give in .I think the best punishment for Dev and Iswari is Sona does not tell them. It will be even more bigger punishment for Iswari if it is a boy because she always wanted a heir to the family.

    • Kalpana

      |Registered Member

      Or they can do one thing… Show a leap and Sona taking care of her parents; a rich lady…. And adopts a baby… To show that Sona needn’t give birth to become a mother…

      And in many cases, once an “infertile” lady adopts a baby, she usually gives birth to a baby later on… (Have heard of it; but don’t know medically)

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Yes it happens my Gynaecologist colleague tells me so!But rich lady in 7 years time in a profession like this is unheard of! Only stories can give u such takes

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Dear Kali
        When is your next FF ?? Plz give these Dumbo writers some idea! Public wants a pregnancy track with Dev and Sona!!

      • Kalpana

        |Registered Member

        @Junee Had a big writer’s block dear… Now finally have the ideas… I am sick of this original track… Why do they show Dev so immature? I agree Dev’s momma’s boy… But I thought he will develop his confidence after marriage… Sigh… I can’t see Sona’s pain…

  23. Pritha

    |Registered Member

    Bechari Sona…she was handling the situation so calmly but others are like when we always get hyper then why you would be clam…today sona’s frustration was visible.
    If the leap happens I want sona to be rich enough and independent..and dev and ishwari in trouble..then only they will realise what is the real meaning of relationship.
    Khatri is there to trouble ishwari and gkb is aso there to backstab.
    Post leap story can be imagined easily…as this concept is not new..but if the makers do show it like a real life incident and with something uniqueness that will be interesting.

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Your expectations of Sonakshi become rich is a bit unreal. A nutritionist cannot make that sum unless an Anjali Mukherjee however she too made it after 20 yrs!!! I do neurointerventions which is one of the highest paid skills ! However for us too in the corporate sector we can make but not even in the most prestigious premium Govt Inst or hospitals which are indeed famous for the skills!!! So if they show her very rich I will just give grace by saying that this is only a serial!!!! “”Where the cow jumps over the moon!!!!”

  24. Erina

    |Registered Member

    @prii, @shalini where r u missing ur views nd comment both…..
    @shalini :- i’m fine too dear, i haven’t replied in that bcse bht jyada comments ho gye the hope u c my rply too swtheart ☺😊😊

  25. Rishnee

    Devakshi May not stupid to break up over this fight but this This ishwari might show the prenuptial agreement to sonakshi now to provoke her.. thus she might leave dev forever..

  26. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    I’m literally feeling like shit ttttttt!!!!!
    doesn’t know kiski sakal dekhkr subh uthi thi Mai….Jo aaj itna bada jhatka Mila…7yrs leap…huhhh!!!!

    upsssss!! yaad aaya lock screen pe to Meri hi photo lagi hui h,coz sabse pehle to phone hi check kRti hu uth kr ..😵😵😵
    Mamta yash patnaik kaho to aapki photo laga deti hoon ….lekin aisa atayachar to na Karo is nachizz par..

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      upar mera story suggestion padho ! The second comment it does not have a leap but a cherishable realistic take! Aisa hone se all will 😊 enjoy

    • Manya

      |Registered Member

      Mujhe bhi Yahi lag raha Maine bhi sabse pehle mirror Ho Dekha tha😂😂😂
      But on a serious note
      MUJHE LEAP NAHI CHAHIYE!!!!!!😪😪😪😪😪😪
      I can’t handle it plzzzzzzzz😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  27. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    aaj k conversation between :
    Ishwari & sona
    dev & sona
    it’s totally worthless..😤😤😤
    inhe gaalaiyan dena’ is waste of time’
    I mean how can she expects a SORRY …..my god…..
    god m asking from you????
    kaun se time pe aap aise insaan ( the only b*t*h Ishwari ) ko banana pasand karte hoo????

  28. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Meyne sona ko Bangalore bhej diya apni story mey ! Aur Dev ko uski peeche . Mamata Patnaik plz ask your writers to follow something like this and not a 7 year leap like other foolish tracks!your trp will soar for sure as there are lot of very ypung observers so they would get disheartened with a 7 year leap! Plz don’t do it! Your USP is Dev Sona don’t break them apart! We wont like it for sure

  29. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    well, after watching the precap:
    I’m 200% sure ki Mr. Devrath Dixit k Baal k sath sath dimaag v udd chuka hai….
    Ab CV’s uncountable fans laga kr dev k Baal udayenge,,, to Kya Hoga….
    Ab becharo ko kaha pata tha ki dev Dixit k dimaag ka weight jyada nhi h bohot hi chota sa Ar light weight ka hai, tooo itne fans me kaha unkaa dimaag bachne Wala tha…..soooooo gya furrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦
    Nd Fir se bol Diya ki ” TUM JAOO YAHA SE SONAKSHI, JUST GO ” MAI Meri màa ko sambhaal lungaa…
    hospital me yahi Kiya tha isne…
    Ab experienced hone k Baad v isne Fir see wahi galti wapas ki haii… like really….
    Kya aapko avi tak samjh nhi aayi h ye baat Mr . Dixit ki aap sona ko Jane bologe to wo bilkul nhi rukegi . chahee aap andar se Kyu na bol Rahe ho — palatt……palatt.

    wo kehte h naa jisne apne bad experience se kuch nhi Shikha wo maha bewakuuf insaan hai. ..
    today u prove this👏👏👏👏

  30. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    Precap presents a interesting correlation. How in anger Dev backlashes Bijoy , the same way without realizing in anger he tells Sona to get lost which he is going to regret later.I felt really bad seeing Sona leaving the house crying.
    I do not wish any girl having this kind of life just because she loved a man

  31. LeeSa

    no matter how the episode was, devakshi acting was awesome.. romance ho or fight, these guys are awesome…

    As for the episode, I just couldn’t stop laughing seeing ishwari’s acting.. I mean itna fake image, really??? On top of everything her dialogue “mera bagwaan janta hai” I mean really?? she wants the money ok, but if she accepts it sona will be right, so she wouldn’t…

    Dev tho lost case hai. He was humiliated by bijoy and his ego was hurt, so that’s what this is all about…

    Sona – I don’t anyone could’ve portrayed this character with so much poise other than Erica. She portrays the character perfectly, never any uncessesary drama or yelling, always calm, mature and composed… but seriously yaar no girl deserves a life where she is the only one fighting for the relationship in marriage.. kya zindagi bar isi uncertainty ke sath rehna hai ki kab apni husband chod dega.. really no girl deserves this

    Mamaji said sona ko rokh lo ishwari.. has he gone nuts, she was waiting to for this golden opportunity, y will she do it… even without gkb provoking her, it’s very clear she hates sona bcoz she herself knows sona is a very nice girl and she even said it herself once to mamaji that sona is so good that she is scared dev will forget her and her daughters..

    About the leap I don’t know if it’s good or not… y do they need to have a kid yaar, shaheer and Erica are too young to play parents… I love kids ok, but for once why can’t they show a girl is accepted just the way she is, baby or no baby… lets see what happens..

  32. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Someone suggested Sonakshi should become so rich and independent ! The later one she is . But a nutritionist working in Kolkata is unlikely to make so much money!!! In Medicine Only Surgeons and Interventionologists make money in tons. Or people in Medicine with a big corporate group! Thats the reality!!!It takes others years to become rich ! Don’t forget Sona has dependent parents!!
    I think Dev has not taken that money and will not, I guess

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      For those young minds who are not aware about Interventionologist is, they don’t do a surgery but they do the stenting thru either cardiac intervention or if in brain its through neurointervention using probes! They also do a heart angiography and Neuros do a brain angiography !!

  33. Kittu

    Feeling very heartbroken today….chahe jiski bhi galti ho phirse dev sons ka separation soch ke mujhe bahut Rona aa raha.bejoy baba ke sath mana bahut galat hua per unka behavior bhi sahi nai tha.At least unhe apni beti ke bare m sochna chahiye tha.7 yrs leap nai chahiye..aisa yhm m bhi dikha chuke…aur devakshi ke cute and romantic scene nai dekh paynge..ishwari and baba ne apne wajah se ek married couple MATLAB apne bachon ki life kharab kar Di..kal ka episode dekh feeling very low and depressed.. I know ye ek serial hai but…..thanx frnds tumlog ho yahan.

  34. Shital

    Ok this show started out good but if Dev family is crazy they never accepted her so no matter what she does she will never be accepted. Dev mom is selfish all she thinks about is herself and daughter get rid of ur own daughter and teach her what is right and wrong she left her inlaws house and lives with u! Ur giving sona a lecture

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Very well said Sheetal! Exactly with her own daughter at home she is giving lectures to Dona about sasural!Huhhh!

  35. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Friends I have not come across any man like Dev Dixit amongst friends , families or even patients becoz some are wuite close to me. One might say how much have you seen ? May be little for as compared to many experienced! But a son leaving his wife for his mother in today’s times is a bit difficult to digest especially in a marriage like Dev and Sona where they loved each other passionately. However , i always end up what is unbelievable by thinking ” its just another story”! Where the cow jumped over the moon!!!!😂😂

  36. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    Dev says that Sona had insulted his Mom previously. When did she do that .Only Iswari was insulting her all the time. Dev ‘s ego could not bear the thought that Sona brought back the money so fast ..As it is Dev got hurt by Baba.Dev knowing the situation should not have gone to seek apology.
    Dev is making the mistake again .This time Sona is not going to come back.
    Only thing here is that GKB has achieved her wish. She is not bothered about Dev at all.
    I am really upset about the behavior of Dev.

  37. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    PLZ don’t do this ….
    No leap😭😭😭😭
    Without separation leap hota to chalta v…but yaha to story hi kuch Ar h…

  38. Ganga

    Ye Kya horaha HEI …… Mujhe yakeen nahi …..AE kaisa MAA…(Dumbo Dev Bhahawan mantha HEI vsko….🙃🙃)……

    I don’t want leap of 7 year’s bcoz leap happened Dev SE baby padiha hone wala…. Happiness dur chal jayegi….. hone wala parents ke liye Zindagi SE badkar happiness vo….. Mainly wife ND husband relationship strong hone ka ek positive track………Kya AE director ji Bachpan SE bi Dev ka har kushi vnki Soo called tumhara naam bol KAR cheenliya…… AB ye bi naa😢😢😢

    I know dis kind of ppl (Ishwari… Radharani…. Neha…. Mainly MAA ka ladli beta….)…….. but ithna zyadha reality nahi CHAHIYE humko Plssss……. Sona chodkar chali gayi…. abi tak OK…. but positive bi ho saktha ki Sona ki pregnancy ki bare me jaan KAR Dev kam se kam Sona ka saat diya tho acha hua……. 7 year’s leap it’s not a small time ek Father vnka pehla baby ka har moment miss karna…..AE time phir kabi bi vaapas nahi ayega….. Soooo Plssss don’t do dis with us

    Really leap ki jaroorat breakup ke baad episodes PE …… Sona ND Dev ne Ishwari ND BIJOY ko convince karne PE leap hua tho it’s good….. What’s dis yaaar…..

    Fan’s ke liye bahut bada Saja diyenge aap…. What’s our mistake……We enjoyed ND feel d each ND every moment of dis show….. we all d show from d core of our hearts……In days way ur giving dis punishment to us😭😭😭😭😭😭….It’s not Fair…..

    We want to njy d pregnancy track along with DEVAKSHI not with their separation of 7 year’s leap………..plsssssssss🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Sonadi

      |Registered Member

      Dev deserve this separation and punishment of missing his baby’s birth and all
      What he did to Sona I will do the same. I will be happy if they do this 7year leap.It can be done in 2 or 3 episodes

  39. Aisha

    In the upcoming episode their will b leap of 7years where Dev will be shown as a very rude man nd Sonakshi will return in Dev’s life in sake of her daughter nd that GKB would rule the house. Devakshi’s daughter would unite them….

  40. Sonadi

    |Registered Member

    Junee I can understand in real life this may not happen But our makers have moved away from the realism.That is why I am saying this 7year leap might happen.
    Iswari picks up only what Bijoy said about her.what all GKB said about Bijoy. Iswari never stopped her . She actually supported her.But she get insulted when Sona returned the money.
    She says that she was not worried about the money but she or upset that Dev and Sona did not tell her.How nice the thought Iswari . You were murmuring that Dev had given the money to Saurab and he will forget about his sisters.
    I do not know what the writers are thinking.one thing for sure I think that Sona will be pregnant.

  41. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Again a intezaaaaaaaaarrrrr bada Wala at least a month…. For
    # Devakshi reunion
    # Devakshi hug
    # calling each other Mr.obhodro & ms. Khargosh😞😞😞😞

  42. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    A superb Good Morning …

    Aaru… Aashi… Aayushi… Aila… Aisha… Akangsha… Akanksha bhardwaj… Akku… Alia… Alka… Amii… Amy… Anam… Anj… Anita… Annie… Anshita… Anu… Anushika… Aradhana… Archi… Archita… Arjumanbanu… Arpita… Arrjay… Ashriti… Avni… Ayushi… Azra… Azzuu…

    Bala Chitra S… Banno… Beth… (Dr.) Bhalchandra Thakkar… Bhoomi… Bipasha Bhattacharya…

    Chandra… Chari…

    Daisy… Daksha… Devga… Devsona… Dhanu… Dhira… Dibya… Divya… DJ789… Dolly… D.Seeba…

    Erika… Erina… Esha… Esme…

    Fareen… Fatso…


    Hafi… Halima Yahaya…

    Ibtesam… Imran Shah Jillani… Indira Chatterjee… Indradev… Ishita… Ishram… Ishu… Iswarya Santosh…

    (Dr.) Jaya Garg… Jeni… Juhi… Junee…

    Kalai… Kaarnuha… Kaira… Kalpana… Karnika… Karthika… Kavitha… Kavya… Kaya… Khusi… Kiran Kumari… Kittu… Kitty… Krish…

    Labiba… Lakshree… Lalitha Manasa… Lata… Latha… Leesa… Lotika… Lovinglt…

    Maggie… Mahi… Malathy… Maleeha… Maria… Mika… Mohit Kalra… Moni… Mubeen…

    Nabanita… NagaraniPandiyan… Nandini… Navpreet… Neha… Ngkrishnakumari… Nida… Nidhi… Nikki… Nikita… Niki645… Nirmala… Nishi… Noorjahan… Nutu Tekhil…

    Pakhi… Pankaj Grover… Pankti… Pinky… Piya… Piyali… PK… Pothik… Prachi… Pradishma… Preet… Preeti… Pri… Pritha… Priya… Priyanka… Puja Bose… Punitha Ranjan… Purvi…


    Radhika… Rajdip… Rajesh… Raksha… Rakshita… Ramyakumar … Ratna… Ria.. Riddhi… Ridhs… Rishneee… Ritika… RiyaDcruz… Riya Singh… Roshni…

    Saamii… Saasha… Sabahnur… Sadaf Shamim… Saheli… Saibha… Saina… Sakshi… Sakthi… Sam… Samaira… Sammy… San… Sangita… Sarika Siva… Saurav… Savi… Shalini… Shahnaz… Shalabh Saxena… Shalini Bose… Shalini Senthil… Shalu… Sharica… Shivani… Shivansh… Shreya… Shruti… Shraddha… Shree… Shivani… Shubhi… Shweta… Simi… Simran… Simplesweety… Smita… Sneha… Sona… Sonadi… Sonal… Sonali… Sri… Srisatya… Sriya… Subasri Gautham… Subhashini… Sudheer… Surti… Sv… Swarna…

    Tamnna… Tamoghna Dutt… Tanu… Tapasya… Teena… Tessie…

    Vahini… Vaishu… Vani… Varalakshmi… Varsha… Varshini… Vini… Vishu…

    Yashfeen… Yogita…

    Zaara Ali Khan… Zahra Ismail… Zaraa… Zoya…

    Plz forgive me if I forgot any names and plz tell me your name sothat I can add on…

  43. Junee

    |Registered Member

    I am also sad as I wanted to enjoy the pregnancy track of Dev and Sona ! Both cherishing those moments!
    Gadho ne decide kya shock treatment dene ke lite!
    Now bye bye all !! Off to work👋👋

  44. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Agar 7 yr leap dikhayenge let them show a child like the one in Kahani 2 !!! Such a cute and pretty girl!!! Tia Sharma i think her name is

  45. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Is Ishwari ne to irritate kar ke rakh diya hai… ab to abusive words bhi khatm ho gaye hain… aisa lagta hai ki Ishwri ko kuch bhi kehne ka mtlb hai apni enrgy waste karna… wo to shameless hai… use koi fark nahi padega par humare mind me hi negativity bhar jayegi…

    Aur Dev babu… unke bare me kya kahu… Ishu se jyada irritate to ab Dev kar raha hai… brainless insaan… har baar ki tarah is baar bhi Dev ne yahi prove kiya hai ki he does not deserve Sona…

    I want Sona to leave Dixit house… She deserves something better… if she lives with Bose Family that will be good only for her… Dixit House everybody is eagar to humiliate Sona without any reason… So better to go back to Bose family…

    I agree ki Love is important in life but I feel that love is not everything in life… love se jyada important things bhi hai life me…

    aur is baar to baat self respect ki aa gayi hai… and as per my thinking… nothing is bigger than Self – esteem… ego nahi hona chahiye, but self – respect par baat aa jaye to… never sacrifice…

    If you bend all the time… people will start taking you fore granted… and nobody should allow others to do this…

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      I completely agree with your thought on self respect! But how many in reality take a step like Sonakshi??? Its easy to preach but very difficult to practice becoz in a family lot of complexities are there and its not easy I can tell you!
      I had a father like Bijoy but not so hyper but would stand by his daughter come what may!!! But I think he would have thought about my happiness and counselled me to get back rather than giving his respect a priority! Would I have taken a step like Sonakshi? I would have definitely negotiated with Dev and give a punishment to the source that is Ishwari and GKB rather than giving it up so easily. Dev did a mistake unpardonable but to err is human and to forgive is also human!!!He says it was a mistake and repents for that! I am not supporting Dev but trying to be rationale!!!

      • Asmita...

        |Registered Member

        I agree with you Junee… you are sounding more practical…

        but I never like the way Dev treats Sona when it comes about his mother… Dev never even considers Sona’s existence over Ishu… I know Dev loves SOna a lot but never stands for her in public… to show love & respect in room is not enough… If Sona leaves Dev thn i dont find it wrong…

        May be our thoughts are different…

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Asmita we don’t differ much . A separation to make him realise is indeed essential but also to give up and let mischief like GKB and Ishwari get away is not desirable! Wrong has to be punished and u need to be in the system not run away ,thats what my pount is!

    • Chanpreet0815

      |Registered Member

      Asmita I totally agree with u. Love hi Sab kuch nhi hota love as jyada kuch badke h toh vo h self respect.
      Mene pehele bhi comment me kiya tha. Jab baat self respect ki aati h. Tab koi bhi kuch nhi sehen krta. Self respect se badhke kuch bhi nhi hota. Pyaar bhi nhi

    • Subhashini

      |Registered Member

      Asmita i totally agree with u self respect is more important especially for a woman…because if women slightly loss her self respect then our surrounding peoples easily taking her forehead granted…
      And one more thing is if elders do mistakes then youngsters should explain to them….but sona didn’t explain anything to ishwari….ho chup chap ishwari ka behavior bardash kiya kyu….ho ishwari aur gkb ko lesson teach karkae chali gayi hoti mae bouquet kush hotium …i know badisae fight karna wrong lekin badi wrong hotiyae uss samae hum usko unki wrong explain karna kalath nai sona kabhi nai kiya ae ek word kalath nai bola i think she deserves a great life better than dixit family….

      • Asmita...

        |Registered Member

        Sona tried to explain everything calmly to Ishwari… but that cheap lady was not at all ready to listen anything… That cheap lady was accusing Sona all the time… Ishu wants to grab all the attention…

        Agar Sona jyada kuch kehne ki koshish bhi karti to GKB and Ishu us baat ka bhi issue bana dete…

        I think it is right ki Sona ne Dev ke siva kisi se argue nahi kiya… coz har koi use galat hi samjhta hai…

        And according to me — SOMETIMES, SILENCE IS THE BEST ANSWER

      • LeeSa

        The biggest problem here isn’t ishwari, it’s dev, his inability to see what’s right and wrong… jab kisi ladki ka husband uski sath de tho woh kisise bhi lad sakthi hain. Agar woh hi usse support na kare or na samje, tho kya karegi..

        As Junee said in reality it’s difficult to leave a relationship for a girl when she knows her husband loves her so much, but if the husband won’t support you life becomes hard, then she is left with no choice but to leave

    • Sonadi

      |Registered Member

      If they detoxify GKB,Iswari will be alright. Here Sona would not have gone out of Dev’s life on her own. She would have come back but Dev told her to get out of the house in anger like he did at the hospital. He does not think about the consequences of his words.Again blinded by his love for his mother.

  46. Sneha1

    |Registered Member

    i don’t want to waste my energy on abusing Ishwari… she doesn’t even want my bashing… she has crossed all limits…
    but today.. it is Dev who had broken my heart…. I am feeling so heart broken ..
    How can he be so stupid.. in the precap.. he only has pushed Sonakshi.. jis wajah se ishwari ko dhakka lag gaya…. & he is blaming Sonakshi for that….. how can he even say.. ki Soankshi tum yahan se jao…. he is totally illogical….
    ab mujhe pata chala ki banda kitna bhi accha hai… mataji ke genes ka asar to aata hi hai….

  47. Chanpreet0815

    |Registered Member

    Priya aapka comment dev ke baalon ke saath saath uska dimaag bhi udh Chuka h. Lol. Hahahaha
    mujhe toh aisa laga ki dev ne sona ko dhakka diya or vo ishu pr jaake giri.
    Jo kuch bhi hua ho. Sona se galti se hua. usne kuch bhi jaan Bujh ke nhi kiya. Kese dev ne galti se thappad Maara bijoy ko. vo kehete h na jab tak us person or nhi beet ti jo hamaare saath hua h. Use bhi pata nhi chalta.
    Dev expect kr raha tha ki bijoy use maaf krega. An dev ki baari aai sona ko maaf krne ki toh use get out bol raha h

    • Asmita...

      |Registered Member

      Dear Prit…

      plz agar kisi particular person ke comment ka reply do tro plz usi person ke samne wale reply option per click karo…

      itne sare comments me kisi ke liye bhi alag se comment ka reply pdhna difficult hota hai… kai baar to pata hi nahi chlta ki kisine reply bhi kiya hai…

      registered members ko notifications mil jate hain to reply ka easily pata chl jata hai aur comment chk krna easy ho jata hai…

  48. Neha1

    |Registered Member

    Dev Sonakshi’s Daughter to REUNITE them in KRPKAB :-

    The upcoming episodes of KRPKAB will witness high voltage drama and new twists and turns with high intensity in the upcoming track of the show.
    As we all know that KRPKAB will take a leap of 7 year and it will change the show completely. New face and new style of actors would be seen in the upcoming track.
    Now it has been said that Sonakshi get pregnant and give birth to a girl. However, she will hide it and the girl will become 6-7 years old. Later, she learns the complete matter and she will REUNITE Dev and Sonakshi.

  49. Junee

    |Registered Member

    How about a name for Dev and Sonakshi’s daughter?

    ” Devisha” means the Intelligent, peace , lovable
    Bengali’s have a pet name too:
    “Disha” means Direction from Devisha

  50. Kittu

    Maine precap phirse dekha..maine notice kiya ki sona ne dev ka collar pakda aur phir dev ne usko dhakka diya…do log Jo ekdusre se itna pyar karte hain aisa kaise kar sakte gain.

    • Asmita...

      |Registered Member

      Singham movie ka ek dailogue yaad aa raha hai –


      The same condition is here… Dev and IShu are feeling that Sona has hurt them by returning the amount… Brainless creatures…

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Hmmmmmmm…mujhe v laga…..

      Aur mama Ji v kisse keh Rahe hai ishwari ko ” Rok le Rok le apni bahu ko ”
      Wo chipdiiii to suru se aisa hi chahti hai…ki sona chali jaye .. bas use uska waris
      Mil jaye……
      Ja Ab leti rehna waris…..
      Baba Ji ka Thullu Milega..😬😬
      Fir se precap dekh liya😭😭😭

  51. Erina

    |Registered Member

    Seriously hadd ho gyi h yaar ab aisa v nhi hota but ye sab ke sab gadhe hai n dev sabse badaa vala… Ye to vhi baat hogi mai karu to sahi n tu kare to galat baat h accidently agar sona ne ish ko push kiya to its not a big deal in comparision jo dev ne kiya bejoy ko slap kr ke nd seriously i want dis separation track bcse dev seriously deserve krta h ye separation but sona nhi….. Aaj tak jinte v decision liye dev ne liye chahe confession ka ho break up ka ho aur chahe again sona ko apni life se bahar krne ka ho sab dev ne kiya but suffer sona ne kiya ab now i want ki decision sona le nd suffer dev kre nd dis tym vo deserve v krta h only i want ki cvs kuch alag dikhaye as ye jo spoiler hai vo bht hi normal hai as lyk jaise hmlogo ne vo ek bachpan m suna tha na shikari aayega daana dalega n ol thik vaise hi abhi k spoiler bht hi fike hai aur i can say bht ghisi mitti huyi hai separate honge, phir baby hoga phir bad m ek din achanak dev se vo takara jayegi….. 😞😞😞
    Plzzz i hope vo kch to alag dikhayenge ki 👉”kya hota hai kya khote hai jab dilo k phaisle dimaag se hote h “…..

    • Subhashini

      |Registered Member

      Ya eri if they show in different way it will be nice…
      Agar ae leap hoti then ae baby and sona live happily together without dev after seeing this, then only dev feel karaega ho kya miss kiya itni saalo sae unki maa ki vajasae…phele ho baby bhi ussae nai accept nai karkae maa ki saath jalthi na best hoga…

  52. Junee

    |Registered Member

    The leap probably is a fake news a fake spoiler! That site is known for fake news I believe.
    Lets wait for an authentic news!

  53. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    SET INDIA ne ye Kya kamaal Kiya hai….
    Mom to wed epi 225 to 227 sare episodes upload. Kar diye …. wahhhh!!!!!!!

    Lagta h inhe v Patnaik’s train me suffer Karne ka chance Mila hai….

  54. Gopal

    we really, really hoped this time that Dev will take Sonas’ stand n realize hw his family members are. That Radha rani is more important than parents of ur wife… dev could not shut his mami bt could slap his father-in-law.. Again a bad decision by Dev , this proves his weakness, he is not able to stand firm on his promises , every time he breaks his promise. What to say about Ishwari, she is a very selfish mother… knows everything bt denies for her ego sake… she knows Dev will not be able to stay without Sona.. bt she will not stop her .. as all the way she just wantd this to happen . how much sad for a mother that her children who did not receive happiness in childhood due to unfavorable circumstance are deprived still wen everythng is favorable . Sona u are a very strong women… i just hope evry girl shuld b like her… we can love , respect r in laws bt we cnts loose r self respect to thm… n its not like tht Ishwari ji wen a girl get married hr sasural cums first and maika is nothing… if its so thn why Neha came back to u.yeh gyaan aapne use kun nahi diya… well. till nw i just watchd n hated Ishwari th character ,, bt sum hw i hvng hatred to supriya ji ..she a wonderful actor,, acted in so many positive role… sad to see her in grey shades. I will only pity Dev henceforth.

  55. Pritha

    |Registered Member

    I am sorry but thinking sona as rich post leap if the leap really happens will not be that unreal.
    My cousine is a nutritionist and she worked as consultent in fortis and apollo in kolkata.. then she forms her own consultancy and by now in these 6years she made 4 branches all pver in west bengal. She is rich enough. So i was just saying that writers can show sona rich enough to support dev if he faces any financial trouble. Moreover iremember when sourav wanted to start business sona gave him idea of launching online service which proves that she has some knowledge of business.
    And i know life has so many complications but those who cares o selfrespect more than anything leaving her love for it is justified. One pf my friend’s di left her first love before 15days from tje marraige date as he called her father a mere homeopathic doctor as he was an gynochologist.
    So this type of incidents takes place…may be rare but it happens…and the serials are based on rare incidents only.
    If we expect 100% real life story that would be..a serial can ne nearer to reality but it will contain some imaginations also.
    If they show sona and dev together without ishwari’s interference that will be more unreal. Till now as per her character she can never live peacefully without poking nose and dev ..he is mamma’s boy but of some too different level. Moreover, showing them together will cause more tiffs and fights and ultimately viewers will get bored within a week and the whole thing will be simply dragging.
    That is what we see in normal saas bahu sagas.
    Tiĺ now sona always tried to understand everyone’s pov but nobody except mamaji tried to understand sona not even dev. So sona has enough of this nonsense. If she leaves dev then only he will understand the importance and love of sona.
    Parenthood is something which everyone wants to cherish but dev himself spoiled everything. If he was that much eager to have child then he would have tried to understand sona for once. I am not telling that dev doesn’t child but he wants his mother to be superlative more than anything that he doesn’t even want to see his mother’s fault. Blidness ki bhi ek had hoti hai. Yesterday dev has crossed every limit. Dev deserves punishment.
    For me tje leap will be not that bad as it will rise up the curiosity level.
    And i have watch beyond dreams show before so i don’t think they will change the story that much with which viewers will not be able to connect.
    This is mt thought only and i am really sorry if anyone is offended.
    Sorry for the errors in typing.

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Its a good thought Pritha!!The original track said they will lead separate lives! So your thoughts are logical. I still find it unnatural that Sona would become rich with that business. But this is a serial so she has to be shown successful to satisfy the audience. So many businesses are in deep waters including some of the famous online portals. Even big names having infrastructure and investment strengths are not being able to make any profits in the market.Theyhave just pumped in money to start the business but most have ended up withemployment cuts! I know of some nutritionist colleagues who lost a lot with their investments in the matket.Well thats reality and this is a serial and the cow can always jump over the moon!Hey diddle diddle…,,,,

      • Sonadi

        |Registered Member

        With all this that we support Sona, we forget about GKB.I feel that she should be punished for her bad deeds.It seems like she is the winner here. This is a story they should not show that evil wins or benefited.That does not look good on young minds who are watching this show.There has to be some punishment meted out to her for burning her own house,stealing,creating turmoil in the family.

    • Sonadi

      |Registered Member

      I think what you thought is good . I have been telling a that Dev needs this punishment
      Sona did not go out of life on her own. The precap suggests that Dev asked her to get out.
      And as long as logic is there I do not care it is real or imagination. After all it is a story to entertain.

  56. Kittu

    Ab sachi lag raha leap hoga..SBB m bhi dikha chuke..but abp news ki news sabse sahi hoti hai…arrey koi confirm karo yaar…maine padha ki sona and family ko ghar se nikal denge loan nai dene ki wajahse aur WO ishwari she confront karegi ki uski wajah se ye sab ho raha..separation ke bad patchup me liye kafi lamba wait karna padega.

  57. Fan

    after i heard about this leap i don’t know i couldn’t digest it…it reminds me the serial bade ache lagte hai…. Plot of the two serial s Completely different but story after that leap has some resemblance.. No need of that leap it s my kind request….i don’t want that sudden jump u know…they can show all that drama but not leap… This show s much closer to my heart i don’t know why but i feel like that leap shouldn’t happen no way…..

  58. Fan

    If they r planning to do that way then it will loose that connections i guess… It will be like a movie.. Eventhough the show s loosing some of its uniqueness it still has some connections with a reality but that leap s totally totally unnecessary……

  59. Kittu

    @fan agree with u.We also don’t want leap.yhm ho ya bade ache humlog ye sab dekh chuke.We want something different from krpkab.

  60. Fan

    Everybody was saying this show s not a typical show… Eh alag show hai…. What now? It s better if they end this show right away with some logic climax…

  61. Fan

    Yeah i understand it’s not a cup of tea to keep the show going besides trp and all that… But they always make comprises why can’t they stick to the way they started with..? They have fans like us…..haven’t they? To be honest i don’t like to watch it anymore but i can’t oh god!!😲😲

  62. Esha


    The popular show of Sony tv is now ready to take 7yrs leap after Devakshi’s seperation.Finally Dev has thrown Sonakshi out of his house for insulting Ishwari.According to the leap track,Dev who was always shown as a serious businessman and a caring person would now turn into a casanova who doesn’t care for anyone.Dev will be seen in jackets and casuals and will be roaming around in bike.Apart from this Sonakshi will also get a makeover where she will be seen as a serious working women while Dev’s sister Neha will be remarried.Furthermore Ishwari will be seen mute who stops talking to everyone and goes into depression!Looks like leap will add up more spices..!!Got thi news from serialgossip.com

  63. Esha

    In the upcoming episodes, the storyline will move into a leap. Yes, the show will take a 7-year leap, post which, the entire cast will be seen going for a toss (literally). And here are a few changes that the show will take.Post the leap, Dev and Sonakshi will be seen going their separate ways. Dev will turn into a full blown casanova who will not care for anyone, not even his family. But surprisingly, the Dixit household will see two children, and Dev would be seen caring immensely for them.
    Sonakshi will let go her lively self and transform into a serious working woman, just like Dev was in the past, while Dev’s sister Neha (Cheshtha Bhagat) will be remarried.
    The question that comes to our minds now is what about their mother Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar)?
    Ishwari will slip into depression. Yes, the lady will become completely mum and will not be speaking to anyone in the house.
    Quite a heartbreaking leap, isn’t it?
    We also got to know that Shaheer and Erica’s looks will undergo major transformations. Shaheer will be seen in a smart jacket, zooming around on a bike. Erica, on the other hand, will be sporting glasses with a blunt hairstyle and a very girl next door ensemble- a skirt and a top.

  64. Ganga

    I love 💖our page….All r talking ND Express their views in a positive way…….👌💐

    I saw some other pages….At there lots of fighting ND missunderstandings……I am shocked seeing dat…. but it’s okay each person has their own point of view…


  65. fan

    yes @kittu we definitely want something different. since the leap s been confirmed better be worth it……we don’t want any other compromises…pls…..

  66. Kittu

    Ye track better hai…daughter and all WO hum ekta serials m dekh chuke..phirse devakshi ka pyar with new turn n twist but 7 yrs ke leap kyun phir…god knows.. Where r u all manya,neha1,priya9786,piya.June,sonadi,gang a,erina,shalini…missing u frnds

  67. Turtlee

    This show was beautifl before but now this has become one of the ghatia show i know. This dev guy insulting sonas family is not a problem but he needs respect towards his family. The show would be great if sona never returned moved on in life and there dev sits regretting with hhis mother and family, it would be lesson to all the people who take people for granted. Ishwari should be slapped like sonas father if they want to make things equal among them but no in the end sonaksi forgives dev and family like other typical serials waste of time . This looks soo unfair everytime i watch that ive stopped watching this shit

  68. fan

    don’t u guys think even when they broke up before marriage dev was aware of his responsibilities..now casanova look or whatever????unless he gets to know about the prenup or maybe forced remarriage….i guess it will all come up in the ‘flashback’ r something

  69. Ngkrishnakumari

    |Registered Member

    Hope after leap our show should climb over the stairs of trp rate
    The daughter of our sona be name as angel or pari because she is going to play the major role of devakshi reunion
    Eagerly waiting leap after reading all your comments as dev casanova avatar & sona in skirt & top
    One good new that touch my heart is ishwari in depression
    If this really happen on our show i cant imagine what may i do?

  70. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Fans of Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, gear up for some heartbreaking news. As it is, the current track of the show is focussing on the break up of Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) is heartbreaking enough for the fans of the adored couple.
    In the upcoming episodes, the storyline will move into a leap. Yes, the show will take a 7-year leap, post which, the entire cast will be seen going for a toss (literally). And here are a few changes that the show will take.
    Post the leap, Dev and Sonakshi will be seen going their separate ways. Dev will turn into a full blown casanova who will not care for anyone, not even his family. But surprisingly, the Dixit household will see two children, and Dev would be seen caring immensely for them.
    Sonakshi will let go her lively self and transform into a serious working woman, just like Dev was in the past, while Dev’s sister Neha (Cheshtha Bhagat) will be remarried.
    The question that comes to our minds now is what about their mother Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar)?
    Ishwari will slip into depression. Yes, the lady will become completely mum and will not be speaking to anyone in the house.
    Quite a heartbreaking leap, isn’t it?
    We also got to know that Shaheer and Erica’s looks will undergo major transformations. Shaheer will be seen in a smart jacket, zooming around on a bike. Erica, on the other hand, will be sporting glasses with a blunt hairstyle and a very girl next door ensemble- a skirt and a top.

  71. Kittu

    @ganga I am a girl and married like u dear.Ekdv wali kittu nai hu main. BFspoiler m hai ki daughter hai and others pe aisa kuch nai.

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