Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nikki and Ria are checking out the jewellery. They speak of the jewellery that will be given to Dev’s wife. Ishwari asks them if Dev said anything to them. They deny. She tells them to go to their rooms now. I have to sleep.

Why are you so excited at this hour? Her mother says I will be as you and I are going shopping tomorrow. we are going for your wedding jewellery shopping. Sona tells her to relax. It isn’t happening so soon. we have ample time. Sona’s mother asks her if Dev spoke to his mother. Sona nods. Her mother is not so convinced from Sona’s reply. Sona says everyone is happy. we don’t want to rush into things. We will decide and then let you know. Her mother agrees.

Next morning, Mami gets to know that Ishwari has refused to let anyone find

out about the photo till it is ready. It upsets her but then she has no option.

Sona is getting ready. Elena asks her to hurry up. I have class early morning. Will you drop me? Sona is all quiet. Elena asks her if something happened. Sona shares that maybe Dev’s mom felt bad when he pulled me to stop me for the photo. Elena asks her if aunty said it herself. Does she hate you? Sona replies that it isn’t hate but maybe she is unable to imagine me in her DIL’s role or I am not the kind of DIL she wanted for Dev. Nothing happened because of which she can be upset. I will try to make her like me again. I told Dev that I will handle things as aunty ji is upset with me. Elena nods. you are my best sister. You will make it happen. Dev had to agree so aunty too will agree.

Dev meets Sona on the door. thank you for coming on time. I would have spent the day without seeing you. she says I forgot what I had thought to say. He is surprised to realise she plans from home what she has to say to him. say it. She tells him to go or she will never stop talking. He asks about her plan of action to make up with his Ma. She has none so far but surely wants to. My mother was insisting that our families meet. I stopped her this time but it will happen eventually. He nods. I dint think about it. she says I was just telling you. I will postpone it till I can. Only one mom can be handled at one time. But don’t worry everything will be fine. he nods. I have the prettiest and strongest woman of the world. She confirms it before leaving. He leaves smiling.

Sona thinks it is impossible to impress aunty in a day. I will have to bond with her first. She notices Ishwari speaking to the cook. He insists upon cooking. She tries guiding him but then lets him try. Sona greets her. Ishwari tells cook that Dev likes the koftas made by her only. Sona says I will watch from here only. Dev likes the halwa made by you. he says no one can make it like you. Ishwari relates that she has been doing it since childhood. He used to say I liked making besan ka halwa. He dint know I liked to see the shine in his eyes when he hears its name or eats it. Sona requests her to teach her how to cook besan ka halwa. I will make it like you will say. Ishwari says it isn’t easy. I will teach you how to make Suji ka halwa. Sona says he likes Besan ka Halwa. Please teach me that only. Ishawari agrees. Sona takes out her notepad. Ishwari guides her over ingredients and process. She takes out the quantities for Sona and leaves. Sona thinks it will be unhealthy. She reduces the amount of ghee and sugar. Later, Ishwari tastes the halwa. How come there wasn’t any fragrance today! She notices the amount Sona has kept aside. Why she insisted / acted to learn it when she dint want to make it the way I make it? Why dint she use them all?

Mami is surprised to see halwa. How come there was no fragrance today? She tastes it and makes a foul face. She is surprised to know SOna has made it. Ishwari says she was insisting so I taught her. Mami says no one can make it like you. Call it anything but don’t call it Besan ka Halwa. Ishwari says it happens when you are young. This was her first time. Mami relates an incident of the time when she was recently married. My MIL used to point at every black dot on the papad too. Ishwari points out that she is talking about Ma. Mami covers up her sentence. I was just giving an example.

Sona asks Ishwari about the halwa. Is it nice? Ishwari tells her to let Dev taste it. You have made it after all. Dev calls out for Bhola. Sona asks Ishwari not to tell Dev that she has made it. let him taste it first. Ishwari agrees.

Ishwari gives Halwa to Dev. He is pleasantly surprised. You have begun to surprise me daily. I like such surprises though. He tastes it. What is it? Is this halwa? You dint make it. Who has made it? Are you teaching Ria and Nikki how to cook? Who has made it? The smile disappears from Sona’s face. Ishwari asks him if he dint like it. He replies that it contains no sugar or ghee. It has no taste. Ishawari tells him to stop. It is ok if it isn’t that good but don’t say all this. Dev says I am eating the halwa made by you since so long. Whoever has cooked it does not know how to cook. Who has made it? Sona comes forward saying she made this stupid halwa. I am sorry I dint want to ruin your taste. Ishwari says it happens in the first go. I too dint learn it just like that. People learn from their mistakes. Dev too will learn. You know how hard it is to make it. You broke her heart just like that. Dev apologizes to Sona. I dint mean to hurt you. How would I know you have made it? Now I feel it dint taste as worse as I said. Let me. Sona goes. Ishwari looks worried.

Precap: Sona asks Bhola who kept sugar and ghee away. Bhola says Ma ji came. She kept them here. Ishwari says Dev is like that only. He knows his mother cannot make such halwa. Sona says you knew though. Why did you give it to Dev?

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Varsha94


    |Registered Member

    Poor Sona.. Bechari sirf Dev ko khush krne ki kosis ki.. Aur thoda zyada he hurt hogayi.. Anjaane Mai Dev itna kuch boldiya.. Man she would have felt very bad..so here starts the parting ways part..gonna b more painful from now on I guess..😡

  2. Esme


    |Registered Member

    Ishwari ishwari aapka mai kin karoon n dev can’t u eat tasteless food once ??? Ok u didn’t know it was made by sona bt still…..taste is not everything my dear bidu….. I mean I too used to eat tasteless food made by my fndz n sibling….i have done this tasteless atyachaar on my fndz n sibling….lol…

  3. Esme


    |Registered Member

    I m such a bad cook that whenever I enter kitchen. ..I feel like crockery n vegetables r making fun of me…..lol…

  4. Esme


    |Registered Member

    We don’t add that much ghee n sugar in our besan ka halwa…..our family’s besan ka halwa is full of taste n health bt still we rarely made it n I eat very less…..Anyone want treat of besan ka halwa ??? Then firstly read my FF “” Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC ) #7″”””

  5. Blink

    Ishwari such a cunning shrewd person! Cheeeeee! She wants to humiliate Sona ! Why did the evil woman serve that halwa. Psychological female ! She is gone mad and GKB the nut has turned her more mad. How cunning Ishwari was, playing the game of a good mother in front of Dev and Sona over halwa! My God! Ugly!!

  6. pradishma

    After Ishwari suicide drama, Dev and Sonakshi will part and Dev will become angry man and will hate the word love,because he thinks she betrayed.
    I feel bad for Dev.
    But in sonakshi’s skin even any sensible will think to part from Dev ,if ishwari tries suicide attempt. So sona is right to part from Dev.

    Regarding Ishwari Aunty – She should suffer ,cry and struggle to see her son behaving angry.. She should get pain to see Dev living a lifeless life. She herself should go and beg to bring Sona back..

    • Neha

      I just hope whatever you said will become true….I also think that seeing dev’s condition she definitely think about sonakshi to bring bak in her son’s(dev) life….then only she will realize dev true love for sonakshi and she also accept her whole heartedly…

    • Kalika

      Ishwari’s secret will come out and then Dev will himself leave her and go to Sona, he should beg Sona for putting up with his mommy boy antiques…. If you see a momma’s boy I just swipe left – don’t need that kinda drama

  7. Shalini

    I was sitting covering my face with the blanket during the time when dev was eating halwa….😂😂
    Ishwariji is SUCKING…..😠

  8. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    Guys, sona’s mother is cute ,all r note that how much difference between dev and sona mothers ,both are mothers but thinking is different
    Sona’s mother not behaving like ishwari ji if she got a bahu.sona’s family is best compared to dev family

  9. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Kya aaj Sona ne wo fan-gifted kurti pehni thi?? Ab Sona ko pata chal gya ki there’s something wrong wid Ishwari..Bas ab wo Dev ko kuch nhi bole warna jhagda ho jayega..jab ko pata chala ki Jis halwe ki usne itni zyada burai ki, wo Sona ne banaya tha, uska face dekhne layak tha..kisine notice kiya, Ishwari jan-boojh ke aise bol rhi thi ki itna bhi bura halwa nhi h, taki Dev us halwe ki aur zyada burai kre..WICKED LADY!!

  10. parkavi m s

    Dis story reminds me lawrence’s SONS AND LOVERS. In that hero’s mother never allow him to be close with any women. She always tries to portray other women is wrong except his mother. He too thinks his mother is the best.. vry later after his mother’s death he needs someone to be loved most. Even dat tme his luver s ready to shower him love.such a lover s sona
    Dev doesn’t deserve sona.. he is not a man of own thinking though he s business tycoon.. break ur relationship with sona den only she can lead her own life.. if u not she forced to lost her individuality and self respect..

  11. parkavi m s

    Dis story shifted its focus from romantic to villanous.. its horrifying to see… pity sona. Dey won’t understand u make dem suffer feel for u move away..fly free. U hve many colours outside dis house.. 👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼

  12. parkavi.m.s

    This story reminds me lawrence’s SONS AND LOVERS. In dat hero’s widowed mother never allow any women to be close with his son..when she hurt his lover he didnt object and not felt sorry . He thinks his mother’s love is the best.. whateve she did has reasons. But vry later after his mother’s death he longing for da person whom loved him most…
    I feel for sona.. better to be alone.. dev is a unlucky man. He doesn’t deserve sona. She has to get independent thinking hubby.. track shifted its focus from romantic to villanous one 😈😈 I cant see this 🙈

  13. Mubeen


    |Registered Member

    Dev se jyaada isliye bura laga ki aunty ji ne kuch nhi bataya….

    sona rehne do dnt thnk too much for dev n aunty……tumhare ghar se jaane ke baad unko tumhari value pta chalegi

  14. Neha

    I heard that soon dev break all ties from sonakshi for Ishwari’s happiness…. sadnews for Devakshi fans….first time i used to hate ishwari for her possessive love for dev….she’s the reasons for Devakshi breakup…
    Now dev again becomes angry man and sona lost her smiles post breakup… I’m worried for Devakshi…I dont want to see them seperated… i request writer’s plz unite devakshi..
    Coming 2day episode, it was ok …

  15. haniya

    dev itna bhi guess nahi kar paya ke sona ne banaya hoga itna burra laga bechari ko aur ab to in dono ki iss halve ki vaja se bohat bari fight hone vali ha waqi stupid halwA.

  16. Faizaf

    Ye ishwari ko kya ho gaya h????? Ye q -ve role me aa gyi h???? After all she is dev’s mom yaar……
    Sona felt very bad about dev’s behaviour aur usne bhi to kuch zyada hi bol diya bina jaane……

  17. 4nshika


    |Registered Member

    hamein toh halwe ne loota… Radharani mein kahaan dum thaa…. mr dixit ko pasand nhi aaya….. kyunki usmein sugar aur ghee kam thaaa
    Hehehehhe… 🙂

  18. $ak$hi

    what i had read is just!!!guys ishwari to attempt suicide n dev will find out that ishwari is unhappy with his relation with sona n will breakup with sona!!!ishwari will eat 5-6 BP pills in depression that she is not good mother n will faint…sona’ family will ask sona to move on in life…she will leave yhe job n join her lod job at hospital

  19. vaidehi

    This is not mere fiction but my life even my husband is like this since 3 months of my marriage I’m living with my son separately and the villain of story is his overposessive mother I can relate with sona hope my life was serial in hope of happy ending my son is 20 yrs old but I’m never overposessive

  20. sadaf

    Kya???? Really Neha…., dev sona ka breakup ho jayega???? n Dev will come in an angry mood??????
    Oh no! This is a very bad news…
    I don’t want devakshi to be separated….n his angerness….
    I want them united soon….
    Anyways… I hope after all this, ishwari will realize that what she did a dumb mistake of separating devakshi and she will herself unite devakshi with pure heart….

  21. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Aaj sabko maine bahut rude rply kiya hai…..😡
    Sorry….. Sorrry….. Sorry….bache Ki loge jaan kya…..
    Again rude
    — Maine kuch galat v to nhi kaha…😖
    In @Esme style— thorough jutta chappal in my dp 😨 No…no…no…there devakshi naa so don’t through it….

  22. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Oooooooooooo I seee!!!!!! puja ne update Kara haii aaj….👏 really good one…very good yaar…
    Tavi Mai sochu Ki aaj ye chamtkaar kaise…hmmm 👌👌
    See Ma see update Ho to aisa….

    • Blink

      Hehehe ! For the time being she will loose cases i feel but in the long run she will win cases for Dumbo! Priya treat this lightly!

      • Chanpreet0815


        |Registered Member

        Priya i agree with u dev deserve sona.
        Nd yes i read about bkp. Really feeling vry sad for dev. Sona ne kitni mehenat ki dev ko change kr diya pura. ab firr se vo pehele jaisa ban jaaega. I think pehele se bhi jyada rude ho jaaega

      • Devakshi fan

        There is no prob with Dev or Sona. Problem lies with with Iswari or the mindset. Is it a possessive mother’s mindset or rich people mindset is to be seen. If Iswari wld have been poor and Sona wld have been rich, what she wld have done?

  23. Devakshi fan

    It is not fair for girls. Why Sona has to impress Iswari to get married to Dev. She shld be accepted as it is. Is it becoz they are rich and Sona’s family is not. How Iswari has accepted the earlier girl. Why she did not feel bad when Dev rejected her wo her knowledge.

    • Kalika

      Sona could hand her beating heart to that old hag and she still won’t be happy. Ishwari needs to be taken down a few notches, she needs a bad daughter in law to realize what a gem she had in Sona

  24. Kalika

    Sona should walk away from Dev while she can, let Dev stay entwined in his mother’s apron strings. I hope whatever secret Ishwari is hiding comes out soon I would love to see her fall. Maybe she killed her husband, maybe she had an affair, maybe she was a drug dealer…. such endless possibilities.

  25. Ganga

    Pls…. Pls…pls…..Dev nd Sona ni weak cheyyodhu…… Breakup tarvata vallani inka strong ga cheyyandi….. Plsssssssssss

  26. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ishwari is b*t*h in devakshi life
    She try to commit sucide in hospital in front of her brother she act that she is not good mother for dev
    Another b*t*h radharani blame sona for ishwari sucide
    Only nikki is the person who ask radharani what is the fault of sonasis?
    b*t*h reply sona try to steal dev from ishwari

  27. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev & sona about to collide each other at hospital but not happen because they were busy on their duties
    Sona came to ishwari ward about her health?
    Dev doesnt deserve sona

  28. Ngkrishnakumari

    Please bring old khatri in ishwari life because sona had suffer lots of badmouth taunts insult etc by ishwari & radharani so we want to suffer ishwari same by khatri
    He is only one who can handle ishwari bring back to normal ranges
    Felling bad for devakshi after break up no more devakshi because it going to happen dev & sonakshi

  29. Gc

    y u guyz waste 2 much time on diz stupid discussions?
    and on diz Useless hindi dramas…
    …There are so many intrsting stuff around u…..

    • Blink

      GC while there are interesting stuffs around , discussions on something u follow or like is not a waste of time! Infact there is nothing called waste of time. Its productive if u see thru a proper lens as we are constantly learning thru interactions!!!!!

  30. Joel


    |Registered Member

    going mad………y this separation…compare with other masala serials i thought kuch rang awesome and lovely nw irritating because of this ishwari ji..this is not fare…dixit family always hurting sona…damn worst

  31. Blink

    Prit ,
    Ishwari marne se to serial khatam! Yeh to ma beta ki rishto ka drama! Bach jayegi drama karke . Yeh serial aise Khichegee aur chewing gum banegi ab! Dekhna!

  32. AmandaS

    Sona deserves what happened, how do you ask someone to teach you to cook a dish and then change the ingredients. Dietician or not, you need to make it first then change whatever you want to change in your 2nd try. As much as Ishwari’s annoying but she did right.

  33. Sharan

    There was always a sense of happiness and comfort when watching this show…but lately things have started getting really irritating. …hope the makers don’t test the viewers patience level….already I have started being irregular on watching the show…

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