Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Nikki and Ria are checking out the jewellery. They speak of the jewellery that will be given to Dev’s wife. Ishwari asks them if Dev said anything to them. They deny. She tells them to go to their rooms now. I have to sleep.

Why are you so excited at this hour? Her mother says I will be as you and I are going shopping tomorrow. we are going for your wedding jewellery shopping. Sona tells her to relax. It isn’t happening so soon. we have ample time. Sona’s mother asks her if Dev spoke to his mother. Sona nods. Her mother is not so convinced from Sona’s reply. Sona says everyone is happy. we don’t want to rush into things. We will decide and then let you know. Her mother agrees.

Next morning, Mami gets to know that Ishwari has refused to let anyone find

out about the photo till it is ready. It upsets her but then she has no option.

Sona is getting ready. Elena asks her to hurry up. I have class early morning. Will you drop me? Sona is all quiet. Elena asks her if something happened. Sona shares that maybe Dev’s mom felt bad when he pulled me to stop me for the photo. Elena asks her if aunty said it herself. Does she hate you? Sona replies that it isn’t hate but maybe she is unable to imagine me in her DIL’s role or I am not the kind of DIL she wanted for Dev. Nothing happened because of which she can be upset. I will try to make her like me again. I told Dev that I will handle things as aunty ji is upset with me. Elena nods. you are my best sister. You will make it happen. Dev had to agree so aunty too will agree.

Dev meets Sona on the door. thank you for coming on time. I would have spent the day without seeing you. she says I forgot what I had thought to say. He is surprised to realise she plans from home what she has to say to him. say it. She tells him to go or she will never stop talking. He asks about her plan of action to make up with his Ma. She has none so far but surely wants to. My mother was insisting that our families meet. I stopped her this time but it will happen eventually. He nods. I dint think about it. she says I was just telling you. I will postpone it till I can. Only one mom can be handled at one time. But don’t worry everything will be fine. he nods. I have the prettiest and strongest woman of the world. She confirms it before leaving. He leaves smiling.

Sona thinks it is impossible to impress aunty in a day. I will have to bond with her first. She notices Ishwari speaking to the cook. He insists upon cooking. She tries guiding him but then lets him try. Sona greets her. Ishwari tells cook that Dev likes the koftas made by her only. Sona says I will watch from here only. Dev likes the halwa made by you. he says no one can make it like you. Ishwari relates that she has been doing it since childhood. He used to say I liked making besan ka halwa. He dint know I liked to see the shine in his eyes when he hears its name or eats it. Sona requests her to teach her how to cook besan ka halwa. I will make it like you will say. Ishwari says it isn’t easy. I will teach you how to make Suji ka halwa. Sona says he likes Besan ka Halwa. Please teach me that only. Ishawari agrees. Sona takes out her notepad. Ishwari guides her over ingredients and process. She takes out the quantities for Sona and leaves. Sona thinks it will be unhealthy. She reduces the amount of ghee and sugar. Later, Ishwari tastes the halwa. How come there wasn’t any fragrance today! She notices the amount Sona has kept aside. Why she insisted / acted to learn it when she dint want to make it the way I make it? Why dint she use them all?

Mami is surprised to see halwa. How come there was no fragrance today? She tastes it and makes a foul face. She is surprised to know SOna has made it. Ishwari says she was insisting so I taught her. Mami says no one can make it like you. Call it anything but don’t call it Besan ka Halwa. Ishwari says it happens when you are young. This was her first time. Mami relates an incident of the time when she was recently married. My MIL used to point at every black dot on the papad too. Ishwari points out that she is talking about Ma. Mami covers up her sentence. I was just giving an example.

Sona asks Ishwari about the halwa. Is it nice? Ishwari tells her to let Dev taste it. You have made it after all. Dev calls out for Bhola. Sona asks Ishwari not to tell Dev that she has made it. let him taste it first. Ishwari agrees.

Ishwari gives Halwa to Dev. He is pleasantly surprised. You have begun to surprise me daily. I like such surprises though. He tastes it. What is it? Is this halwa? You dint make it. Who has made it? Are you teaching Ria and Nikki how to cook? Who has made it? The smile disappears from Sona’s face. Ishwari asks him if he dint like it. He replies that it contains no sugar or ghee. It has no taste. Ishawari tells him to stop. It is ok if it isn’t that good but don’t say all this. Dev says I am eating the halwa made by you since so long. Whoever has cooked it does not know how to cook. Who has made it? Sona comes forward saying she made this stupid halwa. I am sorry I dint want to ruin your taste. Ishwari says it happens in the first go. I too dint learn it just like that. People learn from their mistakes. Dev too will learn. You know how hard it is to make it. You broke her heart just like that. Dev apologizes to Sona. I dint mean to hurt you. How would I know you have made it? Now I feel it dint taste as worse as I said. Let me. Sona goes. Ishwari looks worried.

Precap: Sona asks Bhola who kept sugar and ghee away. Bhola says Ma ji came. She kept them here. Ishwari says Dev is like that only. He knows his mother cannot make such halwa. Sona says you knew though. Why did you give it to Dev?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Subhashini

    Priya is well deserved as dev babu’s lawyer congrats priya ??

    1. Priya9876

      Ohh!! Soooo sweet?

  2. Chanpreet0815

    Guys i just want to ask that ishwari commit suicide. toh vo bach jaaegi yaa marr jaaegi

    1. She wont commit suicide she will Take over dosé of sleeping pills in depression and will faint

      1. Priya9876

        Absolutely correct information

    2. Asmita...

      Tum bhi dev babu ka asr aa gya h kya… Agr ishwari hi nahi rahi to serial aage kese bdhega…

      1. Priya9876

        Ohh come on Asmita soo funny

  3. Chanpreet0815

    Guys i just want to ask u something. Ishwari commit suicide. ttoh vo bach jaaengi ya marr jaaengi.

    1. Esme

      Hayee mhada ramji ….Ishwari marr gayi toh sona ka grihpravesh kaun karega ???? Mai ????

      1. Priya9876

        Tum karo gi too mujhe to bahut acha lagee Ga

      2. Esme

        @priya haha…very funny

    2. Devga

      Hi….. Hwru??? Not soon her character wil come to an end….. Lol wat do u want? 😉

  4. Prit ,
    Ishwari marne se to serial khatam! Yeh to ma beta ki rishto ka drama! Bach jayegi drama karke . Yeh serial aise Khichegee aur chewing gum banegi ab! Dekhna!

  5. Sona deserves what happened, how do you ask someone to teach you to cook a dish and then change the ingredients. Dietician or not, you need to make it first then change whatever you want to change in your 2nd try. As much as Ishwari’s annoying but she did right.

  6. Chanpreet0815

    Ohhk guys i got it?

  7. There was always a sense of happiness and comfort when watching this show…but lately things have started getting really irritating. …hope the makers don’t test the viewers patience level….already I have started being irregular on watching the show…

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