Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev checks his phone and sees 5 missed calls. He says Suha must be waiting for him. He comes to Sonakshi’s house. Sonakshi comes out angrily and asks where he went? Dev says outside. She asks why he didn’t pick up her calls. She said sorry and he still.. she continues scolding him and says it’s about Suha.. why he’s not answering. He says he will speak if she lets her. She gets quiet. He says Golu was upset with him so he went to him and his phone was on silent mode. Dev taunts her and goes in. Sonakshi says, Mr. OBODRO.

Vicky is upset with Dev taking care of his new family and here taking care of Golu as well. Radharani tells him not to worry.. let Sonakshi and Suha come here, then she will see how Dev looks after them. Vicky tells her.. did she see Golu?

He does big cha big cha all day. Radharani says she has a plan for that as well.

Dev is playing with Suha. Saurav comes to talk to Dev. He tells him that he wants Ronita to look best bride. He can only trust one person for this. Dev says he knows.. his style is such.. Saurav tells him he is not talking about him. Dev says, then? Saurav says Sonakshi. Dev tells him, are you serious? Saurav says, don’t be mean.. they both know this is the truth. Dev asks then why he came to him? He says how he can tell Sonakshi about this and asks Dev to talk to her. Dev says ok.

Sonakshi is working on laptop. Dev comes and watches her. She asks any work? He continues watching her. She gets distracted and asks what? He wants to say anything. He says nothing. She asks why he’s glaring at her? He says she’s not that bad.. She says she knows that and she has no issues with anyone glaring at her, but him… because his eye sight is cheap. He grabs her hand and says, before she didn’t find him cheap. She says, before he didn’t find her boring and ugly. Both have eye lock. Sonakshi goes back to work. Dev laughs. She tells him to say what he wants.. for how long he will stand there. He asks how she knows that he wants to say something. She says she just knows. He asks does she have any plan to look hot in wedding or she will go around like this boring? Sonakshi says seems like alcohol is still on his head and asks him to leave. Dev now says directly that Saurav wants her to get Ronita ready as he thinks her dressing sense is good. Sonakshi says why he sent Dev.. couldn’t he come himself? Dev says he must be shy.. She says such a small thing.. couldn’t he say it directly? Why so much drama. Dev says he enjoys troubling her.. how he would let this opportunity go? Sona’s mum comes and tells Dev to go to caterer to give final order as she has to go some other place. Sona’s dad says why Dev? Sona’s mum looks at him.. he says he means Dev is pure vegetarian and they will be having non veg.. but if Dev wants to go.. he can.

Later, Asha comes to Mr. Bose and asks what’s going on? There’s something between him and Dev for sure. He says she has issues when they fight and she has issues when they don’t? Nothing’s going on. He understood Dev is here for Suha and she was right about what she said in hospital that they both should support Dev Sonakshi.

Later, Dev comes to Asha. Asha asks where he went yesterday. He says to Golu. She says he loves Golu a lot, right? Dev says, yes.. last 7 years he spent because of Golu only. He used to think what Sonakshi must be going through.. but then she had Suha with her. Dev goes to the caterer.

Asha is busy with all preparations. She gives a list to Sonakshi to check, but she has to go to Ronita’s place to get her ready. Sonakshi thinks how she can leave all on Asha. She sees Dev and goes to him. Dev has earphones and doesn’t hear Sonakshi. Sonakshi pulls him and gives him the list saying she is going to Ronita’s place and requests him to go through the list. Dev quickly checks it and says done. Soankshi says it’s hopeless to request him for anything. Dev says it’s his last day here.. if he does anything wrong, then she will make a big deal out of that… so it’s better he doesn’t do anything. He wants to relax on his last day. After couple of hours, they will be at his place and there will no longer be Sonakshi’s rules. He goes. Mr. Bose hears this.

Saurav is nervous about his wedding. Dev tells him to be relax. Other side, Sonakshi tells same to Ronita as she’s nervous too. Both Dev and Sonakshi try to calm them down. Dev says they two have understanding, love, and most importantly, both families have accepted them. Sonakshi tells Ronita to always trust each other and never lie. Saurav tells Dev when he understands so much, then why he couldn’t save his marraige? Saurav and Ronita ask Dev-Sona whether they two forgave each other?

Mr. Bose is not feeling well by thinking Sonakshi and Suha will leave tomorrow. Asha says it’s just for a week and they knew about it.

Guests start to arrive. Dev sees Jatin and tells him he wants to talk to him. They come outside. Dev frankly tells Jatin that he doesn’t like whenever he’s around Suha and tells him, tomorrow they are going to his house and no member from Bose family will be allowed to come there. As Mr. Bose takes Jatin as his family member, this rule will apply on him as well. Jatin says he won’t disturb them and he knows Dev will take good care of Suha.

Saurav-Ronita’s wedding starts. They both tell each other about their nervousness and Dev-Sonakshi helping them. Dev and Sonakshi look at each other as they recall their wedding. Sonakshi walks away. Dev follows her. He asks she was thinking about their wedding as well?

Episode ends.

Precap: It’s midnight. Dev is ready with his bag. He says Sonakshi’s good time is over. He goes and wake her up saying her 7 days are over.. now his time starts. She says have you gone mad? What’s the need to go this late? He says we are going and it’s final.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Priya9876

    Sare log ‘PHOOL’ ‘MAALA’ ‘PRASAAD’ etc..
    jo v chize ‘Antim Sanskaar’ k liye lagti h wo sari chizey le kar ready rahe bcz


    Ye site hume jald hi chodd kar jane wala h…. aur mujhe iss baat ki bohot khusi hhai….

    Kya bakwass h ye… Matlb kuch v chaap dete hai… ar tag v karte h…. chiiiii..!!!

    Spare them dude..!!

    1. Rekhadhir

      Maine bhi pda tha pehle main bhi post karne wali thi
      Is site ke reporters ka dimag khrab ho gya hai
      Pta nhi bichare in dono ke piche kyun pde ha
      Are bhai agar kuch hoga to bta denge
      Waise bhi shaheer ne ek interview main kaha tha ki ye uski personal life hai kisi ke bare main jo bhi feel karta ho woh speaker hath main le kar nhi bta sakta…

      1. Priya9876

        Exactly yaar jab tak wo khud na chahe, koi kaise force kr sakta h ki nhi aap batao hi bata hi do…..

        Ek to shaheer waise hi itna reserved type ka banda h usse ye log kuch personal baatey Officially declare karna chahte h…to bhul hi jaye ki shah inki bakwass ki wajh se kuch v kahenge….

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      I can only laugh at this…????
      Kaun hai bhai unka on set source???
      Koi plz ACP sahab se Poocho…???

      1. Priya9876

        Hoga koi mr.india type….
        Undekha….Anjana sa…
        Pagla site…..
        Koi kuch krta v nhi…

  2. Priya9876

    Jatin kuch jayda na bolkar bhi, Dev ko chup karwa deta hain????

  3. Neha1

    Today episode was good ??but most enjoyable moment that song modified version of Taanaa naa haan haa aah….??
    Agar kisi ko bhi iss music ka link mile toh plz send kr dena..
    Oh..! Dev jealous with Jatin presence…. Yeh to hona hi tha..!
    But like Bijoy, me too worried for Sona…Afterall they’re soon entering in ZOO –Dixit house..!
    Sourav-Ronita was looking Cute…!??

    Precap mei toh Dev- you scared me…!
    Mtlb Sonakshi ko pareshan krne mei Ishwari, GKB or Idiot Vicky koi kasar nhi chodne wale or upar se tum humari Sona ko darra rhe ho… Not fare..! Hope Sonakshi ko jada torture na sehna padey…!
    Waiting for 2mrrow episode…!

      1. Neha1

        Woww Maza aa gaya…Thank you Rekha dee..??
        but I wanna download this so plz song download ka link send kr do….if possible..! But only that tune Taaaanaaa naa….modified version…!

    1. Priya9876

      Yes u can download it from here ?


  4. Priya9876

    Sourabh ki shadi mekuch hot wot banne ka plan h ya aise hi ‘BORING’ INTELLECTUAL’ ban k ghumogi?????? ?????????

    Mamta Ma’am, Dev v paresaan hai……

    I know ab aap kuch nhi karoge…. huhh!

  5. Priya9876

    by guys good night….
    MA ne itni jaldi update diya h ki kya hi mai bolu….

    1. Di, aaj MA ne nahi Simmy ne upload kiya hai

      1. Priya9876


  6. Haa priya true? Jatin ne dev ko pyar se chup kara diyaa?
    I have started disliking dev’s character..why does he behave so rudely. .like at d precap the way he said “mera waqt shuru miss sonakshi bose” i didn’t like..
    Do u all also feel the same that dev’s character is not shown in a nice way like how the main protagonist should b shown..

  7. yaar i am really fed up of these rumors or reality i dont really know that krpkab is being replaced.
    you said it right Priya9876 hume iss site ka antim sanskar karna hi padega becoz i cant take it anymore ki krpkab is going off air (according to spotboy) it makes me restless.

  8. Shalinibose

    hi guys how r u, Today’s episode was awesome. Dev is looking more handsome day by day 🙂
    But un dono ke ladai kab mitegi kab dono ak hogi 🙁

  9. Aastha1704

    Overall a nice episode.Guys relax after all it’s fictional yet best in all ver true. Almost correlate to real life but nowadays makers are dragging this. It has been more than 3months but still the same blame and hatred game is going on. Pls makers show us team parenting.

  10. I don’t think dev is planning against sona, more like he’s not going to let any external factors between him, sona and soha. Ishwari is away. I think only problem will be ex gkb using Golu to manipulate Dev without him even knowing it. she may use his love for Golu against Sonakshi.

  11. In precap Dev wake sona in midnight its over in Dev house he stood up for sona because of soha don’t drag get some interesting moments in this show

  12. awesome wating for tomorrow

  13. I really dont like about todays Dev two things.
    1) there was not necessary to talk with jatin in that manner. Means, he knows that they are goung to Dixit house after few hours and he already told to sona that hatin will not allowed in dixit house for meeting soha, thwn why its necessary to inetigate jatin. Anyway, jatin was good to reply him but just imagine if jatin will told that he will not meet soha as dev is his biological father and he would want to come in between a father and daughter. But, there is no relation between dev and sona, so he will meet sona as sona his best friend. In thatvxade, what would be dev reaction. Anyway, it not happened but just imagine.

    2) as we seen in precap, he told to leave dixit house in midnight itself. How he will ask sona to leave in midnight. He himself reached Dixit house after sunrise, and he thought sona to reach his house in midnight. This is just ridicolous. Atleast wait for completing 7 days yaar…

  14. I think precap bijoy boss ka sapna (dream) tha

  15. Aarti32

    Hey everyone!! I missed u all sooooooooooooooooooooo much!! Priya, Asmita, Manya, Shalini, Chanpreet, Devga, Ng, Neha, Niki..Sabko bohot miss kiya..jinka naam bhul gyi unko bhi kiya??

    1. Priya9876

      Miss u too girl…

      Kaha the itne dino se???

      1. Aarti32

        Exams yaar!! 12th boards ne jeena haraam kr diya?

  16. Jatin is just perfect for Elena

    1. Priya9876

      Bechara Jattu…????????

      1. Aarti32

        Jattu!! ????

  17. Rakesh

    writers are dragging the episode… day before yesterday they shown some courtesy towards each other and yesterday again blame game.. really how sona is going to stay in dixit mad house tackling ishwari, GKB, Vicky n golu (without his knowledge) is big question mark… dev feeling too much jealous towards jatin… Ronita n Sourav you were beautiful n thanks to them for asking sona n dev, whether they will forgive each other… bijoy as father, he is more worried person n it is correct also… and precap I think it may be dream of bijoy…

  18. yes i also think that makers now dragging the show. Devakshi can become atleast friend now for soha. but same hatered jhagda. ye acha nhi lag raha hain. kuch sweet moments chahie please mamta mam.

  19. one thing is confusing..Radharani and vicky wanted dev to spend time wit golu earlier and now they dont want….kya yaar

  20. The serial is beginnin to drag…time for mr khatri to comeback.

  21. Why do I have a feeling that supriyaji will not be back to show….do anyone has such thought? This makes me think that really show is going to end soon…my reasons
    1. Shaheer is too busy … mostly he is out of India..
    2. Erica not happy to play mother’s role..
    3. Supriyaji expressed long back that she is not happy with the track…

    Feeling sad..

    What do u guys think?

  22. Lizaa

    epi was good…
    dev babu phir se jatin se jale…
    devakhi ki nok jhok bahat achha laga
    finally saunita ki shadi katam hogya
    oh god raat 12baje dev sona nd soha ko apne ghar lejaega…
    aisa lagta h dev sona ko bahat tang karenge apne ghar main
    xgkb,vicky nd dabba maa kya kam tha aab yeh v

  23. Dev can’t see anything or anyone beyond his mother. He has no equality. He always gave his mother a upper hand than his wife. And why does he have to behave like a child all the time ki main tang karunga tumhe, mere revenge ka time aayega in my house etc. Silly kiddo types. Totally immature.

  24. Prads

    Kal ke episode me mujhe kuch baatein achi lagi

    1) Sona ka Dev ke liye chinta karna…. Ki woh hospital se bina kuch kahe itne raat tak kahan the
    2) Dev ka Sona ko chedna ka andaz aur dono ka sawaal ke pahle tum aise na puchte the…
    3) Bijoy ka Ex-SIL ka baat man na ki kuch dino ke cool rahna… Jiss tarah se Asha ke saamne apne gusse ko control karke baat ko ghumaya….
    4) Saurabh aur Ronita ke sawaal par Dev aur Sona ka chup rahna…. Isse andaza laga sakte hai ki abhi bhi unke mann me thoda bahut pyar hai
    5) Dev ka Sona ke liye chinta unn 7 saalon ka kaise Sona jee rahi hogi….. Jab Asha ka puchna ki Dev Golu ko bahut pyar karte hai toh Dev ka confess ki Golu ke kaaran hi woh 7 saal tak jee paya aur yeh bhi chinta thi ki Sona kaise jee rahi hogi lekin abhi malum pada ki uske paas jeene ke Soha saath thi….
    6) Saurabh aur Ronita ke shaadi par Dev aur Sonakshi ko apne shaadi ka beautiful pal yaad aana

  25. Neha1

    Wow.! Suhana to Take a STAND for Sonakshi in Dixit house going against Ishwari in KRPKAB..!


    1. Rekhadhir

      Is dev ko kab akal aayegi …????nation wants to know?

  26. Rekhadhir

    Ye shaheee kya phir se chla gya apni indo behno se milne usne video dali hai insta pe

    1. Priya9876

      Yep he has gone yesterday…????

      1. Rekhadhir

        Oh my god

    2. Priya9876

      Oh my god nhi

      Oh! My Shaheer whn u will come back…????????

      1. Rekhadhir

        Pta nhi ab ye kab aayega wapis

  27. Rekhadhir

    Kisi ne hash patanaik ki Interview pdi hai aaj ki
    Mere se link kho gya
    Twitter pe thi ab mil nhi rhi

    1. Rekhadhir

      Oh my god are bhai hash nhi yash

      Ye typo ki to main…..

  28. Priya9876

    See what yash Patnaik sir replied ?

    Ab sare log plz saant ho jao…. Ar koi kuch mat bolo… Offair k bare mey…???????

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      Ya ab yeh baat bagh aaya bagh aaya wali ho gayi ab jab shaheer bhi bolega to koi nahi manega see it:
      Take a look at @YashAPatnaik’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/YashAPatnaik/status/852102162272354304?s=09

      1. Ishankrpkabian

        And who is thinking show is being dragged to bas karo ab aur yeh muft ka interview bhi padho bcoz tum sahi ke pagal ho ab se iss page par off air ki koi baat nahi hogi keval apne views acting ke baare me ep ke baare me aur looks ke baare me dena
        Take a look at @YashAPatnaik’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/YashAPatnaik/status/852017887132786688?s=09

  29. Manya

    The last para says
    With few weeks left for the show to wrap up?????????????
    Iska Kya Matlab hai bhai?????????

    1. Ishankrpkabian

      Yaar why don’t u understanding yash sir ne tweet aaj 3 42 ko kiya hai ki they are spreading rumours for their publicity kyun nahi samajh rahe open links which i and priya have shared yaar producers are correcct or this sites think thrice

      1. Ishankrpkabian

        Please believe only on toi google and imdb and channel and producers yeh baki sab spotboye india today paagaal hain

    2. Priya9876

      Manya bachaa ab tu mat suru ho ja…

  30. Priya9876

    What an interview…
    I love this line–
    Yash sir ” love all the episodes of Kuch Rang. I would tell my wife that ‘Our show ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ is the only other thing that I romance after you!’”
    Awwwwww !

    Read this ?

  31. Priya9876




    1. I am really scared of these indo behens now.
      Like jaise onscreen mother is his wife’s sautan in disguise usi terha who knows what these Behens really want to be.
      Look at these shameless BEHENS kaise chipak rahi hai (yeh mujhe bilkul pasand nahi aaya)

      1. Priya9876


    2. Rekhadhir

      Kaisi behne hai ye bhaiya keh kar sainya bnaane pe tulli hui hai

  32. Priya9876

    The highest rated indian tv serial on imdb currently !!


    9.1/10 IMDB


  33. I’m relieved after yash sir’s tweet becoz krpkab has now become a habit rather than just a choice i just not watch but live each and every episode of it.

    i just loved what yash sir told ” love all the episodes of Kuch Rang. I would tell my wife that ‘Our show ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ is the only other thing that I romance after you!’”

  34. That sona ta na na tune


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