Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev comes home early and tells Sona that he is going to drop Dadi bua to Rishikesh and is leaving in sometime. Their romantic chat starts and he leaves. She asks him to drive safely. She then falls asleep. He calls her and says at night he can speak only to his wife. Their romantic chat starts. Ishwari knocks door. Sona opens it. Ishwari says from tomorrow navratri is starting and she with bhaiya and bhabi will fast for 9 days. She knows she is her nutrionist and does not like it, so she came to take her permission. Sona says she will fast with maama and maami instead of her. Ishwari says it is very tough and she has to stay away from Dev for 9 days. Sona agrees. Ishwari walks out smirking. Dev calls Sona back and asks if mom had come. Sona says yes and asks him

to drive safely and take rest in between in if he feels sleepy.

In the morning, Sona keeps fast. Navratri pooja starts. Whole family performs pooja. Vickey yawns. Mamaji scolds him. He tells that in this house, pooja happens every now and then, they should declare this house as temple. Mamaji hits his head.

Dev comes home tired. Ishwari shows her concern and asks him why did he drive whole night, he would have gone in the morning instead. Sona watches her lie. Ishwari asks Dev to go and change, she will serve him food. Dev asks Sona to get food to his room. Ishwari feels jealous. Nikki says bhabi is busy, so she will bring food to his room. Mamaji handles situation and says not to worry, Sona will bring food to his room. Dev leaves. Ishwari gets more jealous. Sona gets pakoras and says she prepared them with Kichu’s help. He tries to feed her pakora. She says she is fasting. Rhea enters and feels guilty that she enters always in a wrong time. Sona calls her in and asks her to serve pakoras to her brother while she goes and serves tea and fruit to Ishwari. Rhea says Dev that bhabi prepared pakoras in air fryer without oil. Dev gets dishearted.

Sona walks down thinking she got away from Dev now somehow, how will she tell him that she cannot be with him for 9 days. She takes fruit and green tea to Ishwari’s room and asks her to tfinish fruit fast. Radha who is sitting there munches whole fruit and says she was feeling weak. Sona taunts her not to eat too much prasad. Ishwari tells Sona if she wants she can skip fasting as she has to stay only on fruits. Sona says she has a habit of staying on fruit. Once Sona leaves, Radha starts her wicked talks and tells Ishwari became saas, but she cannot as Vicky is jobless. Whereve Vicky goes to seek job, they all reject him saying he is Dev’s brother and does not have a small job. Ishwari says Vicky can join Dev and she will convince him.

Ishwari goes to Dev’s room and starts pampering him that he works so hard and they both took care of family so well till now, family is very important to them. Dev asks what she wants to say. Radha also comes and sits. Sona hears their conversation silently. Ishwari tells Dev that she wants Vicky to join his company and work with him. She walks out. Radha then her drama and thanks Dev for agreeing.

Precap: Sona tells Dev that she has kept navratri fast and mom told they cannot be together for 9 days. Dev goes to Ishwari and asks why is she pushing Sona in pooja and other things immediately after marriage.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hey all… Have u noticed.. bechara Dev.. Jab sona ko room mein bulata hai to usse pehle room freshner daal kr pura mood romantic banata hai.. But his bad luck… Riya aa jati hai…
    Yaar in girls ko akal nahi h kya.. Jab dekho devakshi k beech mein haddi ban jati hai.. Kuch to privacy do becharo ko

    1. Priya9876

      mujhe v badi hasi aayi thi us wAqt kaise dev prepration karta h n sari prepratioins ek pal me fusss………hahahahaha

  2. Neha1

    New trouble for Dev-Sonakshi in KRPKAB :-
    in Sony TV Popular show KRPKAB Dev and Sonakshi rift over Vicky’s promotion.
    The forthcoming episodes of KRPKAB will show high voltage drama where Dev and Sonakshi’s love life will not running smoothly.
    Dev and Sonakshi has to face much trouble post their marriage, Sonakshi is trying hard to deal with these problems.
    Radharani comes to Dev to talk about Vicky’s job in Dev’s company that is Ishwari enterprises.
    Sonakshi is shocked to hearing this and does not support this thought of giving job to Vicky in Dev’s company as she knoes Vicky very well.
    Sonakshi try to talk to Dev about it but all goes in vain when Dev ask Vicky to join his company at a good position.
    Sonakshi and Dev in family troubles.
    Sonakshi ignores it while things goes out of hand when Dev give an early promotion to Vicky, which Sonakshi objects.
    Radha Rani creates drama over this issue and this will create argument amid Dev and Sonakshi thus affecting their love life.
    Keep reading for more updates of KRPKAB.

  3. Junee

    Ughh Budiyaa Laali ( Dadibua ) ko Lulla chod ke aya hey! So hopefully one evil gone for sometime!

    1. Priya9876

      but the biggest devil is still alive……

  4. Neha1

    Guys I’m sleeping…. If anyone get any new spoiler about krpkab… plz let me know…..I’m not feeling well…doctors suggest me to rest more n more…So dont mind….! I had medicine ryt now…feeling dizzy n sleepy…so will meet you guys in evening…!

    1. Erina

      Take care dear nd we will meet in eveng if u feel good then only come ok swtheart. Plzzz take proper rest

    2. Priya9876

      khayal rakho apna

    3. Junee

      Please take care of yourself Dear and get well soon! I hope you feel better and cheerful in the evening! Take rest properly Neha!

    4. Manya

      Take care?

      1. Neha1

        Thanks dear for your concern

  5. Sneha1


    just watch it.. Shaheer’s expression… I am again n again falling in love with him… Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeee U Shaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    1. Devga

      Thnks dear

    2. Priya9876

      aww sneha u r very late dear….. u just saw d song???

      1. I know this time I m late.. But better late then never…
        But he is looking so cute in this song..
        N his voice just amazing

    3. Manya

      Shaheer is looking so cute❤️????????❣❣????

    4. Latha

      Thanks sneha

  6. Sneha1

    n best part is Shaheer is the singer of this song…..

  7. Devga

    Happy dhashera to all krpkabians and frnds… Would anyone explain me the traditions during dhashera…

    1. Priya9876

      hey devga maine socha type kr k batau but fir laga sayad ache se na samjha pau too
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vijayadashami there u goo

    2. Manya

      Priya do has told u the traditions but I must tell u it is a lot of fun actually in Delhi every locality brings one Ravan and it’s really fun I go and see each and every Ravana?
      Some are so funny?And some get torn while they are making it stand it is a really tough task to make it stand

      1. Devga

        Thank u

    3. Devga

      I really want to experience many northern traditions…. many smal smal traditions and puja’s are also fully followed… It wil b a pleasure to experience the unity in culturals….

      1. Erina

        Always welcome dear seriously we northy have so many festive na that i can’t even tell u dear ek jaata nhi dusra aane to taiyar rehta hai but we love our all festive.

      2. Devga

        Yo erina await me…. Warning before hand… B ready to bare me…. Lol 😛

    4. Priya9876

      Hey devga ur dp from shaheer’s movie Turis Romantis naa???
      Lovely lovely ? see shaheer apni fans ki pictures click kr rhe hai… Here n only here ?

      1. Devga

        Exactly priya sirf yahan aur kahan…. Actualy i am crazy abt Photography and shaheer so SET it as dp…..

        I Was sad i dint understand a single word of indonasian lang…. 🙁

  8. Neha1

    @Erina, @Priya and @Junee… THANK YOU.!
    I appreciate very much your thoughtful expression of concern and your good wishes for a speedy and complete recovery…?

    1. Erina

      I’m happy to see smile in ur comment. I wish nd pray ki tm aise hi smile krti rho dear. Be happy nd though i haven’t seen anyone here but seriously i feel connected with everyone here. Seriously krpkab has given me a awesome family. I truely love u all. U all r now part of my family ?????

      1. Neha1

        Same here Eri dear..?

  9. Priya9876

    Just saw the sharica Asian paints add..
    Its fab?

    1. Where have you seen that.. I have checked on YouTube but could not find any ad there.. If u have any link.. Then please send me.. Else send me a detailed description of the ad
      This is d first time I m going so crazy just for an ad

  10. Priya9876

    Excited for Beyhad guys???

    1. Manya


  11. Priya9876

    N also eager to watch todays episode of kuch rang…. M 1000% sure phsyco fir dev ko emotionally blackmail karegi…huhhh!!

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