Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari calls Bejoy and asks if Dev came there. Bejoy says Dev is here and he sent him and Sona out of house. She asks how can he at 2 a.m. He says they were disturbing his sleep and now even she is disturbing his sleep and asks to let him sleep and disconnects call. Ishwari stands fuming. Asha asks Bejoy to go and bring beti and damad back. He says he knows what he did and they will come back after sortin their issue.

Dev walks behind Sona trying to calm her. She yells to stop following her like a puppy. He asks how can she call him a dog. She says like he calls her a rabbit. She continues walking and asks him to stop following her. He gets into car and moves pleading her to stop. She continues walking. Two men see that and bully Dev that he is following

a girl and asks him to get out of car. Dev gets out of car and says she is his wife and it is their personal problems. Men yell they will teach him a lesson if he does not stop following. Dev grips their neck and warns to stay away. Sona sees that and runs back and asks Dev to leave them, tells men that they are husband and wife and asks them to leave. Men leave yelling if they are husband and wife, they should solve their issue at home and not outside and these kind of people spoil Delhi’s name. Dev says now they are spoiling Delhi’s name and asks Sona to gget into car now. She gets in. He starts car, but then she stops and gets down again. Dev says let us have tea as she waanted to.

Ishwari informs mamaji that Bejoy sent Sona and Dev out of house at midnight. Mamaji laughs. Radha starts yells how can bengali baba send his damad out. Mamaji asks her to shut up and not frighten Ishwari and tells Ishwari that they ar not kid and will take care of themselves.

Dev walks behind Sona and near a restaurant says let us have tea as she wanted to have it. She says she cannot afford. He says what…She sits on a stool under a shelter. He picks one more stool and sits on it and says let us go home. She says she was at home, but he brought her on road. He says their house. She asks which house, he never gave her right of a family member and in fact of a wife at all, it is always him and his family and she is not included in her family. If he saw how Elena and Sourav were fighting during dinner, it looks so cute and dearly feeling. He apologizes her and says he will give her rights to do whatever she can and she can paint their room with pink, black, grey, blue, whatever color she likes. She says she does not want black and gray again, back to Obodro days. He gets a tea from a roadside vendor and they both sip. He says if they go home, baba may not let them in. She smiles. They sit on stools chatting again and fall asleep.

In the morning, Ishwari gets worried again that Dev and Sona did not come home yet. Neha yells that she is worrie onlly about her bahu and not daughter. Mamaji tries to calm Ishwari , but Radha starts yelling again that bengalan Sona trapped Dev and now her family is also trapping Dev. Mamaji warns her to shut up and jokes he had asked his cousin to get Aligarh’s lock to shut Radha’s mouth, but he could not. She yells she tells always truth. Ishwari sits tensed.

In the morning, a few passerby school children see Dev and Sona sleeping on stools. Younger one asks his brother who are they. Elder one says they are couple. Younger one says if they are couple, then the must be fighting like their parents. Dev and Sona wake up and smile. Younger one says they are smiling, then they are not couples. Dev says they are couple. Sona says even they fought like parents but talked and solved their issue. Boy says they should go home before their parents punish them and says they are good people. Dev says boy called him good pupil. Sona says he told they both. They both smile.

Precap: Ishwaari comes to Bejoy’s house and gets jealous seeing Dev feeding Asha. Sona sees her and greets in. While leaving, Sona touches Bejoy’s feet and walks towards car. Ishwari angrily looks at her.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Coming to home in run(speedilyspeedily) but missed Today TamilVer show like yesterday..
    BT Happiiee Today I ll see Today’s orig(Hindi) Epi.in TV.!!Strting to see Ystrday one..It seems Perfect Asusual…

  4. Junee

    Lets see after all this how Dev handles his wretched mother. Poor fellow caught between the mother and wife. Lets see has he changed even a wee bit ( for better ofcourse)or remains the same bakra” ma ma ma”????
    Ohh yesterday felt like giving him a tight slap once when he said phone do! Ma ko bolna hey ki baba ne ghar se nikal diye! Par Sona meree jaan ankh fadke jo look diye aur car se utarke chal diye!??? har cheez ma ko batana hey ” Buddhuram” sayee mey!

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