Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Vicky practices Dev’s signature unsuccessfully. Radha scolds him that he cannot even copy Dev’s signature correctly. He says he will see signature once and will copy for sure. He enters Dev’s room and searches for specimen copy. He finds Dev’s watch and thinks Dev has a good taste. Dev comes in and Vicky hides. He then changes his clothes and calls his friend Bunty. Bunty is busy talking to his girlfriend and tells her that her sautan is calling. He picks Dev’s call and says he was busy with his girlfrield and she calls him her sautan. He suggests Dev to stop sharing his feelings with and aunty and have a girlfriend. Dev says it will happen when it should be. Sona on her bed smiles and thinks she is in love.

In the morning, Sona enjoys

breakfast with her family. Saurabh gets a call and he runs to pick newspaper. Bejoy snatches paper and laughs seeing him in underwear advertisement. Daadi asks what happened. Bejoy says Saurabh was selling undergarments and is modeling in undergarments now. Saurabh embarrassedly leaves. Asha asks Sona if she will attend relatives’ wedding Sona says no. Asha says will find a lot of boys there. Elena says she will accompany her and tell people that Sona will find her alliance herself..

Sona goes to work. Dev comes and sits for breakfast. She asks if he wants to have something. He sees chutney bowl in her hand and asks only chutney. She says no, she will bring what he wants. He apologizes her for yesterday’s incident. She says it is okay and ask how was her meeting. She says it went well. Garib hi beti Radha gets jealous seeing them and brings Ishwari. Ishwari asks what went well. He tells his business meeting with Gujral and his daughter and says daughter Natasha is one of board of directors and she is well cultured and intelligent. Ishwari says girls are becoming very intelligent and bold now a days and gives Sona’s example. Sona beds and strikes her head with Dev. She says sorry and strikes head again. Ishwari asks what happened. Sona says she used to think she will get horns if she strikes head once. Dev asks if she is serious. Sona smiles. Garib hi beti Radha yells that she has gone mad and laughs all day. Dev leaves for work without havin breakfast and taking Ishwari and Garib hi beti Radha’s blessings. Sona smiles seeing him leaving for work. Garib hi beti Radha notices that and fumes.

Ranveer takes Neha to his favorite roadside tea stall. She sips tea and says it is wonderful. He says he usually comes to this shop during his daily walks. Neha tells about her childhood incident where she steals sweets from her friend’s mom’s tea shop. He says means she was that small thief. She says sh was a kid then and Ria and Nikki babies. They get up and she slips. He picks and drops her till car. She gets in car and thinks she could not say no to Ranveer even today.

Dev enteracts with his employees. Natasha comes and Dev says it is a surprise, how come she is here. She says she came to discuss business with him. He says he left file at home. She says that is okay, they can go home and discuss meeting there. He says okay and takes her alone.

Kichu looks at list and asks Sona what is dev bharta. She snatches notepad and asks him to get brinjal out. Ishwari comes and asks what is she preparing. Sona asks if she will have bharta and tell she will substitute tomatoes with lemon juice and continues talking. Ishwari hears Dev’s car horn and runs down. Dev comes with Natasha. Ishwari asks how come he is early home. He introduces Natasha and says he forgot files here, so they came to discuss business at home. She says he did good. Natasha touches Ishwari and Garib hi beti Radha’s feet. Dev asks Ishwari to send coffee and takes Natasha along.

Bejoy practices yoga on sofa. Saurabh speaks to his partner and asks him to accept only cash from clients as he does not want to pay tax. Bejoy breaks his silence and scolds Saurabh. Saurabh laughs and says he won this challenge. Bejoy throws pillows on him and runs behind him.

Sona asks Kichu to add lemon juice and black pepper in bharta. He adds. She shouts why did he add lots of pepper. He says she told. She apologizes him. She then walks out and sees Dev and Natasha busy in a meeting. Dev tells Natasha that he loves traveling and asks where she wants to go in 1 year. She says sasural and says she dreams of a normal housewife.

Precap: Dev gets Natasha in car and tells Sona that he will drop her after dropping Natasha as he is going via same route. She says it is okay, their routes are different now. Natasha greets Sona and follows Dev. Nikki tells Ishwari that Natasha is very beautiful. Garib hi beti Radha taunts Sona that Natasha is beautiful and well cultured, Dev needs this kind of girl whom Ishwari will also like.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    I think now jealousy track will start as sona will get jealous 😛 I liked te part whenever sona thinks about Dev and that part was epic when Dev say what nonsense I don’t believe wen sona says if two person’s head gets hit once thy get horns hahaha , if not usually the boy will immediately agree and bang their head with the girl’s head again immediately 😛

  2. awesome episode.

  3. i dnt lyk dis trck… sona k saathfriendly hone me dev ne itna tym liye toh natasha k saath itni jaldi kaisi ho skta h… god noes nw wen i get to say “lvly epi” atleast nt until natasha is present in devakshi” lyf i hope ye vicky natasha ko pata le kyonki usse toh koi b chalegi bt for dev i wnt only sona

  4. Enjoyed devakshi’s dining table part…and that bejoy and saurabh too funny.. Lol…

  5. Ru Bhattacharya

    Ekdin jo mere koi nahi tha
    Aj wohi kismat ke pehchan ban gaya
    Jo kabhi na honi thi
    Woh mumkin kaise ho gaya
    Lagta hai ki pyar ke rang chad gaya hai mujhpe
    Kal tak jo mar jane se achcha hota
    Aj wohi jeene ka wajah ban gaya….superb episode.i think god makes shaheer most carefully,without any inperfection,lovingly and world’s beautifull.he is perfect and best.i luv him…good night

  6. I agree with pinky that dev becomes too friendly with natasa but not with soma in the beginning. Again he doesn’t like romance but listened Natasha desires about partner .This is not good .I think dev does all these just to impress her and her father so that it will be a huge profit for his business. However he always cares for sona which he will realize and m waiting for that episode.

  7. episode was good…precap also good…I really lyk this show very much….gn every1

  8. Actually Natasha is also very open n talkative unlike sona who only cares about her work. N dev can’t do much abt it coz this is a very imp deal. He even said to sona that he had to attend to them last night coz they were imp ppl. I don’t think dev will have any feelings for Natasha n it will be Natasha who’ll fall for him. But till now her role doesn’t look negative.

  9. zaraa ali khan

    Nice serial.. & i like dev’s styles .. Sona really not suits for dev… Natasha is better….

  10. zaraa ali khan

    Nice serial.. & i like dev’s styles .. Sona really not suits for dev… Natasha is better…. But unfortunatly sona is the real partner …. But ok , nice story .?

  11. My heart broke in this epi,I can’t believe that Radha is interested in Natasha and also Nikki,riya and neha…!

  12. Ru Bhattacharya

    guys how is my today’s shayari for DEVAKSHI?Natasha track is so boring.please take her away from DEVAKSHI’S life.i can’t tolerate her

  13. Ru your Shayaris are great ! Keep it up.
    Sona is so beautiful specially the scene where she falls asleep by saying ” pucca mujhe ho gaya”! Sona is far more sensitive and restraint than Natasha! In her second meeting Natasha talks to Dev about having family and cute babies. How can anyone talk so personal without knowing someone well. Specially a business partner. That too they are going to become business partners not yet.Natasha is no match as against Sona! Natasha is being shown as a business women yet she doesnt appear to be so professional as nobody in business gets personal while cracking deals. So it was strange. Well to me Sona looks beautiful with Dev and thats the perfect match. Natasha is ok as a friend to be with occassionally. I think Dev will also treat her that way although she will fall in love with him.Sona is a far more straight forward transparent character who is driven by passion

  14. It will be a fabulous track, if another man is introduced as interested in Sonakshi and that makes Dev jealous and helps him realise his feelings for Sonakshi. It will be even more interesting if Sonakshi backs off and tells Dev that she would like to return to the hospital as his mother is fine now, it will surprise dear Dev babu who has been taking for granted that Sonakshi will be there all the time to take care of his mother.
    The jealous track will be boring and draggy if only sonakshi keeps getting jealous and act silly and Dev is blissfully ignorant of the whole thing.

  15. Sona looks damn cute while she’s jealous.. But if dis Natasha dreams of a housewife wali life, then y did she even enter her father’s business..she should have gone to cookery classes like DST Preeti in edkv

  16. Ru Bhattacharya

    I’ve tried but don’t find out what special thing is in Natasha which haven’t in Sona.I think whole Dixit family gone mad!!!!Natasha is clever.She tried to enter in Dev’s personal life….

  17. Han u are absolutely right! You have said it what i had in my mind about this story. It will be interesting to watch the events unfold as suggested by you ! I was also thinking on similar lines. Dev has taken Sonakshi for granted!Natasha is a clever business woman knows her way out. Why does Natasha have to make gim realise his feelings for Sona!

  18. Sona is a doctor she can go to Paris anytime as conferences are held thruout the world on several medical topics and nutrition is one of them. We doctors utilize these forums to present our case studies. So do that Sona and complete your trip to Paris or any other destination . Atleast u will achieve it professionally rather than using business funds

  19. nice episode

  20. Ru Bhattacharya

    Manzil mujhse door nahi
    Tere dil ke paas hai
    Mere dard ke har saans pe
    Tere pyar ke ehsaas hai
    Kas tujhe pata hota tuhi meri pyas hai
    Mere dil ke har jagah pe tere naam ka raaz hai….this is to Shaheer form Ru..how is it?

  21. Vry nice shayri. AWsm Ru Bhattacharya. i liked jealousness of sona. Mujhe pata hi tha ki sona jealous. i should give one suggestion. Sona should live dev and his house. Then and then only i think that dev will realize. Aur rahi baat natasha ki toh she is good and positive. But sona is more good. Sona should leave dev for for a while so that dev will realize his feelings for her. I know it may hurt sona but for achieving her love. As han told. i m waiting for the day when dev will have feelings for sona. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  22. Ngkrishnakumari

    I hate natasha how can she share her thought with dev without any hesitation

  23. Ngkrishnakumari

    Good news for devakshi fans dev going to fall for sona in upcomming tract
    He would wear orange shirt s sona choose

  24. Hey guys I watch telly top up on zoom today in this one news about krpkab. Natasha gonna fall for dev. Its s upcoming epi.

  25. where did u see that news @ ngkrishnakumari?

  26. Natasha will fall for Dev even i saw somewhere and will also become his fiance! ‘The best jodi ‘tagline by her father is probably for Dev and Natasha

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