Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Golu and Soha run into Dev’s room and fight. Golu says he is a super man and will win. Soha says even she is super girl. Dev asks why they are fighting. Golu says Soha woke up early and did not wake him up. Dev asks who else they woke up. Golu says maa, papa, dada, daadi. Vicky comes and scolds Golu that Elena is searching him, asks him to do some exercise and lose weight. Golu taunts even without exercise, big cha can beat him easily. Vicky angrily sends them out and asks Dev to restart exercising again. Dev says from tomorrow. Vicky says he ran 7 km and suggests Dev to start walking instead of running as he has gone old. Dev gets angry. Vicky then tries to brainwash him against Sona and says she is brainwashing Ishwari bua to do job, so as a husband he should stop her.

Dev says she is his wife and has her own equation with everyone, she must have thought well before suggesting anything.

Sona helps Ishwari select sari to wear for her job. Ishwari continues looking at Dev’s mail and says love you maa looks so cute. Sona asks her to stop looking at laptop much and select her sari. Ishwari says she will wear one today and another tomorrow. Sona says problem solved, it was not that difficult. Ishwari says it was difficult, but Dev’s mail eased it. She gets ready and goes to Dev’s room and says she is going to work. Dev says all the best and shows thumbs up.

Ishwari goes to office and apologizes Laksh for not coming yesterday. He says it is okay. Ishwari says she did not come as her son did not want her to work, but now he permitted her and even showed thumbs up. Laksh asks her son’s opinion matters to her so much. She says yes, her son is everything to her.

Dev and Sona watch movie together. Dev says that he wants to start dieting as Vicky told he ran for 7 km, even he wants to be fit, she should prepare a diet chart. She says they first evaluate client’s body, so he should remove his T-shirt. He nervously asks why T-shirt Ms dietitcian. She says Mrs dietician and asks to remove T-shirt now. They both laugh.

Ishwari at office sees her colleague getting burger and fries lunch for Laksh. She says it is unhealthy and gives her lunch. She then works on laptop. Dev video calls her. She picks and gets happy seeing Dev and Sona together. She asks how did they video call her. Sona says it is Dev’s idea to see her office and asks to show her office by turning her laptop. Ishwari shows things around. Laksh from other side signals her thank you.

Next morning, Ishwari packs Dev and Sona’s lunch boxes and even her and Laksh’s. Dev asks why another lunch box. Ishwari says it is for her boss, he is a boy and eats unhealthy burgers and fries. Dev insists her to prepare halwa for him. Sona says what about his dieting and paunch. Dev nervously says there is something called cheat day, he will not have halwa and walks fuming that Ishwari praised her boss.

Elena sees Vicky angry and asks what happened now. He shouts Dev who else, he says he and Sona are a team, where was Sona when me and my mom took care of business and house for 7 years. He continues yelling and fuming on Dev and Sona.

Sona travels with Dev and asks where is he taking her. Dev says to maa’s office, let us see where she works. Sona asks how does he know where maa works, if he let spies behind her. Dev nervously nods yes. They reaches outside office. Sona is shocked to see Nil. Dev says he knows she can read. Sona says it is Laksh’s start up coming. Dev says that means maa is working for Laksh. He panics how will maa react if she will know Laksh is Nikki’s boyfriend. Sona says he should look at the other aspect, it will be easy for maa to accept Laksh and Nikki’s relationship, she will inform maa tonight.

At night, Dev asks Ishwari how was her day at work. Ishwari says it was really good. He asks if someone tells her anything. Ishwari says no, they either teach or ask her suggestions, she is happy with her job. Sona joins and tells Ishwari that Nikki has a boyfriend. Ishwari is shocked.

Precap: Dev sees Ishwari guiding maids to clean house and asks why is it for, who is coming. Ishwari says her 3 daughters are coming, she spoke to Nikki and asked her to bring her boyfriend. Ev nervously asks what did she say. Ishwari says Nikki agreed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Neha1

    Hii friends, I’m back to home today but missed last week episodes..!

    Today’s episode was good..but I’m shocked 2mrrow all 3sisters of Dev is coming home 2mrrow..??? let’s see…

    Devakshi Bedroom scene was Superb…! ???????

    1. yes di neha is also coming with her husband. saw in a promo

  2. Minnel Noorsai

    episode going to a blissful enb, all family reunited . wonder what will happen to XGKB and Red

  3. wow episode was wonderful!
    what to say. …
    no one is coming here. but today is a special day.. yes it is riti di’s birthday
    ,?? WISH YOU A MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY????????????????????????????

  4. Neha1

    Many Many Happy returns of the Day Riti…! Stay Blessed dear..


  5. today epi was too good
    dev:sath kilometre
    sona:kya bol rah ho
    dev:vicky ne sath km running kii
    sona:tho golu ne aapke paunch notice kiya hoga
    dev:hello me itna pareshan huu aur tum…..
    ek kam karo mujhe dieting plan lekhdooo
    sona:uske liye body weight fit dekhna pedagaaa
    dev:jo tum likhoge voo kavungaa
    sona:aapne shirt utarooo
    sona:aapne shakal dekho me joke kar rahee hu
    dev:very funny bahut hasi aah ra hai…ha.haahaa..
    sona:ab tho shirt utaroooo

    mami:ye on kyu nahi reee
    mama:film dekh rahe hoo agar dekhna hota tume ek horror film

    dev:tumne kuch sikha office mee
    ishu:vo upar dabbe dabbe hote haina..
    episode was really good from so many days they are giving cool episodes.but seeing the precap godddd kya hogeye hamare “enter the dragon” wapas aa gayee..

  6. many more happy returns of the day …happy birthday ritii dii

  7. Happy bday riti??

  8. I don’t know why my comments are not getting updates.

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