Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev gets worried seeing Ishwari murmuring herself. Bejoi continues confronting Ishwari that she knows the truth now, she forgot her moral values after becoming rich and forgot her old days. Dev shouts to shut up and turns. His hand falls on Bejoy’s cheek and Bejoy gets a slap. Bejoy yells that is what he needed. Dev says it is a mistake and apologizes. Bejoy angrily walks out and warns Dev to never call him baba or come to his house. Dev tells Sona she saw it was a mistake. Sona says she does not know, she will be with her baba for the time being and leaves with Bejoy and Asha.

Dev returns. Ishwari asks where is Sona. He asks she went with her parents for sometime and will return soon. GKB brainwashes Ishwari that Sona did not care about family and went

with parents. Ishwari says when dear ones don’t care about her, why will others care. Her son cares about his wife and family more than his mother and family. Dev says it is not like that. Ishwari says she has decided that Dev and Sona will shift to another house. GKB is shocked that her plan has backfired.

Bejoy returns home fuming, calls Sourav and shouts because of him Dev slapped him. Sourav says he cannot believe. Sona asks him to calm down, they will return Dev’s money. Bejoy says it is 5 crores. Sona says 5 or 50 crores, it is not bigger than their family’s self-respect.

Dev asks how can she think of separating him from her, his identity is because of her. Ishwari says even birds live their nest when they grow up. Dev says he will never thinking of separating from her. GKB eagerly hears their conversation.

Asha asks how will they arrange 5 crores. Sona says they will sell this house. Asha asks what. Sona says she knows they made this house with so many dreams and hard work, but family’s self-respect is more important. Bejoy says she can do whatever she wants, he trusts her.

Dev in his room thinks Sona was right, once they returned home, problems started. He calls Sona and asks how are baba and maa, don’t worry, they both will sort out situation, if he should come there. Sona says she cannot talk to him now and disconnects call. He calls repeatedly and she disconnects call. In the morning, he gets ready for office and looks at his and Sona’s portrait. HE calls Sona again, Sona s busy with property dealer and disconnects call. Dev returns home at night and calls her and she rejects call again.

In the morning, during breakfast, Nikki comments and Ishwari asks her to shut up. GKB says let her speak, anyways their house has become a wrestling ground. Door bell rings. Dev eagerly look at door. Kichu enters with groceries. Dev says she is not hungry and leaves for office. Ishwari says he will be fine soon. GKB yells how will Dev get well until bengalan returns, she has settled in her parent’s house and will not return soon. Neha says without bhabhi, bhai will not be fine. GKB continues her drama.

Mamaji returns home and asks Ishwari if Sona and child are fine, where is she. GKB shouts Sona burst so many bombs. Mamaji asks her to shut up, he is talking to his sister. Sona reaches Dev’s house on her scootie.

Precap: Sona gives money cheque to Ishwari. Dev sees 4.5 crores cheque, takes Sona aside and shouts she is insulting maa. Sona says her baba was insulted. He shouts he is talking about his maa. Their argument continues.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I havent seen them happy for one complete episode after marraige….hero role is just stupid….he loves her ok but he has maintain it as well….n showing only one track in serial is always boring…what about neha’s life they should show something good…sona is also a daughter of some one if she can change all together why not that family….

  2. Yeah i m damn sure that she will get pregnant…makers always do this whenever they want to bring up pregnancy. First hickey then that fake pregnancy issue now shimla we all know what s coming up next..i don’t know whether devakshi will separate or not even though i have hope in it(just want it to be temporary only then dev will get a good lesson)but dev n ishwar separation s gonna happen i guess may be dev himself may take that decision after prenup drama. They have been showing inseparable dev n ishwari right from the beginning so this might give audience a much awaited treat. It’s all my imagination cum predictions let us wait and watch.

  3. That slap drama i don’t think we have to make it as a big issue definitely it s not a healthy thing to support but even in reality do many illogical things happen that is life… Unpredictable sometimes we get what we want sometime we won’t sometime we get what we dont want too… The same goes with our deeds too we do things that we dont mean r intend to do so…it s just the way they want to show dev s such a birdbrained person when it comes to his maa..


    JAN 11..

    JAN 12….

    JAN 13….

    WAT DO U THINK GUY’S…..IS IT GONNA true r not…..?????

    1. God! Perhaps this is a bit too much of drama put in! I feel so bad for the Bose family?

  5. I m little bit worried about the show s getting centric… Ishwari, dev, sona i know they are the lead characters but everyone has their own role in carrying the show ahead. But now some of recent episodes s really disappointing. What about neha n ranveer, vicky n elena relationship, more importantly mamiji new house. What about ria and Nikki?they r being used like a prop..

    1. Sonadi

      This show is about Sona Dev and Iswari only. All other characters are props

  6. Sona blaming ishwari wow…. That will be interesting to watch someone has to tell her at her face…. this s what u have done this s where u went wrong and all that….mamaji was there when she made a blunder but he doesn’t have that guts to call a spade a spade, after all she s his fav sis na…..

  7. Chanpreet0815

    May be it can come true. Ganga. we have to wait

  8. Chanpreet0815

    Very good sona. Gud rply to dixit family. Self respect se badhke kuch bhi nhi hota. Ham chahe middle class log kyu na ho. Pr middleclass logon ke liye unki self respect se badhke kuch nhi hota. dev is totally wrong. he is seeing the insult of his mother but sona ke dad ka kya. unki insult insult nhi h. Rich logo ki insult insult hoti h. Gkb and ishu are disgusting. I just hate them

  9. Manya

    Where r u all???

    1. Subhashini

      Harae chotti if u take med then also u have maths….

      1. Manya

        No in my school it’s not compulsory??

    2. Subhashini

      Ayushi If u interested pls tell me now u r in which standard???

    3. Priya12

      Hi, yeh..I m lined with my h.w….so I can’t cmt in written update but I read all ur cmts…….I am feeling bad that dev agrees 4 re marriage….

    4. Priya12

      Hii, yeh…I m busy with my h.w so I can’t cmt but I read all ur cmts…….. and I think u know…I m also a student 9th grade….u and me r same age….I am from tamil nadu

      1. Manya

        Woh!!!inam from north u r from south!!!??

  10. yar ye ishwari Kis Mitti Ki bani hui h…iskke bete ne sonakshi k Baba ko thappad mar diya wo dikhai nahi diya 5 crore ka rona ro rahi h….ar waise sanskaro Ki bat karti h…

  11. Sneha1

    Yaar ishwari k expressions dekhe the when Dev came back.. after sonakshi left home… I feel like.. slapping her again n again.. How can she be so rude… , so indifferent… uske ghar mein itna bada kaand ho gaya.. aur madam ko koi farak hi nahi pada… balki apna rona ro rahi hai.. kisi ne mujhe kuch nahi bataya… pagal lady..
    abbey itna sab ho gaya.. aur tujhe apni padi hai..
    Dev bhi bewakuf hai.. sona ne bola I want time to 10 din tak uske ghar nahi gaya baat karne… arey pagol.. agar sona phone nahi pick kar rahi hai to tu wahan jakar maafi maang.. agar dev ki maa naraj hoti to bus phone krke baat krta rehta kya..
    these dixit’s have such a double standard for everything….

    Meri bechari sona n hamari pyari bose family… har self respect wala aadmi yahi karega… u r correct sona…

    Dev par itna gussa aa raha hai precap dekhne k baad.. ki wo last scene mein itna smart lag raha tha ye bhi likhne ka mann nahi hai….

    Makers…. please show something sensible… aise ishwari jaise crap kaha hote hai…..

    Jo koi bhi ishwari ko maarne ka full proof plan banayega… mein uske saath hu..
    thik hai Ayushi, Priya, Piya, Shalini, Junee, Erina, Neha n all my krpkabians…

  12. Dev ne jab thapad Mara ishwari ne kuch react nai kiya..sanskar and all sab khatam.WO bas soch rahi thi beta paraya ho gaya..Erina ne kuch nai kiya matlab usko bhi sonakshi and family ko support karna chahiye that.

  13. Dev ne jab thapad Mara ishwari ne kuch react nai kiya..sanskar and all sab khatam.WO bas soch rahi thi beta paraya ho gaya..Erina ne kuch nai kiya matlab usko bhi sonakshi and family ko support karna chahiye tha.

  14. ha yani puri duniya me bs ishwari he smjhdar h….wo jo kahe wo.sahi jo.Kar de wo thk…..baki sb bewkuf h……dev itna bada businessman h
    is se pehle kitni jagah investment Ki hogi us ne ar 5 crore kya is se jyada b Ki hogi…tb ishwari ko nahi laga Ki uski pyari betiyo ka kya hoga…..gawar ko investment ka matlb he nahi pta hoga
    usne Saurabh ko koi donation thodai diya h Uske business me invest kiya h….

  15. Priya9876

    @ piya
    Sorry dear Ab ishwari department mujhe v handle nhi Hoga…..
    Ishwari jab bolna suru karti h Na tab mere kaano me D J wale babu bajne lagta hai…

  16. Hi frnds m Shagun….n m a huge fan of KRPKAB
    sorry pehle Apni frustration nikali tb apna introduction diya…

  17. can I join Ur group??

    1. arrey shagun itni confirmation mat lo u r most welcome n trust me pura krpkab group bjot khush hota hai new member add karke

      1. Priya9876

        Yes Shagun she is absolutely right

    2. Manya

      Of course
      Welcome ❤️❤️

  18. Hello frnds Maine abhi kahin padha ki aj ke episode m dev sonakshi ko ghar se chale Jane ko kahega..dono m bahut jhagda bhi hoga…ek bat mujhe ajeeb lag rahi bache apne parents ke respect me liye lad rahe aur bade apne hi bare m soch rahe…ye sabse dev aur sonakshi ki married life pe effected ho rahi koi nai soch raha…ishwari ko dekho pehle hi neha ki shadi tut chuki hai aur ab dev ki…per usko sirf apni padi hai.

  19. Priya9876

    Mama Ji & kichu Bhaiya wapas aa Gye ye dekh kar bohot khusi hui…..

    But dukh to iss baat ka hai ki dev aagyakari / sanskari ( only for own family ) ne apni ka Diya hua itna Badhiya proposal accept nhi Kiya….
    Chalo thik h nhi Kiya too ur wish…..
    Ab baith kar rote rahooo…..aap wahi deserve karte ho..???
    Kyunki sona too Ab aane se rahi….

    And ishwari devi k liye bas ek hi suggestion hai…..use har baar bas isi baat se problem Hoti h ki dev use ye nhi bataya, wo nhi bataya…..
    To ek large pack FEVIQUICK ka le Ar #CHIPKAA ke khud ko Dev se…..
    — Fir sari problem solved…..

  20. Priya9876

    Finally producers ne bohot sare new dresses arrange Kiya uske liye big thanx…..but situation ko dekhte hue new dresses pehnana chaiye….
    Sona, Bose house bina Kisi luggage k waha Gyi thi…n wo v itne dukh wale condition me to waha Jakar shopping too nhi hi ki hogi……
    Waha kapde honge v too Purane wale honge…shadi se pehle wale…..
    Chalo ek do ho v sakte h new but aapne Karin 5 -6 kapde new dikha diye…..

    1. Subhashini

      Mae bhi yayi sochrium….????producers itna excitement hogi kalath time par itna dress change

    2. Manya

      Arey Sab se mast toh Dev babu ke the??

  21. GUYS!!!!!!!one shocking news!!!!krpkab to take 7yrs leap!!!!!here are the details!!!
    Your favourite show is going to undergo a major seven year leap,which will be preceded by an emotional seperation sequence. Not only the lead actor’s looks change,but the main plot of the serial will also change. Devakshi now will be parents of a baby girl but will lead life as an estranged couple. This means KRPKAB will now become a fully family fledged drama.The makers have planned a shocking incident where dev n sonakshi part ways.The story will leap foward where sonakshi will be seen living in kolkata with her daughter.With this seperation,Dev will turn into a complete recluse.Leaving his corporate style,Dev will don a rugged look.The dutiful son who worshipped and trusted his mother will now be a rebel!GKB will run the dixit house.The story will take a dramatic turn where sona will come back to delhi with her daughter.Dev and his family will be unaware that they have a daughter.It will be later revealed that sonakshi was pregnant b4 leaving dev’s house and decided to keep this as a secret.Quite obviously the daughter will try to reconicle dev and sona!

    1. Where did u get diz news…..????

      Ohh Myyyy Goddddddd……????? 7 year’s leap…..I can’t believe dis……???

    2. Priya9876

      But agar ye Sach h too…m excited to watch ….
      Same time sad also for Devakshi separation …..
      Socho agar wo pregnancy time pe sath hote to kitne beautiful scenes ban sakte the….

      1. Junee

        You are right Priya

    3. Priya12

      Omg…..no …I don’t want any 7 year leap….ths is a very bad news for all devakshians

    4. Manya

      I hate u makers????????
      Kaash yeh jhooth Ho!!!!!??

    5. Priya9876

      Leap karna hi tha to ishwari mental ko maar k leap kar deta

      1. Neha1

        Exactly Priya but maker’s are reapeating same Balaji’s kind of story…! Like YHM…. but I don’t want that Radharani will rule on Dixit house as we all know that how she is…! Anyways its a wait n watch situation for us..!

    1. Junee

      This was original track and they are reverting to it !!! They will go separate ways it said . Thats sad

  22. Junee

    KRPKAB fans plz read Saheli’s articles on fuzion productions today on ” Andher nagri chaupat raja”! Beautiful analogies drawn . ” King goes blind then the kingdom ought to get dark”! Ishwari is the blind Queen in Andher Nagri the house of Dixits!!

    1. Priya9876

      Maine Kal hi padh liya tha…..
      Fab write up….???

  23. Subhashini

    Kya horiyae humari show mae seven years seperation of devakshi…omg how could this happen….aur pregnancy and baby birth wala time kitni important time for a jodi iss time par ho saath nai even i didn’t think about this…..

    1. Sonadi

      She has commented same as I had said in my comment. That is GKB knowing Dev than Iswari

  24. Priya12

    The news shuld be fake…..or else …in 7 uears leap….they mainly focus the child’s story……thn their patch up and thn tat child love story……… closing the devakshi story and showing their child’s story………..
    they shuld nt take 7 years leap……..pls

    1. Sonadi

      They have focused all shades of love so far. Now it should be daughter’s shade of love

      1. Priya12

        Di, they can show different shades of love using devakshi itself… what is the need of 7 years leap…..using devakshi they xan show pain, love, possessiveness ..etc…sry if I hurt u

  25. Junee

    Sona will have a daughter as per that article which I always wished.for!i I wanted a tight slap on Ishwari’s face about waris etc!!!
    Sonadi your wish too is granted as Sonakshi will not let them know about her pregnancy will go away with her daughter to Kolkata! Interesting will reappear after 7 years! Only hope Dev doesn’t remarry for that will be as good as throwing water on our expectations!!! Ishwari evil will cause the most precious moments in Dev’s life disappear! Disgusting ??

    1. Sonadi

      That is the best punishment one can give it to Iswari as she was so adamant about waris for the family.
      Now probably the shade of love may be daughter’s love .
      They should also show that Dev’s business is deep in debts and Bose family becomes rich through Saurab’s business. The table will turn. After the patch up through daughter Saurab rescuing Dev’s business. This will be a better punishment for GKB and Iswari . And also show that how good Bose family are.

      1. Junee

        I wish to see that!!!

  26. Junee

    As I see Ishwari everyday encouraging Radharani how I have often felt that GKb should give instructions to Ishwari someday and that is what will happen if that article is to be believed! Darkness will descend on the Kingdom of Dixit’s! Poor Dev will be burdened to get his sister’s married while his own life will be in shambles! If you choose wrong be it your parents pr any close one gloom is bound to come eventually! We are blessed with the sense of discretion and that we should use in appropriate manner rather than giving emotions like possessiveness especially,the priority!!!

    1. Sonadi

      Human beings are given sense of discretion but the anger and other aspects in life does not allow human beings to use it wisely. That is what is happening in Dev’s life. All this prom lens arose because you do not discuss with your better half.If he had discussed this investment with Sona before giving all this problems would not have happened.

  27. Sonadi

    Piya12 -They have already shown all of that. How many more we have to see that.Either they can show 7year leap or slowly they can show that Sona becoming pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful little krghosh as Dev had wanted. And going out of Delhi so that Dixit family will not come to know.Which will be a biggest punishment for Dixit family.Hopefully the makers follow this line as reported. Now there can not be any Devakshi romance except in flashbacks.

    1. Priya12

      Yeh..,.sona can give punishment to dev which dev deserves but the serial will become so boring di…..no devakshi romance…..too boring …….and the lead actors face would change to some what weird like beard and mustache and spectacle….so that I hate the 7 years leap

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