Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona asks Suhana if she is ready for school, then she should come out. She looks at Dev’s interview in newspaper and asks Asha to promise that whenever Sourav will marry, she will give space to his wife and will respect her. Asha says she will like daadi does and by the way, she found an alliance and Sourav is ready for marriage. Sona excitedly asks really. Asha asks what she has taught about herself. Sona diverts attention and asks Suhana if she is ready. Suhana comes out and says yes. Sona leaves to drop her school.

Golu gets ready for school and tells Dev about Suhana Bose and jokes. Dev takes him to school. Sona is at school with Suhana pampering her. Dev walks towards them, but does not notice…Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam. Golu stops Dev and asks where

is his pocket money. Dev gives him pocket money and is surprised to see Sona there. He stops her and asks what is she doing here, if she lectures school children how to grow. Sona angrily says none of his business. Dev insists. Sona asks why did he give wrong interview in news papers, she does not even like to see his face. Dev asks then why did she come behind him. Sona stands silently. He taunts if she cannot remember any smart lines, she says she takes only 5 min to decide. Sona asks not to repeat his words. Dev taunts she want to become like him, etc.. and leaves.

During lunch break Suhana opens her lunch box. Golu taunts her boring khichdi and shows samosas. He keeps samosa on her drawing paper and laughs. Suhana scolds him and picks drawing. Her drawing falls down and even Golu. Bell rings and their drawings get exchanged.

Sona goes back to office. Her friend Jatin comes and says Ami tomaro bhalo bhashi. Son gets very happy seeing him, runs and hugs him. Dev watches from his cabin and gets very jealous. They both chat laughing. Dev gets more jealous and reminisces Sona’s flower story. Sona tells maa has prepared his favorite dish. Jatin gets excited and says he will drop his luggage in a hotel and meet her at home. Sona says no need for that as he is staying with her. He asks if Suhana knows he is coming. She says even Suhana is excited. She says yes. He says then he will stay at her home. Sona sees Dev jealous and starts chatting with Jatin again. She thanks him for believing in her and investing in her business. He says he saw potential in her. Some clients come and Jatin excuses. Dev’s staff tell him that they want to throw a party to celebrate his recovery.

At Bose house, while having lunch, Sourav asks Daadi to remove her overcoat at least now. Daadi jokes let her adjust to the environment first. Bejoy talks about Jatin and says he likes Sona and they will make a good couple. Asha says even Sona should agree. Sourav asks Bejoy if he likes Jatin as he is Bengali. Bejoy says yes. They all laugh and continue enjoying lunch.

Sona is busy explaining diet plan to clients when Dev celebrates party and plays loud music. Client leaves saying they will have meeting some other day. Sona angrily walks towards Dev. Dev says welcome, this party is because of her, she saved him and so team has arranged party for his fast recovery, she can join them. Sona switches off music. Dev asks why did she switch off music. She asks what is his problem. He says she is his problem, why don’t she get out of his life. He is not dual faced like her. She asks what he means He says he realized who is the flower in her life. She says he has gone mad. Argument continues. Jatin comes and holding Sona’s hand says let us go. Sona says she wants to talk to him. Jatin asks to calm down and takes her out. Dev fumes in jealousy.

Precap: Dev looks at Suhana’s drawing and says Golu that he wants to meet her friend. Jatin asks Sona why don’t she inform Dev about Suhana. Sona says she is worried that Dev will snatch Suhana from her.

Update Credit to: MA

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