Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev’s family pose for a family pic. Sona comes for work. Dev runs and asks her to join her for family pic. Sona says how can she. He says Bhola will prepare breakfast and she does not have to worry. Ishwari gets very disheartened and fumes. After photographers clicks one, Ishwari asks Sona to prepare her breakast. Sona leaves. Ishwari then tells she did not like first one and asks photographer to click one more. Dev says it came well. Ishwari says even food is not cooked well for the first time. Dev says he will call Sona. Ishwari says no need, when she did not mind including Sona in family pic, Sona also should not mind clicking pic without her. Dev gets disheartened next. Radha comments 9 family members or 10, photos will come good. Ishwari selects background

and photofame. Sona hears everything standing in kitchen.

After photo session, Dev goes to kitchen and Sona says he should not have dragged her for family pic when she is not part of his family. He says sorry, he did not know this would happen. Sona asks him to go to office now. Dev leaves.

Radha brainwashes Ishwari that Dev dragged Sona and now she has lost control on Dev. Ishwari says even now she takes decisions. Radha says then Dev would not have dragged Sona in family pic when she is not a family member yet.

Sona is busy in kitchen. Vicky enters and stands right behind her. She turns and clashes. He taunts she is taking a chance on him. She says what does he mean. He says she trapped Dev so easily for money, if her love is only for Dev and she will share it with him also. Sonakshi fumes and warns to mind his language. He continues. She gives him a tight slap. Mamaji sees that and asks what did Vicky say. She asks him to ask Vicky itself and leaves kitchen. Mamaji takes Vicky to room and beats him. Radha comes and asks why is he beating their son. He says Vicky misbehaved with Sona, Dev’s love. Radha also acts as getting angry and beats Vicky and once mamaji leaves pampers Vicky.

Neha goes to Nikki and Ria’s room and asks why did not they inform he about Dev and Sona. Nikki says she does not come home at all, then how will they. Neha says she will know her situation once she marries and asks how was mom’s reactino. Ria says mom accepted Sona. Nikki says Sona is so beautiful and intelligent, mom must not have problem accepting her. Neha says mom has problem, else she would not have reacted during photo session.

Radha goes to Ishwari’s room and brainwashes her again. Sona goes next, sees Ishwari putting bedsheet on bed and asks if she can help. Ishwari says she likes unkempt bedsheet, else it will look like new one and she cannot accept new things in life so easily. Sona apologizes her for photo session issue and says she told Dev she did not want to be part of his family photo sessino, but he did not agree. Ishwari says at least she should have some conscience not to spoil someone’s family photo session, if still they both do’t reject each other’s request. Sona stands sadly. Ishwari asks her to go home now and ask drive to drop her. Sona leaves sadly.

While dropping Sona home, Dev asks Sona if she is still upset regarding morning’s issue. Sona says she told him she does not want to part of his family photo session, she is not even his family yet, she knew mom would be angry and she is on mom’s side this time. Dev says she knows he cannot thinking of anything without her and apologizes for nothing thinking much and getting her into an embarrassing situation. Their mood lightens and they continue conversing smiling.

Precap: Sona says she wants to learn besan halwa. Ishwari gives her grocery. Sona removes ghee, etc. Ishwari tastes halwa, finds it tastless, and thinks if Sona did not want to learn from her, then why did she act.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Typical behaviour of an over possessive mother who doesn’t have occupation or life of her own they than stamping her superiority and running her sons life
    .selfish mom’s . Grow up Live and let live

  2. Subhashini

    S ganga but not much but iam speaking little telugu

  3. Srsly ishji is totally gone out of her mind and i reading an articlr that after ther breakup dev will again be angry Man and his trust on love will break

    1. I mean i read an article

  4. Esme

    Vaah vaah kya tappad diya sona ne vicky ko….sach hi hai gaal laal do chizon se hote hain..
    1. Lipstick
    2. Tappad

    Vicky ka ek hi gaal laal hua. Sona agli baar dono chante se laal kar dena.

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