Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev’s family pose for a family pic. Sona comes for work. Dev runs and asks her to join her for family pic. Sona says how can she. He says Bhola will prepare breakfast and she does not have to worry. Ishwari gets very disheartened and fumes. After photographers clicks one, Ishwari asks Sona to prepare her breakast. Sona leaves. Ishwari then tells she did not like first one and asks photographer to click one more. Dev says it came well. Ishwari says even food is not cooked well for the first time. Dev says he will call Sona. Ishwari says no need, when she did not mind including Sona in family pic, Sona also should not mind clicking pic without her. Dev gets disheartened next. Radha comments 9 family members or 10, photos will come good. Ishwari selects background

and photofame. Sona hears everything standing in kitchen.

After photo session, Dev goes to kitchen and Sona says he should not have dragged her for family pic when she is not part of his family. He says sorry, he did not know this would happen. Sona asks him to go to office now. Dev leaves.

Radha brainwashes Ishwari that Dev dragged Sona and now she has lost control on Dev. Ishwari says even now she takes decisions. Radha says then Dev would not have dragged Sona in family pic when she is not a family member yet.

Sona is busy in kitchen. Vicky enters and stands right behind her. She turns and clashes. He taunts she is taking a chance on him. She says what does he mean. He says she trapped Dev so easily for money, if her love is only for Dev and she will share it with him also. Sonakshi fumes and warns to mind his language. He continues. She gives him a tight slap. Mamaji sees that and asks what did Vicky say. She asks him to ask Vicky itself and leaves kitchen. Mamaji takes Vicky to room and beats him. Radha comes and asks why is he beating their son. He says Vicky misbehaved with Sona, Dev’s love. Radha also acts as getting angry and beats Vicky and once mamaji leaves pampers Vicky.

Neha goes to Nikki and Ria’s room and asks why did not they inform he about Dev and Sona. Nikki says she does not come home at all, then how will they. Neha says she will know her situation once she marries and asks how was mom’s reactino. Ria says mom accepted Sona. Nikki says Sona is so beautiful and intelligent, mom must not have problem accepting her. Neha says mom has problem, else she would not have reacted during photo session.

Radha goes to Ishwari’s room and brainwashes her again. Sona goes next, sees Ishwari putting bedsheet on bed and asks if she can help. Ishwari says she likes unkempt bedsheet, else it will look like new one and she cannot accept new things in life so easily. Sona apologizes her for photo session issue and says she told Dev she did not want to be part of his family photo sessino, but he did not agree. Ishwari says at least she should have some conscience not to spoil someone’s family photo session, if still they both do’t reject each other’s request. Sona stands sadly. Ishwari asks her to go home now and ask drive to drop her. Sona leaves sadly.

While dropping Sona home, Dev asks Sona if she is still upset regarding morning’s issue. Sona says she told him she does not want to part of his family photo session, she is not even his family yet, she knew mom would be angry and she is on mom’s side this time. Dev says she knows he cannot thinking of anything without her and apologizes for nothing thinking much and getting her into an embarrassing situation. Their mood lightens and they continue conversing smiling.

Precap: Sona says she wants to learn besan halwa. Ishwari gives her grocery. Sona removes ghee, etc. Ishwari tastes halwa, finds it tastless, and thinks if Sona did not want to learn from her, then why did she act.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Azzuu

    Dev must have not dragged sona
    And kya tappad tha
    Ishji is so irritating
    And precap Why doesnt she understands sona

  2. Shalini

    Waah waah….ye radharani bohot hi jyada pagal aurat he….
    Ishwariji ko koi jaake tameez seekhao k baat kaise karte h kisi se usko bina hurt kiye….so stupid she is yaar…
    And it is sooo wonderful to know that neha knows ishwariji more than dev…she said k jitna jyada bhai sona se pyar karenge utna hi jyada maa ko bura lagega….
    Really yaar i want to tell ishwariji one thing that please go get a life yaar…

  3. Sonal

    I think Ishwari should go for a vacation and leave our love birds alone..
    On a happier note for all Shaheer and Erica fans..just got to know that they both have gone to Indonesia together.they both have posted their pictures in same safari on Instagram..if not reel but at least in real they are keeping us happy πŸ™‚

  4. Nabanita

    Wow great epi.I think sometimes that if anywhere in earth there a mother like iswari?
    So possesiveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    And today I see in sbs that Dev brokes relation with sona for her mother telling.And poor sona is crying😒😒😒😒
    Truely unbearable characture of iswari. She had not any problem or possesiveness when neha marries.even which moms give her girls less importance like that I truely HATE her.

  5. sona

    Ishwari is becoming most hated character in this series and dev d most duffer and dumb character.
    .sonakshi is d most lovable and real character..only one request yo makers after breakup do not portray sona’scharacter as a bechari types.
    Show her as an strong lovable and professionally very successful..
    Let sanki maa and her dumb beta realize wat they lost..
    Love u sona

  6. Ngkrishnakumari

    Hate this radharani how mean she is she & her son vicky is the destroyer of devakshi life
    Omg next week devakshi break up cant see sona tear fortunately she had family who can console & understand her problem
    But in dev case only him all his family member thought he is machine for making money although ishwari wants to tied dev on her pallu

  7. Sona

    Guys I heard that IShwari will attempt sucide as she is not happy with Dev and Sona and since Dev thinks mom is more important that love, he will break up with Sona and she will be shattered and even Bose family will be angry on Dev. I am soooo sad

  8. Sonal

    We want Khatri Back!!!!!
    jisse Ishwari ji ka man laga rahe so that she should leave our love birds alone

  9. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Nothin to say….. Hw rude she becomes to sona….. Instead of backplanning y cant she directly tel her son not to do this not to do tht… Infact sona dint come stand in photo session…. Her son dragged her…. Arggggghhhh fed up and angry…..

    Hi Frnds hw r u all??

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    The three sisters are not happy on devakshi relationship because of ishwari possessive nature toward dev
    Bose family will come for devakshi relationship but that b*t*h radharani ll insult them cant see bose suffering that problem
    I hope gurmeet came & hold sona hand after leaving dev & realise ishwari & dev the value of sona by her present & absence
    Please writer dev ko tarpana bahut because sona had faces lots of problem

    • Blink

      I seriously want to see Dev going thru an emotional roller coaster becoz till now its been Sona all the time who has been facing! Majers ab Dev ki bari hai ” tadapna”!
      GKB abd Ishwari are same uncultured ! One is exposed ,the other one is getting! Aur Vicky ko to jute se laagana chahiye tha! What a creep! Like mother like son!
      Please makers ek achha hero lao Gurmeet ya kisiko jo Sona ka haath pakad sake aur shadi bhi kar le aur inlogon ko realise karway ki kya khoye yeh! Yeh aur ek rang hoga! Pyar ko khona ma se pyar ke wajeh se!

  11. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Kya chaped mara h!! Maza hi aa gya!! Sona ne Vicky ki duniya hila di..but ab d most unawaited..Devakshi ka breakup..hone wala h.. aaaaaaa..I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo sad..

  12. pradishma

    Aunty ji, if halwa is not tasteless , u think sona is acting..
    Heck yaar…
    No wonder Dev doesnt thinks well…coz if u r psycho then how..
    Pls dont hurt Sona too much.

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today epi had one great things that was sona slap vicky
    Please writer after devakshi break up show ko 2 or 3 yr leap kardo
    Aur dev pehele wala obodhro banalo aur sonakshi ko famous nutritionalist banado by profression
    It is a humble request

  14. Varsha94


    |Registered Member

    Very painful episode.. I mean sona aur dev dono k liye bura laga.. I mean Sona ko he hamesha itna kyun sunna padhta hai.. Aur Dev ne toh last part Mai ruladiya.. Yeh bol k ki uske liye.. Photo session ek ghante ka tha.. Aur usme SB sona k paas pic kichwaana chahte thae.. Seriously itna acha lover shayd he kisiko milega.. Love him and Sona..πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’—

  15. Shivi


    |Registered Member

    Sona has family but Dev is all alone… Feeling bad for Devakshi… The KURTI Sona wore in promo is gifted by her FANS even the earrings☺☺

  16. Ibtesam ^_^

    @ sona….dear even I heard about ishwari’s sucide attempt for seprating devakshi’s…soo sad…

    and @ sonal ….LOL…khatri shld come back….

  17. Ngkrishnakumari

    After watching the promo i hate this ishwari character more than radharani
    Koi ma itana over possessive ho skta hai kya??

  18. Ngkrishnakumari

    After watching the new promo i hate this ishwari most than radharani
    How can a mother be over possessive? Is this really happen?

  19. Blink

    I hate Ishwari too! Unreasonable!
    Makers ya to leap dikhaiye 2-3 yrs aur jaise suggest kiya gaya ke Dev back to abhodro and Sona famous nutritionist ya to Sona ki shaadi with a competant handsome guy so that ma beta tadpe!

    • Sonal

      Before anything else..like separation,suicide drama,marriage proposal etc etc…Sona must leave Dixit ‘s house ASAP with dignity..she should do a respectable job in a reputed hospital n get A LIFE…otherwise these filthy ladies like GKB n Ishwari will first bring her down to their level of sick m ill mannerisms and will ruin her life..poor Sona😞😞

  20. aarti

    where has that evil man gone?? the one who kept blackmailing ishwari abt some secret?? is the secret out?

  21. Ganga

    Hii guys….. Today’s SBS segment me ishwariji is hospitalized…… Dev bahuth ro raha….. I can’t see dev ka cry…. Veryyyyyy near devakshi ka breakup…. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😭😭😭😭😭

  22. Ganga

    Everyone thinking abt Sona….. It’s okay…. But wat abt Dev……????? πŸ˜žπŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  23. Ganga

    Sona ke sath pura parivar hei Sona ko support karne ke liye….. But Dev ke sath…..?????? O akhela se a sab. Samhal karna padega na….. πŸ˜–πŸ˜©πŸ˜“

    • Priya9876


      |Registered Member

      Stupid maa samjhti hai wo apne bete k sath hai humesa lekin sath hokar v wo dev KO takleeaf de rahi hai….
      Hate u ish ji…

  24. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Kya Sona n Dev ke beech koi teesra aane wala h?? I’ve heard ki gurmeet ki entry hone wali h?? No plzz, gurmeet nhi..wo Sona k Saath bilkul bhi accha nhi lagega..cheeeeee!! Yukk!! Gurmeet..

    • Blink

      Not the best choice though. May be Aryan Pandit or Vishal Gandhi would have looked a more acceptable partner. But iss waqt wo Dumbo aur uski Ma ko lesson dena chahiye

  25. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Well said by Aditi Arora Swant in SBS,..
    ” dono hantho Ki same importance hoti hai, aisa to nhi hum apne right hand se jyada pyar karte hai ar left se kamm… Dono himare liye same hoti hai,,,, waise hi same situation dev k sath v hai…wo apni dono hatho me se kaise Kisi ek ko choose Kar sakta hai…wife Ki apni khud Ki importance hai ar maa Ki khud Ki,,, fir kaise wo kis ek ko…..sooo complicated….

  26. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    Aisa kyu wish Kar rahe Ho Ki sona Ki shadi Kisi ar se ho jaye, I mean jitna drama dikhana hai dikhao but shadi plz Kisi ar se nhi….plzz

  27. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    Ya ganga u r right ,dev ki saath bhi koi nahi the reason for all this situation is ishwari ji only, i saw the news after breakup dev turns into an angry man
    And guys i have one doubt after breakup kya sona is going to dev house as a nutritionist regularly i think no

    • Blink

      Sona will not go as per a promo! If u watch that Dev goes to meet her in a hospital to return her pen! She has a name plate put up in the background as a nutritionist!
      I think they will part ways but will remain connected. They will lead different lives but will cling on to this relationaship

  28. Blink

    Priya most robably they will lead different lives yehee serial ke shuru ka review tha shayed TOI mein! Pyar ka rang jo ma ki haath pakdega lekeen apna kurban karega! Shayed shaadi nahin hogee alrhough many have been saying in this site ki Dev Sona shadee hogee but that review doesnt say so! But its possible they didnt reveal to TOI the full storyline ! So its an assumption based on that review.

  29. lata

    Typical behaviour of an over possessive mother who doesn’t have occupation or life of her own they than stamping her superiority and running her sons life
    .selfish mom’s . Grow up Live and let live

  30. Azzuu

    Srsly ishji is totally gone out of her mind and i reading an articlr that after ther breakup dev will again be angry Man and his trust on love will break

  31. Esme


    |Registered Member

    Vaah vaah kya tappad diya sona ne vicky ko….sach hi hai gaal laal do chizon se hote hain..
    1. Lipstick
    2. Tappad

    Vicky ka ek hi gaal laal hua. Sona agli baar dono chante se laal kar dena.

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