Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bejoy collapses while dancing with Dev. Whole family and Dev takes him to hospital. Soha asks what happened to Daadu. Sona says he is just tired. They all reach hospital. Doc comes out after checking Bejoy and says his BP is very high and his condition is very critical. Everyone get worried. Sona starts lashing Dev that Sona considers him superman, but he is not. If something happens to baba, she will not spare him.

Elena tries to leave home. GKB asks where is she going. Elena says Soha worriedly called Golu and informed that Mesho/Bejoy is in hospital. GKB asks what happened. Mesho’s BP shot up after Dev gave him alcohol. GKB laughs he did not give poison. Elena says she is wasting her time here and tries to leave, but GKB stops her and in her irritating broken

English and accent starts yelling.

Asha stands outside Bejoy’s hospital room worried and Sona tries to calm her down. Doc comes out and says Bejoy is fine now and they can meet him. Family walks in. Bejoy says they thought he would die so easily, he will not. Asha asks him to keep quiet. Dev stands near Dev. Bejoy singals him to come in and says Dev told him not to drink, but he did not listen. Dev apologizes. Sourav comes with Ronita. Bejoy tries to get up. Ronita asks him to sleep. Bejoy says football is getting his bahu against him. Asha asks him not to call Sourav as football at least now. Ronita says he can call football as she calls him panda. Sourav asks Bejoy that he will aask doc to keep him under observation. Bejoy says so that he can finish his marriage food alone. Dev walks out.

Asha feeds soup to Bejoy. Bejoy asks if he is a good, better or bad father. He cannot be bad as he took care of his family well. He asks why he is telling this. He says Dev told even he must have made mistake in life. Asha says what Dev told is not important. Their relationship is continuing as they got adjusted to each other, but Sona and Dev are unable to. It is their duty now to get Dev and Sona reunited.

Sona gets him coffee and apologizes. He says she does not have to, even he reacted similarly when maa took medicine overdose and tried to suicide. He asks if she remembers what happened that day. She says no. He says he overreacted that day and blamed her and when she broke up with him. She says he broke up. He says she remembers everything then. Their problem is they find ways to blame each other more than trying to understand each other.

Bejoy is taken home. Soha greets him and asks if he is fine. He says yes. Soha says he is also superman like her papa. He says it all happened because of her papa. Sona and Asha look along. He says her papa took him to hospital on time and saved him. Soha says her papa is best. Asha asks Sona where is Dev. Sona says she scolded him in tension, so he went home. Asha says it is not about her and Dev, it is about Soha now.

Elena tries to feed Golu and he does not. She asks Vicky to convince Golu. Vicky yells if he is not eating, let him, he will eat later. Golu says he will not eat until Big cha comes. Dev says he is here itself. GKB tries to brainwash him that he should get Soha here itself permanently instead of staying at Bose house for Soha. Dev says he is returning back and just came here for Golu. He feeds food and gets Golu on bed. Golu insists him to tell a story like he does to Soha. Dev says soon Soha will be with them and he will recite story to them both. Golu says it will be a fun with his sister. Golu starts story.

Sona goes to Soha’s room and recites story. She then tells she will tell her papa’s story. Soha asks if she remembers papa’s story, then she remembers all his stories. Sona reminisces scolding Dev and feels guilty.

Precap: Sona gives to do list to Dev. Dev says after a few hours, they will be in his house and there it will be only his rules.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Rekhadhir

    Today’s episode was very emotionally???
    Oh kuch ghante reh gye dixit house jane ke liye
    Golu molu ….too cute…..

    Best part ki aaj sona dev par chilayi par baad main sorry maang li
    Or dev babu itne smajhdaar hi gye itni samjhdaari ki baate kar rhe the….

  2. Neha1

    Why Dev always remembers Sona…that in his house his rules going to be followed..? This showed that Dev is warning her to be alertor Ready to feel tortured herself in that Dixit house…

    And X-GKB is soooo irritating… can’t digest her on screen… always she stops Elena to meet her family…

    And Dev stop taunting Sona….I know that you both are equally hurt but that doesn’t mean that you always taunt her that she did mistakes in relationship, if she did then you would be equally responsible for the fault in relationship….

    Both Sona-Dev have to realise thier mistake first and then do support each other atleast for Suhana’s happiness, coz she wants her parents to be together… like normal family…!
    And I completely agree and Support Ashaji’s thought…Simply Superb…!

    I think for Dev-Sona, it will be better to stay in Bose house with Suhana instead of Dixit house…as there’re many Villains for Sona in that house except Mamaji and Elena…!

    I suggest to Makers, that it will be gr8 to see Dev-Sona-Soha in Bose house or else they should stay some other house/flat but plz not in Dixit Mansion…That is completely a ZOO for specially Sonakshi..!

    Waiting for 2mrrow episode…!

  3. Neha1

    Upcoming Spoiler :- Suhana plans Romantic Date for Dev and Sonakshi in KRPKAB…!


  4. I think today Dev is very mature talk to sona but what next happen will be ???????

  5. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    So like finally….our very own bokarath dixit has discovered what is wrong between the two..
    Well done sir!!
    Devakshi moments were quite well directed today! The fight, accusation and then the realisation and apology! Everything was emotionally intact!
    The fact that sona was disturbed after dev had not come home touched me the most today!
    Seeing the precap…I expect bijoy to make dev promise that he will protect both sona and soha at the dixit house… And not let the past repeat itself.
    Dev needs to stand for sona this time at Dixit mansion…..otherwise things will be worse.

    1. Priya9876

      AGAR ab stand nhi liya na Dev ne to I tell u ‘FANDOM’ pagal ho jayegi Ishwari k Atayachaar ko dekh kar, again….

      yaar ye log itna rulate kyu hai….
      naa sab k samne ro sakti hu…
      naa sab k samne hass sakti hu… Ufff

      1. Rekhadhir

        Sahi baat hai priya mere ghar main bhi yahi hai aaj phir roi main par sabke samne nhi
        Sab bolte hai phir mujhe

      2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        I agree yaar! Yeh makers ko kya pata him kitni mushkilo se guzar ke Yeh show roz dekh paate hai….I guess IPL aur TKSS k baad Yeh teesri cheez hai Jo Mujhe aur raghav ko saath mein dekhna pasand hai…..ghar mein democracy h isliye majority hone k wajah se dekh pati hu….agar dictatorship hoti toh roz 9:30 DNA dekh rahi hoti??…

        Aur Yeh makers ko fursat hi nahi hai humari maange sun ne ki ??

    2. Priya9876

      DNA ?????????

      Nd ???
      Tum log sach me 2 alag alag humans ho i mean Samayra & Raghav
      Meko laga tha tum bas majaak kar rhi ho…
      O teri mera to popat ho gya…

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Raghav mera twin brother hai..???
        And DNA stands for daily news and analysis….it Sucks ???

    3. Riti1107

      DNA … I know badi mehnat karni padti hai KRPKAB dekhne ke liye
      Papa & Bhai wanna watch DNA for some strange reason they like that program
      I mean poora din aap news dekhte ho fir bhi raat ko wo program dekhna hi hai
      I was the only one who wanted to watch KRPKAB badi mushkil se mmy ko apni side kia tha ab Devakshi fights dekh ke mmy is slowly going in support of DNA … God knows mera kya hoga??

    4. Nikkita0194

      Di agar raghav Bhaiya apke bhai hai toh aap unka nam apne Nam ki spelling Ke bich me Ku likhte ho I mean papa Ka Nam likhte hai ne apne name ki spelling Ke bich me aur shadi ke bad hubi Ka but brother Ka Nam likhne Ka tradition KB se start hua ?

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Good question???
        Jab main register kar rahi thi tab samayra kashyap naam se nahi ho oa raha tha. Maine raghav ko bola tu try kar toh kehta mera bhi naam ghusa de….tu akeli thodi na fan hai KRPKAB ki. And agar main nahi hota toh tu dekh bhi nahi paati….jab tu comment nahi karegi toh main kar doonga.
        So isliye register karte waqt hum dono ka naam daal diya.
        I’m samayra kashyap
        He is raghav kashyap
        Kisi ke naam mein dad ka naam nahi hai…..??

    5. Nikkita0194

      Achi bat hai bataya warna jab mai sirf cmnts read karti thi aur bhej ti Nhi thi tb mujhe laga ki raghav Bhaiya apke husband hai but an clear hai????????
      Vaise mai bhi jab register kr rhi thi toh invalid dikha ra tha n u no wat muje une tin din ye batane me lage ki mai robo ni hu aur toh aur apni Nam ki spelling me ek aur k add Karna pada and ek number bhi aur pehle toh koi pehchan bhi ni raha tha???????

  6. Neha1

    OMG .! Dev and Sonakshi to Share SAME BED in Dixit house leaving Ishwari and Radharani SHOCKED in KRPKAB…!


    1. Rekhadhir

      Isi baat pe ishawari ko heartattack Aa jaye or woh tapak jaye

      Bhagwan sunle hamari

    2. Aarti32

      I really don’t understand ismein shocking kya h!!!!

  7. Manya

    Badhai Ho guys??
    Mr Dev Dixit base Ho gye ??
    Unhe apni and Sona ki problem bhi Samjah aa gyi hai??
    Congrats everyone

    Dev Golu and Sona Sona moments???????
    Episode without Ishwari ?
    Par Precap??phir Dev babu wapas bache ban gye???
    Kya yaar Dev babu??ek pal mein khush Kardete Ho aur dusre pal mein Dukhi?
    Bijoy ne Dev se ache se baat ki ?
    Saurabh cute panda suits him??
    Ab Dixit house wala torture shuru hone wala Hai??

    1. Nikkita0194

      Toh dil tham Ke baitho mad house KO dekhne Ke liye haina many a???

  8. Priya9876

    Hm ek dusre ko blame krne me tym nhi lgate….. ?????

    Bs hm ek dusre ko smjne me bohot jyada tym laga dete h….????

    problem hmare rishte me hai.. ??????


    ” WHY KRPKAB IS SOO GOOD ” ???????

  9. Riti1107

    Just two things that i badly need to say

    1. Asha said that this story is not about you two it is about Soha. So now do we have to see Devakshi as Soha’s parents first & the fact that they were a couple will become secondary ?? I love Soha but I would want her be the cupid … Devakshi just as Soha’s parents is fine for now but the makers need to give Devakshi back to their loyal audience …. IT’S HIGH TIME

    2. What an emotional episode …. Bokarath Dixit ke muh se gyan ki baatein ??? … But such deep thoughts coming from Dev’s mouth are good signs indicating little progress in their relationship … The best part was when even after the scene the two were thinking about what Dev said in the hospital

    Precap …. Kya dev ek to wo pony tail upar se dhamki… There are enough monsters in that house already … Vicky has been speaking of the TANDAV that he’ll do when Sona & Soha come to ur house … You need to stand by Sona this time & Sona needs to understand him

    1. bokarath means??

      1. Lizaa

        Boka means stupid .it is a Bengali language

  10. I believe 99.99% of the KRPKAB fandom hates Ishwari more than anyone else in the show. But I believe if GKB and Vicky had not done what they did in the past we wouldn’t have hated Ishwari so much.

    Ishwari had always been a good Lady, a good mother, and a great person initially. The only fault she had was that she easily got influenced by GKB. Had she been a little sensible and chided away radharani whenever she uttered nonsense the entire story could have been something else.

    Coz initially she was a real positive character. I don’t know if people would agree with me but I have noticed a few points.
    1. When sona had joined as her nutritionist, she had been very nice to her and treated her like a family member.
    2. Though she didn’t want dev to marry her, she had given in for his happiness.
    3. When sona was pregnant (when she actually wasn’t) she had cared for her immensely.

    We may say that she was selfish, but doing something for your child’s happiness cannot be called a selfish act.

    But, because of this b*t*h radharani…..who manipulated her so badly that she began doing things which were indeed selfish and had nothing to do with dev’s happiness.

    One woman can destroy a beautiful household… Radharani is a living example of kaykeyi from Ramayana.

    1. Swarna494

      Great analysisPerfectly put forth lynette.ishwari is such a good woman but is getting influenced by gkb’s words. But kaikeyi turned out to be a positive character after dasratha’s death. But this gkb
      IS A WITCH

    2. Riti1107

      This is the best part about TU u get to know so many other perspectives of the show ….
      I agree with 100%?

      1. Riti1107

        Correction- I agree with u 100%*

  11. Lizaa

    Very emotional epi???
    Dev babu asha aunty ki gyan classes leke samazdar ho gye h
    Dixit house Jake yeh samazdari hawa ki tarah udd na jaye…
    Phir se pony tail plz ✂✂✂✂
    Asha aunty ne kya bola-tum kahiki heroin, dev hero,aur tumare baba vilian ki tarah beheve kar rahe ho????
    Iska matlab kal devakshiha mad house jayenge?
    Dabaa maa wapas ayegi aab???

  12. Priya9876


    Big cha Golu baby ko apne sath hi rakho…..
    plzzzzzzzzz! ??????????????

  13. Finally wen i thought that the time has come wen dev n sona will start understanding each other n will fight less the precap proved me wrong..whats wrong with dev u said right neha y dev always needs to make sona remember that his rules r gonna follow in dixit house..it was a good episode but the precap pissed me off.. ??

  14. Very good emotional episodes, bijoy has changed now and I think as precap he will request dev to take her daughter in dixit house …. Devakshi thinks about their past and slowly realizing but if they stay one more week in Bose house then they will realise their mistake and we can see Devakshi together but in dixit house I don’t know what going to happen… Dev today spoke with very maturity and I like it most…. Asha mom you are simply great, you are simply perfect..

  15. Neha1

    My favourite — Shaheer??with my favourite fruit — Watermelon..??..I’m loving it…??
    Good morning my friends and all KRPKABIan’s…! ?? Have a nice day..!

    1. Juhi16

      Mera bhi favourite h WATERMELON ????

  16. Chanpreet0815

    Episode was vry Emotional ??.

    I thought that sona will not say sorry for her words. But she told and I m vry happy.

    Ek dialogue. “Ham ek dusre ko blame krne me jara bhi time nhi lagaate lekin ek dusre ko samaj ne me bht time laga dete h.
    Hamaara Rishta hi esa h.
    isliye hame is rishte ko blame krna chahiye.

    Yeah lines sunn kr itni sad waali feeling aa rahi thi.
    Pehele toh mai soch to thi ek sona hi h pure serial me jo samajdaar h.
    Lekin nhi sabse samajdaar Asha h.
    Aur jo kal usne lines boli h. most of the time mera bhi bolne ka meaning vahi hota h.
    Hame ek situation ko face krna h chahe roo ke karo yaa hass ke.
    lekin rone se mile ga kya.
    agar situation ko ham hass ke solve kre toh aaram se uss situation se deal kr sakte h.

    Asha aunty ne kal bht mast bola ki vo is me dev ka bhi saath dUngi.
    Aur sona ko bhi bht hi acha bola.

    But yesterday dev was Hurt.
    Tabhi vo kal Golu ke paas tha. SOHA wait krti rhi but vo nhi aaya.
    And Golu seriously aap bht cute aur bht ache ho jo apne big cha ko khush rkhte ho.

    End me his tarah se vo flashback bata rahe the. It was vry Emotional one.

    That’s why I love this serial.
    all things are in balance.
    Love Emotions Hate Care Fight Joy Sorrow all things are balanced.

    I can understand Dev ne ese kyu kaha ki mere ghar me mere rules honge.

    Becoz uss Chikchikoy ne Chik Chik krke Golu ko kitna sunaaya. Jab vo first time aaya tha.
    Use kitne Taunts Maare. Air Sona ne inn sab Chizo me Chichikoy ka saath diya jab ki Asha aunty was against all this.

    And now it’s normal ki mere Ghar me mere rules honge.

    Jis tarah se dev ne deal kiya.
    Hope so Sona bhi jarur kregi.
    I know use waha pareshaan krne waale bht log h.
    Jab ki sona ke ghar me sirf ek hi tha. Bijoy but he was not Game player.
    Jab ki Dev ke ghar me sab vhi bhare h.
    Ishwari Exgkb Vickey.

    I hope that Jis tarah se Asha aunty ne Dev ko sambhaala usi Tarah mujhe waha samajdaar do hi lagte h ek toh Mamaji. Or dusra Dixit mansion me his ke dil me insaaniyat h vo h dev toh usse kuch toh expect kr sakte h. Hope so dev sona ka saath de.

  17. Yesterday’s episode was superb. It was really an emotional one.I don’t really think ki Dev ment what he said in the precap mujhe lagta hai ki wo bas Sona ko tease kar raha hai jaise ki wo hamesha karta hai (I mean after leap).I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

    I’m happy that Dev is now a sensible and matured man unlike an impulsive BEYHADH pampered mumma’s boy which he was 7 yrs ago.

    I think ki MAD HOUSE me entry se pehele Devakshi ki relationship mein changes aayege for good becoz dono ne hi aapne aapne flaws ko pehechana aur analysis karna start kar diya hai (after yesterday’s episode) aur sonita ki wedding mein bhi unhe apni shadi ke moments yaad ayege which will definately have a positive impact on their relationship.

  18. There is no sign of love between the two of them. Atleast one romantic scene should be there. I m fed up of their arguments and fights….

  19. Prads

    Precap ke baare me kaafi logon ne Dev ko bura kaha par kisi ne yeh notice nahi kiya ki Dev dialogue bolne ke baad jaate samay ek nautanki ki…. jo ki chedne waale action thi. Ab yeh dailogue jaruri bhi tha, kyunki kal ke episode me itna mushkil bhari gyan dene ke baad bhi Sona ek TO-DO List de rahi hai sirf kuch ganto ke liye, toh Dev ko thoda bahut naraz hona wafik hai….

    1. Chanpreet0815

      I totally agree with u Prads.

      Mai bhi vhi kehena chahiye thi.

      “Dev dialogue bolne ke baad jaate samay ek nautanki ki…. jo ki chedne waale action thi.”
      I too noticed it.

  20. Ngkrishnakumari

    Episodes was full of emotional
    Soha waited for her father but our devbusy to pamper golu
    About precap dev character is confusing
    One time he behave like a caring loving person sometime he is so rude
    Only bejoy is the person who taunt dev while dixit family has only elina where about mamahi he ll be busy to call kachouri2 all the time behind his b*t*h ishwari
    Hope this time dixit sister especially nikki & ria would come & support sona no matter what because there character was vanished from the show after the leap

    I had one doubt that sona is going to attend sounita marriage ceremony from dixit familt or bose family?because she had only few hour left to went mad house

  21. Neha1

    U, Me aur TV :- Sonakshi in Dixit house, Dev-Sona fight in KRPKAB…!


  22. Ngkrishnakumari

    Guys there is a rumour that our favourite show krpkab ia going to replace sania irani show from june
    If its going to become true it would scattered our fandoms
    Hope its become fake news and we all fans can enjoy show untill 3year

    Pliz maker killed ishwari character we cant digest her insecurities & over possessive character toward her son

  23. Varalakshmi

    Sonakshi in Dixit House Dev-Sona Fight Kuch Rang Pyar Ke aise Bhi


  24. What is this yaar..r they going to fight only..makers shud now start settling down dev n sona’s problems..ktna fight karegaa aur baapreee..m fed up..???

  25. Prads

    Bachon ke naam par har maa – baap ke beech me kayee baar nok – jhok hote hai par iss nok – jhok ko jhagda nahi samjna chahiye….. Jagda tab mana jaata hai jab uske baad dono baat na kare ya phir ghar chod kar jaaye….. Jahan tak iss particular future scene ka maane toh, Dev abhi abhi baap bana hai (after 6 year, he came to know about his daughter) aur abhi woh ek pita ke emotions me ghira hua hai toh definetely apne daughter ko bimar dekh kar har baap ko thoda bahut tension hota hi hai…… par Sonakshi bhi sahi hai kyunki 7 saal se woh Soha ka caring kar rahi hai aur iss tarah se bimar kayee baar ho chuki hogi toh ek maa ko malum hai kaise caring karna hai…

    Dono apne jagah sahi hai to mere khyal se issey jagda nahi …. balki nok – jhok ya phir apne beti ke liye tensions me nikali hui emotions samajna chahiye…..

    After Asha Maa se directions, they are not fighting for their issues but they are arguing for their daughter which is a positive step as a parents.

    1. Rekhadhir

      Agree with u

  26. I totally agree with you prads sir

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