Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Promos



Hey all sorry for the inconvenience I know was suppose to publish the promo yesterday but published it tonight instead as I was super busy as it’s the last week of classes before my term break. Well before the promos I have something to say

I will not add any third show as most of u r against it and moreover it’s confusing. I feel that maybe my ff may confuse you all. I will try my best not to confuse you all. Luckily there are quite a no of fans who r both devakshi n shraman fans, at the same time there are some only devakshi or only shraman fans too. It’s my request please don’t stop reading my ff and do continue if u can. I do mention which scenes is for which show no need to worry. You can treat the other pair as parallel lead if u read only for one of the shows. But please do read this fan fiction please do give a try and if u don’t like it you may stop reading it then.

Anyways, here are the promos- promo 1 is for EDKV n promo 2 is for KRPKAB
Here it is:
Promo 1- Shravan aur Suman ke ek duje ke vaaste Pyaar se shaadi?
Here Shraman’s engagement ceremony is going on and Suman is getting engaged with Shravan, Suman makes Shravan wear the ring and smiles and Shravan in his mind finally I am getting married with the one whom I love and that’s you Sumo. Shravan makes Suman wear the ring this time and Suman in her mind, I have gotten my dream man and that’s you Shravan. And they both smile. The pre-wedding ceremonies are going on and finally d-day comes. Finally Shravan and Suman get married as he applies sindoor on Suman’s maang and also makes her wear mangalsutra. They both come to Shravan’s house together and as Suman was about to enter the house happily , they see something Suman smiles but Shravan gets angry and he leaves Suman’s hand and goes away even before the ceremony gets completed. Suman looks on.
What actually happened what Shraman saw which made Shravan angry and he left Suman’s hand?

Promo 2- Dev aur Sonakshi ke khatti-mitthi Rishtey main Dosti ke suruwat.  kya kuch rang Pyaar ke Eisa bhi Hota hain. Kaise hoga Pyaar?
Dev and Sonakshi used to hate each other to the core and there was always problems. But then Dev offered Sona his hand for friendship? Sona looks on. Dev chases Sona as he walks behind her, and he tries all means. And then finally in Shravan-Suman’s engagement Dev helps Sonakshi out with her hair by making her wear the clip but Sonakshi still denies. Sonakshi leaves and leaves her earring with Dev , Dev sees this and smiles, and Sona teases Dev as they communicate with each other’s eyes which makes Dev smile broader.
How it turn into friendship? Or will it turn to love first?Has Dev already fallen for Sona?

Actually today Ramadan begins and I m fasting that’s  why it became a little hard for me to publish episodes which is why only for last week due to my quizzes(almost everyday there is one this week -_-) and This week only one episode will be published. From next week my term break starts so I can again publish episodes twice a week from next week.
The next episode will be published either on Saturday, 11th June or Sunday,12th June. I will see if I can publish earlier, earliest I can publish is Friday, 10th June but higher chances for Saturday or Sunday for next episode to be published.

And please do feel free to express your opinions 🙂

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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  1. Superb promo fatarajo! Loved it .. U have created the promo lines just like the serial promo… Waiting eagerly for next episode

  2. All the best for Ur quiz n even Ramadan:)

    1. Hey tani thanks for commenting happy u liked the promos 🙂 and Ramadan means Roza where Muslims like us have to fast for one month and that duration is called the month if Ramadan

  3. U nailed it joyee………….great……what’s Ramadan???

    1. Hey thanks for commenting Tanya happy u liked and oops I acidentalky wrote the meaning while replying to Tani’s comment as both of u have almost the same name 😛 concidentally my cousin’s name is Tani n my sister-in-law’s name is Tanya 😛

      1. ????????

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Shravan what happened? Waiting to know what will happen next!!pls update next epi ASAP

    1. Hey Naru Bhaia what happened to Shravan that u will know in the next 2-3 episodes I will try to update it on Fri if possible if not latest Sunday.

  5. Wow loved the promo, good one finally Devakshi together?? Post the next part soon and I can understand how it feels during Ramadan?

    1. Hey Maria thanks for commenting happy u liked it and all will be fine between devakshi soon and the next part will try my best to update it on Friday if not Sat or Sun n happy Ramadan 🙂

  6. Hey devakshi ka SOTY movie types scene..wow

    1. Hey aarti yes u r right for the promo of KRPKAB I got inspired by Student of the Year movie 😛 but the output will be different which mean in the epsiodes it will be something like that but different from the Alia-Siddhart (Abhimanyu-Shanaya) wala scene in student of the year

  7. Superb promo bro…. Waiting for next part .. post asap…

    1. Hy Bhoomi btw I m a girl not a guy 😛 and yes will try to update the next part on Friday

  8. Awesome promo.
    You rocked .

    1. Hey Meera thanks for commenting happy u liked the promos. 🙂

  9. Hiii joyee

    1. Haha hi Tanya what’s up? 🙂

      1. writing promo 2 for my ff …………..i will try to post it today or tommorrow……

  10. I Know how difficult it is yo keep rozas as my best friend also keeps them.. Take care n post at Ur convenience

    1. Hey thanks tani btw I am writing the episodes now as I finished studying during my lessons today :p but i think I can write half today m trying my best to finish tonight itself but i dont think that can happen

  11. Superb sis lOve it I am so excited to know what will happen next !! 🙂 🙂 n yeah happy Ramadan

    1. Hey Maria sis thank for commenting happy u liked it and happy Ramadan to u too 🙂

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