Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Episode2


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 2 of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other. And I hope you all liked the promos. These promo will cover from episode 2 to 4. And I hope you all will like it.

Here are the link for the intro, episode 1 and promo:

Anways, here is episode 2.
Which scene(s) is for which show:
Scene 1, 5 and 9: Both
Scene 2, 4 and 7: KRPKAB
Scene 3, 6 and 8: EDKV

Scene 1: Bose Residence
The episode begins with Sonakshi and Suman talking with each other in the room. While Sonakshi is reading book, and Suman is messaging Shravan.
Sumo: Later, this Shravan is this much busy? Seriously.
Sona: What happened?
Sumo: No, no nothing.
Sonakshi is reading a book,
Sumo: Sona, listen.
Sona: Can’t you see I am reading a book?
Sumo: Oh yes, I forgot that you are bookworm.
Sona: What you want to say?
Sumo: You know today, there was such a grumpy customer, and he was angry, and then his wife came and called me Motte. His angry expression became a nervous one, haha it was so funny.
Sonakshi pretends to laugh.
Sumo: There is no use of talking to you.
Sona continues reading her book. You never listen.
Sumo: Listen.
Suman gets an idea,
Sumo: Your boss, what is his name Mr, Dev Dixit, he is sooo cute.
Sona: What?
Sumo: Yes, I instantly had a crush on him. Aww.
Sona: Have you gone crazy? Mr. Obhodro, and cute? Really?
Sumo: See, now you are listening to me.
Sonakshi pretends to read the book.
Sumo: What Sona, why Mr. Obodhro? He is so Bhodro, Obhodro doesn’t suits him at all.
Sona: If he becomes your boss, then you will understand.
Sonakshi looks at the time,
Sona: Now it’s very late, I think we should go and sleep now.
Sonakshi keeps her book and goes to sleep. Suman is using her phone.
Sona: Don’t use your phone. Sleep.
Suman is about to sleep just then she gets a message from Shravan.
Sumo: Finally, now this idiot messaged me.
Suman is messaging, and she sees Sonakshi sleeping so she continues, and as she smiles.
Sona: You still haven’t keep your phone? How many times do I have to say its unhealthy to use phone till late night.
Sumo: Sorry yaar, an important message came.
Sona: What message?
Sumo: A message from, from the customers.
Sona: Are you speaking the truth?
Sumo: Yes, I am.
Sona: I hate lies and you know that very well. Anyways I am very sleepy, it’s very late you should go and sleep now.
Sumo: Okay.
Sonakshi and Suman sleeps.
Sumo: (in her mind) Shravan is also a customer so I didn’t lie.

Scene 2: Hospital
(KRPKAB part only)
Here it’s morning, and Sonakshi comes to the hospital and collides with Dev.
Sona: I am so sorry.
Dev looks at his watch.
Sona: I am not late today, Mr Obo, sir.
Dev: Hm,.
Dev leaves from there. And as he was about to go,
Dev: Do check all the patient’s report properly, and plan their diet well.
Sona: (in her mind) When I am late, he gave me millions of lecture, and now that I am on time, he just said Hmm. Totally Mr. Obhodro.
Sonakshi comes and sits in her cabin, and just then Suman call her.
Sona: How many times should I tell you not to call me?
Sonakshi keeps her phone.
Just then Ishwari comes with Neha who is 8 months pregnant.
Sonakshi makes Ishwari and Neha sit down. Sonakshi checks the diet plan of Neha.
Ishwari: Beta, is there any changes required for this diet plan.
Sona: No aunty, it’s absolutely fine. Neha, you should try to avoid oily food.
Neha: But what to do, I crave for these kind of food a lot?
Sona: It’s normal. Let me give you something.
Sonakshi gives Neha a recipe.
Neha: What is this?
Sona: This is a recipe of a healthy and yummy dish. You will love it and it’s not oily at all. And aunty, you should also try it.
Neha: Thanks for the recipe, Dr. Sona.
Sona: I don’t usually share this recipe with anyone. It’s my special recipe.
Ishwari looks weak.
Sona: Aunty are you okay?
Ishwari: I am fine beta.
Sona: Aunty, if you don’t mind may I look at your diet plan.
Ishwari: But what is the need?
Sona: Show me.
Sonakshi checks it.
Sona: There must be some changes to your diet plan, this is too strict for you.
Ishwari: What to do, my son he is always concerned about me.
Sonakshi smiles.
Sona: But this is too strict. I will make it better for you. You just wait for a while, I will make the changes and then send it to someone.
Ishwari: Thank you beta.
Sonakshi smiles, Ishwari and Neha leaves.

Scene 3: Suman’s catering centre
(EDKV part)
Here Suman is cooking some food, and she smells it.
Sumo: Wow, it smells so good.
Sumo: (in her mind) Every time it’s the customers or other employees who always taste my food first.
Suman looks around.
Sumo: There is no one here. Today I will definitely be the first one to taste this food. Let me see, who can dare to taste it before me.
Suman takes the dal in her bowl and as she was about to taste it, someone calls her.
Sumo: Even if someone is outside, they will still not let me try the food first.
Suman angrily goes to pick up the phone. Just then Shravan comes in,
Shravan: Sumo? Sumo?
Shravan: (in his mind) Where did this Sumo go?
Shravan sees the bowl of dal and he goes to taste it.
Shravan: Today I came here empty stomach, I will have this dal for sure.
Shravan tastes the dal and he loves it and he finished the entire dal in the bowl. Suman sees this and is stunned
Sumo: Shravan, what is this?
Shravan: Oh Sumo, you are here?
Sumo: What did you just do?
Shravan: I finished this dal. Believe me it’s too good, too tasty, too delicious and
Suman hits Shravan in the back, and Shravan gets the pain.
Shravan: And too painful.
Suman looks at Shravan angrily,
Shravan: Sumo, what was this yaar?
Sumo: How dare you finish my dal?
Shravan: Where did I finish? There is still a lot in the pot.
Sumo: You know I never got to taste anything first whatever, sometimes Preeta, sometimes Sona, sometimes Eleena, me never. Today I got the chance and you took the chance away from me.
Shravan: So what is there to be angry about?
Sumo: You know what, there is no use to talk to you.
Shravan: Okay fine, I am sorry if you couldn’t have the dal that time at least have it now.
Sumo: No thank you. Now I have some work
Shravan: Sumo?
Suman ignores Shravan and she packs the food, Shravan is trying to talk to her but Suman ignores him.

Scene 4: Hospital
(KRPKAB part)
Here Dev is walking to his cabin, and he sees a peon and sees Ishwari’s diet plans in his hand.
Dev: Where did this come from?
Peon: Oh, this one nutritionist didi gave me.
Dev takes it and checks it, and see changes made to it.
Dev: Who? Who made the changes of mom’s diet plans.
Peon: Actually, it is
Dev: Oh I get it, who else can be the over-smart nutritionist besides Miss Bose?
Dev looks at the peon.
Dev: Do one thing, send her to my cabin.

Here Sonakshi is walking and the peon tells her.
Peon: Sir told you to come in the cabin.
Sona: Who Mr Obo, Mr Dixit?
Peon: Yes
Sona: Confirm he will again give me lecture.
Peon: Nutritionist Didi, he looked very angry.
Sona: Nothing new in that. He is always angry.

Sonakshi is about to come in directly, and she is about to knock the door.
Sona: (in her mind) If I don’t knock the door, he will again complain.
Dev: No need to knock, you can just come in.
Sonakshi is surprised and she comes in.
Dev: Come in, Miss Bose I was waiting for you.
Sona: Yes, did you call me Mr. Obhodro?
Sonakshi gets embarrassed and knows she is in trouble as she accidentally calls Dev Mr Obhodro.
Sona: Sir, I didn’t mean it.
Dev: It’s okay, you can call me whatever you want, after hearing what I am going to say, you will definitely call me that anyways.
Sona: Meaning?
Dev gets up and he comes closer to Sonakshi,and Sonakshi gets nervous.
Sona: Sir, what are you doing?
Dev gestures her to keep quiet, and they share an awkward eyelock.
Dev takes out Ishwari’s diet plan and gives it to Sonakshi.
Sona: Ishwari aunty’s diet plan? What is it doing with you?
Dev: How dare you make changes to it?
Sona: But Sir?
Dev: Who told you to make changes to my mom’s diet plan.
Sonakshi realizes that Dev and Ishwari share the same surname and she realizes that Dev is Ishwari’s son.
Sona: So, you are aunty’s son?
Dev: Yes, I am and no one this hospital knows that. But what you did?
Sona: Look sir, I know you are worried about aunty, but the diet was too strict and she lacked nutrition due to less consummation of food.
Dev: Who are you to teach me all these?
Sona: Oh yes, I forgot. But today you are right I really have to call you Mr. Obhodro means Mr. Rude, this is too strict and I pity on your mom.
Dev: Look Miss Bose, you are nobody to teach me what’s right or wrong? You know what you are fired.
Sonakshi is stunned.
Dev: You may leave, I will print the resignation letter and sent it to you.
Sona: Who would even work with you? You know what Mr. Obhodro, I will leave this job right now, and I will send you the resignation letter, understand?
Sonakshi leaves angrily.
Dev: Pathetic girl.

Scene 5: ON THE ROAD
Here Sonakshi is walking on the road and is lost on thinking.
Sona: How will I tell everyone that I have been fired from my job?
Sonakshi continues walking, and on the other hand Shravan is also walking.
Shravan: This Sumo is so stubborn. Who gets angry just because I got to taste the dal first. This Sumo is very strange. Really.
Here Shravan and Sonakshi collides with each other.
Sona: I am so sorry.
Shravan: Sona Dii, you and here at this time?
Sonakshi is silent.
Shravan: You should be at work this time right?
Sona: Actually I took a break earlier as I was bored that’s why.
Shravan: What happened Sona Dii, you look very worried. Is everything alright?
Sona: Yes, everything is fine.
Just then a guy comes,
Guy: Sona, what did I just hear, you resigned from the job?
Sona: Karan Sir?
(You can assume Shakti Arora as Karan who was seen in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, and currently seen as anchor of Mann Main Hain Vishwas, Karan and Dev both run the hospital together, Karan is totally opposite to Dev, but he is also a good person)
Karan: I know Dev fired you right?
Shravan: What Sona Dii? But why? And why you didn’t tell me earlier?
Sona: Yes, Shravan, Karan is speaking the truth but half-truth I myself resigned from the job.
Shravan: This is not possible Sona Dii, I am going to call Dev right now.
Sona: No, Shravan, No. You consider me as your elder sister right, so don’t call Mr. Dixit.
Shravan: But Dii, how will you tell others about it?
Sona: I haven’t think about it.
Karan: Look Sona. I have not fired you yet so you are still in this job,
Sona: But Karan sir?
Karan: This is my final decision.
Shravan: Karan is right, Sona Dii.
Sona: But?
Karan: I know you are thinking how to deal with Dev, listen I know Dev very well don’t come to office for a week, he will cool down by then.
Sona: But what will I do this one week?
Karan: Okay fine. There are people who want to keep personal nutritionist at their house. You can do so for a week, and if I get a call I will inform you.
Sona: Thank you, Karan Sir you don’t know you have done a great favour for me.
Karan: No, Sona. This happens no need to thank me.
Sonakshi smiles.
Karan: I have to go now, there is a lot of work.
Karan leaves.
Shravan: Sona Dii, you should have told me at least, I am like your younger brother right?
Sona: Shravan, promise me something don’t tell this to anyone, even Sumo.
Shravan: But Sona Dii
Sona: Promise me.
Shravan: Okay, but if Dev doesn’t keeps you back in a week, then I will tell Sumo.
Sona: Okay fine.
Shravan was about to go,
Sona: Looks like you got scolded by Sumo again right?
Shravan: How do you know?
Sona: I can say that.
Shravan: You know that Sumo is so strange, she scold me just because I had some dal from her.
Sona: She is my sister after all.
Shravan: How to make her anger vanish
Sonakshi and Shravan look at each other, and at the pani puri vendor.
Sona: Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Shravan: I got it Dii, thanks for the idea.
Shravan leaves.

Scene 6: Suman’s catering centre
(EDKV part)
Here Shravan comes back,
Shravan: I can’t believe that instead of my law work I am just trying to persuade Sumo. Sometimes this Sumo is way too much.
Suman is helping some ladies, and also packing the food.
Sumo: I want to make sure everything is done in an hour. Understand?
Suman sees Shravan.
Sumo: Oh so you came back.
As Shravan was about to come to Suman.
Sumo: So, you have come back to apologize to me. It’s okay, I forgive you.
Shravan stays there.
Sumo: You all do your work, why looking at me like this?
Shravan: (in his mind) Sumo, it was not my mistake and why should I apologize. This can’t happen. But I will make sure you yourself say sorry to me. I won’t even say sorry for this no way. Shravan Malhotra never says sorry without a reason.
Sumo: Now say sorry. I am waiting.
Shravan comes to Suman, and brings him in a corner.
Sumo: Oh I see, you want to say sorry to me in alone. Okay fine, that will also do.
Shravan comes closer to Suman, Suman is surprised and he whispers to Suman’s ear.
Shravan: I am
Suman smiles.
Shravan: I am here to present you something.
Sumo: What?
Shravan shows an envelope to Suman and Suman smiles as she opens it and hugs him. Shravan is surprised and Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays.
Sumo: Okay what do you want?
Shravan: Apology.
Sumo: What?
Shravan: I mean I will treat you for seeking apology.
Sumo: Okay, wait for an hour. I am coming.
Suman leaves and Shravan smiles.

Scene 7: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part)
It’s night time, and Dev arrives home. And he is in a bad mood.
Nikki: Looks like Bhaia is in a very bad mood today.
Ishwari: Dev beta, what happened beta?
Dev: Nothing mom, I am just tired.
Ishwari: You are always worried and angry for no reason, at least keep your mind cool at times.
Dev: Sorry mom, today because of one of my employee I am in a very bad mood.
Ishwari: You na
Ishwari walks and as she feels weak, she stumbles, Dev rushes to her.
Dev: Mom are you okay?
Ishwari: Yes, I am.
Dev: Don’t lie to me. Someone call the doctor.
Nikki: Okay Bhaia.
Nikki goes to call the doctor.

Scene 8: Outside
(EDKV part)
Here Suman is having pani puri and Shravan is just looking at her.
Sumo: Mmmm, this pani puri is so yummy.
Shravan: And unhealthy.
Sumo: Oho, you are the duplicate copy of Sona. Every time, unhealthy or calories.
Shravan: What else will I do?
Shravan is standing here, and Suman looks at Shravan.
Shravan: Why are you looking at me like this?
Sumo: I am sorry Shravan, I was too rude with you in the morning.
Shravan: Okay fine no need to say sorry for that.
Just then Daboo comes,
Daboo: Sumo Dii?
Sumo: Daboo how are you?
Suman pulls his cheeks,
Daboo: I am fine. Let’s play.
Sumo: But Daboo?
Daboo holds Suman’s hand and brings her to play with him and his friends. Suman gestures Shravan that she is coming soon.
Suman is playing with the kids and Shravan smiles seeing this. Suddenly it starts to rain, Shravan manages to take the umbrella out, and as he was about to go, he sees Suman enjoying in the rain with the kids. Shravan smiles looking at her smile. He goes to Suman, and they both enjoy in the rain. Sab Tera from Baaghi plays. It turns out to be Shravan’s imagination.
Shravan: (in his mind) What am I thinking? Am I in love with Sumo?
Suman comes to him.
Shravan: Sorry.
Sumo: What?
Shravan: Actually I wanted you to say sorry.
Suman laughs.
Sumo: Oh this is the case. You should have told me. You are so silly.
Suman was about to go, and Shravan looks on.
Sumo: I have said sorry because thanks for the gift.
Suman leaves.

Scene 9: Dixit Residence
Shravan comes to Dixit Residence to tell Dev about it.
Shravan: (in his mind) Only Dev can help me out now. To know if I am really in love with Sumo.
Shravan comes and he is surprised to see the doctor checking Ishwari.
Shravan: What happened to aunty?
Nikki: Mom was feeling weak, that’s why doctor came.
Dev: Natasha, what happened to mom?
(Natasha is Dev’s friend here and she is a doctor. She is sweet and she is a positive character.In the show Natasha’s character is played by Roop Dugpal)
Natasha: She is fine, Dev it’s just that she is weak.
Ishwari: See I told you nothing happen to me, it’s just weakness.
Natasha: Dev, may I see aunt’s diet chart.
Dev passes it to her.
Natasha: Is this her current diet chart?
Dev: Actually it was some other diet chart, but a stupid over smart nutritionist made changes to it.
Natasha: Can you give me that one?
Dev passes it to her.
Natasha: This is so strict. It’s too less consumption to food. It’s usually given to models. It would have been bad for aunty. And the one the nutritionist made changes is just perfect for aunty. Good she made the changes.
Dev is surprised, just then Shravan comes in.
Dev: What? Oh no I fired her from the job.
Ishwari: What?
Shravan: Wow Dev, you fired the person who helped Aunty.
Dev: Oh so she complained to you.
Shravan: I got to know, by myself.
Ishwari: Dev, what did you do beta? You threw Sona out she was such a sweet girl. Sometimes you just lose control of your anger.
Dev: I was wrong, but she said she wants to resign. So I can’t help it.
Natasha: I would recommend that for a few days keep a personal nutritionist for aunty, who can balance her diet for her.
Dev: Okay, I will.
Natasha: It’s late and also the rain reduced, so I should go now.
Dev: I will bring you home.
Natasha: It’s okay I can manage.
Natasha leaves.
Dev: I am going to call Karan to see if he can hire a personal nutritionist.
Ishwari: No need, I already know you to keep.
Dev: Who?
Ishwari: Dr. Sonakshi Bose.
Dev: Miss Bose? But she left how will I bring her?
Ishwari: Listen Dev, you will keep only Sona and no one else, if not I don’t want a personal nutritionist. Either Sona or no one.
Ishwari goes to sleep.
Dev: But mom?
Dev leaves.
Dev: Strange. Now what is so special about Miss Bose?
Shravan: You fired her for no reason.
Dev: But she is so rude, and also not punctual.
Shravan: Then I can’t help.
Dev: Look Shravan I need help, bring Sonakshi Bose back, I hate to say that but mom is too stubborn. And she is your friend’s sister right?
Shravan: Okay fine, I will do this for aunty. And she is not my friend, she is more than a friend.
Dev: What?
Shravan realizes what he said.
Shravan: No, nothing.
Dev: Don’t lie.
Shravan: No.
Dev: I know you since childhood tell me.
Shravan: Actually, I don’t know if I am in love with her.
Dev: Close your eyes.
Shravan: What?
Dev: Do as I say.
Shravan does so.
Dev: Tell me the name of the girl whose face comes in your mind.
Shravan sees Suman’s face.
Shravan: Suman Bose aka Sumo.
Shravan opens his eyes and Dev hugs him.
Dev: You are definitely in love with Suman, congratulations.
Shravan gets thinking.
The episode ends.

Precap: Here Suman, Shravan, Sonakshi and Dev meet each other in a place. Suman and Shravan smiles looking at each other, especially Shravan and Dev and Sonakshi are not much interested in each other. Dev says sorry to Sonakshi. Sonakshi is surprised. On the other hand, Shravan arranges a date for Suman, Suman is also surprised.

I am sorry I have not added much Devakshi and Shraman scenes but next week, there will be more of their scenes so please don’t stop reading. And I already wrote half of episode 2, before publishing promos so couldn’t help. But I hope you all enjoyed the episode overall.
I have decided to publish this fan fiction, twice a week. Every Saturday and Sunday as all of you wanted so. So, next episode will be published on Saturday, 28th May. Hope you all loved episode it. Please feel free to express your opinions and do drop your valuable comments.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN


  1. Maria(Mishalian)

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    The episode was good but waiting for more Devakshi scenes..
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    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB N EDKV FAN)

      hey maria thanks for commenting happy u liked the episode and dont worry in next episode there will be more devakshi scenes and yes will read it soon dear happy u wrote a ff on KRPKAB because i love ur IKRS ff a lot and i m sure your this ff will also do wonders 🙂

  2. tara

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      hey tara happy u like both my ffs 😛 and i also wait for ur ffs doh seheli ek duje ke ff ke wait kar rahen hain 😛 and thanks for understanding and dont worry episode 3 will be couple scenes ke barsaat 😛 and will publish the next episode on saturday 🙂

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

      hey abhi thanks for commenting and yes shravu realizes his love and next episode will be more awesome hopefully and yes will update the next episode on saturday and i m also waiting for ur ff

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    I liked daal fight.. Superb Akka.. Here also I skipped krpkab.. Becoz I don’t like it.. If I time I will read but edkb part u nailed it..

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

      hey naru bhaia thanks for commenting and happy u liked shraman parts but why u dont like krpkab sorry if i hurt u and also edkv show on dal so i also decided to show on dal 😛

      • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Akka not like that.. I am not aware of the show leads..so only.. ?Anways i saw dev and sonakshi pair alot?.. This is my policy..

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

      hey aarti thanks for commenting happy u liked it and yes will update next episode on saturday 🙂

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      hey tanya happy u liked it thanks for commenting and will try to update the episode ASAP 🙂

  5. Nishi

    Can you pls pls don’t include Natasha in your ff jo di?i alr can’t stand her in the show because she bringing tears to Sona’s eyes..pls remove her?

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Hey nishi I know u r not the only one who hates her and she will be there for 2-3 epsidoes and she will be married in this ff so not need to worry 😛 I also find her irritating but she is much better than the other girls in other shows who do cheap things and anyways thanks for commenting and hope u r feeling better now 🙂

  6. tani

    Hey fatarajo another mind blowing episode… Sorry I’m busy with exams do couldn’t comment shraman saal fight was superb loved it… Waiting eagerly for next update

    • Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

      Hey tani thanks for commenting happy u liked it nah it’s okay I understand as I m also busy with my quizzes and projects so no problem and happy that u at least commented 🙂

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