Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of Love we have for each other Episode12

**Summary of episode 1-11 is given**
**JODI Special, there will be only separate scenes for both Jodis. No scene today which is a combo of both shows (except for precap).

Hi all. I am back with Episode 12 of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste-The different shades of love we have for each other. I know I have made you all wait for long for this. I am so so sorry for that, what to do I was really super busy. And now all my school works and assignment are almost done and my last lesson is on 5th August. I am free from 6th August onwards. And I am so happy I got 100% for my second computer programming quiz and I am sharing my happiness with all of u 😛 But I have a physics test on 11th August, and two exam papers on 22nd and 24th August respectively. And 22nd August is my birthday and I have Maths exam that day L and is my 18th Birthday, don’t forget to wish me haha 😛 And I can update more frequently now. And do wish me luck for my tests and exams 😛 And tomorrow(today) is my fair so wish me luck that all my items gets sold haha. Anyways, let’s get back to the episode.

Here is the summary of episode 1-11.
This fan fiction is about devakshi n shraman as u all know. Well the concept of my fan fiction is about love marriage and arranged marriage. Devakshi’s story is about arranged marriage and Shraman’s marriage is about love marriage. Sona and Sumo are sisters, Dev and shraman are friends. Well, here Dev is Sona’s boss and Shraman are BFFs. Same in their shows. And then Dev and Sona becomes friend and they initially hated each other. Sumo and Shravan they didn’t realize when they fall in love. Shravan confesses his love to Sumo and they both r happy. Dev helps Shravan in telling this to their families. Their families agree. Shraman gets married. Dev and Sona becomes even better friends and Ishwari sees the bond between devakshi n decides to make Sona her daughter in law. Dev and Sonakshi agrees and they also get married. Later Devakshi n Shraman goes for honeymoon and they share some cute and romantic moments. Now episode 12 we will see what happens after their honeymoon ends.

Here is the link for the intro, episodes and promos.

Here is episode 12.
Recap for episode 12: Dev finds Sonakshi worried and asks her what happened? Sonakshi says I am in trouble. Dev says why what is it? Sonakshi shows Dev something and Dev looks at Sonakshi surprised. Dev tells Sonakshi and scolds her are you kidding me? Have you lost it? On the other hand, Shravan overhears Suman’s plan to unite him and Nirmala. Shravan and Suman gets into a fight and Shravan tells Suman that marrying you was my biggest mistake. Suman is stunned. And she is teary-eyed.

In today’s episode, there will be Scenes for Devakshi and Shraman separately only no combo.

Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 3, 5, 7: EDKV part only
Scene 2, 4, 6, 8: KRPKAB part only

Scene 1: Malhotra Residence
(EDKV part only)
After a few weeks,
The episode begins with Suman talking on phone.
Sumo: Preeta, tomorrow I will come and see if all is going fine in the catering centre or not.
Preeta: Okay Sumo, no problem.
Suman keeps the phone.
Sumo: (in her mind) Soon 6 months will complete for mine and Shravan’s wedding. I must plan something for Shravan but what is it?
As Suman is walking, Shravan scares Suman.
Shravan: Boo!
Suman gets stunned.
Sumo: Shravan this is not funny. I don’t like this kind of joke.
Shravan: You are still the same since your teenage time right? You will never change, Sumo.
Sumo: I don’t know about me, but you have changed a lot for sure.
Shravan: What made you think so my wife?
Sumo: I know you very well. I have observed you very carefully since day 1.
Shravan: People say correct, after marriage everything changes.
Sumo: That’s why you changed a lot,
Suman winks and smiles, and runs and Shravan chases Suman.
Shravan: Sumo ki Bacchi.
Sumo: My Bacchi will be yours also, okay Mr. Shravan Malhotra?
Suman takes the pillow and throws on Shravan. And they talk while doing pillow fight.
Shravan: Oho, Mrs. Suman Malhotra, baby planning so soon?
Sumo: Shravan you?
Shravan: If we have a baby, I want a baby girl she will look like you but she will not be as furious as you are.
Sumo: What did you say? I am furious. I will want a baby boy and I make sure he will not be stubborn like you.
Shravan and Suman continues fighting and they throw pillow at each other, and they both get up on the bed and they mess up the entire room. And then Suman’s leg slip, she was about to fall, Shravan holds her. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays. They look at each other. As they come close to each other and were about to kiss, someone knocks on the door.
Sumo: Oh no, we are in trouble.
Shravan: Now who will clear this mess?
Sumo: You and who else?
Shravan: Me? Why me?
The person continues to knock the door.
Sumo: Now you think what you want to do. I am going to open the door.
Suman goes to open the door. Shravan looks on.

Scene 2: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Neha is consoling her toddler whose name is Nisha, who is crying none stop.
Neha: Areh Nisha, stop crying.
Sonakshi comes.
Sona: Neha dii give Nisha to me.
Sonakshi takes Nisha in her arms and Nisha stops crying.
Neha: Wow, Sona bhabi. Nisha stopped crying after coming to you.
Sona: Neha dii, when I was doing internship that time a lot of babies came to hospital for checkup and I took care of them. That’s how I got to manage babies.
Dev is talking on the phone regarding his work, and he sees Sonakshi speaking with Neha.
Neha: You are such a nice Mami, even you named her Nisha. Such a nice name.
Sona: Mami loves Nisha a lot.
Just then Dev comes to Nisha and carries her.
Dev: Hi Nisha, Mama here.
Nisha starts crying.
Sona: What Mr.Dixit you made her cry?
Dev: Hello Sona, I don’t know how to manage babies okay.
Sona: Stop making excuses.
Dev: Oh hello, what excuses?
Sonakshi takes Nisha from Dev and Nisha stops again.
Dev: Do you have some remote control in which you control Nisha?
Sona: Anything.
Neha: Oho, you both stop fighting.
Dev and Sonakshi look at each other angrily in a cute manner.
Neha: By the way, Bhaia Bhabi when are you going to give us a good news.
Dev and Sonakshi looks at each other and shys Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi plays.
Dev: I have some work.
Dev speaks on the phone.
Sona: I will take Nisha to walk.
Sonakshi plays with Nisha.
Dev: Mom’s birthday is tomorrow, I don’t want any problem.
Just then Sonakshi gets up
Sona: What? Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday?
Neha: Yes Bhabi tomorrow what.
Sona: Oh yes, I forgot the date.
Neha: You are always busy in cabin in hospital, and at home always busy in work.
Sona: I like to keep myself busy.
Neha: Good for you.
Sona: I have got an idea for Aunty’s birthday.
Neha: What is it?
Sona: Let me show you.
Sonakshi switches her laptop and shows Neha some pictures.
Neha: Wow this is a great idea, Bhabi.
Sonakshi smiles. Dev comes.
Dev: I will give best surprise to mom only.
Sona: No, I will give maa the best surprise.
Dev and Sonakshi fights and Neha hits her forehead with her hand.

Scene 3: Malhotra Residence
(EDKV part only)
Suman opens the door and it turns out to be Nirmala.
Sumo: Maa, you and here?
Nirmala: Sumo beta, I have come here to talk with you.
Sumo: No Maa, you cannot come in.
Nirmala: Why?
Suman looks at Shravan and gestures him to clean up the mess. Shravan doesn’t agree, and they fight gesturing with each other.
Nirmala comes in and she is surprised to see the mess.
Nirmala: What is this?
Suman and Shravan look at each other.
Nirmala: Sumo? Shravan? Can someone tell me how this mess happened?
Sumo: This is all because of Shravan. He made me angry.
Shravan: No, it’s all because of you Sumo. You were the one who started the pillow fight first.
Sumo: You made me angry that’s why.
Shravan: Then who told you to start the pillow fight?
Sumo: Who told you to join me?
Suman and Shravan continues fighting.
Nirmala: Oho, you both stop fighting.
Sumo: Maa, you don’t listen to him, he is always like this. Stubborn.
Shravan: You know how cunning Sumo is,
Sumo: You called me cunning, how dare you?
Shravan: Yes, you are very cunning like a fox.
Suman is stunned.
Shravan: You don’t listen to her Maa.
Nirmala gets happy as Shravan calls her Maa. Suman also smiles.
Shravan realizes what he just said.
Shravan: I have some work. I take your leave
Shravan is about to go,
Nirmala: Now who will clean this mess?
Suman pretends.
Sumo: Looks like I have to do everything. But why me?
Nirmala: It’s okay Sumo, you no need to clean. I will clean.
Sumo: No Maa, I will clean it’s fine.
Suman and Nirmala pretends to fight over who will clean the room.
Shravan: You both stop fighting.
Nirmala and Suman stops.
Shravan: I will do the cleaning.
Shravan starts cleaning, and Nirmala and Suman helps him out.
Nirmala and Shravan clean the same area, and this makes Nirmala and Shravan bond a little, Suman smiles and gives thumbs up to Nirmala. Nirmala also smiles.

Scene 4: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi is in the kitchen and she is very worried as she looks at a piece of paper.
Sona: Oh no, now how will I do all this?
Just then Dev comes and sees Sonakshi worried.
Dev: What happened Sona, you seem to be quite worried.
Sona: No, nothing.
Sonakshi hides the paper from behind and Dev sees this.
Dev: What are you hiding from me, Sona?
Sona: Nothing. What will I hide from you?
Dev: You seem to be nervous. What is in your hand?
Sona: Nothing.
Dev: Show me.
Sona: No, no nothing.
Dev tries to see what is in Sonakshi’s hand and they both move in a catch catch manner, as Dev tries to take the paper from Sonakshi. Sonakshi moves, until she gets near the wall. And Dev pins her to the wall. Dev comes close to Sonakshi.
Sona: Mr.Dixit what are you doing?
Dev comes closer to Sonakshi, and Sonakshi gets nervous and closes her eyes. Dev comes closer and takes the paper from Sonakshi’s hand.
Dev: Thank you so much for the paper.
Dev shows Sonakshi the paper which makes her stunned.S
Sona: This is not fair, this is cheating.
Dev sees a paper and is surprised. Dev looks at Sonakshi who is worried.
Dev: What happened?
Sona: I am in trouble.
Dev sees the paper and gets surprised.
Dev: Are you kidding me? Have you lost it?
Sona: I knew you will say this.
Dev: This is an excellent idea.
Dev shows Sonakshi the picture of the cake. A very beautiful and unique design cake.
Dev: So this is your plan for Maa’s birthday. Great.
Sonakshi is worried.
Dev: But you look worried? What happened?
Sona: Actually if Sumo was here, I would have taken her help. For mom’s birthday, I always search ideas from internet and Sumo helps me in baking the cake.
Dev: This is an excellent idea. Maa will love it.
Sona: Are you sure?
Dev: Of course, you can take Neha and Nikki’s help.
Sona: This is not the problem, I don’t even know how to cook, forget about baking.
Dev: Only this problem? Don’t worry, Neha and Nikki will help you, once they come home.
Sona: But that will be late right? As they both are out. They will come later. How will I manage in such a short time? I don’t even know the basic.
Dev: No need to worry. I will help you.
Sona: Really?
Dev: Yes.
Sonakshi gets happy.

Scene 5: Malhotra Residence
(EDKV part only)
Here Shravan , Suman and Nirmala are having dinner.
Shravan: Dad is at London for conference for a few days, where is Mausi and Vandy?
Sumo: Mausi and Vandy went to Mausi’s friend wedding.
Shravan: Oh I see.
Shravan eats dal cooked by Nirmala and Suman together. Shravan enjoys it. Someone calls Nirmala and Nirmala goes to speak to him.
Nirmala: Beta, how are you? When are you coming?
Anonymous: Very soon, Maa. I miss you.
Nirmala: Will be waiting to meet you.
Shravan looks around.
Shravan: Sumo, come here.
Suman comes.
Sumo: What is it?
Shravan takes Suman’s hand and kisses her hand. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays. Suman shys.
Sumo: Why are you getting romantic?
Shravan: The dal you cooked is so nice.
Sumo: Me?
Shravan: Yes, you.
Sumo: That me and Maa
Nirmala gestures Suman not to tell Shravan that she and Suman cooked it together.
Sumo: You loved it very good.
Shravan eats and enjoys it.
Sumo: (in his mind) How to tell him Maa cooked him? Idea.
Suman acts nervous. Shravan sees this.
Shravan: What happened Sumo you seemed to be worried?
Sumo: Nothing. Nothing, you have dal.
Shravan happily haves dal.
Sumo: (in his mind) Why is this Shravan not saying anything?
Sumo: It’s so hard to cook dal.
Shravan: This taste seems quite familiar.
Nirmala: You have eaten Sumo’s food before that’s why.
Shravan: Maybe.
Sumo: Me?
Shravan: Yes?
Sumo: Nothing.
Shravan: Sumo how to make this dal?
Sumo: Umm. Umm. Salt. Cumin. Coriander,
Shravan: Did you really cooked it?
Sumo: Maa helped me.
Shravan: Then I am done with this.
Shravan leaves. Suman goes to kitchen. Nirmala follows Suman.
Sumo: Oh no, my plan failed.
Nirmala: So, you did all this purposely.
Suman looks at Nirmala surprised.
Shravan sees no one there and he slowly finishes the dal.
Suman sees this and smiles.
Sumo: Yes I did it.
Nirmala: But why, now my son didn’t eat anything.
Sumo: Just look there.
Nirmala sees this and smiles.
Sumo: See, Shravan still loves you a lot. Just that he wont say so easily. My husband is very arrogant.
Nirmala smiles.
Sumo: I promise you Maa, I will unite you and Shravan at any cost. This is my promise to you.
Nirmala is teary eyed and Shravan overhear this and gets angry.
Shravan: (in his mind) So this is Nirmala and Sumo’s plan? Sumo you have not done the right thing. You shouldn’t have done so.
Nirmala feeds Suman some sweets.
Sumo: No, it’s okay I wont have it.
Nirmala: I offered you, your mother offered you nicely you should have it.
Nirmala feeds Suman forcefully and Shravan gets furious and leaves.
Suman feels uneasy and she feels pukish. And she pukes and runs to the washroom.
Nirmala: Beta, are you fine?
Nirmala also follows her.

Scene 6: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi and Dev are in the kitchen.
Sona: What will I do?
Dev: Do you at least know which materials are needed?
Sona: This much knowledge I have.
Dev: Good.
Sonakshi takes the ingredients out and keeps them.
Dev: Are you ready?
Sonakshi ties her dupatta to the waist.
Sona: I am ready.
Dev smiles. Dev instructs Sonakshi to do this and that and Sonakshi obeys Dev. Sonakshi holds the whisk wrongly. Dev makes her hold the whisk and she does so. It’s like Dev is the cook and Sonakshi is the assistant. Dev is teaching Sonakshi how to bake.
Sona: Mr.Dixit, how do you cook so well?
Dev: I used to help mom in the kitchen and I also enjoyed cooking.
Sona: I never liked cooking.
Dev: I loved cooking.
Sona: Who loves cooking? So much add oil, stove oho. I wonder how Sumo cook for so many people.
Dev: You try cooking by yourself you will love it.
Sona: No thank you. Helping is enough.
Dev: Cook.
Sona: Only if you or someone help me.
Dev: You are too much Sona.
Sona: Cooking is so boring.
Dev: Okay, I am not helping you.
Sona: Fine, I will do what you say.
Dev instructs Sonakshi to cook and do this and that Sonakshi obeys Dev. Sonakshi does well and until she do this whisking thing wrong again.
Dev: I told you so many times not to whisk like this.
Sona: What whisk? It’s just mixing and mixing makes my head spin.
Dev: You are impossible.
Sonakshi continues to do so.
Dev: Let me help you.
Dev stands near Sonakshi and holds her hand and they happily mix the cake together and they smile looking at each other. Just then Neha and Nikki comes from shopping and they are surprised to see Dev and Sonakshi like this. Neha coughs.
Nikki: Aww how romantic and cute.
Dev and Sonakshi eyes becomes wide and they separate themselves.
Nikki: Wow romance in kitchen.
Dev: Help your Bhabi.
Neha: Why what happened?
Sona: That cake. I dont know how to bake and Maa is also coming how I manage? That’s why I took your brother’s help.
Neha: Only that, don’t worry Bhabi, me and Nikki are there to help you too?
Sona: Really?
Nikki: Or let it be you and Bhaia?
Sona: No. No.
Neha: She is kidding Bhabi, we will help you.
Sonakshi, Dev, Nikki and Neha bake the cake together and finally they finish doing so.
Nikki: Wow the cake is the same as the picture, looks so nice.
Nikki was about to touch it, Sonakshi removes it.
Sona: Let Maa cut the cake first, then I will make sure the first piece only you will get after Maa.
Dev: Yes, Sona is right.
Nikki: Okay, but don’t forget.

Scene 7: Malhotra Residence
(EDKV part only)
Suman comes out of the washroom and Nirmala comes worried.
Nirmala: Sumo beta, is everything fine?
Sumo: Actually, the sweets had flavoured rose water and I am allergic to it, that’s why.
Nirmala: I am so sorry beta, I didn’t know.
Sumo: It’s okay Maa, now I am fine.
Nirmala: Take care of yourself.
Nirmala leaves, and just then someone calls Suman.
Sumo: Good you called me on time, I was about to call you. Is everything fine?
Suman listens to something and she gets very happy.
Sumo: Really? Is it true?
Suman gets very happy.
Sumo: Thank you very much.
Suman keeps the phone.
Sumo: Now I have to tell Shravan about this.
Just then Shravan comes into the room angrily,
Sumo: Good you came just the perfect time Shravan. I was waiting for you.
Shravan: For?
Sumo: Okay forget that, Shravan I just wanted to say that.
Shravan: What is it?
Sumo: That.
Shravan: Forgive Nirmala.
Suman is surprised.
Sumo: Yes?
Shravan: Don’t act as if you are unaware Sumo.
Sumo: I am not getting you.
Shravan gets very angry and he pins Suman to the wall.
Sumo: Shravan, what are you doing? You are hurting me.
Shravan: And do you have any idea how much you hurt me?
Suman is surprised.
Shravan: I have got to know about yours and Nirmala’s plan.
Suman is shocked.
Sumo: Look Shravan, is not that as you are thinking.
Shravan: You are the tried to unite me with Maa, right? Yes or no?
Sumo: Shravan, please don’t be angry just listen to me.
Shravan: I said yes or no.
Sumo: Yes.
Shravan bangs the door angrily.
Sumo: But Shravan you are
Shravan: Enough!
Suman is stunned.
Shravan: I thought you were different from others, Sumo that’s why I loved you. But I was wrong. All women are same. Stubborn and selfish.
Suman tries to speak but Shravan doesn’t allow her to speak.
Shravan: Today I realized that marrying you was the biggest mistake I made.
Suman is teary eyed.
Shravan: I wish I never married you.
Suman loses her cool.
Sumo: You are not happy with this marriage, right Shravan?
Shravan looks at Suman.
Sumo: Okay fine, I am leaving from this house right now. I hope you can at least live here peacefully now.
Suman wipes her tears. And she packs her bag. Shravan is about to stop Suman, but later, he doesn’t. Suman takes her bag and leaves.
As Suman leaves, Shravan gets super angry and breaks all the things in his room.

Scene 8: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Ishwari comes to the house, and then the light switches off.
Ishwari: Looks like electricity have went off, but where are others? And is so late at night also.
Just then the lights switches on surprising Ishwari, and Dev, Sonakshi, Neha and Nikki comes and sings happy birthday. Ishwari is super happy. Sonakshi brings the cake.
Ishwari: This is so lovely.
Neha: Maa, this was all Sona Bhabi’s plan to surprise you.
Ishwari gets happy.
Ishwari: Thank you beta.
Sona: I am your daughter right? No need to say thank you. Now cut the cake.
Ishwari cuts the cake and as Sonakshi was about to feed Ishwari.
Dev: Wait a second.
Sonakshi stops.
Dev: Cake is unhealthy for mom, she shouldn’t have it.
Sona: It’s sugarfree.
Dev: What?
Sona: Yes.
Sonakshi feeds Ishwari the cake.
Dev: I helped you, as I wanted to give Maa the surprise she will be happy, and I know mom will like your surprise more than mine for sure, so if mom can’t have the cake she will love mine more.
Sona: So rude and mean, Mr.Obhodro?
Ishwari: How dare you do this to my daughter-in-law?
Sona: See Maa, look at your son.
Dev: I knew it Maa, you will always support your ideal daughter-in-law. You all planning against me, even you Mom not fair.
All laughs.
Dev: How to manage this Mardani group?
Sona: But Maa, one thing is true I dont know how to bake cake so he helped me a lot today. He taught me.
Ishwari: Really Dev?
Dev: I am not so mean to my wife.
Ishwari is about to feed Sonakshi the cake,
Dev: Now Sona, also took this right from me. She is having the cake before me.
Ishwari: Dev.
Sona: Maa, why is he doing like this with me?
Ishwari: I will still feed you the cake first,
Sonakshi smiles and Dev gets sad.
And then Nikki eats the cake.
Ishwari: Nikki?
Nikki: What Sona Bhabi, you promised me I will have the cake first?
Sona: Then its fine.
Dev: At least Maa didn’t feed Sona the cake first.
Sona: This much jealousy Mr.Obhodro now, you see what I will do?
Sonakshi takes the some cake and smears it on Dev’s face. All laughs.
Dev: Sona?
All and Sonakshi laugs. Dev chases Sonakshi and Sonakshi runs , and in the kitchen they fight. Dev washes his face quick and chases Sonakshi, and some water falls, Sonakshi slips. Dev holds Sonakshi they share an eyelock. Music plays. Dev gets close to Sonakshi and Sonakshi closes her eyes and as Dev was about to kiss her, just then.
Nikki: Bhabi!!
Sonakshi shys and leaves, giving Dev a surprised look.
Dev: (in his mind) What was I going to do just now?
Dev remembers it.
Dev: (in her mind) What is happening with me? Am I in love with Sona?
Dev gets thinking and the episode ends.

Precap: Dev tells Sonakshi that I want to tell you something. Sonakshi say what is it? Dev says I….I love as Dev was about to complete his sentence, Suman comes in and hugs Sonakshi and cries. Sonakshi and Dev are surprised. Later, Suman is about to slip and a guy(Aditya) holds her and Shravan sees this and gets angry. Dev and Sonakshi fight and Sonakshi says that you are very selfish Mr.Dixit you have always thought about yourself. Dev is stunned.

Will all misunderstandings get cleared between the pairs?

Sorry all I know you all must be mad at me for creating problems for Devakshi and Shraman. But I am their fan so no need to worry. And I had to do so as my story required it. And yes, my fan fiction will be of 20 episodes. Not more than that. I can’t extend anymore. But if you all dont like it I may end it earlier also.

And photo collage credit goes to my friend Nusz, she is the one who created the photo collage and I was busy so she did it for me and thanks to her I could publish the episode earlier. And yes, she is the same one with whom I write the fan fiction named We are Poles Apart but Our Love is Strong. (Some knows about it.) She does write fan fictions but on other shows and they are awesome.

For me, currently I write three fan fictions:
1) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste-
The different shades of love we have for each other (This one)
2) Tashan-E-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love
(Season 2 for Intense Love)
3) Thapki Pyaar Ki – Another Loving Pat is What I Need
(Season 2 for A Loving Pat)
Both the other two ffs episode 6 got the summary.

And I wrote a two shots story recently on the show Beintehaa, which used to air in Colors around 2 years ago. (One of my all time fav show)
When I had almost half a year break after my board exams ended I wrote many fan fictions for time pass. But I didn’t know I will love doing it so much. And all of your comments inspire me if not this fan fiction would have ended in max 10 episodes. I am writing for all of you and I haven’t also publish my other fan fictions for two weeks. And after two weeks, I am so happy. I missed writing fan fiction so much and more importantly your lovely comments which I love to read and most importantly to talk and chat with you all in comments segment :P. Now I am slightly free after 6 aug more free after 24 aug totally free 😛

And next episode, I will publish next episode on Monday 1st August or Tuesday 2nd August.

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