Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Episode 9


**With Recap and Summary of Episode 1-8.**

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Here is the recap and summary of episode 1-8:
Summary (Episode 1-8): This story is about two sisters, Sonakshi and Suman and two friends Dev and Shravan. This fan fiction began with the aim to show about how love can happen in different shades be it love or marriage. While, the aim was to show Shraman’s marriage as love marriage and Devakshi’s marriage as arranged marriage. (EDKV) In these episodes, it shows how Shravan and Suman who are childhood friends fall in love and also their marriage is going on. (KRPKAB)  On the other hand it also showed how Dev who is the boss of Sonakshi , and they both hate each other due to different personalities and ego. Later, Sonakshi helps Dev and vice verse and they become good friends. (EDKV)  While Shravan and Suman’s pre marriage ceremonies are going on Shraman shares some intense and romantic moments as before that they both faced problems in persuading Suman’s mom to agree for the marriage and later she did agree thanks to Devakshi.And as for Shraman, after Shraman spent some privacy time alone , there are some changes in Shravan seen who seems to be quite worried and tensed. (KRPKAB)  Devakshi also share some cute moments where they support and help each other. Ishwari sees this and decides to make Sonakshi her daughter-in-law and Dev’s wife and she asks same to sonakshi’s mother and later seeing Dev care towards Sonakshi her mom also agrees and they talk to Dev and Sonakshi about it , and they both are confused. While Dev kind of agree, Sonakshi is still confused. (All)  Later, the wedding day of Shraman comes and Suman , Suman tells Sonakshi that she should think about her and Dev’s alliance one more time later Suman gets a letter for Shravan that he is not happy with the marriage that’s why he is leaving to London forever. This makes Suman shattered.

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Which scene(s) is for which show will be mentioned:
Scene 1, 3, 5, 8: All
Scene 2, 6, 9: EDKV part only
Scene 4, 7, 10: KRPKAB part only

Here is episode 9.
Scene 1: Bose Residence

The episode begins with Suman being shattered as she gets into flashback how Shravan confessed love to her and also how they shared some romantic and intimate moments. Sad Ek Duje Ke Vaaste music plays. Sonakshi is teary-eyed.
Dev: I am so sorry for all this, I never expected Shravan to do something like that. I am sure he must have a reason, I know him really well for a long time.
Sonakshi comes and slaps Dev. All are shocked.
Sumo: Sona?
Sona: Reason? Reason. Mr.Dixit? Do you have any idea what goes through one when her marriage breaks.
Sonakshi pulls Suman’s hand.
Sona: Just look at her. Do you have any idea what is she going through? I am sorry Mr. Dixit I can’t see my sister like that.
Sumo: Neither it’s Dev’s fault nor it’s Shravan’s fault. It’s my fault. I should have never fall for him.
Sonakshi is sad, and she brings Suman somewhere.
Sumo: Sona where are you bringing me?
Sona: Come.
Asha: Sona? Sumo?
Dev also follows them. Sonakshi and Suman gets into the car, while Sonakshi drives the car.
Sumo: Sona where are you bringing me to?
Sona: Keep quiet.
Sonakshi starts the car.
Asha: I wonder where is Sona bringing Sumo to.
Dev: Don’t worry I will follow them.
Dev takes his car and follows Sonakshi and Suman.
Sonakshi drives the car,
Sumo: Where are you bringing me to Sona?

Later, Sonakshi brings Suman somewhere, some other wedding is going on.
Sumo: Sona, I don’t understand why did you bring me here?
Sona: You just come with me.
Suman is surprised and Sonakshi comes with her.
Sumo: Why did you bring me to the beach?
Sonakshi brings Suman to the water shore.
Sumo: What are you intending to do Sona?
Sona: Jump from here.
Sumo: What?
Sona: I said jump. You are feeling like doing suicide and end your life right?
Sumo: What is even use of living this kind of life?
Sona: Then just suicide. No one is stopping you.
Sumo: Sona?
Sona: Just go and die.
Suman is about to suicide and she stops. Later she hugs Sonakshi tightly and cries.
Sumo: I don’t even have the guts to end my life.
Sona: Promise me you will never ever think like that.
Sumo: I promise.
Sona: Don’t cry Sumo, you are my brave sister right? I am sure there is someone for you.
Just then Dev comes,
Dev: Don’t worry Sumo, there is someone and he will never leave your hand.
Suman is surprised.
Dev: Look there.
Suman and Sonakshi looks and they see a horse, baraat coming towards. Suman is surprised. It is none other than Shravan on the horse.
Sumo: Shravan?
(Yes most of you are correct :P)
Sumo: What is happening?
Shravan who is wearing a black sherwani comes to Suman.
Shravan: This is what you wanted remember?

Scene 2: Flashback
(EDKV part only)
Shravan and Suman are having coffee at the top of the terrace at their teenage times and looking at the star.
Sumo: Shravan have you thought of how will your wedding be like?
Shravan: This wedding all this useless, waste of time.
Sumo: What Shravan yaar?
Shravan: See, I am not at all interested in all these type of things.
Sumo: Expected. You know I want my marriage to be completely different like others.
Shravan: As in?
Sumo: See, I want my marriage to be unique.
Shravan: Unique? How?
Sumo: Like my wedding will take place in a beach. I will be sad and then looking at the shore, and just then my dream guy in my fav color sherwani will come with baraat in the beach, and then he will get up from the horse, and propose Sumo will marry me? And then me, in bridal attire will say yes, I will. Wow.
Shravan: What kind of marriage is this? This is even more weird than the one in bollywood weddings.
Sumo: You won’t understand, it’s not made for you.
Shravan looks on.
Sumo: It’s always have been my dream that if I get married I will get married in a beach.
Suman gets out of the flashback.

Scene 3: Beach
Sumo: You still remembered that?
Shravan: Yes, of course. So will you marry me.
Suman nods. Shravan gets happy.
Sumo: Then that letter?
Shravan: Sumo, you still didn’t get it?
Suman nods.
Shravan: It was a plan by me, Dev and Sona dii.
Sumo: That means all this was a plan?
All of Suman and Sonakshi and also Dev’s family reaches there.
All: Yes!
Sumo: Shravan ki Bacchi that’s mean you plan all this.
Suman chases Shravan and then continues doing so, and she accidentally pushes Sonakshi which causes Sonakshi to fall on Dev, and they roll over the ground together. Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Plays. Sonakshi and Dev look at each other.
Sona: Sumo ki Bacchi now I won’t spare you.
Sonakshi chases Suman,
Shravan: Now even Sona Dii is on my side.
Dev: And I am on Suman’s side.
Sumo: You were also with them?
Dev: Areh don’t ask you don’t know what I had to go through.

Scene 4: Flashback
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Shravan tells Sonakshi to help him.
Shravan: Sona Dii, I need your help.
Sona: What is it?
He tells Sonakshi about Suman’s dream and Sonakshi smiles.
Sona: This is a good idea.
Dev: Useless idea.
Shravan and Sonakshi looks on.
Dev: That time Sumo was a teenger, now will she remember about it?
Shravan: What yaar, now that I am romantic you are not letting me do so.
Dev: This is called crazy romantic. Shahrukh Khan’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hain is fine, but Baazigar is not fine.
Sona: How dare you speak about SRK like this? Tomar eto boro shahosh 😛
Dev: Yes when you will get a lover like that you will get it.
Sona: Why you got a lover like that?
Shravan starts laughing.
Dev: Look Miss Bose, I don’t want to fight with you.
Sona: I am not interested, but don’t you dare speak about Shahrukh Babu like that.
Shravan: What Dev you are the one who always give me romance tips and now you?
Dev: I heard people change a lot after marriage and you are already changing before marriage,
Sonakshi takes the knife and shows Dev, Dev and Shravan gets stunned.
Dev: Miss Bose, what are you doing?
Sona: If you don’t agree to our command we won’t spare you.
Dev is stunned.
Dev: What kind of childishness is this?
Sona: I don’t care. Will you agree with us?
Shravan pleads Dev,
Dev: Okay fine. What do I have to do?
Sona: Just become a postman for us and nothing else.
Dev: What?
Sona: You have problem.
Dev: No, anyways I don’t want to contribute much to this stupid plan.
Sona: Did you say anything?
Dev: No, I didn’t
Dev gets out of the flashback.
Scene 5: Beach
Here Sonakshi and Shravan are fighting with Dev and Suman.
Sumo: Then, I am with Dev in this case.
Sona: Mr.Obhodro, how rude you were in our team? Dev: You keep quiet, Miss Bose.
Shravan: Sumo, your dream itself is so stupid, see now the problem.
Sumo: How dare you call my dream stupid?
Shravan: If I fulfil your dream also you have a problem and even if I don’t also you will be sad. What Sumo?
Ishwari: Okay, you all stop fighting among yourselves, now you all should change.
Sumo: My lehenga got spoiled.
Shravan: I knew it will get spoiled that’s why I ordered two same lehengas the one you chose.
Sumo: Very smart.
Sona: How about me?
Ishwari: No need to worry beta, I have brought a saree along you can wear that.
Sona: But aunty ji me?
Ishwari shows Sonakshi a beautiful saree, Sonakshi gets happy.
Sona: This saree is so beautiful, aunty ji.
Ishwari: Then wear it.
Sonakshi looks at Asha, and Asha tells her to accept it.
Sona: Since you are insisting a lot, I will wear this saree.
Sonakshi leaves.
Ishwari: (in her mind) I always wanted my to be daughter-in-law to wear this saree. I just hope at the end of the day Sona agrees with this alliance.
Ishwari smiles.

Scene 6: Dressup room
(EDKV part)
Here Suman is getting ready and Preeti helps her out, and later she goes, and Shravan lovingly looks at Suman. Suman sees this from the mirror.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan comes to Suman.
Shravan: You are looking gorgeous today.
Sumo: Okay, that’s fine. But I am still angry with you.
Shravan: Why?
Sumo: Do you have any idea how much scared I got after reading that letter?
Shravan: Do you trust me?
Sumo: Even more than myself.
Shravan: Then?
Sumo: My life was shattered. My heart broke when I read this letter. I couldn’t tolerate it. It was like I was dead.
Shravan closes Suman’s mouth. They look at each other. Music plays.
Shravan: Promise me you will never talk about death in front of me.
Sumo: I promise.
Suman and Shravan hug each other and they share some emotional moments.
Shravan: I love you Sumo.
Sumo: I love you too Shravan.
Later, Preeti and Pushkar comes and sees this.
Preeti: Wow, so chupke chupke romance.
Suman and Shravan feels shy and breaks the hug.
Sumo: Preeti, why is your timing so bad?
Preeti: Okay, Pushkar let’s go.
Pushkar: What Preeti, let them romance. Meanwhile, we will also romance.
Preeti hits Pushkar,
Preeti: What Pushkar, you na.
Suman and Shravan sees this and smiles and laughs.
Preeti: Okay, but be careful before anyone comes.
Preeti and Pushkar comes.
Sumo: Shravan I think you should leave now.
Shravan: Okay, but in one condition.
Sumo: What?
Shravan shows Suman his cheeks.
Shravan: Kiss.
Sumo: What Shravan just go from here?
Shravan: Not fair yaar, I did so much and you wont do this much.
Suman comes near Shravan, Shravan smiles, and Suman pulls Shravan’s ear.
Sumo: Quickly go from here.
Shravan: Okay okay, leave my ear.
Suman does so and Shravan goes,
Sumo: Wait Shravan.
Shravan does so. Suman gives Shravan a kiss on the cheek and she feels shy and goes. Shravan smiles and leaves.

Scene 7: Another room
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi is wearing a saree and she is facing problems while wearing the saree,
Sona: Oho, mom was there to help me that time to help me, now she is busy in wedding preparation works.
Sonakhsi tries to wear the saree but she fails in wearing it properly.
Sonakshi: Uff ai saree porte amar motei bhalo lage na (I don’t like to wear this saree) It’s so difficult.
Just then Dev comes in the room,
Dev: Sona I just wanted to ask you that.
Sonakshi who is wearing the saree feels shy and Dev feels embarrassed.
Dev: Oh I am sorry.
Sona: Strange, Mr.Dixit when I come to the office you give me a big lecture on not knocking the door and coming in and now you are also doing the same thing.
Dev: Okay, Okay I am sorry you continue.
Dev waits for Sonakshi and Sonakshi tries to wear the saree.
Sona: Oho, what to do mom is not here?
Dev: Looks like she needs help, all are busy what to do?
Dev looks at the time,
Dev: The time is passing by, looks like I have to do something.
Dev comes in this time and Sonakshi is stunned.
Sona: Mr. Dixit what are you doing?
Dev tries to help Sonakshi,
Sona: Look Mr. Dixit, what are you up to? I don’t like this kind of behavior.
Dev gestures Sonakshi to keep quiet. He comes close to Sonakshi.
Sona: What are you doing?
Dev: Shhh!
Dev comes even more to Sonakshi, Sonakshi closes her eyes. Music plays. Dev makes Sonakshi adjust her saree. Sonakshi is surprised as she opens her eyes. Dev drapes the saree around Sonakshi. Sonakshi looks on.
Dev: Now it’s done. Let’s go.
Sonakshi is stunned and Dev looks at Sonakshi.
Dev: Why are you looking at me like this?
Sona: How do you know how to make one wear saree?
Dev smiles
Dev: This is nothing. When I was young, I remember mom used to ask help from me or Neha to wear saree at times.
Sona: Oh I get it. I hate to wear saree. I don’t even know how to wear them.
Dev smiles.
Dev: Now let’s go.
Dev and Sonakshi are about to go, Dev trips over Sonakshi’s saree and they fall down on the bed. They look at each other. Later, Sonakshi gets up, she feels embarrassed and leaves from there quickly. Dev also leaves.

Scene 8: Marriage
Here Sonakshi and Preeti comes bringing Suman and Shravan smiles looking at Suman while sitting on the mandap. Music plays. Dev and Sonakshi smile looking at each other.
Later, the marriage ceremony starts,
Priest: The groom and bride should exchange the garland now.
Suman tries to make Shravan wear the garland but she fails as firstly Shravan is not letting her do so and secondly Shravan is too tall.
Sumo: Shravan you are so tall like a giraffe, now how will I make you wear the garland?
All laughs.
Shravan: How dare you call me a giraffe? Now let me see how can you make me wear the garland.
Sumo: This is not fair.
Sona: Yes, I agree.
Dev: Sumo, you are like my sister fear not when I am here?
Shravan: Now how are you going to help her?
Dev: Pushkar, c’mon let’s go.
Dev gestures Pushkar,
Pushkar: I got it.
Pushkar and Dev together lift Suman from each side like they lift her using her leg and Suman makes Shravan wear the garland. All smiles and claps.
Shravan: Yaar Dev and Pushkar this is not fair.
Pushkar: What could I do I am Preeti’s husband.
Preeti: Pushkar?
Pushkar: I mean I am also from the girl’s side so I should also help them out.
Preeti smiles.
Shravan: How about you Dev?
Nikki: For Sona dii.
Dev: Nikki!
Nikki: Okay fine, I am sorry.
Dev: The time was passing by we are getting late.
Shravan: Good excuse.
Later, all the marriage rituals begin. Asha ties the ghatbandhan(don’t know what it means) of Shravan and Suman. Shravan and Suman take rounds.
Here Sonakshi and Dev are throwing flower petals,
Dev: I am seeing you throwing flower petals for a long time.
Sona: I like it that’s why.
Dev: Miss Bose, it’s okay I will help you throw the flower petals.
Sona: Why are you being so nice to me suddenly today?
Dev: Look Miss Bose, today I am in no mood to fight with you.
They start to pull the flower petals platter towards each other.
Sona: It’s okay I will do it.
Dev: I said let me do it.
Sona: Mr.Dixit you let it be.
Dev and Sonakshi pull the platter towards each other and suddenly they throw the flower petals platter and the entire flower petal fall on them. Dev and Sonakshi give each other a weird look.
Elena: Looks like after Suman dii-Shravan jiju’s marriage, we have another marriage to be done.
Sona: Elena ki bacchi.
Elena laughs.
Suman and Shravan smiles seeing this and they continue taking rounds. They make promises to each other. And after the final round is done, the priest is about to announce something,
Shravan: Wait a minute , Pandit ji.
All are surprised.
Ramnath: Shravan what is it?
Shravan: There is one more round to go,
Priest: But I count is 7.
Sona: Yes, Shravan why are you saying so.
Shravan: We want to take one more round, to make one more promise, and that is that we will be best friends more than husband-wife.
Suman smiles looking at Shravan.
They make the special promise and all smile.
Priest: The marriage is completed.
Sona: Wow, what a unique marriage, I wish something like that also happens with me.
Dev looks on.
Priest: Now make the bride wear mangalsutra,
Shravan does so,
Priest: Now make her wear sindoor,
Shravan also does so, and they smile looking at each other.
Priest: Now you both are husband wife.
Shravan and Suman smiles looking at each other.
Sona: May God always bless them.

Later, the post marriage ritual is going on, and Suman cries hugging Sonakshi and Asha and her family members. They remember all the fun moments.
Sumo: I will miss you Sona.
Sona: I will miss you too Sumo, just call me Dii once.
Sumo: I will miss you dii.
Suman and Sonakshi hug each other and cry.
Later, Suman leaves and Sonakshi and others wave bye to Suman in the car.

Scene 9: In the car
(EDKV part only)
Suman cries and Shravan tries to console her.
Shravan: Areh Sumo don’t cry.
Sumo: I am leaving mom and Sona and also everyone, how will I leave without them?
Shravan: You can visit them everyday.
Sumo: But still.
Shravan: Hey don’t cry too much later your makeup will spoil and you will look like Manjulika.
Suman gets angry,
Sumo: How dare you call me that?
Suman hits Shravan and later she smiles.
Shravan: Finally I made you smile.
Suman finally smiles and hugs Shravan.

Scene 10: Venue
(KRPKAB only) The episode begins with Sonakshi who is wiping her tears and just then someone passes her the tissue box and she takes tissues and wipes and she realizes that is none then Dev.
Sona: Mr.Dixit you?
Dev: Last time tissue was not enough that’s why I brought the entire tissue box along.
Sonakshi laughs, Dev also laughs.
Dev: You seem to be an emotional person Miss Bose.
Sona: What to do, I am like that.
Dev: Oho.
Sona: Thanks for making me to feel better.
Dev: Don’t worry Sona, I will be there for you.
Sonakshi is surprised.
Dev: I mean it was my pleasure to help you.
Sonakshi looks on.
Dev: By the way, may I ask you something?
Sona: Sure.
Dev: Are you okay with this alliance?
Sonakshi is surprised.
Dev: Like our marriage.
Sonakshi is stunned and stares at Dev.
Dev: I shouldn’t have ask this. I am so sorry.
Dev was about to go, Sonakshi holds Dev’s hand.
Sona: I am ready. I accept this alliance of yours and my marriage, Mr. Dev Dixit.
Dev smiles, Ishwari and Asha sees this and gets happy. The episode ends.

Precap: Dev declares his marriage with Sonakshi. All are happy. Sonakshi smiles. Dev and Sonakshi smile looking at each other. Ishwari and Asha blesses them. Suman and Shravan spent some romantic moments at their first night, and Suman says she have a surprise for him. Suman shows Shravan, the surprise and Shravan is shocked. Later, Dev and Sonakshi goes to court where they get married, and Dev gets a call and is shocked. Sonakshi asks him why is he shocked. He tells Sonakshi I am sorry Miss Bose, I can’t accept this marriage. Sonakshi is shocked.

Hey all I am so sorry for updating the episodes late. Well this may also continue this month. The reason is because firstly I have projects and quizzes. Secondly, next week is Eid, and thirdly my aunt is coming for treatment. So this july is a super busy month for me. I wanted to write as many episodes as I can during my holidays, but unfortunately my laptop had to be spoiled that time. I will get my laptop back tomorrow. Used my uncle’s laptop to write this episode, luckily half of the episode was saved in my pen drive. Well, I will try my best to upload the episode next Friday if not next Sunday latest.

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey dear thanks for commenting happy u liked it and eid mubarak to u too 🙂

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey snehu thanks for commenting happy u liked it and eid mubarak to u too dear 🙂 and yes u have to wait for the next episode

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sumo thanks for commenting happy u liked it and lol i always knew this dream thingy was a stupid idea haha and yeah I m a first year engineering student

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      Hey vridhhi thanks for commenting happy u liked it and well i will upload next epi on fri or sat, and dont worry i wont stop writing thats why i extend this ff from 10 epi to 15 epi and eid mubarak to u too dear same 2 u 🙂

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey saasha first of all thanks for commenting and I m so sorry if I made u bored in my prev ff actually what to do I m a big fan of tei n tpk as i m big fan of twinj n thahaan they r one of my all time fav pair, like devakshi,shraman, twinj (until sid quit) n thahaan are my fav among the current ones. and yes i did mention which scene is for which show maybe the combo part u got bored nah its okay i m happy at least u speak the truth, i like kayu, karvi n shajni also but i like twinj n thahaan more in that ff 😛

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