Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Episode 7



Hi. I am back. Sorry for being super late. I was very very busy this week that’s why I couldn’t publish episode 7. Now I finally published episode 7. Hope you all will love it.
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Scene(s) for the show:
Scene 1, 5, 7: EDKV only
Scene 2,6, 8: KRPKAB only
Scene 3,4, 9: All

Scene 1: Bose Residence
(EDKV only)
The episode begins with Suman and Shravan sitting down and happily looking at the moon and they smile.
Sumo: I never expected this day will come.
Shravan: What day?
Sumo: We both used to be best of friends, when my best friend will turn into my to be finance I never realized that.
Shravan: Then your best friend must have been very lucky to have someone like you as their life partner.
Sumo: You seem to be jealous of my best friend?
Shravan: Me and jealous of your best friend? Well I would love to see your best friend.
Sumo: He is the guy who is sitting right beside me and fighting with me?
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Sumo I
Sumo: Shravan I know we are going to get married, but before fiancé or my boyfriend, you are my best friend first. Promise me we will be best friends first and then life partner. We will treat each other like best friends.
Shravan: I promise.
Suman and Shravan hug each other, and Sonakshi sees this from a distance and smiles.

Scene 2: (same)
(KRPKAB part only)
Sona: May God bless them and always keep them happy.
Just then Dev comes and sees this and smiles.
Dev: Miss Bose, do you also have a best friend like this?
Sonakshi nods.
Dev: Who is it?
Sona: My best friend is my life and it revolves around me.
Dev: And who is that best friend?
Sona: My career.
Dev smiles.
Sona: How about you?
Dev: Same here.
Sona: Expected.
As Sonakshi was about to go,
Dev: Miss Bose, may I ask you something?
Sona: Sure.
Dev: Will you be my best friend?
Sona: So soon?
Dev: Okay, fine let’s stick to friends.
Sona: Friends? Only?
Dev: What Miss Bose? You also have problem with that.
Sona: First of all, you stop calling me Miss Bose.
Dev: Then what should I call you, Nutritionist?
Sona: Call me Sonakshi.
Dev: Okay.
Sona: We are good friends.
Dev: Yes, that’s alright to me, Sona.
Sonakshi gets surprised.
Dev: Why you are surprised because I called you Sona?
Sona: You can call me that too.
Dev and Sonakshi looks at each other and smiles.

Scene 3: (same)
Suman and Shravan are hugging each other, and then Suman gets surprised seeing Dev and Sonakshi there and she separates herself from Shravan and feels shy. Shravan is also surprised to see them.
Dev: No, no you both can continue.
Shravan: I won’t spare you.
Shravan chases Dev, Suman and Sonakshi smiles seeing this.
Dev: Look Shravan yaar this is not fair
Shravan: What not fair?
And they continue doing so

After a few days,
Here Shravan and Suman’s engagement is going on, Shravan’s entire family comes and along with Dev his mom and younger sister comes too.
Dev: Asha aunty, this is my family. This is my mom.
Ishwari: Nice to meet you.
Dev: This is my younger sister, Nikki.
Nikki: Hello Aunty.
Asha: Nice to meet the both of you.
Kamini: Where is our to-be daughter-in-law?
Just then Asha looks around and she smiles.
Asha: There she is.
Here, Sonakshi brings Suman down and everyone smiles. Shravan gets very happy to see Suman and gets mesmerized, Suman feels shy. Dev and Sonakshi see each other and smiles.
Nikki: Uhum uhum.
Dev tries to change the topic.
Dev: What Nikki?
Nikki: Its rainy season, that’s why.
Ishwari nods and then Sonakshi makes Suman sit beside Shravan.

Scene 5:
(EDKV part only)
Here Suman and Shravan are sitting beside each other,
Shravan whispers to Suman,
Shravan: Today you are looking very beautiful.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Really?
Shravan: Yes, my best friend is looking stunning today.
Suman becomes happier.
Sumo: You didn’t say how your to-be fiancé is looking.
Shravan: She is looking ok ok, average.
Sumo gets sad.
Shravan: Of course, she is looking very beautiful but not as beautiful as my best friend. My best friend whose name is Suman Bose.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Wow, Shravan I didn’t know you were so romantic.
Shravan: What to do? Love can make you do anything, anything.
Sumo: I hope while romancing with your fiancé, you don’t forget about your best friend.
Suman and Shravan smile looking at each other. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays.

Scene 6:
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi is carrying some things in her hand and she is about to keep it, she collides with Dev and the things drop.
Dev: I am so sorry Miss Bose.
Sona: Sonakshi
Dev: Okay sorry Sona
Sona: Let it be you call me Miss Bose everytime, Sonakshi is enough for you.
Dev and Sonakshi together picks up the things and suddenly Sonakshi’s hair gets stuck to Dev’s sherwani. Music plays. Dev frees it.
Sona: Thank you, Mr. Dixit.
Dev: You call me Dev first,
Sona: Okay, Dixit sir.
Sonakshi smiles and goes,
Dev: This is not fair, Miss Bose I mean Sona.
Dev realizes one of Sonakshi’s earring is with him,
Dev: Sona!
Sonakshi stops.
Dev: Your earring.
Sonakshi takes it and she smiles.
Sona: But this earring is spoiled now.(Earring’s hook came out)
Sonakshi opens her other earrings.
Sona: You can keep it with you.
Sonakshi smiles and leave. Dev smiles and looks on. Ishwari smiles seeing this.

Scene 7:
(EDKV part only)
Now Shravan and Suman’s engagement is going on,
Pushkar: Shravan, put the ring on Sumo’s finger.
Shravan smiles and as he was about to put the finger on Suman’s finger, he remembers something and stops.
Dev: What happened Shravan, why did you stop?
Shravan: I am sorry to say but this engagement cannot happen. I am sorry Sumo.
All are shocked,
Sumo: Shravan, what are you saying?
Shravan: I don’t want to get engaged with you.
All are tensed
Sona: But why Shravan? Is everything alright?
Suman gets sad,
Shravan: Dii, it’s just that I don’t want to get engaged to her, I love someone else.
All are shocked.
Sumo: And who is that she?
Shravan: My best friend and who else?
Everyone smiles.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: Look Sumo, my best friend is the very happy going person and very talkative unlike my fiancé who is so quiet and shy.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Shravan, you scared me.
Suman hits Shravan
Shravan: I am sorry baba.
Suman smiles.
Later, Shravan puts the ring on Suman, and Suman is about to put the ring on Shravan, Suman stops.
Preeti: Now why did you stop Sumo dii?
Sumo: First you tell me who do you love more your best friend or fiancé?
Shravan: As I said my best friend.
Sumo: Okay fine.
Suman makes Shravan wear the ring tightly.
Shravan: Ouch Sumo!
Sumo: If you are getting engaged to your best friend you must also bear the consequences for it right?
Suman smiles, Shravan smiles and others smiles too.

Scene 8:
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi speaks to Dev
Sona: Mr. Dixit I didn’t know that your friend was so romantic. I know Shravan from childhood, how he became so romantic suddenly?
Dev: I know.
Sona: How?
Dev: First of all you call me Dev. You said we are good friends right?
Sona: Okay I will call you Mr.Obhodro.
Dev: Obhodro? Sona: I give pet names to my friends so I gave one to you too.
Dev: What does that mean?
Sona: The wise one.
Dev: Oh cool.
Sonakshi tries to laugh.
Dev: I am the one who encouraged Shravan to do so.
Sona: You? Impossible.
Dev: Possible.
Sona: Prove it to me.
Dev holds Sonakshi’s hand and looks at her.
Dev: Your hair, and your smile makes my heartbeat go faster. When she talk it seems like such a sweet melody, like it rings in my ear as if I am seeing a dream which I never want to get out of.
Sonakshi is shocked.
Sona: Is that you?
Dev smiles.
Dev: I can say more.
Sona: Really?
Dev: And I am the Romeo, and I am a Romeo without Juliet. Romeo for other lovers and also the one who gives them advice, my advice will make one confess love easily, with all my Obhodro advice. And then other Romeo’s Juliet, will say that oh my love you are so Obhodro.
Sonakshi bursts out laughing.
Dev: What is so funny about it?
Sona: No, nothing.
Sonakshi leaves and she laughs more. Dev is confused.
Dev: Strange.

Scene 9:
As all were about to leave,
Ramnath: I think we should leave now, we are getting late.
Shravan and Suman look at each other and smile.
As others were talking, Shravan gives a flying kiss to Suman. Suman gets surprised and gestures him what if anyone sees them. Shravan requests Suman to give him a flying kiss. Suman looks around and gives Shravan a flying kiss. And they both smile. Ek Duje ke Vaaste plays.
Shravan and his family leaves.
Dev helps Sonakshi in doing the arrangements,
Dev: Why did you laugh that time? What was so funny?
Sona: What was funny that an Obhodro boss like you can also be so romantic.
Dev: Yes, after all I am wise , which means Obhodro.
Sonakshi tries not to laugh.
Ishwari talks to Asha
Ishwari: If you don’t mind behenji may I ask you something.
Asha: Sure.
Ishwari: Sona is my nutritionist and she is well-cultured also, I want her to be my permanent nutritionist.
Asha: This only? I will ask Sona.
Ishwari: I didn’t mean by this, I mean that I want to make Sona the daughter-in-law of my house, that means I brought the alliance of my son Dev for your daughter Sona.
Asha is surprised.
Ishwari: I will give you time. You can think about it.
Dev: Mom let’s go, we are getting late and you are suppose to have medicine right?
Ishwari, Dev and Nikki were about to leave,
Dev: Aunty, if you need anything you can call us for help.
Dev and his family leaves. Asha gets thinking.
Sumo: Mom, what did Ishwari aunty say to you?
Asha: Nothing, you go and get changed you must be tired after the engagement.
Sumo: Yes mom, this lehenga is so heavy, I go and change.
Suman leaves.
Sumo: (in her mind) Something is going on.

Scene 10: Dancing Practice
Here Sonakshi, Suman , Shravan and others are practicing for Suman and Shravan’s sangeet and they all are dancing well. Nikki also joins in.
Elena: In this sangeet, it will be a pair dance, all will dance in pairs. But some do not have a partner.
Nikki: Elena dii, no need to worry about me I have a friend, Anuj he will help me.
Anuj: Hi. I am Anuj nice to meet you.
Elena: Nishi, how about you? Who will be your partner?
Nishi: Me no, I wont dance.
Sumo: Nishi, this is not fair you won’t dance in your brother and sister-in-law’s sangeet.
Shravan: Let it be Sumo, if she don’t want to dance then why are you forcing her.
Nishi: If all is dancing, then who will become host. So I will become host.
Elena: I don’t mind being host, I have no partner.
Just then a guy comes,
Guy: Don’t worry I will be your partner.
Elena: Asad? You? What are you doing here?
Asad: To be your partner, Sumo dii and Sona dii are also like my sisters right. So their youngest sister, should also dance right?(Assume Asad as Asad in Dehleez)
Sona: Right.
Elena: By the way Sona dii, who will be your partner?
Sona: Who told you I will be dancing?
Sumo: Who told you, you won’t be dancing.
Shravan: Cmon Sona dii is my wedding and you won’t dance? This is not fair.
Sumo: And you dance so well.
Just then Dev comes,
Nikki: I have got a partner for Sona Dii, no need to worry.
Sumo: Who?
Nikki: Dev bhaia and who else?
Dev: Me?
Nikki: Yes you.
Dev: But I don’t even know how to dance at all.
Sumo: Dev this is not fair, Shravan told me to make sure his friend Dev dances on sangeet, so you must dance.
Dev: This Shravan is too much.
Elena: So finalized, Dev-Sona is the final pair.
Dev: Is it okay I wont dance?
Sona: Cmon don’t be nervous. I will be there to help you.
Sonakshi tries to teach Dev dance. Others are practicing their dance steps too,
Sona: Left, right and left.
Shravan: I wish I couldn’t know how to dance.
Suman again hits Shravan,
Sumo: But you can dance so too bad.
Shravan: Sumo, I don’t mind dancing bad if I can get extra time to dance with you.
Shravan winks.
Sumo: Shravan! As all are practicing dancing, just then an annoying lady, the neighbour of Sona and Sumo comes.
Lady: Oh so dance practice is going on?
Everyone stops.
Anuj: Oh no GKBRR is back.
Nikki: GKBRR?
Lady: A marriage is going on and no one bothered to call me, after all I am Garib Ki Beti Radha Rani.
Nikki laughs.
Radha Rani: Hey girl why are you laughing.
Dev: Who is this irritating lady?
Sona: Our irritating neighbour, Radha Rani.
Radha Rani: Strange, Asha ji. I don’t understand one thing. Sumo’s wedding is going on very good. Congratulations Sumo beta for your wedding.
Suman looks at her angrily,
Radha Rani: Asha ji may I ask you something.
Asha: Yes
Radha Rani: You got your younger daughters, Preeti married and now getting Sumo married. When will you get Sona married? She is the eldest daughter right.
All are surprised.
Radha Rani: By now she should get married. I have a lot of good alliances. And I have a lot of good alliances. There must be some flaw in Sona due to which no alliance is coming for her
Sonakshi feels bad and as she was about to go
Radha Rani: What have you done that cut the nose of your family?
Dev: Enough! Just stop it!
All are stunned especially Radha Rani,
Dev: This Sona you are seeing have done all her duties which the eldest daughter of the family does. She is so busy in making sure her sisters get married in a good place, that she doesn’t even cares about herself. She is working just like an independent lady and is there for her family.This is what is special about Sona.
Sona looks at Dev.
Dev: Flaw is not in Sona, flaw is in thinking with people like you with cheap mentality.
Radha Rani: I was just saying. I should not stay here anymore, I have no interest in getting myself insulted.
Shravan: You better leave from here, we are also not interested to invite people like you here.
Radha Rani leaves,
Sona: I should leave now.
Sonakshi goes and Dev follows her,
Elena: Guys I think we should take a break now.
All take break. Asha gets thinking about Ishwari asking for Dev and Sonakshi’s alliance.
Asha: How dare this Radha Rani speak to my daughter like this. No.1 Obhodro.
Dev: Aunty, how can you call her wise.
Asha: I called her obhodro not wise.
Dev: What does that mean?
Asha: It means rude.
Dev: What?
Asha: Beta I have some work will speak to you later,
Dev: That means Sona lied to me?

Scene 11: Suman’s room
Here Suman is freshing up and as she was about to leave, Shravan holds her hand.
Sumo: Shravan what are you doing, what if anyone sees us like this?
Shravan: Let them see.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan pins Suman to the wall.
Shravan: You are acting like a typical wife even before wedding?
Sumo: Shravan look I understand but now is not the time.
Shravan: Cmon yaar Sumo at least talk like best friends. I don’t even want to talk to you.
As Shravan was about to go,
Sumo: Shravan I am so sorry, listen to me naa.
As Shravan was about to go, Suman accidentally trips and she twists her foots.
Sumo: Ouch! Shravan: Sumo!
Shravan checks her foot,
Shravan: I have told you so many times to be careful and see now what happened.
Sumo: Sorry
Shravan gets Suman up and she gets up with difficulty,
Sumo: I was just kidding,
Suman starts laughing
Shravan lifts Suman in her arms and puts her on the bed. Suman looks on at Shravan, as Shravan was about to go, Suman holds his hand.
Shravann: What kind of joke is this? I got scared for a moment.
Suman holds her ears. As Shravan was about to go,
Sumo: Please don’t leave and go now.
Shravan sits down.
Shravan: Okay, but one condition.
Sumo: What condition?
Shravan gets close to Suman and as they were about to get closer, Preeti comes and they separate themselves.
Shravan: I will take your leave.
Shravan leaves and Suman smiles.

Scene 12:
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi thinks about what Radha Rani told her and she wipes her tears and as she was about to go, someone presents her tissue.
Sona: You?
Dev gives Sonakshi tissue and she wipes her tears.
Dev: I take your leave.
As Dev was about to go,
Sona: Wait! Dev stops.
Sona: Today you will stay here the whole night.
Dev: Sona, what are you saying? I didn’t mean that like the thing is
Sona: Stop
Dev keeps quiet.
Sona: You will practice dance with me the whole night today.
Dev: But Maa must be waiting,
Sona: You don’t worry about that I already took permission from Aunty so
Dev: But my work?
Sona: Today is your off so no excuse. I will teach you dance today.
Dev: But dance is not made for some people like me.
Sona: C’mon if you can try I am sure you can dance. Just try.
Sonakshi closes her room.
Sona: Now is only me and you. No one else. We can easily practice dance.
Dev: I will try.
Sona: What try? You have to do it.
Dev tries to dance, but he fails miserably, Sonakshi tries to laugh and he again fails. Sonakshi teaches Dev how to dance.
Sona: You do your leg like this.
Dev does so.
Sona: And now you will do your hand like this?
Sonakshi teaches, Dev and Dev tries to do it and he pulls Sonakshi closer and succeeds doing one step.
Dev and Sonakshi smile looking at each other,
Sona: Finally you have done one step, Mr.Obhodro.
As Sonakshi was about to go, Dev holds her hand.
Dev: You can’t fool me this time, Sona.
Dev pulls Sonakshi closer to her,
Dev: Have you considered me foolish? I know Obhodro means rude.
Sona: Lets continue dancing
Sonakshi teaches Dev dancing,
Dev: (in his mind) You look so cute when you are nervous Sona.
Dev smiles.
The episode ends.

Precap: Here Shravan-Suman’s sangeet is going on. Suman-Shravan and Dev-Sonakshi dance very well and they look at each other. Later, the wedding day of Shravan-Suman comes. Ishwari and Asha tells Dev and Sonakshi about their alliance. Dev and Sonakshi are shocked. Later, Suman waits for Shravan in the wedding place, and finally Shravan comes and Suman is shocked to see him.

Well, I hope you all liked the episode. Once again sorry for the delay.

The next episode will be published on Saturday, 25th June. From next week onwards this fan fiction episodes will be published once a week, every Saturday.

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