Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Episode 6



Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 6 MAHA Episode of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other. Yes this is a MAHA Episode.
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Scene(s) for the show:
Scene 1,6: All
Scene 2, 4: KRPKAB only
Scene 3,5: EDKV only

Scene 1: Bose Residence
The episode begins with Sonakshi being stunned to find Shravan and Suman hugging each other, and Suman and Shravan sees this and gets shocked.
Sona: What’s happening?
Sumo: Sona?
Sona: Whatever I just heard is it true?
Sumo: Look Sona, it’s not like what you are thinking?
Sona: Then?
Sumo: Actually the thing is
Shravan: I and Sumo love each other a lot.
Sumo: Shravan?
Sonakshi is surprised, and Suman gets nervous.
Sumo: I can explain.
Sonakshi angrily comes to Shravan.
Sona: Whatever you just said is it true?
Shravan: Yes Sona Dii, I truly love Sumo a lot and I promise to keep her happy.
Suman eyes Shravan lovingly and they look at each other. Sonakshi raises her hand to slap Shravan, Suman closes her eyes and she pats Shravan.
Sona: All the best.
Suman and Shravan are surprised.
Sona: I am happy for both of you.
Suman hugs Sonakshi,
Sumo: Thank you so much for understanding, Sona.
Sona: That is fine, but I think you both should open about your relationship to mom and dad soon before they get to know about it from somewhere else.
Shravan: Okay, I can tell them now.
Shravan is about to go, Suman stops him.
Sumo: Not now Shravan?
Shravan: But why?
Sumo: They may misunderstand it and I can’t afford to lose you. Please.
Shravan: But?
Sona: But make sure you tell them soon. And Shravan even your parents have the right to know about this relationship.
Shravan: They no need to know about it.
As Sonakshi is about to say something, they realize Asha is coming towards the room.
Sumo: Go, Shravan go away if Mom sees you, there will be a big problem.
Sona: Sumo is right, Shravan.
Shravan leaves and Asha comes.
Asha: What, you both are awake so late at this time?
Sumo: Actually Sona came just now that’s why.
Asha: Why Sona?
Sona: I had to take Mr.Dixit’s sister to the hospital, I told you.
Asha: Oh yes and quickly go to sleep.
Asha leaves. Suman was about to go to sleep, Sonakshi stops her.
Sona: Why you didn’t allow Shravan to tell mom and dad about this?
Sumo: I am not worried about dad but you know about mom’s nature. And I truly love Shravan a lot, and I can’t afford to lose him.
Suman goes to sleep.
Sona: (in her mind) How can one fall in love? Shravan is a good guy, but love. I am sure he will keep Sumo happy.

Scene 2: Bose Residence and Hospital
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi is arranging papers in her table, and her mom comes.
Asha: Won’t you go for work today?
Sona: (in her mind) How to tell Mom I resigned from the job?
Sona: Today Mr. Dixit’s mom is going out that’s why.
Asha: Oh okay.
Sonakshi is arranging the papers and finds Ishwari’s diet chart.
Sona: Ishwari aunty’s diet chart?
Sona: (in her mind) I have to make sure this reaches to Aunty but how? I don’t even want to see that Mr. Dixit’s face, but at the same time what should I do?
Sonakshi gets an idea.
Sona: I think I should go to the hospital. He isn’t supposed to come there also after all he have so much issues with government hospital.
Sonakshi leaves.
Asha: Where are you going?
Sona: I have some work.
Sonakshi reaches the hospital and she gets into the lift. At the same time, Dev also comes there,
Dev: Okay tell Karan that I am going to be late.
Dev also gets into the lift and Sonakshi is also in the same lift. They do not see each other. Just then the lift gets spoiled and darkness is there.
Dev: This lift also had to be spoiled now.
Sona: Oh no, how come this lift got spoiled?
Dev and Sonakshi gets worried.
Dev: That’s why.
Sona: Excuse me, we can’t do something.
Dev: I don’t think they will respond so soon as
Dev uses flashlight from his phone and gets shocked to see Sonakshi’s face. Sonakshi gets shocked too.
Sona: Bhoot!
Sonakshi screams.
Dev: Miss Bose?
Dev pats Sonakshi. Sonakshi gets stunned.
Sona: That means you are really Mr. Dixit?
Dev: No, I am
Dev comes to Sonakshi closer which scares her even more.
Dev: Bhoot!
Sona gives a weird look.
Sona: What are you doing here?
Dev: I came to visit my sister here and what to do you brought my sister here.
Sona: Okay fine sorry for bringing Neha Dii here, I also resigned what else you want?
Sonakshi is about to go, Dev holds her hand. Music plays.
Dev: Looks like you forgot the lift is spoiled.
Sona: My bad luck.
Dev: As if I am the most luckiest one.
Sona: My bad luck that you are also in this lift. And I have to tolerate you.
Dev: What did you say?
Sona: Whatever you heard.
Dev: Look Miss Bose, I am sorry for yesterday’s incident, and it was my mistake actually I got worried for my sister.
Sona: I understand, but still.
Dev: Now let’s think how to get out of this lift.
Sona: We have to wait for someone to help us.
Dev: That’s why I hate government hospitals.
Sona: Can you please stop saying that? It’s quite irritating.
Dev: Okay fine.
Dev and Sonakshi waits for someone to help them, Dev is waiting and Sonakshi sits down, and Dev rushes to Sonakshi worried.
Dev: Are you okay?
Sona: Yes.
He is surprised to see Sonakshi playing games.
Dev: Games?
Sona: Now we have to wait, so I decided to play games. At least I can get to do something.
Dev: Really, Miss Bose?
Sona: I just can’t be like you nagging, always complain for no reason.
Dev feels hot.
Sona: What happened?
Dev: I am feeling hot.(English)
Sona: But too bad you are not hot.
Dev looks at Sonakshi surprised.
Sona: Let it be you won’t understand.
Sonakshi plays games and she is very happy, and then Dev sees her playing Flappy Bird.
Dev: Flappy Bird?
Sona: I love this game a lot.
Dev: Nikki always plays this and me too. What’s your highest score?
Sona: 108.
Dev: Only?
Sona: Yours?
Dev: 175
Sona: Impossible.
Dev: Possible.
Sona: Prove.
Dev: Just wait and watch.
Dev takes his phone and starts playing Flappy Bird.
Sona: Let’s see who can win this game.
They both compete with each other and play Flappy Bird. Music plays.

Scene 3: Outside
(EDKV part only)
Here Suman comes to meet Shravan.
Sumo: Shravan, why did you call me here I would have directly come there to the school.
Shravan: Let’s go, Sumo.
Sumo: Where?
Shravan holds Suman’s hand and goes.
Sumo: Shravan!
Shravan drives the car,
Sumo: Where are you bringing me to Shravan? Can you say something.
Shravan is driving the car and later he applies brake and he stops.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: Here is the place.
Sumo: Aren’t we supposed to go to a school for catering order there?
Shravan: Did you recognise this place?
Suman looks around.
Sumo: Shravan is this?
Shravan brings Suman and he blindfolds Suman.
Sumo: Where are we going Shravan?
Shravan: Just wait and watch.
Shravan brings Suman to the classroom. Suman gets happy.
Sumo: Classroom? This is where we used to study together.
Shravan nods and Suman goes around and walks as she remembers all her fun with Shravan as a teenager. Suman smiles.
As Suman was about to sit in one of the benches, Shravan sees something and he stops Suman.
Shravan: Don’t sit here.
Sumo: But why?
Shravan: We have so many other places to roam around in the campus.
Sumo: Shravan let me sit here for a while.
Shravan: You are so lazy, just get up.
Sumo: You called me lazy? Now I won’t even get up from here.
Shravan: Sumo, I am so sorry let’s go now.
Sumo: Areh, why are you getting so desperate to get me out of here?
Shravan: You can come here later.
Shravan tries to get Suman up and Suman sees something on the table.
Sumo: What is this?
Shravan: Nothing let’s go.
Suman sees S + S engraved on the table.
Sumo: S + S?
Shravan hits his head with his hand.

Suman looks and she looks at Shravan.
Sumo: You did this?
Shravan: Why would I?
Sumo: Don’t lie. I know very well you are the one who did this.
Suman and Shravan gets into flashback, during their teenage times Suman and Shravan used to sit at different alternate desks and Shravan used to look at Suman everytime, well Suman unaware of it used to talk with her friends. After Shravan finished his work, sometimes with pen, sometimes with compass he used to doodle S +S everytime and give layers. One day while doing so, Suman comes to him.
Sumo: Hey what are you doing?
Shravan in fear quickly hides this with his book and pretends to study.
Sumo: What are you hiding?
Shravan: Nothing yaar.
Sumo: Let me see.
Shravan shows Suman Maths.
Shravan: Maths, you want to do with me?
Sumo: No, no I am fine. It’s okay. Enjoy studying.
Suman leaves and Shravan breathes a sigh of relief.
Shravan and Suman comes out of the flashback.
Sumo: So that’s why you used to do Maths? Hmmm.
Shravan: Sumo, it’s not like that.
Sumo: No use of hiding it anymore, and yes I am going to become your Mrs anyways, but you used to love me so much.
Shravan: And I still do.
Suman and Shravan look at each other Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays
Just then the peon knocks the door, they still look at each other, he continues and he comes to them.
Peon: Do you need anything?
Shravan and Suman gets out of the eyelock.
Sumo: No nothing.
Peon: Leave this room, I have to lock it.
Suman and Shravan leaves the classroom, and Shravan stops the peon for a while.
Shravan: Wait a minute.
Peon: Yes?
Shravan: Why the desks are still unchanged?
Peon: How do I know?
Shravan: Take this money and make sure the desks are changed.
Peon gets surprised.
Shravan: And make sure next week when I come here again make sure all is changed.
Shravan and Suman leaves,
Sumo: You are very weird, Shravan. Let it be.
Shravan: I don’t want anyone else to see it.
They leave.

Scene 4: LIFT
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Dev and Sonakshi are challenging each other and competing with each other and they forget that they are stuck in the lift. Just then a peon in the hospital, is shocked to see them like this,
Dev: See I told you Miss Bose, I can defeat you very easily.
Sona: This is not fair Mr Obhodro, your phone’s screen is bigger,
Dev: What has that got to do with this?
The peon sees them and is surprised.
Peon: Are you both okay?
Dev and Sonakshi realizes that the lift is alright now and they feel embarrassed. Nikki sees this.
Nikki: Bhaia? Sona Dii?
Sona: Thank you.
And they both leave,
Peon: Strange for the first time I saw someone playing games while being stuck in the lift. What a day have come?
Later, someone calls Sonakshi and she receives the call and Dev goes in the ward with Nikki.
Nikki starts singing silently,
Nikki: Hum Tum Ek Lift Main Bandh Ho
Dev: Nikki? You?
Nikki: Oh yes I have to bring some coffee from the canteen,.
Nikki quicky leaves. And Dev goes in.
Sonakshi finishes talking in the phone and she remembers about the diet chart.
Sona: Oh no that Mr. Obodhro was in the lift, I could have given him the paper for Ishwari Aunty’s diet plan. Sona sometimes you are quite distracted. Idiot girl.
Sonakhshi goes to the ward

Here Neha is carrying her baby and trying to console her, who is crying
Neha: She is not stopping and I also have to get ready to get discharged
Dev: Neha don’t worry you get changed I will look after the baby.
Neha: Are you sure, you can take care.
Dev: Yes. I can
Neha: Let me make her sleep.
Dev: Neha?
Neha: Okay Bhaia, going.
Neha goes and Dev takes the baby in his arms and talks to her.
Dev: Hi baby, I am your Dev Mama.
Sonakshi is about to come in and she sees this.
Dev: Come home quick I have made arrangements for you and once you grow up we will play games together,
The baby cools down a little
Dev: And if anyone scolds you, I will scold that person,
Sona: (in her mind) Mr. Dixit maybe very arrogant, but he loves his family members a lot.
The baby starts crying.
Dev: What happened baby, why are you crying?
Dev tries to console but she doesn’t stops. Sonakshi comes in.
Sona: Mr. Dixit let me take her in my arms. I can stop her,
Dev: It’s okay Miss Bose?
Sona: Mr Dixit?
Dev: Okay fine but be careful
Sona: I know I have handled babies before.

Dev lets Sonakshi do so and she sings a Lori for the baby, Dev is surprised hearing her singing. And he looks on to her,
He gets into flashback, in the party where he heard the same voice of someone singing and gets out of his flashback.
Dev: (in his mind) So in the party the person singing that day was Miss Bose?
The baby falls asleep
Sona: Finally, she falls asleep.
Dev: Miss Bose, may I ask you something?
Sona: What is there to ask me? Anyways what is it?
Dev: Miss Bose, you sang in the party that night?
Sonakshi gets surprised.
Sona: Why are you asking this question?
Dev: Your voice sounds quite similar to the one who sang in the party, were you the one who sang in the party that night?
Sona: Yes, I was the one who sang in the party tonight.
As Dev who is surprised was about to say something, a nurse comes in and misunderstands.
Nurse: Wow what a nice family, may God bless your family.
Dev and Sonakshi gets surprised and gets up. Neha and Nikki comes in.
Neha: Sona, you?
Sonakshi gives the baby to Neha.
Nurse: I am so sorry I thought you were the mother of this baby and sir you father of the baby.
Dev: It’s okay
The nurse does her work,
Sona: Actually Ishwari Aunty’s diet chart is with me so I came to give that,
Sonakshi quickly gives the diet chart and leaves,
Nikki: Rab Ne Bana Dii Jodi.
Dev gets surprised,
Neha: Nikki?
Nikki: I want to watch Rab Ne Bana De Jodi, I heard it’s a nice movie.
Dev: And you watched that 10 times,
Nikki: What Bhaia?
Neha: This Sona is so sweet you should give her another chance.
Dev: I must.
Neha: What?
Dev: Let’s go now. Mom must be waiting.
They leave.

(EDKV part only)
Here Shravan brings Suman somewhere.
Sumo: Where are you bringing me, Shravan?
Shravan: You know what’s your problem? You ask a lot of questions.
Shravab brings Suman to the terrace of the school. Suman gets happy,
Shravan: Remember this place?
Sumo: How can I forget this place?
Suman roams around and she gets excited,
Sumo: I remember everytime I used to be bored of studying and all that I used to come here to chill and enjoy the weather.
Suman goes near the rail end.
Sumo: I used to be do some mischeivous deeds and always used to put others in trouble, and I even put you in trouble I clearly remember.
Shravan gets surprised.

Shravan: Oh so it was you who did all these kind of mischiefs.
Suman gets into her naughty mode and she closes her eyes.
Sumo: Yes
Shravan: Now I won’t spare you Sumo,
Shravan chases Suman and as she runs she slips and she was about to fall from the terrace, Shravan forwards his hand and holds Suman’s hand to prevent her from falling down and pulls her to him. Suman looks at him and gets into flashback,
It was the first day of high school for Shravan who came from London and Suman talks to her friends, (Assume Ria and Jassi from Parvarish as the friends)
Ria: I heard that there is a new guy joining this school and he is from London?
Jassi: Really?
Sumo: Just wait and see how I make him my friend, after all Indian guys who live in London are so good looking.
Ria: Are you sure Sumo, you want to be his friend?
Sumo: Of course.
Jassi: Here he comes, the new guy from London
Suman sees Shravan and gets surprised.
Sumo: He?
Ria: Yes, you want to be friends with him right? You are welcome to do so.
Suman goes to Shravan,
Ria: Is she for real?
Shravan looks at Suman and smiles as he falls for her,
Sumo: Hi I am Suman and everyone calls me Sumo, are you the same guy who is from London?
Shravan: Yes I am Shravan.
Suman forwards her hand
Sumo: Friends?
Shravan is about to handshake with him, Suman removes her hand and puts it behind her head.
Sumo: Sorry,
Shravan: What?
Sumo: You and my friend? Don’t even think about it.
She gets out of flashback.
Sumo: (in her mind) You were always there for me since day 1, Shravan and I?
Shravan snaps at Suman, Suman gets out of her thinking,
Shravan: Where are you lost?
Suman hugs Shravan tightly,
Sumo: You were always there for me and I, I always ignored you. I left your hand at the first place, but you never left my hand even today.
Shravan: What are you saying Sumo? I can never leave you. Never.
Suman and Shravan gets emotional and Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays as they hug.

Later, Suman and Shravan walks at the park, and Suman sees a kid swinging on the swing,
She gets into flashback
Suman with her friends went to the park, and one of her friends accidentally pushes a kid from the swing and the kid cries.
Ria: Let’s leave,
Sumo: He got injured you can’t leave him like this.
Ria and Jassi runs away and Suman takes care of him.
Teacher: Sumo, how dare you push this kid?
Sumo: No teacher I didn’t
Teacher: Don’t lie. You will get punishment.
Suman gets nervous and Shravan comes
Shravan: Teacher, I was the one who pushed him.
Teacher: What?
Shravan nods.
Teacher: Shravan you will get punishment for this,
Suman gets surprised and later one day as she feels bad she comes to him.
Shravan: What?
Sumo: I am sorry and thanks for helping me, let’s be friends.
Shravan is scared to handshake and Suman forces the handshake by handshakung with him. Shravan smiles and they become friends.
Suman gets out of flashback and smiles,
Sumo: This is where our friendship began.
Shravan: You even remember this?
Sumo: Why not?
Just then Suman sees a kid falling down from the swing and she rushes to him.
Sumo: Beta, are you okay?
Boy starts crying and Suman tries to help the boy. Shravan looks at Sumo.
Shravan: (in his mind) Even today you are equally caring Sumo, that’s why I love you.
The mother rushes to the boy worried
Mother: Are you okay?
Boy: This Didi helped me?
Mother: Thanks.
And she hugs her son,
Boy: I promise I will never ever disobey mom and I will listen to all you say.
Suman gets thinking after seeing this.

Scene 6: Bose Residence
Here Sonakshi comes home and she sits down and gets thinking about Dev,
She remembers how Dev played games with her and also how he took care of Neha’s baby lovingly,
Sona: (in her mind) Today, I got to know that Mr. Obodhro is not a bad person, he has that childishness in him and I also realized he loves his loved ones a lot. Really Mr.Dixit is not a bad person? Maybe I was the one who did something wrong? But what did I do?
Elena: What are you thinking about Dii? Your love?
Sona: You are becoming naughtier day by day Elena.
Elena: I was just asking,
Dev on the other hand while driving his car,
Ishwari: You left immediately after coming home?
Dev: Sorry Maa had some work.
Ishwari: Come back quick.

Dev keeps the phone and he switches on to the radio and changes it he doesn’t like any of it and switches it off,
Dev: Nothing to listen in the radio these days.
Dev remembers about Sonakshi’s voice and song he listened in the party, and also how she sang Lori, and smiles and he gets thinking
Dev: Miss Bose is quite talented she is a very good singer; I really must say sorry to her for what I did that day.
Dev drives the car,
On the other hand, Suman thinks about the mother and kid in the car and Shravan is driving the car,
Shravan: Here is your home, Sumo.
Suman looks on and she makes a decision.
Sumo: Do you trust in our love?
Shravan: Of course, what are you saying?
Suman takes Shravan’s hand and goes to her house,
Shravan: Sumo?
Later, Suman comes home and she calls out,
Sumo: Mom! Dad!
Shravan: Sumo? You?
Sona: What happens Sumo? Why did you bring Shravan like this?
Asha and Bijoy comes, and they are surprised to see Shravan and Suman holding hands. Ramnath comes and is also surprised. Just then Dev also reaches there and he hides,
Dev: (in his mind) Sumo and Shravan?
Shravan: Dad, you and here?
Ramnath: I am her for some work, but don’t you think I should be the one asking this?
Sumo: Uncle, good you came here, it’s better actually
Shravan whispers to Suman,
Shravan: Sumo, what are you intending to do?
Sumo: Everyone I want to tell you something.
Bijoy: Say Sumo beta
Sumo: Me and Shravan, we love each other and we will marry each other?
All are stunned. Shravan is surprised. Dev and Sonakshi are happy and they smile.

Asha: What are you saying?
Ramnath: Sumo beta, making jokes is good but this kind of jokes?
Shravan: Sumo is speaking the truth, we both love each other and we will marry only for each other. Hum Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Bane Hain(We are made for each other)
Ramnath is shocked,
Asha: See Bijoy, you always pampered Sumo now see what happened?
Sona: No mom!
Bijoy: Sumo beta?
Asha: This boy must have done something. He never wanted Sumo to tell us about this affair,
Ramnath: Excuse me you are blaming my son for no reason.
Sumo: Shravan was the one who told me to tell everyone about it first, not me.
Asha: Stop protecting him.
Sona: Mom, Sumo is speaking the truth. Shravan really wanted Sumo to tell about this relationship first, Sumo denied.
Asha: Oh so you were a part of this plan, what kind of elder sister are you?
Just then Dev comes in,
Dev: I don’t think Sona have done anything wrong in this.
Sona: Mr. Dixit?
Asha: Look Dev Babu we respect you a lot but this is our family matter,
Dev: I know Aunty, but this is between my friend Shravan too who is like my brother.
Shravan looks on.
Asha: Sumo, you have broken my trust today? Be far of alliance this Shravan shouldn’t even be your friend?
Sumo: Maa?
Asha: Don’t talk to me.
Bijoy: At least listen to her,

Suman holds Asha’s hand,
Sumo: Mom I am so sorry for hurting you, but remember in childhood you used to tell me do what your heart says? Mom I love Shravan he loves me too and he will keep me happy. I didn’t want to tell you because I knew how you will react but I couldn’t hide it and my heart told me that if I truly love someone I should never hurt them.
Asha keeps quiet,
Sumo: And I love you and Shravan, that’s the fact.
Asha leaves, Suman breaks down and Shravan and others console her,
Asha is crying in the kitchen and Dev comes to her,
Asha: What are you doing here?
Dev: I know it’s none of my business, but I want to ask you something why do you hate Shravan?
Asha: I don’t hate him.
Dev: What have he done? Just that he is Sumo’s friend?
Asha is still angry,
Dev: Ask yourself. Have Shravan ever hurt Sumo?
Asha looks on
Dev: In fact Shravan was always there for Suman and he is in good position he is from good family he will keep Sumo very happy.
Asha: But?
Dev: His mistake was he fell in love with your daughter that’s why right?
Asha looks on.
Dev: I hope you get my point. I take your leave.
Dev leaves and Sonakshi listens to it,
Sona: (in her mind) What is he intending to do?
Sumo is crying, as Shravan was about to go,
Ramnath: I think we should go now.
Asha: Stop!
All looks on,
Asha: I am fine with this alliance,
Everyone gets happy and as Suman who is happy was about to hug Ash a
Asha: Wait a second.
She stops
Asha: Ramnath Jim are you okay with Suman being the daughter-in-law of the house.
All looks at Ramnath
Ramnath: I cannot make Sumo my daughter in law
All are shocked,
Ramnath: But I can make her my daughter, not daughter-in-law, daughter is coming to my house.
All gets happy,
Ramnath: We can go ahead with this alliance,
Everyone gets excited, Elena brings chocolates,
Elena: Sweet must be a must, but no sweets that’s why chocolates.
Elena feeds chocolate to all, and gives to Shravan, as she was about to give to Suman
Elena: Oh no the chocolate ended,
Sumo: What? Why me?
Shravan takes his chocolate and feeds Suman. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays and they look at each other. Dev is about to go,
Sona: Thank you very much Mr.Dixit.
Dev: Thank you for?
Sona: You were the one who persuaded mom right?
Dev looks on
Sona: I saw it with my own eyes, I will never forget this favor.
Dev: Its not a favour I did this for my friend, Miss Bose.
Sonakshi smiles,
Dev: Infact I should be the one saying thank you for saving my sister but I scolded you instead. I am sorry
Sona: No Mr.Dixit it’s okay
Dev: Can we be friends now?
Dev forwards his hand
Dev: Friends?
Sonakshi smiles and handshakes with Dev.
Sona: Friends.
They look at each other and they smile. The episode ends,

Precap: Conversation between Sona and Dev, Shravan and Sumo. Shravan and Suman’s engagement is going well. Dev and Sonakshi are friends now. Dev helps Sonakshi out with the arrangements and Ishwari sees this and smiles. Later as Shravan was about to put the ring on Sumo’s finger he says that this engagement can’t happen. All are shocked.

Hey all, I have a reason behind publishing this Maha episode, this is because I will be busy next week a little bit busy. I have a competition Monday to Wednesday, and then I am free but I want to complete my project work, so that the following week I can write more. Due to this, I will publish next episode, next Saturday 18th June latest, but I can write earlier too. Earliest is Thursday Night. Latest is Saturday night. Well I will inform once I submit the episode and yes don’t worry I will add a summary of what happened in episode 1 to 6, so no need to worry if I publish late.
And please do comment please please please. You can feel free to express your opinions.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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    1. Hey asmita thanks for commenting I actually write whatever comes in my mind usually I don’t write much but I didn’t expect the story to be lengthy this week 😛 so I decided to make it a Maha episode

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