Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Episode 5



Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode5 of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other. Well today and tomorrow’s update will be a little short as I had a tight schedule this week.

Here are the link for the intro, episode 1 and promo:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Scene(s) for the show:
Scene 1: All
Scene 2, 4: KRPKAB only
Scene 3,5: EDKV only
Scene 1: Bose Residence
The episode begins with Sonakshi and Suman both reaching home late. Suman is lost thinking about how Shravan confessed love to her.
Sonakshi realizes this, and she snaps Suman.
Sona: Where are you lost?
Sumo: Nothing Sona.
Just then Asha opens the door,
Asha: Why are you both late? Have you seen the time?
Sona: The party was going on; I couldn’t come out.
Asha: Okay come in and get fresh. And then go to bed. It’s late.

At bedroom,
Suman is still lost in thinking. Sonakshi is talking a lot and scolding Dev.
Sona: Today’s party was good but that Mr. Obodhro is always there to spoil my mood. First he scold me and then he spoiled my favourite dress and now I have to see his irritating face tomorrow but I have to do this for Ishwari Aunty.
Sonakshi looks at Suman.
Sona: Hey what happened, usually you are the one talking non-stop and now that I am talking you are not even listening.
Sumo: I am very tired, Sona.
Sona: From when you became tired?
Sumo: Now what to do? I am a human.
Sonakshi switches on the TV and Suman looks on.
Sumo: Why did you switch on the TV?
Sona: Now I won’t get sleep as I am worried how to face that Mr. Obhodro tomorrow.
Sumo: You and your Mr. Obhodro?
Sonakshi looks at Suman surprised,
Sumo: I am feeling sleepy, I am going to sleep now.
Suman goes to sleep, and Sonakshi sees a show. There Raabta song from Agent Vinod plays. Suman falls asleep. She assumes herself dancing with Shravan on Raabta song. And as they were about to come closer, just then Sonakshi wakes her up.
Sona: Wake up, it’s morning now.
Suman wakes up and she quickly goes.
Sona: What’s wrong with this Sumo, since yesterday night she is lost. Strange.

Dixit Residence
On the other hand, Dev and Shravan in Dev’s house.
Dev: So what have you thought?
Shravan: About what?
Dev: Did Sumo reply?
Shravan: Not yet yaar, I think she doesn’t love me. I always know this is a one-sided love story.
Dev: See this is your problem. You are so impatient. Because of this, Abhi left the family.
Shravan gets sad.
Dev: Shravan, I am so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Shravan: It’s okay, but don’t talk about Abhi anymore.
Dev: I am sorry once again.
Shravan: I have a court hearing today, so I should leave now.
Shravan leaves.
Dev: (in his mind) I shouldn’t have reminded Shravan about it. Sometimes you talk too much Dev.

Scene 2: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Ishwari tries to eat oily food and Neha and Nikki scolds Ishwari for that.
Neha: Not again, mom.
Ishwari: Let me eat a little at least.
Nikki: You are eating oily food, I am going to tell Bhaia. Bhaia!
Ishwari: Keep Quiet!
Neha: I agree with Nikki. Nikki go and bring Bhaia here.
Nikki is about to go,
Sonakshi comes to Dixit Residence.
Sona: He is Mr.Obhodro, but the architecture of this house is very nice.
Sonakshi comes and then Ishwari sees Sonakshi.
Ishwari: So finally you are here, nutritionist.
Sonakshi smiles.
Sona: How are you Aunty?
Ishwari: I was not fine, but now I am fine after all you are here.
Nikki: Now you won’t be fine.
Ishwari sees and Sonakshi takes away the oily food to the kitchen.
Ishwari: Nutritionist, why you took away the food?
Sona: It’s very oily, not good for your health.
Ishwari: It’s not for me, it’s for Neha. She is pregnant that’s why she was having this food, not me.
Neha: Mom?
Sona: Don’t lie Aunty, I know very well it’s you who wanted to have the oily food, well if you don’t agree then I will leave this job.
Ishwari: Okay fine, won’t have it.
Ishwari makes faces and Sonakhi smiles.
Nikki: Wow you managed mom so easily.
Sona: By the way, where is Mr. Obhodro?
Nikki: Mr. Obhodro? Who is that?
Sonakshi remembers.
Sona: I mean Mr.Dixit.
Nikki: He is in his room.

Sonakshi goes to Dev’s room.
Sona: Sona, now you have to face Mr. Obhodro’s face. Uff.
As Sonakshi is about to go,
Sona: Well, he is anyways going to office, then no need to see his face for the whole day, yeah.
Sonakshi smiles and she opens the door. Dev is changing his shirt and Sonakshi sees this and closes her eyes. Dev covers himself. Sonakshi is about to go, Dev wears his shirt.
Dev: You may come in now.
Sonakshi comes,
Dev: Can’t you just knock the door and come in?
Sona: Mr. Dixit, this is a house not office why do I have to knock the door?
Dev gets surprised.
Dev: Seriously. Miss Bose?
Sona: What is so serious about it?
Dev: (in his mind) It’s a waste of time to speak to Miss Bose.
Dev takes out some documents and passes to Sonakshi.
Dev: Here is all the medical documents of Maa and if you need any information ask Neha.
Sona: Okay.
Dev: I have to go for work now. And make sure you take care of mom’s diet well.
Dev leaves and Sonakshi sees and starts dancing, Dev sees this and gives a weird look to Sonakshi and nods no, and Sonakshi realizes and as he leaves, Sonakshi make faces on him.

Scene 3: Shravan’s cabin in court
(EDKV part only)
Here Shravan is working and a married couple comes to him.
(Assume the married couple as Twinkle and Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq. They are one of my fav all time pairs.)
Shravan: Come in.
Shravan sees the married couple and they come and sit. As Suman was about to barge in his cabin, she sees this and hides.
Shravan: So what’s the problem?
Twinkle: I want divorce from him.
Kunj: But I don’t want divorce from her.
Shravan is surprised.
Shravan: May I know the reason why you want divorce from him, he loves me so much.
Twinkle: No he doesn’t he deceives me behind my back.
Kunj: No baby, you are getting me wrong.
Twinkle: I know guys like you.
Shravan: Excuse me, Mr. maybe you did something which made your wife doubt on you?
Kunj: No believe in me.
Shravan: I know guys like you, you all do cheap things and you torture your wife. Guys like you should be punished.
Kunj: Look you are
Shravan: Look Mrs. Twinkle you no need to fear I am here, I can file police complaint against him.
Twinkle gets angry and stands up,
Twinkle: Look Mr. Shravan enough of this. How dare you speak like this about Kunj? He is not so bad, he is very nice, you don’t know how much he takes care of me.
Kunj is shocked, and Shravan smiles. Suman is surprised.
Shravan: But just now you were saying a different story.
Twinkle: I want to divorce him.
Shravan: One thing is sure you love him a lot but why do you want to divorce him?
Twinkle: Because I am a heart patient.
Kunj: Twinkle, why you didn’t tell me earlier?
Twinkle: That’s why.
Kunj: How could you think I will leave you Twinkle? I love you a lot. And I can’t live without you.
They hug each other. Shravan smiles, Suman is teary-eyed.
Kunj: Thank you so much Mr. Shravan you don’t know what you have done for us.
Shravan: No problem. Now you both should not be here. You should have fun like some street foods my best friend told me.
Suman looks on. Kunj and Twinkle hold hands and leave smiling.
Shravan continues doing his work.
Shravan: Next person, may come in.
Suman comes in.
Shravan: Sumo?
Sumo: I have a problem.
Shravan: What problem?
Sumo: I don’t understand what is going on with me, I can’t sleep at night.
Shravan looks at Suman surprised.
Shravan: Looks like you didn’t sleep well, Sumo.
Sumo: Yes, I didn’t I don’t know what is going on. Help me lawyer.
Shravan: Sumo, are you okay?
Sumo: What are you made of Shravan? You helped that couple so easily.
Shravan: They truly love each other.
Sumo: Look I don’t know what I feel for you. I was confused but now I am more confused.
Suman leaves and Shravan is surprised.
Shravan: (in his mind) What’s wrong with this girl?

Scene 4: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi is looking through Ishwari’s diet chart, and noting down things. Ishwari comes.
Ishwari: Nutritionist, may I ask you for something?
Sona: Sure Aunty.
Ishwari: I am going to the temple, and Nikki is going along with me.
Sona: Sure Aunty, you can go but take care of yourself and Nikki take care of Aunty.
Nikki: Okay.
Sona: And make sure you drink enough water to prevent dehydration.
Ishwari: Okay, beta. And Neha is here. If you need anything ask her.
Sona: Don’t worry you can go, I am here for Neha ji.
Ishwari and Nikki leaves.
As Sonakshi is walking around, she hears a phone ringing.
Sona: Looks like Ishwari Aunty left her phone here.
Sonakshi picks up the phone call.
Dev: Hello Maa? I have called you to ask if everything is fine?
Sona: (in her mind) This Mr.Obhodro never leaves an opportunity to irritate me, even when he is absent.
Dev: Why am I even asking? Nothing will be fine with Miss Bose’s presence she is used to mess up things.
Sonakshi gets angry.
Dev: I don’t even know why you are so stubborn in hiring her as your nutritionist what is so special about her? Irritating girl.
Dev continues to badmouth Sonakshi making her more angry,
Dev: Maa why are you silent? I am sure that Miss Bose made you so. Say something at least.
Sona: I am Miss Bose speaking.
Dev gets surprised.
Dev: Oh Miss Bose, actually
Sona: If you have so much problems with me, why did you even hire me at the first place?
Sonakshi keeps the phone down.
Dev: For the first time an employee is scolding her boss a lot. If not for Maa, I would have never hired that Miss Bose.

Here Sonakshi is about to go, Neha starts getting labour pain. Sonakshi is surprised.
Sona: Neha are you okay?
Neha: No I am not Sona it’s paining a lot.
Sonakshi thinks, and is about to call Ishwari.
Sona: Oh no Aunty left her phone here. What to do? Neha starts crying in pain.
Sona: Don’t worry, I will do something
Sonakshi calls her childhood friend and asks her what she should do, she tells her to bring Neha to her hospital.
Sonakshi brings Neha to the hospital.
Later, Ishwari and Nikki come to the hospital. Ranveer also comes.
Ishwari: How this happened? How is Neha is she fine?
Ranveer: Aunty, how this happened?
Just then the doctor , Thapki who is Sona’s friend comes out.
Sona: Thapki how is Neha now?
Thapki: Don’t worry she is fine. And congratulations it’s a girl.
Ranveer, Ishwari and Nikki gets happy, and they go in. Sonakshi smiles. Just then Dev comes and brings Natasha along.
Dev: Miss Bose have you gone crazy? You brought Neha to public hospital? What is your problem? What if anything serious would have happened?
Sona: Look Mr. Dixit I had no other option. I had to bring Neha to hospital, and this was nearby.
Dev: You have no right to interfere in my family matter. You should have call me now get lost.
Sona: Okay fine. I am resigning from this job. I shouldn’t have take it up at first place.
Sonakshi angrily goes away.
Dev goes in. He is very happy to see Neha happy with her baby and he also carries the baby.
Neha: If Sona was not there today, I cant imagine what would have happened? She saved mine and my baby’s life bhaia. But where is she?
Dev is surprised. Dev comes out.
Dev: (in his mind) What did I do?
Just then Bihaan comes to Thapki, (Thapki-Bihaan are from Thapki Pyaar Ki are also my fav pairs after Twinkle and Kunj)
Bihaan: What’s happening here?
Thapki tells Bihaan,
Dev: What have you done Dev? You shouldn’t have done so. Now how will you bring Miss Bose back. This time I really should apologize to her.
Bihaan: Look Mr. Dixit, me and my wife Thapki are childhood friends of S for Sona, and she is very S for stubborn. It will be very difficult to persuade her and apologize to her.
Dev: What should I do?
Thapki: As far as I know only one thing can help you.
Dev: What is that?
Thapki tells Dev. Dev thanks Thapki and Bihaan.
Dev: (in her mind) I hope Miss Bose agrees.

Scene 5: Suman’s room
(EDKV part only)
Here Suman is walking here and there and she thinks about Shravan.
Sumo: Let that Shravan come, I will come and take his class. The day he confessed love to me from that day I have become crazy.
Suman thinks all her moments with Shravan and how he proposed her, and how she dreams about him.
Sumo: Well, Shravan is very sweet. I feel bad to complain about him. He is so nice. He saved Sona’s job and also united a couple who truly love each other. I am so lucky that Shravan is my, let it be
Suman looks.
Shravan: So, you were thinking about me?
Sumo: Shravan what are you doing here?
Shravan: You thought about me and I am here.
Sumo: But how?
Shravan comes and whispers in Suman’s ears.
Shravan: I love you.
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays, and Suman looks at Shravan.
Sumo: Shravan? I
Shravan: Say nothing,
As Shravan comes closer to Suman,
Sumo: No, Shravan, No no no, please.
Just then Preeti comes and shakes Suman,
Preeti: Dii, what no no!
Suman realizes that it was her imagination.
Sumo: No no no!
Preeti: What no.
Sumo: I saw a nightmare and something happened.
Preeti: What happened?
Sumo: I don’t remember but it was,
Preeti: Dii be careful sometimes they do come true.
Suman is surprised.
Sumo: By the way, what are you doing here?
Preeti: You are not happy I came here after so many days?
Sumo: Yes, I am. How are you?
Preeti: Well I am fine but I have a lot to speak to you.
Just then Pushkar calls Preeti,
Preeti: This Pushkar can’t even live without me, and Dii I talk to Pushkar if not he will call me non-stop.
Preeti leaves and Suman,
Sumo: This Preeti is talking to Pushkar, will this happen as I will talk non-stop to Shravan?
Just then someone comes and closes Suman’s eyes.
Sumo: Shravan?
Suman looks and is really Shravan, this time.
Sumo: You are again imagining things, Sumo. Just ignore.
Shravan: Areh Sumo, I am Shravan.
Shravan: I came by window.
Suman ignores,
Shravan: Why are you ignoring me? What have I done?
Suman continues and Shravan comes and pulls her closer. Suman is surprised.
Shravan: Sumo, look at me. I can’t bear it when you ignore me. It hurts, at least as a friend.
Sumo: I am again imaging things, no Sumo no.
Shravan: What?
Sumo: Why are you coming in my dreams?
Shravan: Are you sleep-walking?
Sumo: I don’t know. You are making me crazy. Now go from here. If not I won’t be able to sleep. Why do you always come close to me in my dreams?
Shravan: I am really Shravan.
Sumo: Then pinch me if that’s the case, if you are Shravan I will understand if you touch me so pinch me
Shravan is about to pinch Suman, he holds and cups Suman’s face.
Shravan: I am really Shravan.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Why you didn’t pinch me?
Shravan: I didn’t want to hurt you.
Suman looks on and music plays.
Sumo: How you came?
Shravan: By window.
Sumo: What? Really. Shravan Malhotra and that too by window came to Suman Bose’s house.
Shravan: What is so shocking about it? You will soon become Suman Malhotra.
Sumo: What?
Shravan: Why is Suman Bose so surprised?
Suman is tensed.
Shravan: What to do you seem so tensed. And is so late, you called me is everything alright?
Sumo: Yes,
Shravan: Do you have anything to say?
Suman nods no . Shravan feels sad and as he was about to go.
Shravan: I am leaving now.
Shravan is about to go, Suman thinks about all her moments with Shravan and she goes and stops him.
Sumo: NO! Shravan you can’t leave me!
Shravan is surprised.
Sumo: I have realized that you are my Mr. Perfect Shravan. Since the day, you proposed me I just thought about you. I am in love with you. I accept your proposal.
Shravan smiles and gets emotional and hugs her.
Shravan: I love you, Sumo.
Sumo: I love you too Shravan.
They share a passionate hug and Suman is surprised and Shravan also looks as someone overhears them and she is none other than Sonakshi.
The episode ends.

Precap: Dev seeks apology for Sonakshi in a very cute way. Sona is not ready to forgive him. On the other hand, Suman and Shravan holds hand all are surprised as they reveal about their relationship infront of their family. Later, Dev and Sonakshi gets stuck in the lift. Suman and Shravan share some emotional conversations.

Well, I am going to make some additions and small changes to the title also that’s why I am going to publish a promo instead of episode 6 tomorrow. Will publish episode 7, on Tue or Wed instead.

5 Jun, Sun: Promo
7 or 8 Jun, Tue or Wed: Episode 6
12 Jun: Episode 7

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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