Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Episode 3


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 3 of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other. And as per everyone’s request I am going to post this fan fiction twice a week every Saturday and Sunday.

Here are the link for the intro, episode 1 and promo:

Scene(s) for the show:
Scene 1, 4: All
Scene 2, 5: EDKV only
Scene 3, 6: KRPKAB only

Scene 1: Dixit Residence and Bose residence
The episode begins with Dev making Shravan realize that he is in love with Suman.
Dev: Wow, you didn’t even tell me, your best friend that you are in love?
Shravan: When love happened to me, I didn’t even realize.
Dev: Okay, I understood.
Shravan: Really true, once love happens you can’t help it.
Dev: Does Suman knows about it?
Shravan: No, I don’t have guts to tell her.
Dev: Strange, you are always serious and strict, and now you are being such a coward. Go and confess your love to Suman.
Shravan: But?
Dev: But what?
Shravan: I have no idea how to start it.
Dev hits his forehead with his hand
Dev: Nothing will happen about you.
Shravan: I don’t know about myself, but think how are you going to persuade Sona dii for the job?
Dev: I am yet to think about it.
Shravan: Do one thing, think about it first.
Shravan was about to go,
Dev: Wait, you know Miss Bose right? Can you give me her number?
Shravan: As far as I know her, she is very stubborn she won’t listen.
Dev: Then how?
Shravan: Now for this only Karan can help us.
Dev: Okay I will talk to Karan about it tomorrow morning. Thanks now tell me how to help you.
Shravan: Give me tips yaar on how I should confess my love to Sumo?
Dev: That’s it? Okay I will tell you.
Dev and Shravan smiles.

Next day morning,
Bose residence
It’s morning,
Sonakshi does puja as she sings very sweetly and everyone is praying.
Asha: Usually I scold Sona a lot for not taking care of kitchen, but in terms of this she is very good. She has such a sweet voice.
After the puja, Suman is as usual preparing breakfast and Sonakshi gets a call.
Sona: Okay Karan sir, I will attend him. What time he will come?
Sona: Now? Okay fine. I will see.
Sonakshi puts the call.
Asha: Who was it?
Sona: Maa, actually what happened is someone wants to hire me as his mom’s personal nutritionist for a few days and for that I have to go office that too now.
Asha: Oh I see, I will pack breakfast and then you can go.
Just then someone rings the bell,
Sumo: I will check Maa.
Suman opens the door and she smiles as it’s Shravan.
Sumo: Shravan!
Asha: Sona, here is your breakfast.
Asha looks at Shravan
Asha: Shravan beta, you and here?
Shravan: Yes aunty, actually thing is
Sona: Let him come, and Shravan consider as your own house.
Shravan smiles.
Sona: Shravan I have got a call from office, so I have to leave now.
Shravan: Sure Sona Dii.
Sonakshi takes the lunch box and leaves.
Asha: Today Sumo have prepared breakfast.
Shravan gets excited.
Shravan: Really?
Asha and Suman is surprised.
Asha: What is so exciting about it?
Shravan: I am hungry that’s why?
Asha: Then you should definitely have some breakfast first.
Shravan haves breakfast with others.

Scene 2: Suman’s Room
(EDKV part)
Here Shravan comes in the room, and he sees Suman and smiles.
Shravan: (in his mind) How should I confess? Mr. Shravan Malhotra you have not been so much nervous even during your first interview.
Shravan sees Suman looking at the window. Shravan comes and sits beside her.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: No, I am not Shravan someone else.
Sumo: Very funny.
Shravan: What happened Sumo you look quite worried?
Sumo: No, it’s nothing like that.
Shravan: Come on, you are my friend at least share it with me.
Sumo: I find Sona worried these days. I feel that she is hiding something from me.
Shravan: (in his mind) How can you read other’s mind Sumo?
Sumo: Tell me Shravan what should I do? I am not sure.
Suman holds Shravan’s hand. Shravan looks at Suman. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays. Asha sees this and she is surprised, as Shravan and Suman looks at each other. Just then Elena calls her,
Eleena: Mom!
Asha leaves.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan is staring at Suman. Suman hits him. Shravan realizes and removes his hand.
Sumo: Where are you lost? What are you thinking about?
Shravan: You.
Sumo: What?
Shravan: I just wanted to say that I I I
Sumo: Say it Shravan.
Shravan: I love, I would love you to come with me tonight.
Sumo: Where?
Shravan: There is a party tonight it’s for an anniversary for my friend’s hospital, so for that.
Sumo: Is it the same hospital Sona works at?
Shravan: Yes
Sumo: Okay fine, I will come.
Shravan smiles and gets happy.
Sumo: But before that, I need to give you something.
Shravan: What?
Sumo: Wait let me bring that.
Suman is about to go, she slips and Shravan holds her. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays. They share an eyelock. Suman gets up.
Sumo: Thanks.
Shravan: No problem.
Suman goes and brings something and shows it to Shravan.
Shravan: What is this?
Sumo: Bills for eating free lunch at my catering centre.
Shravan is shocked. Suman sees this and she starts laughing.
Shravan: Why are you laughing?
Sumo: Your expression is worth watching. It was just too good. I was just joking yaar.
Suman continues to laugh and Shravan also laughs. Ek Duje ke Vaaste plays. Shravan looks at Suman.
Sumo: Why are you looking at me like this?
Shravan: Oh I am getting late I should leave now.
Sumo: Ok.
Shravan is about to go,
Shravan: Sumo, I have a request.
Sumo: What?
Shravan: In today’s party please wear red.
Sumo: Red? Actually I don’t really like red but I will try.
Shravan: I will pick you up.
Shravan smiles and leaves.

Scene 3: Hospital
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi comes to work,
Karan: Sona he is waiting for you in your cabin.
Sona: Thank you Karan Sir for helping me.
Karan: Don’t thank me, thank the person who is going to hire you.
Sonakshi smiles and goes to her cabin.
In cabin,
Sona: Sorry sir, for being late actually I got the call just now that’s why I was late Mr.
The person turns around and he is none other than Dev.
Sona: Obhodro.
Dev comes to Sonakshi.
Sona: Mr.Dixit, I didn’t want to come here, actually what happen was, actually
Sonakshi gets nervous and stammers.
Dev: Miss Bose, I am sorry.
Sona: What?
Sonakshi is surprised.
Sona: What did you just say?
Dev: I am sorry, Miss Sonakshi Bose.
Sona: I can’t believe you are saying sorry. I am surprised.
Dev: So what is so surprising about it?
Sona: I just can’t believe it. How did you say sorry?
Dev: What kind of question is this? I can speak. After all I am a human not animal.
Sona: (whispering to herself) You are no less than an animal.
Dev: What?
Sona: Nothing, Mr. Obhodro.
Dev looks at Sonakshi surprised.
Sona: I mean Mr. Dixit.
Dev: Now, Miss Bose you are going to be my mom’s personal nutritionist.
Sona: I am sorry Mr. Dixit I can’t take this job.
Dev: Look Miss Bose, I know what I did was wrong and I even apologized to you for that. And honestly speaking, my mom wants only you to be her nutritionist. She is very stubborn.
Sona: It’s okay, hire other nutritionist for aunty, they will do a better job than me.
Dev: Look Miss Bose, I am going to only hire you, and nobody else for this job. It’s about my mom.
Sonakshi is about to say something
Dev: (whispering to himself) I hate to say this but I have to.
Sonakshi listens to this.
Sona: I am sorry Mr. Dixit, I can’t take this job.
As Sonakshi is arranging her things and preparing to go, Dev’s mom calls him.

Dev: Maa?
Ishwari: Look Dev, I am telling you again I will only accept that nutritionist Sona and nobody else as my personal nutritionist.
Dev: Maa, stop being stubborn.
Ishwari: Either you listen to me, or I am going to keep the phone.
Dev: Talk to your duplicate, Miss Bose she is equally stubborn.
Sonakshi looks at Dev surprised and Dev passes the phone to Sonakshi.
Dev: Miss Bose, my mom wants to talk to you.
Sonakshi takes the phone.
Sona: Hello Aunty?
Ishwari: Look Sona beta, I will hire only you and nobody else.
Sona: But Aunty?
Ishwari: No ifs and buts. I am going to keep the phone.
Ishwari keeps the phone,
Sona: Hello?
Sonakshi passes the phone to Dev.
Dev: Now you listened with your own ears right?
Sona: Yes, but I need to think.
Sonakshi leaves.
Dev: I just don’t understand why are girls so stubborn.

Scene 4: Before party
Sonakshi is about to go, and Karan comes to her.
Sona: Karan sir, why you didn’t tell me it was Mr. Dixit?
Karan: I am sorry Sona, but Ishwari aunty really needed a personal nutritionist that’s why. You should take it up.
Sona: I don’t think I can take this job up after what Mr. Dixit did yesterday. Please don’t force me.
As Sonakshi is about to go,
Karan: Listen Sona, I will not force you. But there is an anniversary party of this hospital at least come there today, not as Dev but as my employee.
Sona: Sir?
Karan: Please
Sona: Okay since you are insisting a lot, I will come tonight.
Karan smiles.
Karan: So see you at tonight’s party.
Sonakshi leaves.

Here Suman is deciding what dress to wear, and just then she sees a black dress.
Sumo: Wow, this black dress is so wonderful. Its brand new. Sumo you should wear this dress.
Suman takes out the black dress and as she was about to iron it, she sees a red dress and remembers Shravan telling her to wear a red dress.
Sumo: Shravan wanted me to wear a red dress, but I wore this dress several times. The black one is better.
Suman goes and she looks.
Sumo: No, Shravan will feel bad. But why will he feel bad? I disobeyed him several times, I will disobey him even today.
As Suman was about to go,
Sumo:But I never thought so much.
Suman takes the black dress.

Scene 5: In the car
(EDKV part only)
Here Shravan is waiting for Suman.
Shravan: This Sumo as usual taking so much time.
Then Shravan looks Suman coming and he looks on looking at Suman. Suman is wearing black. Shravan doesn’t care about it and Ek Duje ke Vaaste plays. Suman comes to him.
Sumo: How am I looking?
Shravan looks and is a little disappointed that Suman wore black.
Suman smiles and she takes out her black shawl.
Sumo: See, I wore red only for you.
Shravan gets happy seeing this. And they both go in the car.

Shravan is driving the car, and as he was about to switch on the radio, Suman also is about to on, they both look at each other. Music plays.
Suman plays the radio and listens to romantic music. Ishq wala love from Student of the year plays in the radio. Suman smiles listening, and Shravan is looking at the watch, and looking around.
Sumo: What happened?
Shravan: No nothing why.
Sumo: You want to listen to cricket match commentary right?
Shravan: How do you know?
Sumo: Cmon Shravu I am your friend.
Shravan: At least you know me. Never mind you can listen to music.
Suman switches on to cricket match commentary.
Shravan: Sumo?
Sumo: Listen now.
Shravan: I am fine with music.
Sumo: No, I know you are a cricket fan, and if you don’t listen to it, you will think about it, and then you won’t be focused and then accident may happen, and then I may die.
Shravan stops the car and closes Suman’s mouth with his hand. Music plays and they share an eyelock.
Shravan: Never ever say like this Sumo.
Sumo: I was just kidding baba.
Shravan: You know I don’t like these kind of jokes.
Sumo: Okay I am sorry, now you may listen to the commentary. It’s at least better than your lecture.
Shravan continues driving the car. And he brings Suman to another place.
Sumo: Where is the party?
Shravan: Before that, I brought you here.
Shravan shows the date arrangements he made for his and Suman’s date. Suman is surprised.

Scene 6: Party
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi comes to the party wearing a white dress.
Sona: I came to this party, I just hope that Mr. Obhodro doesn’t comes infront of me.
Sonakshi is trying to make sure Dev doesn’t sees her so she is walking in a place, Dev on the other hand is talking on the phone.
Dev: I want the best nutritionist of this city at any cost, and I have to try to persuade mom.
While Dev is talking on the phone, Sonakshi is on other direction and they both collide with each other.
Sona: I am sorry.
Dev and Sonakshi are stunned to see each other.
Dev: Miss Bose?
Sona: So finally I had to see this Mr. Obhodro’s face.
Guy on phone: How do you know Miss Bose is the best nutritionist in this city?
Dev: You keep the phone.
Dev cuts the call, and Dev and Sonakshi were about to go, a guy comes.
Dev: Mr. Oberoi
Mr. Oberoi: Congratulations for your hospital’s anniversary Mr. Dixit and yes Miss Bose nice to meet you, one of the best nutritionist in this city.
Dev: (whispering to himself) Is there only one nutritionist in this city?
Mr. Oberoi: Come with us. Let me introduce to everyone.
Mr. Oberoi brings Dev and Sonakshi and they follow him.

In the party, in the projector a cricket match is going on, Dev sees this. Its Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore going on.
Dev: Looks like Kolkata will lose today.
Sona: Kolkata will win today, not lose.
Dev: Oh so you are a KKR fan?
Sona: Of course, I am a Bengali.
Dev: I don’t think so KKR will win look at how well Virat is playing he won’t let KKR win.
Sona: This is just the start. You are yet to see how Kolkata will win.
Virat is playing well, but KKR is also no less.
Dev: Let’s see.
Dev and Sonakshi observe the match carefully, and they drink juice and also eat snacks.
Finally KKR wins, and Sonakshi gets happy.
Sona: See I told you Kolkata will win.
Dev: It’s just a match.
Sona: Admit it you lost Mr. Dixit.
Sonakshi is about to go, Dev angrily keeps his glass of juice on the table hard and the glass falls and the juice gets spilled into Sonakshi’s dress. Sonakshi looks at Dev angrily and Dev is also surprised.
The episode ends.

Precap: Sonakshi is singing the female version of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, and Dev falls for the voice, and he runs around and follows the tune of the voice and later he is shocked. On the other hand, Shravan finally confesses his love to Suman, Suman is shocked.

The next episode will be published either tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I hope you will love it. And there will be a twist in that episode. So don’t miss it. And feel free to express your opinions 

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