Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of Love we have for each other Episode 19 (LAST)



Hi all. I am back with the next episode of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other. I know you all are surprised as this is the Last Episode. Actually I am leaving for a trip to my homeland tomorrow for a month. My flight is tomorrow. And also I am not sure if I will get internet access there. I know this was ff was extended to 20 episodes. But I don’t know when I can publish my next episode, so that’s why I made this the last episode. And well now I won’t speak much once this episode ends will speak and talk a lot 😛

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Here is episode 19.
Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 2, 7, 11, 15: Both
Scene 3, 5, 8, 10, 13: KRPKAB part only
Scene 4, 6, 9, 12, 14: EDKV part only

Scene 1: Movies
The episode begins with Devakshi and Shraman coming together to watch a movie.
Cinema Guy: What movie would you love to watch?
Dev: There is a lot of interesting movies, which one should we watch?
Sumo: I think we should watch rom-com, we can enjoying laughing a lot and also romance. Aww so cute.
Sona: Stop uttering nonsense, rom-com seriously? I think we should watch horror based movies, and then suspense? Wow I just love suspense.
Shravan: No no no horror! I am scared.
Suman starts laughing.
Sumo: Scary cat.
Shravan stares at Suman angrily, and Suman becomes normal.
Shravan: I feel sci-fi will be cool. It have so much high standard. So cool.
Dev: Sci-fi boring, already technology made the world sci-fi. Now we should watch something like you know mythological, historical, and inspirational.
Sona: You go and watch that, I will fall asleep in the hall.
Shravan: Not only you, all of us will fall asleep.
The S-trio laughs and Dev stares at them weirdly.

Dev: You know what is common between the three of you?
Sona: What!
Dev: All three of your name starts with S because all three of you are stupid. And my name starts with D because I am decent.
Sona: Not decent, Devil.
Shraman starts laughing.
Sumo: See all of us are laughing, that’s why I say rom-com is the best.
Shravan: Rom-com? Really! Instead of them we can do better comedy, such lame comedy movies, no I don’t want to watch. That’s why I say sci-fi is the best. So much knowledge.
Sumo: Now I get it how you and Dev Jiju are friends. Both of you are like study books. Once you open it you get headache. No wonder how you all can love sci-fi and historical genres so much. I hate it.
Sona: Me too.
Shravan: That’s why you both are sisters. Like rom-com and horror just a waste of time.
Sumo: Look Shravan, you may not like it I don’t care, but I will watch rom-com.
Shravan: Sci-fi.
Dev: Mythological.
Sona: Horror.
Sumo: We will watch rom-com.

The cinema guy is surprised at seeing them fighting.
Shravan: You don’t get any romance in that your favourite useless show?
Sumo: Don’t call it useless.
Sona: Which show?
Shravan: That show on life ok, Dream Girl.
Suman stares at Shravan angrily.
Sumo: That’s my favourite show, don’t say a word against it.
Shravan: What useless show some girl comes for acting and the person whom she idolizes turns out to be villain? Amazing.
Sona: Dream Girl is fine, but Dev uff thanks to him, 8pm has become my nap time.
Sumo: But Dream Girl is at 9pm, not 8pm.
Sona: Not dream girl stupid that show, on star plus Mahabharat.
Cinema Guy: Sir I also watch that, its amazing.
Dev: I know right. You saw the yesterday episode where Arjun’s entry happened?
Shravan: Dev you really watch that?
Dev: And what else will I do then? Watch what Dream Girl?
Shravan: By the way why are we talking about serials?
Sumo: You are the one who started it!
Sona: Okay we are watching horror.
Dev: No way, we are going to watch it.
Devakshi and Shraman continues arguing.
Cinema Guy: Okay fine you all stop fighting I have a movie for you all.
They stop fighting.
Cinema Guy: It has romance, comedy, suspense, inspiration and technology, all A to Z.
Sumo: Really?
Dev: What!

Later, in the cinema hall Devakshi and Shraman ended up watching 3 idiots 😛
Dev and Sonakshi are sitting beside each other, and so are Suman and Shravan. They are watching the movie and all are quite curious.
Devakshi and Shraman eats popcorn. Later, at romantic scenes Sonakshi lies her head on Dev’s shoulder and Suman lies her head on Shravan’s sholder.
The movie ends.
Shravan: Wow what a movie!
Dev: Really got to watch a nice movie after so many days.
Sona: I loved it.
Sumo: Too good.
Dev: And the title 3 idiots, is perfect because I went to watch the movie with 3 idiots.
The S-trio stares at Dev angrily.
Dev: Now what have I done!
Shravan: And you are silent sir.
The S-trio laughs.
Dev: So now you three have teamed up also?
Sumo: Okay, now we should leave now.

Scene 2: Shraman’s residence
Devakshi comes and drops Shraman home.
Shravan: Hey Dev and Sona Dii come in.
Dev: No, it’s okay , its fine. Just send Maa here.
Sumo: Come after all, Aditya’s wife is coming today.
Sona: Is it?
Dev: Okay fine, we will come.
Shravan: Great.
Devakshi comes to Shraman’s house. Ishwari and Nirmala are speaking with each other.
Nirmala: I have brought a saree for my new Bahu.
Ishwari: Wow that’s really nice.
Ishwari and Nirmala sees them and smiles.
Ishwari: How was the movie?
Sumo: It was a great movie.
Nirmala: You all did good by watching a movie together.
Sumo: I will go and see if all is prepared.
Sona: I am also coming.
Suman and Sonakshi comes.

Later, all get ready to welcome Aditya’s wife. Finally Aditya comes.
Nirmala: Finally you are here.
Aditya smiles.
Aditya: Here she is. You may come in.
Aditya’s wife comes in and all are surprised, especially Dev.
Dev: Natasha!
Yes, Aditya’s wife is none other than Natasha.
Sona: Natasha?
Shravan: Natasha Gujaral!
Sumo: Isn’t she Dev Jiju’s friend who is a doctor also?
Natasha: Yes, I am same Natasha.
Nirmala: So Aditya, you married her.
Aditya: Yes, I married Natasha.
Ishwari: Does Mr.Gujaral knows about it?
Natasha: Yes dad knows about it. And I know about Aditya’s family problems really well, that’s why I was the one who said not to tell his family anything.
Aditya: Don’t lie baby, I was the one who said not to tell anyone, and you agreed.
Natasha: No nothing like that.
Nirmala: Whatever it is but you are now the younger daughter-in-law of Malhotra family.
Natasha looks on.
Nirmala: Aditya, such a beautiful daughter-in-law you have brought.
Aditya smiles.
Ishwari: May God Bless with you. And Aditya is a nice guy, I am really happy for you Natasha beta.
Later, Natasha is welcomed into the house.

Devakshi and Shraman speaks with Aditya-Natasha about their marriage.
Dev: Natasha I knew you were married but you never told me you married Aditya!
Natasha: The situation was like this, that’s why I couldn’t say much.
Shravan: But how did your love story start?
Aditya: We both worked at the same hospital and then we started dating and then how we get married a long story.
Natasha holds Aditya’s hand.
Natasha: I am really lucky to have Aditya in my life.
Aditya smiles.
Dev whispers to Sonakshi.
Dev: See this is how one should praise her husband unlike you.
Sona: Dev? When did I complain about you?
On the other hand,
Shravan: Remember how we met each other?
Sumo: I remember that very well and also how you proposed me.
Suman and Shravan smiles.
Dev: I think it’s late we should leave now.
Devakshi and Ishwari leaves.

Scene 3: Devakshi’s Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Sonakshi is helping Ishwari out.
Ishwari: Beta, you always work so hard.
Sonakshi smiles.
Ishwari: Thank you so much for making everything fine in our family. It seems as you are a blessing to us.
Sona: Maa, what are you saying?
Ishwari: Since the time you married Dev everything became fine and finally Dev accepted Ranveer. I know only you can do so.
Sona: Nothing like that Maa.
Ishwari: And I feel so bad I cant do anything for you only increase your workload.
Sona: Maa, why are you saying like this?
Just then someone knocks the door, and Nikki opens the door.
Nikki takes the envelope and signs it.
Nikki: Bhabi, your report is here.
Ishwari: What happened?
Sona: I was feeling weak last few days so Dev insisted me to go for a check up.
Ishwari: Areh beta, see you never take care of yourself that’s why you fall sick?
Sona: But I am fine now.
Ishwari: Now let’s see what is in the reports.
Sonakshi opens and sees the report and is surprised.

Scene 4: Shraman’s Residence
It’s morning time,
Suman and Nirmala are in the kitchen. Natasha comes in.
Natasha: Can I help you both?
Nirmala: No beta, me and Suman will manage everything.
Natasha: Please. I want to learn cooking.
Nirmala: Let it be Beta.
Natasha: I wanted to learn but I don’t have a mother.
Sumo: Who said you dont have a mother? Here is our mother.
Suman goes to Nirmala, and hugs her.
Nirmala: Come beta.
Nirmala hugs Suman and Natasha.
Nirmala: Suman is an expert in cooking she will teach you.
Natasha: Great.
Nirmala: Not only in cooking. She is expert in all. Only because of her the family got together after many days and everyone staying happily at the same roof together.
Nirmala pampers Suman and Suman and Natasha smiles.
Suman gets a call,
Sumo: You both continue? I will speak with you later.
Suman goes to attend a call.
Sumo: Hello?
Suman gets shocked listening to this.
Sumo: How is this possible?
Suman becomes tensed and sad, Nirmala and Natasha comes to her.

Scene 5: Devakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi comes to Dev and Dev talks on the phone.
Sona: (in her mind) How will I tell Dev about this?
Dev keeps the phone.
Dev comes to Sonakshi and holds her shoulders.
Dev: Finally all is done. I am feeling so relaxed right now.
Sonakshi smiles.
Dev: I don’t want to take an extra responsibility.
Sona: Are you sure?
Dev: Yes.
Sonakshi is tensed.
Dev: What happened? You look quite worried.
Sona: Actually the thing is.
Dev: Say.
Sonakshi shows Dev her report. Dev looks at Sonakshi surprised.
Sona: You are going to become a father. I am pregnant.
Dev becomes excited.
Dev: Sona, sit down you should not be standing for long in this condition.
Sonakshi sits down.
Dev: What happened? You look sad.
Sona: This baby. Are you ready for it? You said you don’t want extra responsibility.
Dev: Don’t even think about it. How can you say this? This is our baby, our sign of love.
Sonakshi gets emotional.
Dev: Are you fine with it?
Sona: Dev, you know everyone says that becoming a mother is the biggest happiness, I didn’t know it until now I know why they say that.
Dev: Sona, thank you so much for giving me this happiness.
Dev touches Sonakshi’s belly.
Dev: I will always try to keep you and our baby happy.
Sonakshi gets emotional and they both hug. Music plays.

Scene 6: Shraman’s Residence
(EDKV part only)
Suman is crying and she sits on the bed.
Shravan is talking on the phone and sees Suman crying.
Shravan: Okay I will talk to you later.
Shravan sits besides Suman.
Shravan: What happened Sumo, why are you crying?
Sumo: My dreams got shattered.
Shravan: Can you clearly tell me what happened?
Sumo: They are going to close down my catering center.
Shravan: What!
Sumo: I have to prepare so many dishes, like 1000 in one day, in five hours. It’s not possible. Its all of a sudden. And if we dont do this order the business will occur loss and the centre will close down.
Shravan: Who said it’s not possible. It is possible.
Sumo: How?
Shravan: Me, you everyone in this house and even Dev Sona Dii all of us will help you.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Thank you so much Shravan, if you were not here then what would have happened? How would I have managed all these?
Shravan holds Suman’s hand.
Shravan: I am always with you. Now we have to get to work.
Suman wipes her tears and they get into work.

Scene 7: Catering Centre
Shravan opens the door of the centre.
Shravan: I think we should get into work now. Where is Dev?
Dev and Sonakshi also comes.
Dev: We are here.
Suman and Shravan smiles seeing them.
Sona: We should get to work now.
Everyone gets to work.
Here Sonakshi is walking, and Dev rushes to her.
Dev: Don’t carry heavy items. You shouldn’t be carrying those in this condition.
Sona: Dev? It’s okay.
Dev: Keep quiet.
Dev carries the things. And Dev and Sonakshi gets into work. Sonakshi starts cutting vegetables and Dev starts doing the cooking stuff.
Sonakshi is cutting the vegetables. Dev looks around and gestures Sonakshi. Dev gives Sonakshi a flying kiss. Sonakshi feels shy and smiles.
On the other hand, Suman and Shravan are also cooking. The flour ran out so Suman goes to take the flour. And as she was about to take it from top she slips and as she was about to fall, Shravan sees this, runs and holds Suman in his arm. Music plays. They look at each other.
Later, Shravan and Sonakshi are cooking together, and they start to roll chapattis.
Dev is cooking and he gets a little injuied due to the heat.
Dev: Ouch!
Sonakshi comes to Dev,
Sona: Dev!
Sonakshi blows Dev’s hand. Music plays. They look at each other.
Sona: You should have been careful.
Dev: Okay sorry.
Later, Suman is making rotis and Shravan gestures her to look. Suman doesn’t sees him the first time, then he gestures her again. Suman ignores and the third time, he shows, Suman sees as Shravan writes I love you with a  on the flour. Suman smiles. And tells him to get back to work.
Later, all the food is done, and the order is completed.

Later, at Devakshi’s house,
Sumo: Finally the order is completed. I thought I wont be able to make it.
Shravan: See I told you nothing is impossible.
Dev: At least everything is done without any problems.
Sumo: Thank you so much Sona and Dev Jiju for helping us.
Dev: You also have helped us so why can’t we?
Suman smiles.
Ishwari comes to Sonakshi.
Ishwari: Beta, is your health okay?
Sona: Yes Maa, I am fine.
Ishwari: You should be more careful now especially at this condition.
Sumo: What happened to Sona?
Ishwari: Sona, you haven’t tell them.
Shravan: What happened is everything alright?
Nikki: Sumo dii congratulations to you and also me, we are going to become aunts.
Suman smiles and gets happy.
Sumo: Sona? Really!
Sonakshi nods.
Suman hugs Sonakshi.
Sumo: I am so happy for you.
Shravan hugs Dev.
Shravan: Congratulations!
Dev smiles.
Shravan: I am going to become an uncle. Someone feed me sweets also.
Nikki: Sure Shravan Bhaia, I am going to bring the sweets.
Nikki goes.
Sumo: Sona, I am going to take care of you till this delivery date, and after all I am going to be an Aunt.
Sona: Are you happy?
Sumo: Of course I am. But?
Sona: But what?
Sumo: Can I also treat this baby like my child also?
Sona: What are you saying? Of course you can.
Suman hugs Sonakshi,
Sona: My baby will be very lucky to get your love too.
Suman smiles.

Scene 8: Devakshi’s Room
(KRPKAB part only)
5 months later,
Sonakshi is lying on the bed who is now 6 months pregnant. Sonakshi is sad and making faces. Dev is talking on the phone and he comes in, and sees Sonakshi sad. He keeps the phone and comes to Sonakshi.
Dev: What happened? Why is my Sona so sad?
Sona: You never listen to me.
Dev: What have I done?
Sonakshi is sad.
Dev: Okay, relax tell me what happened.
Dev sees the food.
Dev: See you haven’t even eaten yet? You can’t starve yourself in this condition?
Sona: No I don’t want to eat.
Dev: Why are you venting out anger on the food?
Sona: I am not angry.
Dev: Then?
Sona: I don’t want to eat.
Sonakshi starts crying.
Dev: Okay okay fine I won’t force you. Now tell me what happened.
Sona: My backpain.
Dev: Only this?
Sona: It’s not a small matter, really my back is paining a lot.
Sonakshi starts crying again,
Dev: Okay okay Sona, I will think of doing something.
Dev calls his friend who is a doctor.
Dev: She is doing very weird things, always crying for no reason.
Doctor: Don’t worry this is normal. It is due to mood swings which is very common for pregnant woman.
Dev: Oh thanks, I got worried.
Dev keeps the phone.
Dev: Now I have to do something.

Dev comes to Sonakshi and starts to romance with her.
Dev: My Sona, is so beautiful.
Dev comes close to Sonakshi.
Sona: Don’t even think about it.
Dev makes faces. Sonakshi laughs. Dev smiles.
Dev: Finally you are smiling.
Sona: What to do my mood was off the whole day and on top of this backpain?
Dev: The doctor told me this is very common no need to worry.
Sona: But I feel so bad for causing problems for you.
Dev: No Sona, its fine.
Dev lies on Sonakshi’s lap.
Dev: By the way you want a boy or girl? I want a girl who will be just like you.
Sonakshi smiles.
Sona: Boy or Girl, doesn’t matter to me. I just want the baby to be healthy.
Dev smiles and kisses on Sonakshi’s hand.

Scene 9: Orphanage
(EDKV part only)
Shravan brings Suman somewhere.
Sumo: Shravan where have you brought me to?
Suman smiles as she sees the orphanage and many kids.
Shravan: Happy Weddding Anniversary!
Sumo: It have been a year since we got married.
Shravan: Yes
Sumo: I am so glad you still remember that.
Shravan: How can I forget about that?
Sumo: I thought you will.
Shravan: You always know how to complain. Anyways let’s go now.
Shravan brings Suman inside the orphanage and they see some kids painting. Suman comes to them.
Sumo: Hello?
Kid: Hello.
Sumo: What is your name?
Kid: My name is Sara.
Sumo: Sara? Nice name.
Sara: What is your name?
Sumo: My name is Suman.
Sara Can I call you Sumo dii?
Sumo: Sure. What are you doing?
Sara: Palm painting.
The kids puts their palm on the paint and then its print on the paper.
Sara: Dii you also try?
Sumo: Okay sure.
Suman happily tries that, and also Shravan also tries that with other kids
Kid: Bhaia you also try that?
Shravan tries that out too.
Suman and Shravan both put their hand at different places and while putting the hand, Shravan and Suman put their hand on each other’s hand and they look at each other. Music plays. They share an eyelock.
There are paints on their hands too. And they dont realize that. The hair lock of Suman are disturbing her, and Shravan keeps it aside.
Suman looks and some traces of paint gets on her face.
Sara: Sumo dii, there is paint on your face?
Suman tries to clean it but there is paint on her hand.
Shravan washes his hand and wipes Suman’s face. Suman looks at Shravan. Music plays.
Later, they enjoy playing games with the kids, and they return. Suman hugs Shravan.
Sumo: Thank you so much for a wonderful anniversary.
Shravan smiles.

Scene 10: Devakshi’s Residence
2 months later,
Sonakshi is now 8 months pregnant, and Dev is sleeping besides her.
Sonakshi whispers on Dev’s ears.
Sona: Happy Birthday!
Dev smiles and wakes up. Yes it is Dev’s birthday.
Dev: You remember?
Sona: Why won’t I? After all I am your wife.
Dev: Okay okay.
Sona: Wake up.
Dev: Why?
Sona: I said wake up that’s why wake up.
Dev gets up.
Sonakshi smiles and brings a cake for him along with Ishwari and Neha and Nikki.
All sings birthday song for Dev.
Dev takes the cake and feeds Ishwari, Sona, Neha and Nikki. Dev feeds Sonakshi again.
Sona: Why are you feeding me again?
Dev: It’s not for you, it’s for our baby.
Sonakshi smiles.
Ishwari: May God Bless you.
Dev takes Ishwari’s blessings.
Later, all leaves.
Sona: So what do you want to do tomorrow?
Dev: You say.
Later, Dev gets a call from the office.
Dev: What!
Sona: What happened?
Dev: I have to go for work early morning tomorrow, the foreign investors flight was preponed.
Sona: Is it necessary to go? And also it’s your birthday?
Dev: Yes Sonakshi. It’s necessary to go.
Sonakshi becomes sad.
Dev: Don’t worry I will try to come back as soon as possible.
Sona: Okay fine, sleep now.
Dev and Sonakshi goes to sleep.

Scene 11: Devakshi’s Residence
Suman comes to Devakshi’s house.
Sona: Thank you so much for coming here Sumo.
Sumo: No problem.
Sona: Are you fine now?
Sumo: Why what happened to me?
Sona: Shravan told me that you were unwell since last few days.
Sumo: No nothing serious. He just know how to exaggerate things. I am completely fine.
Sona: Take care of your health.
Sumo: Why are you telling me? I should be the one saying this.
Suman holds Sonakshi’s belly.
Sumo: So how is my niece or nephew?
Sona: Very naughty! Loves to disturb me.
Sumo: Hey don’t you dare scold him or her? I won’t spare you.
Sonakshi smiles. Suman gets a call.
Sumo: I will be coming.
Suman goes to speak on the phone.
Ishwari: Sona beta, have this milk quick.
Sonakshi makes faces.
Ishwari: No excuse you must finish this glass of milk.
Sonakshi unwillingly drinks the milk.
Ishwari: When is Dev coming?
Sona: I have no idea.
Sonakshi is reading a book, and suddenly she feels pain. She holds her belly and closes her eyes.
Sumo: Shravan is it true? Really I am
Suman smiles. She sees Sonakshi and is surprised.
Suman rushes to Sonakshi,
Sumo: What happened?
Sona: I think its time.
Sumo: Time?
Sona: I am in labour. It’s really paining a lot.
Sonakshi closes her eyes in pain.
Sumo: Oh no.
Suman tries to call Dev, but he doesn’t picks the phone.
Sumo: Jiju is not picking up the call.
Sona: Sumo, I can’t take the pain anymore, it’s really paining a lot. Ouch!
Ishwari comes and rushes.
Ishwari: We have to bring Sona to the hospital as soon as possible.
Sumo: Right aunty!
Suman and Ishwari brings Sonakshi to the hospital. They are in the car. Sonakshi is struggling.
Sumo: Sona, don’t worry the hospital is nearby.
Sona: I really can’t take it anymore.
Just then Suman’s phone rings,
Sumo: Jiju’s call.
Dev: Sumo, I was in meeting why did you call me?
Sumo: Dev Jiju come to the hospital. Sona she is in labour.
Dev is shocked.
Dev: What! Pass me the phone to her.
Suman passes the phone to Sonakshi.
Dev: Sona, listen.
Sona: Dev, it’s really paining a lot.
Sonakshi starts crying.
Dev: Sona, you are very brave. You have to tolerate the pain for a while for our baby.
Sona: I cannot
Sonakshi starts becoming breathless.
Suman takes the phone.
Sumo: Jiju we are almost there.
Dev: I am on my way.
Dev reaches the hospital and sees Sonakshi there.
Dev: Sona, nothing will happen to you or our baby. Stay strong.
Sonakshi closes her eyes in pain and holds his hand.
Sona: Dev!
Doctor: Her blood pressure is increasing.
Dev gets worried and Sonakshi is taken into the operation theatre.
Dev: It’s all because of me, she didn’t want me to go and I? I just didn’t listen to her.
Sumo: Dev Jiju it’s not your fault.
Ishwari prays.
Ishwari: Please protect my daughter-in-law and grandchild.
Later, the doctor comes.
Dev: Doctor?
Doctor: Congratulations. You are father of a baby girl now.
Dev and others get happy.
The doctor brings the baby. Dev holds the baby and gets emotional.
Ishwari: She looks exactly like Sona, but the nose is just like yours.
Dev: Hello princess, I am your dad.
Dev: Doctor how is Sona?
Doctor: She is fine now. You can meet her now.
Dev goes to meet Sonakshi with the baby.
Dev: Here our princess.
Sonakshi holds the baby in her arm and gets emotional.
Dev: This is the best birthday gift ever. Thank you so much Sonakshi for giving me such happiness.
Sonakshi smiles. Dev kisses on Sonakshi’s forehead.

Later, Suman and Shravan comes in.
Shravan: Congratulations Dev and Sona dii.
Dev and Sonakshi smiles. Suman takes the baby in arm.
Sumo: She is so adorable. Hi baby I am your aunt here.
Suman enjoys with the baby and gives it to Sonakshi.
Sumo: Wow Dev Jiju you are so lucky that Princess is born on your birthday.
Sona: Yes now both father-daughter duo’s birthday will be celebrated together.
Dev: Yes, I will celebrate my birthday with my princess.
Shravan: Even we have a good news.
Dev: What is it?
Shravan: Me and Suman are going to become parents. Suman is pregnant.
Suman smiles and feels shy.
Sonakshi becomes happy.
Sona: I am going to become an aunt.
Dev: I am going to become an uncle.
Sona: Now our princess will also have a younger brother or sister to play with.
Shravan and Suman smiles.
Dev: Congratulations.
Shravan: Dev, your baby is very lucky for us also.
Sumo: That’s why she is everyone’s princess.
Devakshi and Shraman smiles.
Shravan whispers to Suman.
Shravan: Thank you so much Sumo for this.
Suman smiles.

Scene 12: On the road
(EDKV part only)
Suman and Shravan are on their way. Shravan is driving the car.
Sumo: Today’s day is just the best. Sona’s baby is born and also our baby is coming to this world soon.
Shravan: I am so happy today too.
Sumo: Shravan stop!
Shravan: Are you okay?
Sumo: I just said stop.
Shravan: What happened?
Sumo: Shravan let’s go there.
Shravan: Why what is there?
Sumo: Shravan I feel like having gol gappa.
Shravan: Seriously Sumo?
Sumo: You know in pregnancy, it’s normal to crave for things. I am really craving for gol gappa.
Shravan: No way, this is so unhealthy and unhygienic for our baby. I can’t take risk.
Sumo: Shravan please!
Shravan: Okay I will, but after your delivery.
Sumo: Please Shravan!
Shravan: You are very stubborn.
Shravan goes and brings Suman somewhere else. Suman was sad.
Shravan: Okay fine we will have gol gappa but indoors. Because outdoors it may be unhealthy.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: I love you!
Shravan: Wow for this I love you. Then I don’t mind. I want to listen to this again.
Sumo: Get lost.
Shravan and Suman have some gol gappas.
Shravan: I cannot have more than 3 or 4 how can you have so many?
Sumo: Gol Gappa are the best.
Shravan: But don’t overeat.
Sumo: When ladies are pregnant usually her husband says eat more, but in my case it’s opposite my husband tells me to eat less. Wow what a husband I have.
Shravan: I didn’t say dont eat. I said dont overeat.
Sumo: You are just impossible!

Scene 13: Devakshi’s residence
(KRPKAB part only)
After some days, Sonakshi is discharged from the hospital and Dev and Sonakshi comes home with the baby. Ishwari welcomes them home.
Nikki: Wow now one more girl in this family. That’s why girls rock.
Dev: Now I am in trouble. I will not let you all influence my princess at all.
Sona: Influence? What are you trying to say Dev?
Dev: No nothing.
Nikki: Bhaia , you can’t escape from Bhabi!
All laughs.
Later, in Devakshi’s room.
Sonakshi makes the baby stop crying and makes her lie down on the crib.
Sonakshi goes and Dev comes to the baby. Dev takes the baby in his arms.
Dev: My princess! You have no idea how much your dad loves you!
Dev: And I call you Princess for a reason. I will treat you like a princess and give you whatever you want. And if anyone or even your Mom scolds you I am there for you.
The baby smiles.
Sonakshi sees Dev and the baby and smiles.
Sona: So you are pampering her too much already?
Dev: Yes, she is my Princess and no one can scold her. Not even you.
Sona: Tell your princess why does she love to disturb her mother a lot.
Dev: Hey Sona. You are talking to me, the king. The father of the princess.
Sona: Really? If you are the King, I am the Queen.
Dev: Is it?
Dev keeps the baby in the crib and holds Sonakshi close.
Sona: Dev?
Dev: You want to romance? Let’s romance.
As Dev and Sonakshi gets close, the baby starts crying.
Sona: See you made her cry.
Dev: Now why are you blaming me?
Sona: Anyways.
Sonakshi sings lullaby and makes the baby sleep. Dev lovingly eyes Sonakshi.
Dev: Sona once again thank you!
Sonakshi smiles.
Dev hugs Sonakshi.

Scene 14: Shraman’s Residence
(EDKV part only)
Shravan takes care of Suman in her pregnancy. And also Nirmala takes care of Suman. Shravan and Suman are super excited.
6 months later,
Now Suman is 7 months pregnant. Suman is sleeping.
Shravan: (in his mind) She is sleeping so peacefully. I don’t even feel like wake her up. But?
Shravan: Sumo wake up!
Sumo: What is it Shravan? Please let me sleep.
Shravan: Please Sumo wake up, for me.
Suman wakes up, and yawns.
Sumo: Why you wake me up Shravan? What is it?
Shravan brings something.
Sumo: What is this?
Shravan: Open it.
Suman opens it and smiles as she finds it’s a birthday cake.
Shravan kisses on Suman’s forehead.
Shravan: Happy Birthday Sumo!
Sumo: Shravan, this is such a lovely surprise.
Suman hugs Shravan.
Shravan: I know its 12 and it’s your birthday that’s why I had to wake you up.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Then it’s fine.
Suman and Shravan cuts the cake. Suman and Shravan feeds the cake to each other.They smile. Suman applies cake on Shravan’s face.
Shravan: What kind of childishness is this Sumo?
Sumo: Sorry Shravan. I took revenge for the painting thing.
Shravan: You are too much.
Shravan goes to wash his face. Suman smiles.
Suman is about to go to sleep, she gets into labour pain.
Sumo: Ouch!
Suman cries in pain.
Shravan comes out and is shocked to see Suman.
Shravan: Sumo!
Sumo: Shravan, I think it’s time now.
Shravan: But you are only 7 months pregnant!
Sumo: It’s really paining a lot. I can’t bear it anymore.
Suman cries.
Shravan: Everything will be fine.
Shravan takes Suman to the hospital.

Scene 15: Hospital
Shravan takes Suman to the hospital. Shravan holds Suman’s hand.
Shravan: Nothing will happen. Just relax.
Sumo: Shravan if you have to save me or the baby, save the baby.
Shravan: What nonsense are you saying?
Sumo: Promise me.
Suman is taken into the operation theatre. Shravan is tensed.
Dev and Sonakshi also comes there with their child.
Shravan: Doctor how is Sumo?
Doctor: We can’t say anything, because due to miscarriage in her first pregnancy there are complications this time in her pregnancy and also it’s a premature delivery, so it will be very hard to say.
Shravan gets super tensed.
The doctor leaves.
Dev: Don’t worry all will be fine.
Sonakshi starts crying and prays.
Sona: Please make my sister and her baby fine.
Later the doctor comes,
Shravan comes to the doctor.
Doctor: Congratulations, it’s a baby boy!
Shravan and others become happy.
Doctor: But?
Shravan: But what?
Doctor: Since the baby is born premature we kept him in the incubator.
Shravan: How about Sumo?
Doctor: Suman is fine now, you can meet her.
Shravan gets happy and meets Suman. Suman wakes up.
Sumo: Shravan? Where is our baby?
Shravan: Relax. No need to worry, our baby is fine, he is kept in the incubator.
Sumo: He?
Shravan: Yes, we are parents to a baby boy now.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: I want to see our baby.
Shravan: Okay, let’s go.
Suman and Shravan takes permission and comes to the incubator. And they see their baby and gets very happy.
Sumo: Shravan, he looks exactly like you.
Shravan: And his eyes. Just like yours.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: How I wish I can touch him and carry him now. But?
Shravan: We have to wait.
Sumo: I knew our baby will be a boy. And he will be Mamma’s boy after all he is born on his mother’s birthday.
Shravan: Okay fine you win. But our son won’t be stubborn like you.
Suman stares at Shravan angrily.
Sumo: Baby, if your dad scolds you dont worry your Mom is here.
Shravan smiles.
Sumo: This is my best birthday ever.
Shravan: Thank you so much Sumo for this wonderful day.
Suman and Shravan smiles looking at each other and also their baby.

Dev and Sonakshi also sees Shravan and Suman with their baby from distant and smile.
Sona: Now our princess will also have a little brother to play with.
Dev: Yes. Now there is a Prince also.
Sona: You know what is coincidental?
Dev: What!
Sona: Our daughter was born in your birthday, and Shravan and Suman’s son is born in Suman’s birthday.
Dev: That’s why people say that daughters are closer to their fathers and sons are closer to their mothers.
And Dev plays with his daughter,
Dev: Right my princess!
Sona: That’s why you father-daughter duo love to disturb me a lot. You both team up to make me crazy right?
Dev: See how Mamma is scolding my Princess.
She smiles.
Sona: Okay fine, you both stay together. I am alone.
Dev hugs Sonakshi and their daughter.

7 years later,
Now Devakshi and Shraman are staying happily with their children.
Sonakshi have a plate of food on her hand.
Sona: Devakshi!
Shravan on the other hand comes home.
Shravan: Shraman!
Yes Devakshi named their daughter Devakshi and Shraman named their son Shraman.
Later, a girl is seen hiding.
Suman also comes there.
Sumo: There is she.
Sonakshi smiles.
Sonakshi tabs her.
Sona: I caught you.
Girl: Oh no!
Sona: Now Devakshi, like a good girl now Mamma will feed you.
Yes, the girl is Dev and Sonakshi’s daughter, Devakshi.
Devakshi: No I don’t want to eat.
Sona: Devakshi don’t be stubborn.
Devakshi runs and messes the house. Suman and Shravan along with Sonakshi tries to catch her and Devakshi hugs someone’s leg.
Devakshi: See Papa, Mamma is scolding me.
Yes the guy is none other than Dev.
Sona: Dev?
Dev: No one will dare to scold my Princess,
Sona: It’s all because of you. You have been spoiling her.
Dev carries Devakshi.
Dev: What Sona? You always scold my Princess. She doesn’t do anything.
Sona: She doesn’t want to eat, now you tell your daughter to eat.
Dev: Devakshi?
Devakshi: No Papa I dont want to eat.
Dev sits down with Devakshi on his lap.
Dev: Okay fine dont eat. I have brought some chocolates.
Devakshi: Really? Give me.
Dev: But for that you must eat first. If not you won’t find the chocolate good.
Devakshi: How?
Dev feeds Devakshi.
Dev: People eat dessert which is sweet after their meal because they enjoy.
Dev tells her stories and feed other hand.
Sumo: Only Dev Jiju can feed her.
Sona: That’s true.
Shravan: All that is fine, where is Shraman!
Sumo: Now what have he done?
Shravan: He, let him come.
On the other hand, a boy is hiding under the sofa. Dev sees this.
Dev gestures Shravan to look under the sofa. Shravan looks and goes.
Shravan: Come out, I have found you Shraman!
Yes the boy is none other than Shraman, Shravan and Suman’s son.
Shraman: Papa?
Shravan holds Shraman’s ear.
Shraman: Ouch!
Sumo: Why are you holding my son’s ear.
Shraman goes and hugs Suman.
Shraman: Mamma, Papa is disturbing me.
Sumo: Why are you disturbing my superhero?
Shravan: Ask him. I got complain from his school today.
Sumo: Shravan, the school’s work is to complain only.
Shravan: It’s all because of you. You always pamper him.
Sumo: Now what have he done, Shravan you always get angry for no reason.
Shravan: He did a lot of mischievous things in school. So should I be happy over that?
Sumo: Shraman why ?
Shraman: Mamma?
Sumo: See my Superhero. You are a superhero right? So if you do mischievous things how will you become superhero. Does Superheroes do so?
Shraman: No!
Sumo: Then?
Shraman: Okay Mamma, I will not do so again.
Suman hugs Shraman.
Sumo: See you always scold him for no reason.
On the other hand,
Devakshi: Papa! I don’t want to eat anymore. I am full.
Dev: Okay fine.
Sona: Why won’t you eat? Finish the food.
Dev: Sona? She ate enough don’t force her.
Devakshi runs to Shraman,
Devakshi: Shraman have you done the homework?
Shraman becomes silent.
Shravan: Why have you become silent? See he haven’t do the homework.
Shraman: Maths is so hard.
Sumo: Oho Shravan, he wants to do but if he cannot do then what is his fault! He is trying na.
Shravan: Unbelievable! You mother-son.
Devakshi: Shraman, if you dont know how to do I will teach you.
Shraman: Thank you Devakshi Didi.
Devakshi and Shraman smiles.
Devakshi: Let’s go and do homework now.
Devakshi and Shraman do homework.
Dev -Sonakshi and Shravan -Suman smiles seeing Devakshi and Shraman’s bond.

Sona: Devakshi did you eat dinner?
Devakshi: No I haven’t.
Sona: Why?
Suman is feeding Shraman.
Sona: Learn something from Shraman. He is such a good boy eating food without disturbing.
Devakshi: If I don’t want to eat, I dont want to eat.
Sona: Devakshi?
Devakshi: Mamma go and give all the food to Sumo Mausi. She loves to cook and force people to eat. She herself eats so much she is such a foodie! How can one eat so much?
Sonakshi is stunned, and so is Suman and plus she is embarrassed. Shravan tries to laugh.
Sona: Devakshi, what kind of manners is this?
Devakshi runs.
Sona: Devakshi!
On the other hand, Suman finishes feeding Shraman and Shraman plays. Shraman uses his toy phone and acts.
On the same time, Dev is also walking and talking on the phone. Shraman sees Dev and smiles as he gets an idea.
Dev: Okay I will be there.
Shraman begins.
Shraman: Hello, I am Dev Dixit here. If you all don’t get the work done I will fire you all. So better get to work if not you are fired! I will be there.
Shravan is stunned and Dev is shocked and embarrassed. Sonakshi tries to laugh.
Shravan comes and scolds Shraman.
Shravan: How rude, Shraman go and say sorry to Dev uncle.
Shraman: No!
Shravan: You are becoming more naughty day by day, learn something from Devakshi, she is so well-mannered.
Shraman makes faces and runs.
Later, Sonakshi gets hold of Devakshi and Shravan gets hold of Shraman.
Sumo: Come here everyone.
All comes.
Dev: What is it Sumo?
Suman brings a cake.
Devakshi: Wow cake!
Shraman: Today is whose happy birthday!
Suman laughs.
Sumo: No one’s happy birthday. Today is friendship day.
Devakshi: Yes today is friendship day! Happy friendship day Shraman.
Shraman: Happy friendship day Devakshi Didi,
Sona: This cake is for friendship day.
Sumo: Yes to celebrate the friendship of four of us,
Devakshi and Shraman: And also us.
All smiles.
Dev, Sonakshi, Devakshi, Shravan, Suman and Shraman together cuts the cake. And feeds each other.
Dev and Sonakshi remembers about their meetings how they used to hate each other, and they became friends and got married and love happened after that. Suman and Shravan remembers about their moments how they used to be best friends, and they both fall in love and got married and how they cleared out their problems.
Shravan: Now its time for a selfie.
They take selfie and smiles.

The end

I would love to share with you all that actually this idea and concept of love and arranged marriage in my fan fiction I got inspired from real life. Because I have seen many love and arranged marriages and also I have idea about those couples lives somewhat 😛 I am not married na how can I say 😛 But I feel whether marriage is love or arranged doesn’t matter, because friendship is the most important and so is love and understanding. And those who says arranged marriage doesn’t have love they are wrong because love can happen after marriage too. And those who says love marriages, love disappears after marriage that is wrong too. If its true love, love will never fade off. Well I am single as I said, so I dont know much but that’s just my opinion and what I want to say. And never let misunderstandings come between just stay calm and solve them.
And successful marriages have four main things, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, and UNDERSTANDING and most importantly TRUST. It may take time for all these four to develop and well that’s my opinion hehe. As I realized all successful weddings have these four things. That’s why I named this The Different Shades of Love We Have For Each Other, inspired from both shows titles too 😛

You all know I loved writing this fan fiction, so much. I never wanted to end it. That’s why I extended to 15 episode and then 20 episodes. I wanted to write the 20th one also but unfortunately my flight is tomorrow, and also I am only 20% done with my packing. I have to do packing. And besides writing this fan fiction, what I enjoyed even more is to communicate with you all of you through this fan fiction.
It has been one of the closest fan fiction from my heart. And my flight is tomorrow evening. If not I would have written one more episode. That’s why I made this episode longer.
And thanks to all those who have gave me so much love and support in this fan fiction. I never expected that this fan fiction will get such a good response. And those who follow only one of the show parts I know most won’t like to read combined fan fictions, but once again thank you for taking the effort to read my fan fiction. Really means a lot to me especially all of your lovely wala comments.
And sorry if I made any mistake, as I have to hurry for my dental appointment today after an hour and also I haven’t complete shopping :O See even in holidays again last 2 days I am busy 😛 I wanted to update it earlier but the episode is last episode and super long due to that.
And all readers and silent readers, this is the last episode. So one comment toh banta hain at least one, at least I can get to know how many of you read and liked my fan fiction. So would love to say please please please comment even if is bad, is last episode na. Pleaseeeeee.
And I will comeback ASAP with a new story if I can, and to all of you love you all. And thank you again. And I will still be reading your fan fictions whenever I get internet access there and try to comment and sorry if I couldn’t. For now bye bye.
And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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