Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of Love we have for each other Episode 15


Hi all. Fatarajo here. Thank you so so so much for supporting me in my previous episodes. Happy you all liked my fan fiction a lot and keep supporting me like this via your lovely comments. It really means a lot a lot to me. And finally managed some time to publish the episode I hope you all will love it. Thank you 

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Here is episode 15.
Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 4, 6: KRPKAB part only
Scene 2, 5, 7: EDKV part only
Scene 3, 8: Both

Scene 1: Devakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Dev comes near Sonakshi making Sonakshi feeling uneasy.
Sona: You are here so soon?
Dev: Yes, I am here so soon. Should I go back?
Dev is about to go back
Sona: No, no I was just asking.
Dev: Is it?
Sonakshi and Dev becomes silent. And they look at each other. Sonakshi tries to show Dev that she wore the different saree for him.
Dev: By the way you are looking very beautiful.
Sonakshi smiles. Dev comes to Sonakshi and goes near her.
Sona: (in her mind) What is this Dev doing? I don’t get it.
Dev whispers in her ear.
Dev: But you look like Aunty.
This makes Sonakshi stunned.
Sona: Look Dev you,
Dev gets surprised this time.
Dev: Dev! Woah! Finally you called me by my name.
Sona: How dare you call me fat?
Dev: Right I shouldn’t have call you Aunty, I should have called you grandma.
Sonakshi gets shocked.
Sona: How mean!
Sonakshi chases Dev.
Dev: Why are you behind me?
Sona: You!
Dev: You called me Dev that’s why if I called you grandma you would have called me Baby, Honey and so on.
Sonakshi opens her mouth in shock.
Dev: Close your mouth if not bees will go in your mouth to find honey in your mouth.
Sona: I am not in mood to fight with you, I called you Dev that’s enough for you.
Sonakshi does her work.
Dev looks at Sonakshi.
Dev: (in his mind) Sonakshi you look very beautiful in everything, no matter what you wear, as true beauty lies in one’s heart. And your heart is so clean and innocent.
Sonakshi looks at Dev,
Sona: (in her mind) I thought you will like me in this saree. I don’t know how to impress you. Sona what to do?
Dev: (in his mind) How to say I love you to?
Dev comes to Sonakshi,
Sona: What do you want?
Dev: I…..I….I
Sona: What I?
Dev: I need to go washroom.
Dev runs to the washroom.
Sona: Dev, sometimes you are so weird and funny.
Sonakshi smiles.

Scene 2: Shraman’s residence
(EDKV part only)
Here is Suman is looking at the moon, and stares at the star at the terrace. Shravan looks at Suman,
Shravan: (in his mind) I feel I am responsible for snatching all happiness of yours. I am sorry Sumo, I couldn’t fulfil the promise to always keep you happy.
As Shravan was about to go, he sees Suman is feeling cold and is shivering. Shravan comes to Suman, and drapes his coat on Suman. Suman looks at Shravan. Ek Duje ke Vaaste Plays. They share an eyelock.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: You were feeling cold that’s why?
As Shravan was about to go, Suman holds his hand. Shravan looks on.
Sumo: Come and sit beside me.
Shravan sits down and bows his head.
Sumo: Are you angry with me?
Shravan: How can I be angry with you, Sumo?
Sumo: Then why are you not looking at me? Are you that much angry with me?
Shravan: No Sumo, who said.
Sumo: Then?
Shravan: Thing is I don’t have guts to face you. I am the one responsible for all this. I promised that I will keep you happy but instead I made you sad. I am a very bad friend and husband.
Shravan becomes emotional and Suman hugs him. Music plays.
Sumo: It was the mistake of both of us. That’s why we had to suffer.
Shravan: No, Sumo. It was my fault only. Please forgive me.
Sumo: I will but in one condition.
Shravan: What is it?
Sumo: Let’s don’t be husband and wife.
Shravan is shocked.
Shravan: But Sumo?
Sumo: Can we start all this from friendship again?
Shravan smiles.
Sumo: Don’t you remember what you told me before we got married that we will be friends first and then husband-wife.
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Of course we will be friends first Sumo.
Sumo: Now very good, do something for me.
Shravan: What is it?
Sumo: Bring me a nice cup of coffee.
Shravan: You will never change.
Sumo: Quick.
Shravan leaves.

Scene 3: Conversation
Here Dev is thinking what to do, and he is in the washroom and walking here and there.
Dev: (in his mind) How to confess love to Sona? It seems so easy, but in actual it is so difficult. Oh I am so confused right now.
Dev is super confused, and then he walks around and he smiles as he gets an idea.
Dev: Great, I will call Shravan. He will help me. Yes.
Dev calls Shravan.
Shravan brings a cup of coffee for Suman and one for him and they sit down and just then Shravan’s phone rings.
Shravan: Dev’s call.
Sumo: Jiju’s call?
Shravan picks up the phone.
Sumo: Shravan keep the phone in loudspeaker.
Shravan: Sumo?
Sumo: Shravan, I am ordering you.
Shravan: Once someone gets married, she will always control you even if it’s your best friend.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: Okay fine.
Shravan does so.
Dev: Great, you picked the phone up, yaar?
Shravan: Why what happened?
Dev: Yaar, I am in such a situation that I had to hide from wife in the washroom.
Shravan: Washroom?
Suman tries to laugh, Shravan gestures her to stay silent.
Dev: Is anyone else around you?
Shravan: No, no one else.
Shravan is gesturing Suman to keep quiet again who is enjoying all this.
Shravan: Now what is it?
Dev: How do I confess I love you to Sona?
Sumo: OMG!
Suman puts her hands on her mouth, Shravan gestures her why she spoke.
Dev: Shravan, is anyone beside you?
Shravan: No Dev.
Dev: Are you speaking the truth?
Before Shravan gestures Suman again, Suman gestures she will keep quiet,
Dev: How do I confess love to Sona? I am so confused yaar.
Shravan starts laughing.
Dev: Why are you laughing?
Shravan: Yaar, you are so funny.
Dev: What is so funny about it? Anyways say how do I say I love you to Sona.
Shravan: You are really strange. You are the one who helped me in saying I love you to Sumo and now you?
Dev: My situation is tight.
Shravan: Say just the way you told me that time.
Dev: It is not so easy.
Shravan: That time, you were scolding me for not being able to confess my love to Sumo easily, see now how it feels.
Dev: Yaar, it’s because you and Sumo are best friends since childhood,
Shravan and Suman look at each other. Music plays.
Dev: Please help me. I don’t know how to say to Sona, I love you.
Shravan: Said it just the way you told me?
Dev: What I love you?
Shravan: Stupid not to me, to Sona dii.
Dev: Okay, but how? I do one thing I don’t say.
Sumo: Areh Jiju just say I love you to Sona.
Dev: Sumo?
Shravan hits his forehead with his hand. Suman gestures sorry by holding his ears.
Dev: What is Sumo doing there? You liar.
Later, Sonakshi knocks the door,
Sona: You ok?
Dev: I will see you later.
Dev: I am fine Sona.
Sona: Sure?
Dev: Yes
Suman starts laughing.
Dev: Sumo?
Sumo: Sorry Jiju, but you have to say I love you to Sona, if not I and Shravan won’t speak to you.
Suman cuts the call.
Dev: Listen?
Dev: (in his mind) Now how do I say I love you to Sona.

Scene 4: Devakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Dev comes out of the washroom.
Sona: Are you okay?
Dev: Yes I am.
Sona: Then why you took so long?
Dev: Just like that.
Sona: Okay go to sleep now.
Dev goes to sleep.
Dev: Won’t you go to sleep?
Sona: Maa is coming tomorrow.
Dev: Really!
Sona: Yes. That’s why I have to make preparations.
Dev: Okay but do finish.
Sonakshi goes. Dev waits for Sonakshi and later he falls asleep. Sonakshi comes back.
Sona: He fell asleep? He must be tired.
Sonakshi also falls asleep, and Dev holds her hand in sleep. Sonakshi looks on. Music plays. Sonakshi tries to separate. Dev won’t let go. Sonakshi looks at Dev and falls asleep.
Next day morning,
Dev hugs Sonakshi in the sleep.
Dev: Please don’t leave me dear.
Sonakshi comes and sees this and is shocked as Dev hugs his pillow.
Sona: Eita Ki? (What is this?)
Dev: You sound so sweet even in sleep also Bengali?
Dev is stunned to see Sonakshi standing and then he falls down on from the bed.
Dev: Sona you?
Sonakshi starts laughing.
Sona: Dev, sometimes you are so funny.
Sonakshi is about to go
Dev: Sona, I love you.
Sonakshi is shocked and she looks at Dev surprised. Dev is also surprised at what he just did.

Scene 5: Kitchen
(EDKV part only)
Here Shravan comes home from jogging and he sees Suman in the kitchen.
Shravan: Sumo, you and in kitchen at this time?
Sumo: Yes, I didn’t go to the kitchen many days that’s why decided to look something for you.
Shravan: Where is mom?
Sumo: She went out. She had some work.
Shravan: Oh is it? I see.
Suman is cutting vegetables and Shravan sees this.
Shravan: So what are you making?
Sumo: Salad and it is a very healthy choice.
Shravan: I know.
Suman is cutting vegetables and just then someone calls her.
Sumo: Oh Preeta I will join work again tomorrow and if I see any problem, I won’t spare you.
Shravan: Cool down Sumo.
Sumo: How can I?
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: (in his mind) Finally things are getting back to normal soon.
Sumo: What! Oh god, I have so much work.
Shravan listens to this, and he decides to help Suman. He cuts the vegetable and while cutting the vegetable he cut his finger.
Shravan: Ouch!
Sumo: Shravan!
Suman cares for Shravan and sucks his finger.
Sumo: Who told you to cut the vegetables?
Shravan: I decided to help you that’s why.
Sumo: Shravan! You won’t be able to do so.
Shravan: Okay fine, then what to do?
Sumo: Keep quiet!
Suman does the work and Shravan lovingly stares at Suman smiling.

Scene 6: Devakshi’s residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi is stunned at Dev’s confession.
Sona: What did you just say?
Dev: I love you. Yes, I love you Sonakshi Bose, I mean Sonakshi Dixit.
Sonakshi is super confused and having mixed feelings.
Sonakshi touches Dev.
Dev: Sona?
Sona: You really said?
Dev: Yes, I love you Sona. How many times will I say?
Sona: Huh?
Dev: Now what should I do? Should I convince you like sitting like this in Devdas position. Get me up.
Dev offers her hand. Sonakshi is still in shock.
Dev: Sona?
Sonakshi gets Dev up. Dev hugs Sonakshi.
Dev: I was waiting for this. Finally I feel so relieved.
Sona: I am coming.
Sonakshi leaves from there.
Dev: Looks like I scared her.

Scene 7: Shraman’s residence
(EDKV part only)
Shravan is looking at Suman.
Sumo: Now what are you looking at me like this?
Shravan: Hot.
Suman gets angry.
Sumo: Go from here.
Shravan: No darling.
Suman shows the knife.
Sumo: Oh really?
Shravan gets scared.
Shravan: Okay going going.
Shravan leaves.
Later, Suman comes into the room.
Shravan: Oh God, I am getting late.
Sumo: Who told you to come in kitchen then?
Shravan: Oh Sumo, please stop complaining and help me. I have a fight to case.
Sumo: Fight to case? You mean flight to chase? Where are you going?
Shravan: To the court. I mean by case to fight. I am getting late. Now can you please help me.
Suman makes Shravan wear the coat and helps him get ready.

Scene 8: Conversation
Shravan gets a call from Dev,
Shravan: Dev?
Shravan: Hello.
Dev: I am done.
Shravan: Why what happened?
Dev: I said I love you to Sona.
Shravan and Suman gets happy.
Shravan: Finally!
Sumo: I knew you can do it Jiju.
Dev: But?
Shravan: But what?
Dev: I scared her.
Sumo: Huh?
Dev says how he confessed love. Suman starts laughing.
Shravan: Dev, not only Sona dii, if you say this to any other girl they will run away as they will get scared.
Dev: You didn’t help me, I ask you so many times.
Shravan: Great. You can tell me to tell Sumo I love you but you can’t. For the first time a student did better than guru. Wow what a love guru.
Dev: Nothing will happen about you.
Dev keeps the phone.
Sumo: By the way, Shravan who is the Guru and who is the Student?
Shravan looks at Suman weirdly and Suman laughs.
Sona on the other hand is walking,
Sona: What just happened? I still can’t believe. Dev and I love you.
On the other hand,
Sumo: Good luck for your case love guru.
Shravan looks at Suman weirdly,
Sumo: I mean student.
Shravan leaves and Suman laughs, and later she smiles.
Sumo: (in her mind) Always keep everyone happy like this.
The episode ends.

Precap: Dev tells Sonakshi to agree and Sonakshi is silent. Dev says please agree. And then Sonakshi looks and Dev is shocked. Later, Ishwari comes and says Dev? Dev hides the flower. Sonakshi also diverts her focus to something else. On the other hand, Suman and Shravan are helping Dev and they both collide from the back and Shravan holds Suman in his arms and they both share an eyelock.

Hey all, sorry for the short update, actually I am studying also, so whenever I take a short break, I write a little and like that I finished writing one episode.

By the way, many asked what is my actual name. Well most of you know me as Joyee. Joyee is my nickname, and all my loved ones called me that. Well, I will reveal my formal name this time, its Farin. Some call me Farin, some call me Joyee. You can call me whatever you like, be it Farin or Joyee or Jo or Fatarajo or whatever haha.
Next episode I will publish after 24th August, I know that’s quite late but I have exams on 22 and 24 that’s why.
And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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    Aweeeeeesome FF n aweeeeeeeeesooooommmmeeee writer !!!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey esmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank uuuuuuuuuu thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thank uuuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂

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