Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of Love we have for each other Episode 14


**Summary of episode 1-13 is also given. **

Hi all I am back. My short trip ended and also my Physics test ended that’s why I am free this week and I can upload the episode today. Thank you so much for waiting for my fan fiction patiently. And you all believe it or not I am really very very happy with the response I received in my fan fiction in previous episodes. I never expected so many of you still support my fan fiction and your sweet comments always make me smile. You all rock, love you all.Okay, now let’s go on to the episode. Before that those who are new to my fan fiction or don’t remember the story can read the summary given.
Here is the summary of episode 1-13:
This fan fiction is about devakshi n shraman as u all know. Well the concept of my fan fiction is about love marriage and arranged marriage. Devakshi’s story is about arranged marriage and Shraman’s marriage is about love marriage. Sona and Sumo are sisters, Dev and Shravan are friends. Well, here Dev is Sona’s boss and Shraman are BFFs. Same in their shows. And then Dev and Sona becomes friend and they initially hated each other. Sumo and Shravan they didn’t realize when they fall in love. Shravan confesses his love to Sumo and they both r happy. Dev helps Shravan in telling this to their families. Their families agree. Shraman gets married. Dev and Sona becomes even better friends and Ishwari sees the bond between devakshi n decides to make Sona her daughter in law. Dev and Sonakshi agrees and they also get married. Later Devakshi n Shraman goes for honeymoon and they share some cute and romantic moments. After the honeymoon, for Devakshi their marriage life is on track, as Dev realizes his love for Sona. Dev falls for Sona for her innocence, understanding, maturity and the fact she cares for his family a lot. And Dev feel lucky to have a wife like Sona. On the other hand, problems start in Shraman’s life as Sumo tries to unite Shravan and Nirmala which Shravan misunderstands and he gets angry on Sumo and term their marriage as burden. This made Sumo angry and she leaves and comes to Sona. Sumo gets to know that she is pregnant and later Devakshi also gets to know about it. Devakshi tries to unite Shraman, but Sona doesn’t as she promised Sumo she wont do anything. Dev continues which leads Devakshi to fight but later they understand why they did so. Things become worse between Shraman until Dev explained Shravan why Sumo did so and also Shravan gets to know that Sumo is expecting. Shravan tries to persuade Sumo, but fails. On the other hand, Devakshi comes closer to each other be it intentionally or unintentionally, and their love story is about to begin. Now what will happen next in Devakshi and Shraman’s life for that here is episode 14 before that
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Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 4, 9: KRPKAB only
Scene 2, 6, 8: Both
Scene 3, 5, 7: EDKV part only

Scene 1: Devakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Dev and Sonakshi are both on the bed and Sonakshi is about to get up, but her mangalsutra is stuck with Dev’s shirt.
Sona: Oh no, now how will I get up? I just don’t get
Dev puts his finger on Sonakshi’s lips and Sonakshi becomes quiet.
Dev: I am here.
Sona: You?
Dev: Yes

Dev comes close to Sonakshi and Sonakshi gets nervous and grabs the bedsheet tightly, and Dev is about to kiss her, Dev separates the mangalsutra from his shirt and gets out from the bed.
Dev: Simple.
Sona: Oh I get it.
As Dev is about to go,
Sona: Thank you, Mr.Dixit.
Dev looks at Sonakshi and smiles.
Sona: Is there anything I can do for you?
Dev nods yes.
Sona: What is it?
Dev: Love.
Sona: Yes?
Dev: I mean that, I mean that
Sona: That
Dev: Don’t call me Mr.Dixit,
Sona: Then what should I call you, Mr.Obhodro? Dev: Sona?
As Sonakshi is about to go, Dev holds Sonakshi’s hand, Sonakshi is surprised.
Sona: Leave my hand.
Dev: Look down.
Sonakshi realizes that there is oil spilled on the floor.
Sona: Thank you.
Dev: How much formality will you do?
Sona: Tell me, what should I do for you.
Dev: Call me Dev.
Sona: Mr. Dixit?
Dev: No, Dev.
Sona: Obhodro?
Dev: Dev
Sonakshi comes to Dev, and whispers in Dev’s ear,
Sona: Okay fine I will call you D, Dixitbabu
Dev: Dixitbabu?
Sona: Hope you are fine with it.
Sonakshi smiles and leaves.
Dev: Sona, listen?
Dev: Dixitbabu? What is that? Anyways this Sona is so stubborn.
Dev smiles.

Scene 2: Dixit Residence
Dev comes outside of his house and finds Shravan worried.
Dev: What happened?
Shravan: She didn’t agree.
Dev: Don’t worry all will be fine soon.
Shravan: It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have done so with Sumo. I should have controlled my anger.
Dev: Now, there is no point of regretting now Shravan, you should do something.
Shravan: What to do? Dev: You truly loved Sumo right?
Shravan nods.
Shravan: Obviously. I love her more than myself and my life.
Dev: Then do one thing,
Dev hands Shravan the phone,
Dev: Call Sumo, and tell her to meet you tomorrow.
Shravan: Let it be yaar Dev, she won’t agree.
Dev: Believe me, she would.
Shravan gets thinking.
On the other hand, Sonakshi comes to Suman and finds her worried.
Sona: So, I am here to spend some time with my sister.
Suman thinks about Shravan,
Sona: Hmm, looks like my sister’s mood is off.
Sumo: No Sona, it’s nothing like that.
Sona: I can say clearly when and what is your mood?
Suman looks at Sonakshi.
Sona: Don’t worry I won’t complain, because I know you are having mood swings. This is very normal in pregnancy.
Sumo: That Shravan came to meet me?
Sona: Is it?
Suman nods
Sona: What did he say?
Sumo: He apologized to me.
Sona: Then, you should also forgive him.
Suman nods no.
Sumo: Not so easily Sona, what if he does so again?
Sona: What if he never does so again?
Suman becomes quiet. Just then Suman’s phone ring,
Sumo: Shravan’s call.
Sona: Pick it up.
Suman nods no.
Sona: For me,
Suman agrees.
Just then Suman picks up the phone
Shravan: Sumo, Shravan here.
Sumo: What do you want to say?
Shravan: Sumo, how is your health?
Sumo: It’s better.
Shravan: Sumo, I am sorry.
Sumo: Anything else, or else I will hang the call.
Suman is about to hang the call
Shravan: Please listen to me.
Sumo: What do you want?
Shravan: Come and meet me near the road tomorrow.
Sumo: You will say and I will come. What do you think of yourself?
Shravan: Sumo, please. I will be waiting.
Suman cuts the call.
Shravan: She cut the call.
Dev: She didn’t say she won’t come, so just wait.
Shravan: Okay fine.
On the other hand,
Sona: What did he say?
Sumo: He wants to meet me tomorrow.
Sona: And you denied?
Sumo: What’s the use of all this? I won’t forgive him.
Sona: Sumo,meet him once, please.
Sumo: Sona, seriously.
Sona: For me, wont you do this much for your elder sister?
Sumo: Okay fine, since you are insisting a lot I will meet him tomorrow.
Sonakshi hugs Suman. Sonakshi smiles and Suman gets thinking.
Shravan is waiting for Suman, and just then Dev calls Shravan.
Dev: Have Sumo come?
Shravan: No, Dev she haven’t
Dev: I don’t think she will come, you should leave.
Shravan: No, she will. Even if she don’t I will wait for her.
Dev: Okay fine.
Dev: (in his mind) Well done, Shravan. I just hope all gets sorted out between you and Suman.

Scene 3: Outside
(EDKV part only)
Shravan is continuing to wait for Suman and just then Suman comes. Suman walks near to Shravan. Ek Duje ke Vaaste plays.
Shravan: Sumo?
Sumo: Shravan?
Suman and Shravan hug each other.
Shravan: I am so sorry Sumo, I will never do like this again.
Sumo: No, no. But promise me you will never leave me again.
Shravan: I promise.
They are teary-eyed. It turns out to be Shravan’s imagination.
Shravan: I hope Sumo will forgive me.
Just then Suman comes for real. Shravan smiles. Suman comes to Shravan.
Shravan: Sumo, I knew you will come.
Sumo: I had to come.
Shravan: Sumo, good you came. Now come let’s go in the car. We will speak there, you shouldn’t be standing for long in this condition.
As Shravan was about to bring Suman to the car,
Sumo: I have not come here to forgive you or go back with you.
Shravan is surprised.
Sumo: I just came here to inform you that I will not be coming back.
Shravan: Sumo, what are you saying?
Sumo: What you just heard?
Shravan: Sumo
Sumo: You have a lot of problems with woman right? And trust is the most important thing for marriage. Couldn’t you trust your Sumo once? Don’t worry, we will get separated.
Shravan: Sumo, what are you saying?
Sumo: No Shravan, I have tolerated a lot, now I can’t do this anymore.
Shravan: Please don’t say like this.
Sumo: And as for the baby, I will give birth to this baby and I will single handly bring him/her up.
Shravan: Sumo, I admit I shouldn’t have misunderstood you or behaved harshly with you, I am really sorry. I love you a lot.
Sumo: Leave it, Shravan.
Suman leaves and she is teary eyed. Shravan is shocked.
Shravan: No, Sumo.
Suman also cries. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays. Just then a car comes towards Shravan, Suman looks behind and is shocked.
Sumo: Shravan!
And the car hits him.

Scene 4: Dev’s office
(KRPKAB part only)
Dev is working in the office, and just then Sonakshi comes to his office.
Dev is talking on the phone with Ishwari, Sonakshi sees this from the window
Dev: Okay fine Maa, come back soon I miss you a lot. And do have your medicines on time.
Dev keeps the phone, and continues doing his work, and he looks at the time.
Dev: I hope all gets solved between Shravan and Suman.
Sona: (in her mind) You are so caring, you always cared about your family. And also you are doing so much for my sister, I don’t know how to thank you. I don’t know why whenever I want to speak to you openly I feel so nervous. I don’t know what’s happening to me.
Just then Dev sees Sonakshi at the window who is smiling
Dev: Sona you and here?
Sonakshi gets out of the thinking and goes in.
Sona: Yes
Dev: Did I leave any important papers?
Sona: No, you didn’t.
Dev: Then?
Sonakshi shows Dev his lunchbox and Dev gets surprised.
Dev: Lunch?
Sona: Yes.
Dev: You brought me lunch?
Sona: What is so surprising about it?
Dev: It is.
Sona: Why you did so much for me and I can’t even bring lunch for you. I am your wife.
Dev: What did you say?
Sona: Nothing.
Dev takes the lunchbox.
Dev: What is for lunch today?
Sona: Bitter gourd.
Dev: What! Sona: Yes, bitter gourd.
Dev makes faces. Sonakshi laughs a lot.
Dev: Not funny.
Sona: I was joking.
Dev: And you find it funny? I really thought that.
Sona: Never mind, no worries I brought palak paneer and dal makhni for you today.
Dev smiles.
Sonakshi serves Dev the food, Dev eats the food.
Sona: I know the food is not that good.
Dev: It is not so bad either, its good infact. You told me you dont know how to cook, and as a beginner this is really good.
Sona: No, nothing like that Sumo told me the recipe and then I cooked.
Dev: Oh I see.
Sona: I hope you liked it.
Dev: I did.
Sonakshi smiles.
Sona: Lucky I told you I will serve bitter gourd, no matter how bad this food is you will find it better than bitter gourd after all I am not that bad.
Dev looks at Sonakshi and they both laugh.
Sona: But bitter gourd is good for health, it keeps you away from diseases.
Dev: Now, stop giving me your nutritionist advice to me, and did you have lunch?
Sonakshi nods no. Dev makes Sonakshi sit down.
Dev: So, have it now.
Sona: It’s okay.
Dev: I said now.
Sonakshi sits down with Dev and haves lunch.

Scene 5:
While Sonakshi and Dev are having lunch,
Sona: I hope all will be fine between Shravan and Sumo.
Dev: I also hope so, don’t worry once they meet each other hopefully, they will solve all their problems.
Sona: I hope so, but Sumo I don’t know if she will have forgiven him.
Dev: Don’t worry too much, I am sure all fine between them.
Just then Dev gets a call,
Dev: Look we were talking about them and their call came.
Sona: Keep it on loudspeaker mode.
Dev: Loudspeaker?
Sona: Just keep it.
Dev: Strange.
Dev keeps the phone in loudspeaker mode.
Dev: Hello.
Dev and Sonakshi listen to something which shocks them a lot.d
Dev and Sonakshi go to the hospital,
Dev: Where is the patient?
Nurse: In the operation theatre.
Sona: Operation?
Another nurse comes,
Nurse: Patient’s condition is critical quickly come.
The nurse rushes.
Sona: But sister?
Dev and Sonakshi looks and they get surprised.

Scene 6: On the road
(EDKV part only)
Here Shravan is standing near the car and as the car was about to hit him,
Sumo: Shravan!
Suman comes and saves Shravan but she gets hit by the car.
Shravan: Sumo! Shravan rushes to Suman. Suman is crying in pain holding her belly
Sumo: It’s paining a lot.
Shravan: Sumo, what have you done?
Sumo: What to do, Shravan?
Shravan: Why?
Shravan starts crying as Suman is lying on his lap.
Sumo: Please Shravan save me, save our baby.
Shravan: Nothing will happen to you and our baby.
Suman is about to speak on and she falls unconscious.
Shravan: Sumo!
Shravan carries Suman in his arms.
Shravan: Don’t worry Sumo, all will be fine. I am here.
Shravan quickly takes Suman to the hospital. And he reaches the hospital,
Shravan: Anyone here?
The doctor comes.
Shravan: Doctor please my wife, she met with an accident. She is pregnant.
The doctor checks Suman.
Doctor: Her blood pressure is dropping.
Just then Aditya comes and sees Shravan,
Aditya: What is he doing here?
Aditya is surprised to see Suman. And he rushes.
Aditya: What happened to her?
Shravan: Sumo, my wife met with an accident.
Aditya: Doctor please take her to the OT. I will operate her.
Aditya goes and Suman is taken into the operation theatre. Shravan cries seeing Suman.

Scene 6: Hospital
Dev and Sonakshi see Shravan there, and comes to him.
Dev: Shravan?
Shravan is shattered and teary-eyed.
Shravan: Dev, my Sumo?
Sonakshi gets angry and she scolds Shravan.
Sona: Shravan, you were there how can you let this happen?
Shravan is crying.
Sonakshi pulls Shravan’s collar,
Sona: If anything happens to my sister, I won’t spare you Shravan.
Shravan is still crying.
Dev: Sona, Shravan was not at all in fault in this, what else he could have done? Just then Nirmala comes to the hospital,
Dev: Nirmala aunty good you came on time.
Nirmala: Can someone tell me what is going on here?
Dev narrates the story and Nirmala gets sad.
Nirmala: It’s all because of me. If I won’t have come, so much problems wont have occurred between Shravan and Sumo.
Just then Aditya comes out of the operation theatre,
Shravan rushes to Aditya and others follow him.
Shravan: Aditya, how is my wife now?
Aditya: Don’t worry, Sumo is out of danger now.
Shravan and others get relieved.
Aditya: But?
Shravan: But what?
Aditya: I am sorry Shravan, I couldn’t save the baby.
Shravan and others get shocked. Sonakshi breaks down and Dev tries to console her.
Shravan is shocked.
Shravan: Can I meet her?
Aditya: Yes, you can. But only one person at a time.
Shravan goes to meet Suman.

Scene 7: Cabin
(EDKV part only)
Shravan comes in to meet Suman, who is shattered and she is silent. Shravan tries to speak to her but goes back. Shravan sits down and Nirmala comes to him.
Nirmala: Did you meet Sumo?
Shravan nods no.
Nirmala: Beta?
Shravan hugs Nirmala and cries.
Shravan: Maa, I lost. I lost my baby. It’s all because of me. I shouldn’t have throw Sumo out.
Nirmala also cries and tries to console him.
Nirmala: Beta, listen. You can’t break down like this and Sumo, only you can make Sumo normal. I hope you understand.
Shravan: Maa, Sumo?
Nirmala: Go to her beta. Only you can do so.
Shravan comes back and sits beside Sumo. Shravan holds Suman’s hand.
Shravan: Sumo, I am so sorry. It’s all because of me. I wish I never did so.
Suman is quiet.
Shravan: I wish I never threw you out. It’s all my fault. I deserve punishment.
Suman still doesn’t speak and she is teary eyed.
Shravan: I tried to make things better, that’s why I called you and I never knew I had to pay heavily for not trusting you. I am so sorry for being a bad husband and a bad father.
Suman cries even more, but she is still silent.
Shravan: I know you will not forgive me for this.
Shravan is about to leave, Suman holds his hand, Shravan looks on.
Sumo: Shravan, I already lost our baby, I can’t afford to lose you. If I lose you, I will die.
Shravan puts his finger on Suman’s lip and they both hug each other and they both cry.

Scene 8: Malhotra residence
In the next few days, Suman is discharged from the hospital. They try to make Suman feel better but she is still very sad over her miscarriage. They do different things but still it won’t work. One day, while Suman and Sonakshi are walking, Suman opens the door of her wardrobe and she finds some toys.
She remembers how she and Shravan fought over whether their baby will be a boy or girl. Suman sees the toys and hugs it and cries.
Sona: Sumo, you stay here, I am coming.
Sonakshi comes and she gets emotional and teary-eyed. Sonakshi wipes them and as she was about to go, she sees Dev.
Sona: Mr. Dixit?
Dev wipes Sonakshi’s tears.
Dev: These doesn’t look on you.
Sona: My sister, why my sister?
Sonakshi cries.
Dev: Now there is no use of saying all this. It was destined to happen. No one can change it.
Sona: But Sumo, I tried many times but she won’t. How to make her feel better?
Shravan comes.
Shravan: I want my old Sumo back. I have tried many times, I feel like giving up.
Dev: No Shravan, I know you and Sumo both are facing some tough times, but you should be with her.
Shravan: I am always with her.
Dev gets an idea and smiles.
Dev: There is one thing which may work.
Shravan: What is it?

Later, Dev brings Neha and her toddler Nisha to Shravan’s house.
Sona: Neha Dii, thanks for coming here.
Neha: Sona bhabi what are you saying? Sumo is also like my sister just like Nikki. Don’t worry.
Neha comes to Suman,
Neha: Hi Sumo, I have came here, actually I am very busy today, I have some work. And Bhaia, Bhabi both are busy and also my husband is out of town. And my daughter Nisha, ma is also out of town if you dont mind can you take care of her.
Suman gets happy.
Sumo: Sure Neha dii, don’t worry I will take care of Nisha, you can do your work without worrying.
Neha: Thank you so much for understanding.
Neha leaves.
Suman plays with Nisha and takes care of her. And she is enjoying it.
Shravan comes to Suman,
Sumo: Shravan, she is so cute.
Shravan: Yes, she is.
Suman and Shravan plays with Nisha. Sonakshi smiles seeing this.
Sona: (in her mind) Thank you so much for helping me out Mr.Dixit. I should thank him now.

Scene 9: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi comes in the house.
Sona: Kichu bhaia, where is Mr.Dixit?
Kichu: Bhabiji, Bhaia called a while ago, he said that he will be late today.
Sona: Really? Okay fine.
Sonakshi goes upstairs and she looks herself in the mirror.
Sona: Good he will be late today, by then let me practice.
Sonakshi looks herself in the mirror.
Sona: Ki Bolcho Sona, you will thank him like this no way. (What are you saying Sona,….)
Sonakshi gets changed and wear a better sari.
Sona: Now you are looking better, now get into practice.
Sona: Thank you, Mr.Dixit
Sona(acting as Dev): Thank you, call me Dev
Sona: Oh yes, he wants me to call him by his name. But how can I?
Sonakshi looks at the mirror.
Sona: No Sona, he did so much for you can’t you even do this much for him. No you will call him by his name today. Sona you must do so,
Just then Dev comes in,
Dev: What you must do so?
Sonakshi looks at Dev and gets surprised.
Sona: De, Di, Da
Dev: What Sa Re Ga Ma you are doing?
Sona: Mr.Obhodro!
Dev gets stunned.
Sona: I will call you, Mr.Obhodro.
Dev: That’s weird.
Sona: (in her mind) Sona, Ki Korcho Tumi, have you lost it?
Sonakshi is about to go, Dev looks at Sonakshi from the behind and sees her saree.
Dev: Wait.
Sonakshi stops and she looks at Dev. Dev fully looks at Sonakshi and is mesmerized by her beauty. Dev comes near Sonakshi and Sonakshi becomes nervous.
The episode ends.

Precap: Dev whispers something on Sonakshi’s ear and Sonakshi gets surprised and looks at Dev. Sona says Dev, and then Dev says did you just call me Dev. Sonakshi feels shy and nervous. On the other hand, Suman look at the moon and asks Shravan, Suman says can we start our lives afresh? Shravan looks at Suman. Suman says can we start it all over again like from friendship. Shravan looks at Suman and smiles.

For Devakshi fans, I hope you all liked it and Devakshi’s love story will start soon so stayed tuned and as for Shraman fans, sorry for making their part emotional and no worries everything is going to be fine in the upcoming epsidoes.

And well, my lessons ended and also my tests ended. The next episode I will publish earlier than usual on 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 Aug. I have two exams one on 22 and one on 24, so to relax myself while studying I will take breaks and will write my fan fiction little bit to relive stress. Once I finish writing I will publish the episodes.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you (

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Laddoo thanks for commenting dear happy u liked the surprises and well will post the next episode on Monday or Tuesday. And dont worry Suman will be fine and happy soon and yeah I also wanna see a scene in the real show where shravan forgets all his misunderstandings with his mom and patch up and hug her and love u too dear 🙂

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      Hey naru bhaia thanks for commenting well that matsh and mmz one I thought no one reading and mistake I did was to write without thinking of the ending thats why I didnt know what to do I didnt want ths thing to repeat so thats why I think of ending first and then write ff of 10-20 episodes, this was also suppose to be 10 and then I didnt know u all will love it so much so I extended it 20 and bhaia i write in korean drama style so thats why I cant extend but I will comeback with a new ff for krpkab and edkv but this time both will be 2 seperate ffs and for matsh and mmz am gonna write one shot for each once exam ends and one shot will be seperate like one for mmz and one for matsh

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