Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Episode 11



Hi all. I am back with Episode 11 of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste-The different shades of love we have for each other. As my projects are almost done, I have got some free time so I decided to write this episode and publish soon  and thanks for all the lovely support you all gave me in the promo. Thank you so much for understanding my situation, it means a lot to me. And thanks to all of your prayers, my aunt is totally fine now  I hope you all will enjoy this episode.
Here is the link for the intro, episodes and promos.
If you want to read the summary of episode 1-8, you can read it in episode 9.

Here is episode 11.

Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 3, 7, 9, 11: KRPKAB only
Scene 2, 4, 8, 10, 12: EDKV only
Scene 5, 6, 13: All

Scene 1: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
The episode begins with Sonakshi and Dev entering the house. Sonakshi’s grah pravesh is being conducted. Sonakshi smiles and does the ritual. Everyone is happy.
Now it’s time for the finding ring in the milk ceremony.
Neha: Now it’s time for the finding the ring in the milk ceremony, one of the most important ceremony after grah pravesh.
Nikki: Whoever finds the ring in the milk, will dominate over their other partner in their marriage life. I am with Bhabi.
Ishwari: I am with my Bahu too.
Dev: Maa, you also? This is not fair, all of you are supporting Sona.
Sonakshi smiles.
Neha: Don’t worry Bhai, I am supporting you.
Dev: Finally there is someone if not you would have made a women’s team to make life difficult for me.
All laughs.
Ishwari: Okay, we all should conduct the ceremony now.
Dev and Sonakshi tries to find the ring in the milk and they are very anxious in it. Dev and Sonakshi finds the ring together. Dev whispers to Sonakshi.
Dev: Look Sona, I have found the ring in my hand first so I should take it.
Sona: Mr.Obhodro, how rude! I took it first.
Dev: No me.
Sona: Me.
Nikki: What are you both whispering? Huh.
Dev: Nothing.
Sonakshi quickly takes out the ring.
Sona: Got it!
Ishwari: Wow Sona.
Nikki: Now Bhabi will dominate over Bhaia in their married life.
Dev: Miss Bose, this is not fair.
Sona: What not fair?
Neha: Areh Dev Bhaia, why are you calling Sona Bhabi, Miss Bose, now she is Mrs.Dixit.
Dev and Sonakshi smiles.
Ishwari: Sona must be really tired so we should take them into the room.
Neha and Nikki takes Sonakshi to the room.
Ishwari: Sona is such a lovely girl she is perfect for you and also as the daughter-in-law of this house.
Dev: Mom I don’t know about me, but one thing is true Sona is definitely perfect for this house, this is why I married her.
Ishwari: Beta, I know you married her on my behalf, but I am sure she will also love you a lot. I have full faith in Sona, she won’t only be a good daughter-in-law, she will also be a good wife.
Dev smiles.

Scene 2: Malhotra Residence
(EDKV part only)
Here Shravan and Suman reach home. Nirmala opens the door. Shravan is angry.
Nirmala: Sumo beta, Shravan beta you both came home finally.
Suman smiles.
Nirmala: How was the marriage was everything fine?
Sumo: Yes Maa, everything went fine.
Nirmala: Dev is a nice guy and Sona is a nice girl, they will make a good pair.
Nirmala looks at Shravan.
Nirmala: Shravan beta, you also fresh up you must be very tired
Shravan: You no need to worry much about me
As Shravan was about to scold his mom, Suman gestures him not to do so.
Shravan: I should go now.
Shravan leaves. Nirmala is teary-eyed. Suman wipes her tears.
Sumo: I will make everything fine between you and Shravan, it’s my promise maa.
Nirmala smiles and hugs Suman.
Later, Suman comes into the room.
Shravan is tired and Suman is giving him a head massage and he smiles.
Shravan: Wow, it’s so relaxing just the way Maa
Shravan becomes silent.
Sumo: You still love your mother a lot right?
Shravan: Look Sumo, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.
Sumo: But Shravan?
Shravan: Please Sumo.
Sumo: Okay as your wish.
Suman gives him a head massage. Shravan holds her hand and makes her sit down.
Shravan: Sit down.
Suman does so.
Shravan: Look Sumo, I love you a lot but I don’t want to speak regarding her. Please try to understand.
Sumo: (in her mind) I will make sure all will be fine between you and mom.
Suman looks at Shravan. Suman’s hair lock is disturbing her, so Shravan helps her and keeps it aside and Suman and Shravan share an eyelock. Music plays. They come closer and as they were about to kiss, just then someone knocks the door.
Sumo: Must be Maa.
Shravan angrily opens the door.
Shravan: Now why have you came here?
Just then he sees Kamini
Shravan: Maasi Maa, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to.
Kamini: It’s okay since didi came you forgot about me.
Shravan: Is not like that.
Kamini: I get it.
Kamini leaves. Shravan gets disappointed and Suman shows him something. Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Chocolates.
Suman smiles and feeds him chocolate. They smile.

Scene 3: Dev’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi is sitting in the room, and just then Dev comes in.
Sona: You are here.
Dev: No, no its okay you sit down.
Sonakshi sits down. Dev comes in.
Dev: Do you need anything?
Sona: No, it’s okay Mr.Dixit.
Dev sits besides Sonakshi.
Dev: Sona, we are husband and wife now you can call me Dev.
Sona: No, Mr.Dixit is fine.
Dev realizes that Sonakshi is not feeling comfortable.
Dev: Look Sona, I know you need time and I understand this happens, can we at least be good friends from friends?
Sonakshi smiles.
Dev: Are you fine with it?
Sona: Yes, I am fine with it.
Dev: Then call me Dev.
Sona: Mr. Dixit
Dev: Dev
Sona: Okay, Mr. Obhodro
Dev: Obhodro? Sona!
Sonakshi laughs and Dev smiles.
Sona: Okay you go to sleep now, I will sleep later.
Dev: Okay fine.
Dev sleeps and Sonakshi opens her jewelleries and all that. She is finding difficulty. Dev sees it. Dev comes near Sonakshi.
Sona: You are still awake?
Dev: Let me help you out.
Sona: It’s okay, I can manage.
Dev: Shhhh!
Dev opens the pins from Sonakshi’s hair and helps her. Music plays. Sonakshi looks at Dev through the mirror.

Scene 4: Shravan’s room
(EDKV part only)
Suman combs her hair infront of the mirror and she is trying to wear her mangalsutra, Shravan comes to her and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Suman smiles.
Sumo: So finally Mr.Grumpy, you cooled down.
Shravan: Why are you calling me Mr.Grumpy?
Sumo: The way you were angry yesterday.
Suman continues to adore herself, and then shows her something.
Sumo: What is this?
Shravan takes the sindoor and applies it on Suman’s hairline and talks to her.
Shravan: Check it out.
Suman sees and she smiles.
Sumo: Honeymoon tickets!
Shravan nods. Suman hugs him.
Sumo: Wow I can’t wait.
Shravan: Next week, we are going to Goa.
Suman smiles. And she gets an idea.
Sumo: I have got an idea!
Shravan: What is it?
Sumo: Why don’t we tell Sona and Dev Jiju to join us?
Shravan: Great idea! Let me tell Dev.
Sumo: Areh Shravan not now, once we go home then we tell them.
Shravan: But will Dev agree?
Sumo: Why not?
Shravan: He is so stubborn. Every time think about work.
Sumo: I am sure you can convince him.
Shravan: What if I can’t?
Sumo: Look Shravan, only my Shravu can do this.
Suman pulls Shravan’s cheek.
Shravan: Don’t pull my cheek Sumo. It’s irritating.
Shravan is annoyed in a cute way and Suman smiles.

Scene 5: Bose Residence
Here Dev and Sonakshi comes to Bose house and also Shravan and Suman comes there too. Dev, Sonakshi, Shravan and Suman speaks to each other.
Dev: So Shravan are you enjoying?
Shravan holds Suman around the neck from says that.
Shravan: My life changed after I got married to Sumo.
Shravan looks at Suman and smiles. Dev and Sonakshi smiles.
Shravan: For you it have just been one day since your marriage, later you will get it.
Just then Shravan passes an envelope to Dev.
Dev: What is this?
Shravan: Check it.
Dev opens it and is surprised.
Dev: Honeymoon tickets?
Shravan: Yes it’s a gift from me and Sumo to you and Sona dii.
Dev: What was the need of this?
Shravan: What are you saying? You did all the arrangements and gifted us a wonderful beach wedding for me and Sumo.
Dev: That was just my duty.
Shravan: Look Dev, you have to accept my gift.
Dev: But was the need?
Sona: Yes I agree.
Dev: And also I have work.
Shravan: What Dev? Honeymoon is only for few days. Can’t you take leave for 2-3 days at least?
Dev: I have a lot of work.
Shravan: Even I am managing. I won’t listen you have to come with us.
Dev: Okay fine, we are going since, you are insisting a lot, Sona are you fine with it?
Sona: Anything that is fine too.
Sumo: Great, then we both sisters will also do shopping.
Shravan: Even before going, you are thinking about shopping.
Suman and Sonakshi starts to laugh.
Elena: Wow our new cute couples are going on a honeymoon together? Cool.
Asha: When are you all going?
Shravan: Next week.
Elena: Where?
Shravan: Goa.
Elena: Wow cool. But a picture is a must.
Shravan and Suman sits close to each other, while Dev and Sonakshi are feeling shy so they sit a little far unlike Shravan and Suman. Elena takes a picture.
Elena: Oho, Dev Jiju and Sona Dii you both come closer.
Dev sits closer and Sonakshi looks at Dev.
Elena: Cheese!
Shravan, Suman and Dev and Sonakshi smiles.

Scene 6: Goa
After a week, Dev, Sonakshi and Shravan and Suman reaches Goa. They go to the hotel and then later they go to the beach. They enjoy themselves. Shravan and Suman are enjoying in the water and Dev and Sonakshi are on a stroll.
Shravan and Suman are walking on the water.
Sumo: Wow Goa is so beautiful.
Shravan: I knew you will love it.
Shravan and Suman are walking, and Suman splashes water on Shravan,
Shravan: Sumo!
Suman smiles.
Shravan: Wait.
Sumo: Shravan, no. No. No!
Shravan chases Suman and tries to splash water on her and she runs. Suman was about to fall, Shravan holds her. They share an eyelock and music plays.
Dev and Sonakshi are taking a stroll on the beach.
Sona: The weather in Goa is so nice.
Dev: I find everything the same. What is so nice about it is so boring.
Sona: Oho, Mr.Obhodro you are so rude. How boring you are.
Dev: What is so interesting about it?
Sona: You won’t get it.
Dev: You are right.
Sona: Let’s go.
Shravan and Suman are looking at each other, Suman fools Shravan and goes. And Shravan finally finds her and splashes water on her.
Suman bends and this makes Dev wet as water gets splashed on him Sonakshi sees this and laughs. Suman also laughs.
Shravan: I am sorry, yaar
Dev: Wait, now I will tell you.
Dev chases Shravan and he runs. Sonakshi and Suman enjoys it.
Sonakshi and Suman are walking and talking about random stuff.
They see coconut and they want to have coconut water. They ask Dev and Shravan.
Sumo: Shravan, I want coconut water.
Sona: I want to have some coconut water too.
Dev: Sure.
Dev and Shravan buy some coconut water for them and they have it.

Later is night time, Dev and Sonakshi and Shravan and Suman goes to their respective room.
Shravan: Will meet you tomorrow.
Dev: Okay.

Scene 7: Dev and Sona’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi is lying on the bed and reading magazines. Dev comes in.
Dev: Are you feeling bored?
Sona: Yes, I would have spent some time for Sumo, but she and Shravan come for honeymoon also na I can’t spoil their time.
Dev: Hmm, true.
Sona: Never mind, I will read magazine and also relax, after all once my job starts again after I go back then no time to rest also.
Dev smiles.
Dev: Want to go out now?
Sona: At this time? I think all the places are closed now.
Dev: True.
Sonakshi continues reading the magazine.
Dev: Want to go out with me?
Sona: Where?
Dev: Just for a walk. Weather also nice now.
Sona: You are saying this?
Dev: Yes, why.
Sona: Are you okay Mr.Dixit?
Dev: I said so as walking is good for health. So we should take a stroll.
Sona: It’s okay I will relax.
Dev: Never mind, I understand.
Dev is about to go,
Sona: Wait for me, I will get ready.
Sonakshi goes to get ready and Dev smiles.

Scene 8: Shravan and Suman’s room
(EDKV part only)
Suman and Shravan are in the room.
Sumo: Today’s day was so tiring.
Shravan: Yes, it was.
Suman is relaxing and Shravan passes her a bag.
Sumo: What is this?
Shravan: Wear this.
Suman opens it.
Sumo: Are we going somewhere?
Shravan nods. Suman smiles.
Shravan: I am going downstairs, you come there will be waiting for you.
Shravan leaves.
Sumo: He must be bringing me for a special dinner. How sweet.
Suman changes and she comes out in a dress. Suman looks herself at the mirror.
Sumo: Now all set.
Just then Shravan comes and holds her waist.
Sumo: You haven’t go?
Shravan takes a black cloth and blindfolds her.
Sumo: Shravan what are you doing?
Shravan: Just wait and watch.
Shravan brings Suman somewhere.
Sumo: Now tell me where are we going.
Shravan: It’s a surprise.
Shravan opens Suman’s blindfold and Suman smiles as Shravan arranges a romantic date for them.

Scene 9: On the road
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Dev and Sonakshi have a stroll and they have a long chat.
Dev: Good we came to Goa, it’s so relaxing.
Sona: Yes, I agree Mr.Dixit. It’s like a stress buster.
Dev: True. After we return our work life will start also.
Sona: Yes, true. And it was so relaxing, if not I was so stressed due to work and also the load of the marriage.
Dev: For you getting married was stressful? Did I make life this much stressful for you?
Sona: You have made life difficult for me in my career life; in marriage life I have no idea.
Dev looks at Sonakshi stunned.
Dev: What are you trying to say?
Sona: Mr.Obhodro.
Dev shocked, Sonakshi rocked. Sonakshi starts laughing.
Dev: What did you just say?
Dev chases Sonakshi, and Sonakshi runs and she loses her balance and falls on Dev, and they roll over on the road. Music plays. They both look at each other and share an eyelock. Sonakshi feels shy and she gets up. Dev also feels shy. Sonakshi sees an ice cream truck and smiles.
Sona: Ice Cream!
Dev: Who eats ice-cream at this time?
Sona: I do, any problem?
Sonakshi goes to the ice cream truck and buys ice cream. Sonakshi chooses mango flavour and asks Dev.
Sona: Do you want ice cream?
Dev denies.
Sona: I won’t let you even taste my ice-cream.
Dev: Okay fine, take one chocolate ice cream for me.
Sonakshi takes mango for herself and chocolate for Dev. And they both enjoy the ice-cream.
Dev: Won’t you catch cold while having ice cream at this time?
Sona: No. Not at all.
Later, they finish the ice cream and continue their conversation regarding their life and family and all that. And they enjoy each other’s company.
Later, it starts raining.
Dev: Oh dear, it’s raining heavily now we should quickly leave and go back to hotel now.
Dev looks and finds Sonakshi missing.
Dev: Sona?
Dev looks around and finds Sonakshi enjoying in the rain. Dev rushes to Sonakshi.
Dev: What are you doing Sona? It’s raining heavily.
Sona: Let me enjoy in the rain, Mr.Dixit!
Dev: It’s raining heavily, have you gone crazy?
Sona: Yes, I have.
Dev: I am getting wet, I am leaving.
Dev leaves and he finds Sonakshi still enjoying in the rain and he comes back.
Sona: Why did you come back?
Dev: I will not go to the hotel without you for sure.
Sona: Then you also enjoy with me?
Sonakshi pulls Dev nearer. And she enjoys more.
Dev: What the Sona? I am completely drenched now.
Sona: Just enjoy one day. Live it to your full.
Sonakshi spins Dev and dances and enjoys with him.
Dev: Areh!
Sonakshi continues to do so and Dev smiles and this time he also enjoys with Sonakshi. Har Pal plays.

Scene 10: Date
(EDKV part only)
Here Suman smiles as she loves the arrangements and decorations Shravan made for their date, and she enjoys it.
Sumo: Wow Shravan this is so beautiful.
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: This is nothing. Come with me.
Shravan brings Suman to the table and they both enjoy. They both sit down and have dinner.
Sumo: This is so nice.
Shravan smiles.
Suman realizes all are her favourite food.
Sumo: All are my favourite food.
Shravan: Everytime, you treat me with your yummy food , so this time I decided I will do so.
Suman smiles.
Shravan: Yes, I may not cook as well as you, that’s why I made sure the cook of the hotel cooked them well so I ordered some food which are your favourite.
Sumo: How sweet!
Suman and Shravan are eating. Suman sees a piano.
Sumo: Piano?
Shravan: I also wanted the piano music to play but the piano player is on leave that’s why.
Shravan passes Suman some drink, and sees Suman missing.
Shravan: Sumo?
Shravan looks around and finds Suman playing the piano. She plays the music tune of the show. Shravan smiles. Suman finishes it and Shravan claps for her. Suman smiles.
Sumo: You know Shravan, I learnt piano I wanted to play it by myself one day and finally you fulfilled this wish of mine.
Shravan: I didn’t know you can play so nicely.
Sumo: No, nothing.
Shravan: Why did you stop continue?
Suman continues and she happily plays the piano. Suman plays another music tune, and later she forgets and she stops. Shravan helps her out. Suman smiles. Later, while Shravan and Suman plays the piano together, Shravan and Suman’s finger are at the same key, and they look at each other and share an eyelock. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays.
Later, it starts raining.
Sumo: Oh no it’s raining.
Suman goes out.
Sumo: Shravan, quickly come, we have to go.
Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hand. They look at each other. Shravan comes close and as he was about to kiss Suman, Suman shys and she is leaves.
Shravan comes to Suman and caresses her hair, and then they both start dancing. It rains very heavily and they both dance passionately on Aaj Phir from Hate Story 2. Suman and Shravan, enjoy with each other and they hit their head and rub their nose and smile.
Shravan: We are made for each other.
Suman smiles.
Shravan lifts Suman on her arm and she smiles.

Scene 11: Dev and Sonakshi’s room
(KRPKAB part only)
Dev and Sonakshi are returning back to their room.
Dev: Thank you so much Sona, I really enjoyed a lot today.
Sona: See, I told you.
As they both are drenched, Sonakshi is shivering and Dev realizes this and he makes Sonakshi wear his coat. Sonakshi looks on Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Eise Bhi plays.
Later, they return back to the room. Dev brings some coffee for him and Sonakshi. They sit down on the ground and enjoy coffee. While talking, Sonakshi dozes off and lies on Dev’s shoulder. Dev looks on and music plays. And later, he also falls asleep on her shoulder.

Scene 12: Suman and Shravan’s room
Later, Shravan carries Suman to the bed, and make her lie down. As Shravan was about to go, Suman holds her hand.
Sumo: Thank you so much for this wonderful date.
Shravan: This is nothing, I can do anything for you.
Sumo: Really?
Shravan: After all I love you.
Sumo: I love you too.
Suman and Shravan share an eyelock, music plays. They come close, and they bring their relationship to the next level.

Scene 13: Hotel
Next Day Morning,
Dev and Sonakshi are sleeping on each other’s shoulder and Sonakshi wakes up. As she moves, Dev also wakes up.
Sona: I am so sorry, I didn’t realized when I dozed off.
Dev: It’s okay, Sona, you were quite tired.
Sonakshi smiles and suddenly she starts sneezing. Dev gives her a weird look.
Sona: Why are you staring at me like this?
Dev: What did you say?
Sona: What did I say?
Dev: That you won’t catch cold if you eat ice cream.
Sona: That’s because I got wet in the rain.
Dev: Got wet also
She sneezes again.
Dev: See.
Sona: What’s my fault in that?
Dev starts sneezing.
Sona: You also?
Dev: All is because of you. You forced me.
Sona: I was just asking, you agree what’s my fault, I didn’t force you.
Later, they both sneeze together and laugh looking at each other.
On the other hand,
Shravan and Suman are sleeping embracing each other. Suman wakes up and smiles and remembers whatever happened between them yesterday. She looks at Shravan and smiles.
Suman was about to go, Shravan holds her hand. Suman looks.
Sumo: You wake up?
Shravan pulls Suman closer.
Shravan: Yes I did.
Shravan kisses Suman’ s hand.
Sumo: Let me get changed.
Shravan nods no.
Sumo: Shravan,
Shravan: Go later, stay with me.
Sumo: What kind of childishness is this?
Shravan: Let it be.
Sumo: I have to change.
Shravan nods and puts his hand around her neck.
Shravan: Not so easily.
Later, as they come closer, just then someone knocks the door. It’s Dev and Sonakshi.
Sona: Sumo, open the door it’s me Sona.
Dev: Shravan yaar, open the door.
Sumo: Oh no, if they see us like this then how? I quickly go and change. You manage the situation.
Shravan: Why me?
Sumo: Is all because of you.
Suman goes to change. Shravan anyhow opens the door.
Dev: You are still sleeping?
Shravan: I woke up.
Sona: Where is Sumo?
As Sonakshi is about to go in,
Shravan: Don’t come in.
Sona: Why? What happened?
Shravan: Ummm Sumo..
Sona: Oh I get it, let me come in.
Shravan: No Sona dii, it’s okay. No need to come in.
Dev and Sonakshi are surprised at Shravan’s actions.
Sona: Sumo, finally.
Shravan looks and Sonakshi quickly comes in. Dev also follows her.
Sonakshi and Dev look at Shravan surprised.
Sona: Oh so this is the case.
Dev: Shravan I didn’t know you will be so romantic, you dont even need to take tips from me.
Shravan: No you both getting me wrong.
Sona: It’s okay no need to explain we understand.
Shravan: No dii, nothing like that.
Sona: At least let me meet my sister don’t hide your wife.
Shravan: What?
Shravan finds Suman sitting on the bed. Suman winks to him. Shravan sighs a relief.
Dev: Shravan you na?
Shravan: Okay okay you can come in. No need to say you both are in already.
Suman and Sonakshi talks and Dev and Shravan stands there. Dev sees a lipstick mark on Shravan’s neck and he smiles. Sonakshi also sees this and smiles.
Sona: So, you both must have enjoyed a lot yesterday.
Shravan and Suman look at each other, feeling shy and nervous.
Sumo: Let’s go now, we are getting late.
As they were about to go, Suman sees and realizes the mark and gestures Shravan and Shravan quickly wipes it.

Suman, Shravan, Dev and Sonakshi go out. They go for shopping and then they go back to their home from Goa.
The episode ends.

Precap: Dev finds Sonakshi worried and asks her what happened? Sonakshi says I am in trouble. Dev says why what is it? Sonakshi shows Dev something and Dev looks at Sonakshi surprised. Dev tells Sonakshi and scolds her are you kidding me? Have you lost it? On the other hand, Shravan overhears Suman’s plan to unite him and Nirmala. Shravan and Suman gets into a fight and Shravan tells Suman that marrying you was my biggest mistake. Suman is stunned. And she is teary-eyed.

I don’t know if you all liked the episode or not but I know you all must be mad at me for the precap. I won’t reveal much for now. Let it be suspense 😛 Let me make all of you wait for long hehe. Till then you all will cool down 😛

And as for the episode, I will try to publish the next episode next week, maybe Friday 29th Jul or Saturday 30th . Latest is Sunday 31st . I know it’s long time that’s why I made the episode longer.

Please do comment and feel free to express your opinions  Criticism is opened but no offensive words please 😛

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