Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other Episode 1


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. I am back with episode 1 of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaatse- The different shades of love we have for each other.
Well actually I am a girl. And I am studying first year engineering.
Continuing on the fan fiction
The first half of the episode will be more of the characters introduction and second half will be the scenes between the lead pair. By any chance if you didn’t read the introduction of this fan fiction, here is the link:

Scene 1 and 8: Both
Scene 2,4,6: EDKV
Scene 3, 5, 7: KRPKAB

Scene 1: Bose Residence
The fan fiction begins with a girl doing pooja and her eyes are shown. She smiles and her mom calls her out.
Asha: Sumo!
Yes, the girl is none other than Suman.
Sumo: Coming.
Sumo goes to the kitchen and she cooks breakfast and she puts everything on the table. Asha comes downstairs.
Asha: Wow, you have prepared everything even before I came.
Sumo: No problem, Mom.
Asha: By the way Sona haven’t wake up yet?
Sumo: Yes, what is Sona doing?
Asha: This girl. Sometimes she wake up late and later she falls in trouble.
Sumo: I will go and wake her up.

Suman goes to the room, and sees Sonakshi sleeping on the bed.
Sumo: Sona wake up.
Sona: Areh, let me sleep Sumo.
Sumo: Wake up, did you even look at the time?
Sonakshi with difficulty opens her eyes her eyes is shown and she looks at the time and is stunned. And she jumps out of the bed.
Sona: Oh no I am very late.
Sonakshi quickly goes to the washroom.
Sumo: Looks like Sona will be in trouble this time.
Sonakshi comes out of the room.
Sona: In hurry I forgot to tell Sumo to prepare my lemon juice.
Sonakshi is about to call Suman she sees the glass of lemon juice, on the table.
Sona: Oh thank god this Sumo remembered about it.
Sonakshi drinks the lemon juice and comes to the dining room.

In the dining room, Saurabh comes and sits down.
Saurabh: How are you Mausi?
Asha: I am fine.
Saurabh sees food on the table.
Saurabh: Sumo prepared all these right?
Asha: Yes, you sit down and have some breakfast.
Sumo: Hi Saurabh Dada how are you?
Saurabh: I am fine.
Asha and Sumo serves food to Saurabh.
Sumo: Saurabh Dada have as much food as you want to.
Saurabh starts eating.
Just then Sonakshi comes,
Sona: Mom I am getting late I have to go now.
Asha: At least have some breakfast beta.
Sona: Maa, I will have it later.
Asha: At least let me pack some food.
Sona: Okay fine.
Asha goes to pack breakfast,
As Saurabh was about to eat the burger, someone takes it from his hand and its none other than Eleena. Eleena starts eating the burger.
Saurabh: Why did you eat my burger?
Eleena: Sona di told me not to let you have any fast food.
Saurabh: Sona?
Sona: Saurabh dada, you must lose some weight have some nutritious food like salad, vegetables.
Saurabh: Vegetables?
Sumo: Areh Sona let him eat why are you doing like this?
Sona: Sumo, it’s all your fault. You cook delicious food and also let him eat.
Just then Sonakshi gets a call.
Sona: Oh no I am getting really late now. I have to leave now. I will take your leave.
Sumo: Sona, listen.
Sona: And yes Eleena, make sure Saurabh dada doesn’t have any heavy food and Sona you also don’t serve him these kind of food.
Sonakshi leaves. Asha comes.
Asha: Where is Sona?
Sumo: She just left
Asha: Left? But her lunchbox?
Sumo: I tried to stop her but she was in hurry.
Asha: Sumo, do one thing go to Sona’s office on your way and give her the lunchbox.
Sumo: Okay fine mom.

Scene 2: Malhotra Residence
(EDKV only) Here, a guy is shown talking on the phone.
Guy: What do you mean by the work is not done? Listen, I want all the details by tomorrow. And yes, make sure I get it done, and this is my order, Shravan Malhotra’s order.
Yes, the guy is none other than Shravan.
Shravan keeps the phone angrily.
Shravan: People nowadays, cannot even do a work properly.
Just then Kamini and Vandana comes.
Shravan: Mom, good morning.
Kamini: Good morning beta.
Vandy: Bhai, chill no need to be so angry.
Shravan: Okay, I will not. But are you going anywhere today?
Vandy: No Bhai, I am not.
Shravan: Mom, Vandy I may come back home a little late today.
Kamini: Okay beta,don’t forget us.
Vandy: Mom, what are you saying? How will he forget us? You na.
Kamini: Okay okay fine. Shravan did you
Shravan: Don’t worry mom I will have food there later.
Kamini: No, I am not asking you that but did you renew my credit card.
Shravan gives her the card.
Shravan: Here it is.
Just then Nishi (a new character, Shravan’s younger sister) comes down.
Shravan: Nishi, you want me to drop you to college.
Nishi: It’s okay, I will manage by myself.
Nishi leaves from there,
Shravan: Why does she always behave like this?
Vandy: Let it be Bhaia.
Nishi: (in her mind) I don’t want you to get late, Shravan Bhaia.
Shravan: I have to go now.
Shravan leaves.

Scene 3: Dixit Residence
(KRPKAB part only)
Here Nikki and Ishwari are sitting in the sofa and watching TV. Just then someone comes, and its Anuj (new character, Nikki’s friend).
Anuj: Nikki!
Nikki: Anuj!
Ishwari: How are you Anuj beta?
Anuj: I am fine Aunty.
Ishwari: How is your family?
Anuj: They are fine.
Ishwari gets a call from Neha. And she goes to talk to her.
Anuj takes out basketball.
Nikki:Thanks, now give me the ball.
Anuj doesn’t do so and Nikki chases him for the ball, they both run, until Anuj accidentally throws the ball and someone else catches the ball. Anuj and Nikki are stunned and also nervous.
Ishwari: Take care of yourself and your health, Neha.
Ishwari keeps the phone and she looks up and smiles.
Ishwari: Dev! Yes the guy is none other than Dev.
Dev comes downstairs and throws the ball to Anuj.
Dev: Anuj, catch.
Anuj catches it. Dev goes to Ishwari and takes her blessings.
Dev: Good morning, Maa.
Ishwari: Good morning, Beta.
Dev looks at Nikki and Anuj, they are nervous, and Dev smiles. They also smile.
Dev: It’s good that you play, but play outside not in the house.
Nikki: Thank you Bhaia.
As Nikki and Anuj were about to go,
Dev: Listen Nikki.
Nikki: Yes, Bhaia.
Dev: Don’t forget to do your homework.
Anuj laughs silently.
Dev: The same applies for you, Anuj.
Nikki laughs and they both leave.
Dev: Mom, I have to go now.
Ishwari: Come back soon.
Dev: Okay, maa.

Scene 4: Suman’s catering place
(EDKV part only)
Here Suman comes to her place and she is waiting for someone.
Sumo: I had to go and give Sona her lunch box, but this guy is making me wait.
Suman continues waiting.
Sumo: Oh no, Sona must be waiting what to do. Sumo, never ever accept the order of a stubborn customer. What would have happened if he waited for one more hour? Stupid guy.
Just then someone comes in, and it’s none other than Shravan.
Shravan: Yes, this is the place. But where is that girl?
Shravan walks around and sees Suman standing behind.
Shravan: I think this is the girl.
Shravan goes and pats Suman’s shoulder.
Shravan: Excuse me.
Suman looks.
Shravan: Do you have any idea for how long I was waiting? You should have told me the full details properly, madam. I need the food right now, where it is?
Sumo: Sorry, sir for being late.
Suman talks to herself.
Sumo: He is late and taunting me for no reason.
Shravan: Did you say anything?
Sumo: No, I didn’t.
Suman goes to the kitchen and later in a tray she brings the packets.
Shravan: Excuse me. Can you speed up yourself? You are so slow.
Suman is trying to control her anger.
Later, Suman keeps the food in Shravan’s car.Shravan is stunned.
Shravan: You should have told me before touching my car. You don’t have any manners? Are you planning to steal my car? Are you a theif?
Suman gets angry and she slaps Shravan. Shravan is stunned.

Scene 5: Hospital
(KRPKAB part)
Here Sonakshi comes to the office, and she is rushing.
Sona: Oh no, I am getting super late now. What to do now? If my arrogant boss, sees me like this he will taunt me for no reason.
Sonakshi is rushing quickly and she collides with someone and drops everything.
Sona: Oh no, excuse me can’t you see anything? Are you blind?
The guy looks up and it’s none other than Dev.
Sona: I am sorry, I should have control my anger. I am so sorry. This will never happen again.
Dev: It’s okay, first at least manage yourself.
Sonakshi smiles, and she quickly tries to pick up the things.
Dev: Let me help you.
Dev picks up Sonakshi’s things for her and gives to her.
Sona: Thank you so much.
Dev: No problem, it’s my pleasure.
As Dev was about to go, Sonakshi checks if there is all the documents there.
Sona: Excuse me.
Dev looks.
Sona: One of your documents came to me accidentally.
Dev takes the documents and checks.
Dev: Oh yes, that’s my documents. Thank you so much for helping me.
Sona: No problem.
Dev looks at the time.
Dev: Looks like you are getting very late.
Sonakshi looks at the time.
Sona: Yes, I didn’t know how I got late.
Dev: It’s okay one will get late any one day, come with me. I have something for you. Hope that makes you feel better.
Sona: Okay, I am coming.
Dev and Sonakshi looks at each other and smiles. Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke plays.

Scene 6: Outside Suman’s catering place
(EDKV part only)
Here Shravan is stunned as Suman slaps him.
Shravan: How dare you slap me, Madam?
Sumo: You deserved it sir.
Shravan: If I don’t teach you a lesson, my name is not Shravan Malhotra.
Sumo: If I don’t teach you some manners, my name is not Suman Bose.
Shravan and Suman looks at each other and smiles.
Shravan: You are strange, Sumo.
Sumo: You are so no less, Shravu.
Suman and Shravan look at each other and smiles and gives hi-5.
Sumo: How come you came here so early?
Shravan: I know I was late
Sumo: You will never change.
They both share a laugh.
Sumo: Actually, I was supposed to give food to Sona but then I got your call, yaar Shravu.
Shravan: I am sorry Sumo that will never happen.
Sumo: Why are you saying sorry? We are friends since childhood can’t we help each other?
Shravan: Thank you Sumo yaar, for always be there for me.
Sumo: If you say sorry or thank you one more time, I will give you a tight slap again.
Shravan and Suman laughs again. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste plays. They smile looking at each other.
Shravan: Sona Dii must be hungry let’s go.
Sumo: But the food.
Shravan: First we will go to Sona Dii’s office and then I will go there, there is still time.
Suman and Shravan leaves.

Scene 7: Dev’s cabin
(KRPKAB only)
Dev brings Sonakshi to his cabin and Sonakshi is surprised.
Sona: (in her mind) Why did he bring me here?
Dev sits in his cabin and he takes out a paper and passes it to Sonakshi.
Dev: This is for you, read it.
Sonakshi takes it and reads it.
Letter: This letter is to certify to Miss Sonakshi Bose, that due to coming late to office for the second time, an amount of 1000 rupees will be cut from her salary.
Sonakshi is stunned.
Sona: But Sir, this is not fair. The first time I came late was an emergency.
Dev: I should have cut your fees that time, but you still didn’t bother, so yes.
Sona: But 1000 rupees is little too much.
Dev: If I wanted, I could have cut more but this is very less.
Sona: But Mr. Dixit, 1000 maybe less for you but it’s too much for me.
Dev: I could do whatever I could Miss. Bose, you may leave now. And yes do come office on time next time. I hope that will help you out.
Sonakshi leaves.
Sona: Strange guy. I came to office late and he cut 1000 rupees for me. He is really Mr. Obhodro. I pray to God that no one in this world, even my enemies get an arrogant boss like Mr. Obhodro. No. 1 Ohbhodro and Meethi Churi. If he comes infront, I will take that knife and kill him.
Sonakshi leaves.

Scene 8: Outside
Here Shravan and Suman is waiting for Sonakshi.
Sumo: I wonder where is this Sona?
Shravan: I am waiting for someone else besides Sona dii, Sumo?
Sumo: Who?
Shravan: My friend.
Sumo: Oh really.
Just then Sonakshi comes,
Sona: Sumo, you and here?
Sumo: Mom sent me to give you the lunch box, you forgot to take.
Sona: What was the need?
Sonakshi looks at Shravan,
Sona: Shravan, you and here?
Shravan: Yes Sona dii, how are you?
Sona: I am fine. How is everyone?
Shravan: Yes they are fine.
Sona: What are you dong here?
Shravan: Waiting for my friend. He works here.
Sona: Oh really, where is he?
Shravan: Oh there he is.
Sonakshi looks and is stunned as it’s Dev. Dev hugs Shravan.
Dev: How are you bro?
Shravan: I am fine.
Shravan: Sumo this is Dev and Dev this Sumo.
Dev: Hi.
Sumo: Hi.
Dev looks at Sonakshi surprised.
Dev: Miss Bose?
Sona: Mr Obo, Mr Dixit?
Shravan: Oh yes, he is the boss here Sona dii, you should know him, right? Dev?
Dev: Yes, I know her very well.
Shravan: Sumo, I am getting late, and Dev let’s go we have some work.
Dev: Okay, lets go.
Shravan and Dev were about to leave, Sonakshi talks with Suman.
Sona: There was no need to bring food, I was planning to eat outside.
Sumo: I am very hungry, Sona lets go and have lunch.
Sonakshi and Suman leaves.
While walking, Sonakshi looks Dev walking behind, and she shows like teasing him and feel like killing him by making gestures with her hand, Shravan is about to look, Sonakshi faces forwards and Suman look. Both Shravan and Suman smiles looking at each other. Later, Dev looks at Sonakshi and nods no angrily. Later, Shravan and Suman again smile looking at each other non stop and this time Dev and Sonakshi looks at each other giving a weird look to each other.
The episode ends with four of them looking at each other.
Precap: Dev shouts at Sona and Sona is stunned and she gets angry. Suman and Shravan enjoy themselves, while hanging out at night.

Well, yes I have written other fan fictions before and here are the names.
These fan fictions here I wrote during my holidays from January till March.
1) Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The color of Love is White
2) Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye
3) Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do, phirse- Let Love Happen Again
4) Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love
5) Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat
6) Yeh Vaada Raha- It’s a Promise
Well, people really loved my Tashan-e-Ishq and Thapki Pyaar Ki fan fiction a lot and they are still loved even today even though I ended them. 😛

Currently I write three fan fictions
1) The Strange and Full of Krayzyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK and YVR)
2) One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM)
3) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste- The different shades of love we have for each other
Well I write fan fictions Friday to Sunday only.

The next episode will be published on next Sunday, 22nd May. Till then stay tuned.
Please do feel free to express your opinions and do comment. If you find this boring, please also do tell me, so that I can know what to do. And thanks for taking out time to read this fan fiction. Have a nice day (

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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