Kuch rang pyaar ke aisey bhi-|| FF Episode 5


Recap:-Sonakshi follows her friend….Dev meets her at hospital…Sonakshi is missing from hospital…Neha refuses to stay at Ranveer’s house..Dev goes to jail in crime of kidnapping.

Episode 5:
Asha and elena find a footage of hospital’s back side camera.Elena plays it ” a tall and slim guy in black hoodie is going up to sonakshi’s ward by climbing on pipes and then the camera crashes”Asha begins to cry and prays for her daughter’s well being,Elena tries to find out more of it and thinks that dev is actually the one who kidnapped sona because the figure of black hoodied guy matches dev’s figure.At police station,Inspector is about to leave dev as they dont have a solid proof against him but just then elena comes and shows the cctv footage.Police tell dev to temporarily stay in jail until sonakshi is found and after that her statement will make us decide whether u are criminal or not.Dev gets worried.Elena and Asha leave.
Nikki and Riya are unable to sleep and are tensed as dev is in jail.Neha too is worried but thinks of ranveer and his family .She recalls the moment where dev asked her to act maturely,She realizes her mistake and decides to go back home .

*the next day*
Dev wakes up feeling uncomfortable and remembers moment spent with sonakshi.Just then Media people come into police station and begin to question him and publish news as headlines saying famouse businessman Dev Dixit arrested.This act leads to a great loss in dev’s business.Police somehow take them out of the station and send some inspectors to dev’s house to ask them about dev’s behavior with sonakshi in previous days.
Radha is about to go out of house but police arrives and stops her.They begin to question each of the member.When radha is done with answering she escapes and goes to the place where sona’s friend kept her.(Sona’s friend’s name is Rohan).
Rohan takes radha to sona.Sona’s hands are tied and she is unconscious ,Radha gets happy seeing this and asks the goons to beat her if she wakes up and not give her any chance to escape.Radha goes back home.Sonakshi wakes up and thinks of what has happened to her.Goons come and tell her that she is in hospital,They begin to beat her badly,she wonders how can hospital be so dirty and why are her hands tied and why are doctors beating her.Sonakshi again faints and her memory becomes weak.

Police at dev’s home ask the driver to take them where he took radha.He agrees and takes them to an old abandoned bus station ,Inspector ask him not to tell anyone that he took them.Police begin to search for sonakshi in the bus station.They find nothing there and think to go back just then one of inspector sees a window which has no dust on it which obviously means that someone came here and stayed here.They continue to look and find a way to beautiful fields one of the officers jokes and says yeh hum kon se mulk mein aa gaye hein…itni khoobsurat fields toh mein ne tv mein bhi nhi dekhain everyone gets angry and asks him to focus.The officers then get to know that the plants are not real they are all made of plastic and the place is restricted area.They then find a small hut(where sonakshi is kept).They go there and knock the door rohan gets alerted and thinks of what to do he tries to take sonkashi but she wakes up and screams,Police gets to know that sonakshi is here and try to break the door.Rohan calls radha and tells her that police is here and what to do meanwhile police get successful in opening the door.They enter and begin to look for sona.

PRECAP: Sonakshi gets to know radha is behind all this and tells the police.

Credit to: Mariah

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