Kuch rang pyaar ke aisey bhi-|| FF Episode 4


Recap:Dev and sonakshi are worried on ishwari’s decision…neha is suffering alot in her new home so she comes back..dev gets to know the reason of rejection…he calls sonakshi and gets worried.

Episode 4:-
Sonakshi is on her way to follow her friend to know about the truth.He reaches on an abandoned area which is very rocky and dangerous,sonakshi gets a call from dev ,she answers it and loses her balance before she could say anything she falls from cliff she screams for help .her friend helps her and admits her to hospital meanwhile dev is worried and is thinking of what to do.Later dev gets a call from hospital informing him of sonakshi’s accident he rushes to the hospital when he reaches to her ward sonakshi’s gains consciousness and finds her friend beside her but she is unable to see and considers him as dev.She asks him to trust on her and all what’s happening is planned..she never cheated on him,Dev gets shocked and angry,he goes back home but still feels worried for sona.

Next morning,Ranveer comes to take neha back home but she disagrees.Ishwari again tries to convince her but still she disagrees and shows the allergy which she got from staying for one day .If she stays forever all her skin will be scarred.Ranveer feels worried and broken and tells ishwari that i dont want to force neha ,if she feels like living at my home will make her worse then she can do whats best for her.He then leaves. Neha asks ishwari whenever she depends on her destiny everything begins to go wrong.Dev tells her to stop blaming on her destiny and act maturely as she is married now.

Sonakshi’s family members are extremely worried as she didn’t returned home all night and feel like that their daughter is kidnapped.Elena somehow manages to know of sonakshi of sona’s accident and gets to know that dev knew this too.All of them go to hospital and look for sonakshi in her ward but find pillows arranged on bed,they blame hospital for not enough security.Elena asks for help from dev to search sona.Later there is no hope of sonakshi coming back so Asha goes to police and asks to search as they didnt recieved any call for money if sona is kidnapped.
Police start tracing sonakshi’s phone and find it on the cliff.They get to know that dev was the last person sonakshi spoke to and suspect him ,knowing this Sona’s parents think of same and Ask police to arrest him because he even didnt told us that sona is at hospital.Police agree to what sonakshi’s parents and arrest dev in crime of kidnapping sona.He tries his best to explain but ends up with nothing.Inspector asks him to make a deal that if he tells where he kept sona ,he will be released.Dev who is innocent becomes speechless.Dev begins to think of what the voice note sent from sona meant.A while later Ishwari and Radha come to police station and begin to argue and bribes them money for release of Dev.Police get angry and suspicious saying that this is against our rules.

Asha and elena search near their society and hospital.They find some CCTV footages.Elena plays it and is shocked seeing it.

PRECAP:Sonakshi is sleeping in a hut with her hands tied up.Some goons begin to beat her.

I m really sorry for uploading late ,Actually the website was not working at my country

Credit to: Mariah

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