Kuch rang pyaar ke aisey bhi-|| FF Episode 3


Episode 3:-

Sonakshi tries to call dev but he declines ..she begins to cry and locks herself in room,elena convinces her somehow and they both sleep.Sonakshi wakes up with high fever and thinks of not going to dev’s house just then she gets a message from dev to meet him .she goes and meets him where dev gets worried for sona’s health and asks her not to worry as he will find a way but sona keeps on questioning him about his past engagement he then tells her thats he can’t remeber any such story..they both think there must be a different reason.Dev goes back home and looks for ishwari in her room while waiting for her he finds out sonakshi’s pictures and becomes astonished.Ishwari comes and tries to change the topic but dev tries to know more about it ,knowing all the truth he wonders how sonakshi could do this radha also comes there and tries to overdramatize the scene saying she many times saw sonakshi talking to someone frankly and once she even met someone outside our house during her working time.Radha makes dev realize that he did a huge mistake by having relationship with sonakshi and tells him that she only loves him for his money and is taking advantage of his innocence ,Dev gets fooled by radha’s words and immediately calls sonakshi.he tells her not to ever come back to him or even talk to him..sonakshi asks him whats wrong and tries to calm him down he then says i hate you and i can’t believe how mean were you!.sona asks him to tell her what exactly happened but he cuts the call.

Sonakshi thinks of what made dev so angry that he shouted on her.she tells everything to elena who tells her that there’s something really terrible going on and she thinks radha did it.Sonakshi starts doubting on radha and plans to get to know more of the truth.

Neha comes back to dev’s house and says she cant live anymore in such poor house with no AC or proper food and tells ishwari that from now on she will live her until ranveer buys a new apartment for her .Ishwari feels bad and tries to convince neha to go back but fails.Dev who is depressed takes sleeping pills and remembers how sonakshi made him stop eating them.he feels that he should ask sonakshi about her affair.

Ishwari wakes up feeling nauseous.she goes to kitchen and cooks breakfast with full fats and eats it directly she feels the absence of sonakshi but satisfies her self to take care of her self without her.Nikki sees her and goes to call sonakshi.she asks about her health and tells how much everyone misses her ..she asks her about her affair..sonakshi gets shocked and says which affair .nikki tells her the whole story .Sona understands why dev shouted on her and ends the call. Later sonakshi goes out to buy medicine for herself ,she sees someone there giving money to her friend(who misbehaved with her) sonakshi finds out that someone planned all this fake affair so that her marriage doesnt happen.radha sees sonakshi and tries to rush.Sonakshi immediately follows her friend and calls dev but he is busy so she leaves a voice note saying “jesa dikhta hay waisa bilkul bhi nhi hay”.At night dev sees 17 missed calls from sona and hears the voice note ,he gets worried and is about to leave to go to sona’s house but ishwari stops him.he calls sonakshi again sona answers her phone but just then sona starts screaming and asks for help.

PRECAP: Sonakshi is lying unconcious in hospital and tells her friend that she loves him very much and never cheated on him .Dev sees this and gets more furious.

Credit to: Mariah

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  1. Ncz one…..try to give a big one…..and add some recap….so dat we will remember wat was going on….bcz many ff are posted it’s hard to remember d story by title name…..hope u consider?

    1. Thnx for the advice …i will try my best next time?

  2. awesome but i m not able to understand the precap and also worried about sona

    1. Well..u will get to know soon what exactly happened in next episode.

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    Recap plz

  4. Nice epi

  5. awesome

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