Kuch rang pyaar ke aisey bhi-|| FF Episode 2

Episode 2:-
The episode continues where elena and sonakshi are talking just then sona’s mum comes saying that sona has to go for shopping of engagement with dev’s family so she shall prepare for tommorow. Sona becomes excited and starts dreaming her marriage.
The next day..sonakshi gets ready and leaves for shopping with ishwari and radha.

*At the shop*
Radha calls someone and says sona aa gayi hay apna kaam achay se karna..the three begin to choose sona’s dress .Sonakshi picks an expensive dress on which radha rani gets angry and asks if sona is going to pay for the dress.ishwari feels a bit embarrassed meanwhile sona recieves a call from unknown she answers it and it turns out to be one of her old colleague who studied abroad is in india these days …she is unable to find connection so she goes out of the market and walks into a narrow street just then the call ends and her friend appears she gets surprised and becomes happy to meet him after long time but he tries to get close to her and misbehaves with her..as this all stuff was planted by radha so she comes and takes pictures of them showing that sonakshi has an affair with her old colleague…sonakshi tries to escape and then thinks to keep this incident a secret.They all return home and nikki begins to open the dresses ..radha goes to her room and sees all the pictures she took just then sonakshi comes to call her downstairs but notices weird behaviour of radha and doubts on her..but she thinks thats just her usual mood and ignores it.

A while later neha and ranveer are seen arguing on the bedroom and AC ..she gets allergy on her arm from unhygenic environment.Neha asks ranveer if she can buy new mattress and bedding..ranveer feels worried and says he will manage.

In evening when sonakshi is about to leave radha stops her and says ayy banglan ab tum iss ghar ka hisa ban ne jarahi ho toh iska matlab hay ke tum toh har waqt yaahan hi ho gi is liye mein tumse mafi magna chahti hoon apne behaviour ke liye..sonakshi first feels why is she doing that but thinks that people change so she becomes happy and goes home.

In the morning radha starts screaming loudly..everyone comes down excluding dev and they all see those pictures taken by radha..she tells everyone that when she came there was an envelope near the door no name no address was written only these pictures were there..ishwari asks everyone to forget what happened and act normal infront of dev and sonakshi. She takes pictures with her to room and questions radha of how she got them ..radha repeats the same story and advices ishwari to stop the marriage without telling the real reason as sonakshi’s family have a great respect and will feel bad on her actions..ishwari thinks that radha is right ,she hides the pictures and goes to dev saying that his marriage is not possible dev gets shocked ..she then tells that when you were younger you were engaged with your cousin and I completely forgot about that..dev gets worried and thinks of what to do..Sonakshi is about to leave and just then dev’s family comes to her home telling the marriage is not possible due to his past engagement which cant be broken .Sona is all shocked ,she rushes to her room and cries.

PRECAP:-Dev is in ishwari’s room and finds sonakshi’s pictures.He gets shocked and calls sonakshi saying that i cant belive this how could u do this..i hate you!

Credit to: Mariah


  1. Shreyansh

    Nice one Mariah better than last one keep going
    Sorry for comment in previous ff but I wrote what I felt right hope you don’t take it otherwise but really it was great episode today….

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