Kuch rang pyaar ke aisey bhi-|| FF Episode 1


Hi everyone…so its my first time writing a fan fiction.I hope you all appreciate it.This is the first episode and i will post on alternate days making monday 11 july the next post date.The story is my continuation of the current track going onwhere neha’s marriage ceremony is going on where on the other hand dev and sonakshi are behaving like couple and none of the member of family know that.

…Neha’s marriage is done and she is in her laws’ house.

Ishwari comes in her room and sits while removing her sandals thinking about neha that all went on well,Radha rani sees this and thinks it perfect time to gossip.she goes in and argues on dev and sonakshi.

Radha: jiji ap ko toh bilkul bhi andaza nhi k yeh bangalan jesi larkian kesi hotein hein..humarey dev ko humse dur leti ja rahi..Mein toh kehti hoon key isey na nokri se nikaal dein wesay bhi ap ki tabeyat behtr hay

Ishwari: pata nahi radha par mujhe lagta hay sonakshi kafi achi larki aur uski wajah se dev ne khush hona sekha hay..aur mein nhi chahti kay woh phir se upne past ko yaad keray..woh pura badal gaya hey

Radha:par jiji ……..waisey bhi is gareeb ki beti ki toh koi sunta he nahi ..ap mujhe baad mein mat bolna,mein apko phir se keh rhi hoon dev par nazar rakhein

*new day*
Sona comes to dixits house and looks for dev..servant comes and says dev sir is calling you.sona goes to dev’s room where he locks the room first with sona and him inside
Dev:wahh aj ap ke chehray kafi glow kar raha hey
Sona: (ignores) ap ney yehi kehna hay toh plz mujhe kaam karna hay
Dev:(puts arms around her against the wall)ap ka dimaag hamseha delhi ke garmi jesa garam kyu rehta hay kabhi kashmir ki wadhion jesa romantic toh behave karein
Sona:(feels shy and looks down)….dev moves closer towards her and is about to kiss her with his eyes closed sona immediately takes a teddy bear and puts infront of his mouth dev’s face touches the teddy and open his eyes …sona escapes and he feels angry
Sona goes to Ishwari and gives her food and medicine ..ishwari appreciates her hardwork and asks her if she can meet her parents..sona gets confused and says ji aunty ji sure ap mil lein par sab theek hay na??ishwari says nhi bas kuch khas nhi
Then sona goes to nikki and riya where they have fun with each other..meanwhile ishwari comes to dev asking him if he is going to office ..he replies that there is a one week holiday as his office is renovating..ishwari asks him directly if he loves sona or not..dev is like maa par ap…ishwari says haan ya na?? Dev says haan maa mein apko kafi pehle batana chahta tha par..ishwari understands and asks him to take her to sona’s house tonight..he agrees

While sona is busy working at dixits house ishwari and dev go to her house without telling and meets her parents and ask their opinion on this…sona’s family becomes very happy and they accept and say yes to the proposal withhout even thinking of sonakshi…later when they come back home sona is about to leave ..ishwari stops her and congratulates her ..dev puts his hand around her shoulder and sona behaves weird and completely confused..ishwari goes to radha rani where radha becomes extremely furious..sona asks dev whats going on and why ishwari didnt reacted on you being close to me…dev tells her to go home and enjoy the surpise.sona comes home and her parents tell that dev came and all the stuff she becomes happy and asks elena what did maa said elena says we all agreed ..now get ready to get married.sona becomes shocked and happy.

PRECAP: Sona is walking through some narrow road and a goon comes (who is sona’s college friend )and rapes her..radha rani is also there and takes their pictures.

Thnx alot guys …please comment so i can decide whether to continue or not.

Credit to: Mariah

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  1. Its is amazing..plz continue.

    1. *It is

      1. Thnxx alot shreya

  2. HarSHaN

    Gud strting Mariah..Keep continue. rocking…Bt in Precap Sona is walking maybe she’ll be got diff name bcoz indicating who is Sona’ s frnd..??

    1. u will come to know all about it in next episode

  3. Awesome episode … keep going and upload the next episode fast…

  4. Its nice yar. But pls dont do this for sona pls.

    1. Well thnx.. But every story has some twists and turns orelse the story wont continue with happy life

  5. The episode was very nice di but Radha Rani is so devilish…I mean instead of helping Sona she takes pictures??the hell??and lol Di,ishwari calls Radha bhabhi not by name

    1. Thnx..well as u know radha is the villain so ofc she will be devilish..and yeah I completely forgot that ishwari calls radha as bhabhi ?

  6. Omg the precap is sooooo ………..


  8. Priya9876


  9. No nice precap makes no sense it is a very matured show don’t write such things that can’t be ever imagined ever…..but today’s episode was nice

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