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Recap: Sona sees the person at the door and trips behind in fear. Dev holds her with Concern and looks who it is.

It is revealed to be her ex lover, Rishabh.

10 years ago:
Rishabh and Sona loved eachother immensely, until they consummated their love in a drunken state. When Sona finds out she is pregnant, Rishabh breaks up with broken Sona and goes with another girl. Sona is heard to have given birth to that baby girl.

Sona stares at Rishabh and tears drop. Dev wipes her tears .
Dev:Sona why are you crying?
Sona holds her stomach and starts crying.
Dev:*cups her chin* Sona…Okay go up, I will talk to him…*snaps his fingers*hey! Who are you?
Rishabh: My Sweet Gir;Oops. Your Wife will tell you.
Dev: Who was Sona to you.What do you want?

Rishabh: Ah…let’s get to the point Dev Dixit. Sonakshi, was my girlfriend. Now Ex of course
Dev:What do you want from her now?
Rishabh: I was clearing my closet, and I found her stupid college guitar and diary. Some Baby Toys also. Most probably for her stupid Naira.
Rishabh: I can’t believe this…She didn’t tell you… Dev. Sonakshi and I were pregnant with a sweet baby girl called Naira.

Dev: What happened then?
Rishabh: I fell in love with someone else. Much better than Sonakshi. Then I left and her stupid baby.
Dev:Anything else to say?
Rishabh:Well, I can get you the divorce pap;
Dev:Out of my house.
Dev closes the door and looks up at the room with teary eyes.
Sona is sitting on the floor and banging her head.Its already bleeding.
Dev rushes to her.

Dev:Sona stop Jaan.
She falls on his chest,teary eyed.
Dev:It’s okay…I know everything now…I will protect you from cheats like Rishabh…
Sona:*whispers*Meri Bacchi…Naira…he took away my Naira…
Dev:Rishabh took away Naira?
Sona:*nods and wipes her tears*Rishabh married Priyanka. My baby dev…* is living with Rishabh Khanna.
Dev hugs Sona: I promise you Sona. I will get back our Daughter.
Sona:Naira must be 10 now. She won’t accept me.
Dev: She is your biological Daughter.She will accept you. I know for sure.
Sona:How will Maa react?

Dev:I will handle everybody.Dont worry.
The next morning,Dev goes to Elena and Suhan’s house(Remember in my FF Elena is married to Suhan(Kunal Jaisingh))
Hiba, their 6 year old Daughter opens the door.
Hiba:Mesho! How are you!
Dev:I’m very good princess!*Carried her*how are you?
Suhan comes out from the kitchen.
Suhan:Hiba baby who is it?

Hiba:it’s Dev mesho Papa!
Suhan:Dev, come in!what brings you here?
Elena comes out:Jiju.. Come in!
Everyone sits at the sofa.
Dev:I’m actually here to talk about Rishabh Elena….
Elena signals Suhan to bring Hiba in.Suhan understands.
Elena:jiju…How did you…
Dev:Find Rishabh?

Elena nods.
Dev:He came to scare Sona…Found our address..Told me about 10 year old Naira.
Elena:Dev Jiju not that we wanted to hide it from you.please don’t misunderstand us…
Dev:Arae…I know my Sona, I know my family. Rishabh was a jerk. Love is love Elena. Nothing can stop love. Especially hatred and jealousy. I came here because I want Rishabh’s address. I’m bringing back Naira into Sona’s life. Her Daughter.Rishabh has no right to even hear the word “Papa” from her.
Elena:Okay Jiju.Here’s the address.
Dev:Thanks Elena.
Dev goes to Rishabh’s house.
His Wife,Priyanka opens the door.

Dev:Can I come in?
Priyanka:Who are you?
Dev:Rishabh’s Friend.
Priyanka:He isn’t at home.

Dev:I know.
Priyanka:Come in.
Dev looks at the walls which have been beautifully painted with orange and decorative white flowers stuck on the walls. The leather sofa was filled with cushions matching to the sofa, and also knitting materials. The TV was switched on to Sony Tv, where the show Porus was playing. It seemed like a sweet family’s house.It was obviously not.
Dev: Sonakshi.
Priyanka stands shocked:Sonakshi Bose…?
Dev:Yes. Sonakshi Dixit.My Wife.

Priyanka: Do you want to meet Naira?She has fever.She didn’t go to school today.
Dev:I’m very Glad you’re mature unlike your Husband.
Priyanka smiles reluctantly.
Dev sees light brown painted walls with light brown transp curtains. A nice white table stuck to the wall, with photos of Naira and her friends. Naira is tucked into her light brown and white stripped blanket and has closed her eyes.
Dev walks up to her and strokes her forehead.Naira feels happy and unconsciously cuddles onto Dev’s lap.
Dev kisses her forehead.
Priyanka: She’s your Daughter.

Dev:I know.
Priyanka:Take her with you. She cannot be in such A evil place.
Dev:I know my daughter is safe with you.
Priyanka:Take her away before Rishabh comes!*shouts*
Dev gets shocked:Priyanka…

Priyanka: Rishabh is violent. She is getting spoilt!Take her away!
Dev says no more and carries Naira out of the house. The whole journey back, Naira sleeps smiling on Dev’s lap.
Dev comes home. Everyone is shocked.
Dev makes Naira sleep in their room while Sonakshi questions Him.
Dev explains the whole thing to everyone. Everyone readily accepts Naira and makes space for her in one of the rooms. They put a bed, a study table, curtains and it’s a beautiful light brown and white themed room. They buy her teddy bears and other toys. Suhana and Shubh also share room with her.

When Naira wakes up, she gets scared and screams.Dev comes there and hugs her. She calms down despite not knowing who he is.
Dev:Naira.We are your mumma and papa.

Naira:what nonsense!
Sonakshi:Naira…Baccha I know this tough for you but Rishabh isn’t your Papa and Priyanka isn’t your Mumma.
Naira gets off the bed and runs out of the house.
Sona:Naira stop Baccha.
Everyone tries to stop Naira..

Precap:Will Naira readily accept Sona and Dev as her parents, or will she run back to her evil parents?

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