Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang)ep 228

Recap: Dev and Sona have been married for 8 years with Diya and Jhanvi. Vicky is married to bhoomi, Elena is married to Suhan, Nikki is married to namik with their Daughter Smriti , Riya is married to Ayaan and Neha is married to Neil with their Son Shriya.

I’m not following the current track and so Sonakshi is staying at home and Dev is working because they weren’t divorced in my FF.

Sona’s look: Salwaar kameez and short curled hair
Nikki: Saree and Long straight hair.(lost weight)
Neha and Riya:Long anarkalis and Long curly hair.

The episode starts with Sonakshi plaiting Diya’s hair and putting books into Jhanvi’s bag.Nikki is feeding smriti.Namik(Nikii’s Husband) is leaving for work. He pecks a kiss on Nikki’ cheek.
Namik:Bye Nikks!Bye Sonakshi bhabhi!
Nikki:Namki your breakfa;

Sona:It’s Alright Nikki, he will find something in office:)even Dev was like this*she laughs*
Nikki laughs too and high fives Sona.
Ishwari comes
-Ishwari’s look: Current.
Ishwari:Good morning Sona beta!Good morning Nikki!
Nikki and Sona:Good morning Ma!

Diya:Mumma I’m getting late.
Sona:Okay chalo chalo lets go!Ma, I’ll just drop Diya in school, Nikki can u take care of Jhanvi in the meanwhile?
Ishwari:Arae she already cannot handle Smriti, pass jhanvi to me.
Three of them laugh,Sona:Teke Ma.

Jhanvi cries(she is only 2, while Diya is 7)
Ishwari:Ole mere laado…*playing with jhanvi*
Sona is driving Diya to school while she receives a Bluetooth call from Dev.
Sona:Good mor;
Dev:Bad Morning mrs dixit.

Dev: you didn’t even say bye to me before you left to drop to diy; arae bye Toa chodo, you didn’t even say hi!
Sona:Sorry baba, our Aunty ji was getting late for school as usual.
Diya:Hey!*hands on her hips*

Sona:Okay sorry my chweetu*cups her Chin with one hand*
Diya:Mumma watch out!aaah!
Sona skids and avoids the truck but crashes into a tree. Diya rolls out onto the road while Sona hits her head against the steering wheel.

Dev tracks her location and finds a lot of people crowded around her car.
Dev rushes to the accident site to see Diya there and she is crying.
Dev: Diya!Princess are you okay my baby?*hugs Diya*where is mumma?
Diya points towards the car.

Dev rushes towards the car to see people unable to take Sonakshi out of the car.
Dev takes out the spare keys he has to open the door. Sonakshi falls out onto his arms.
Dev:Sonakshi!Sona…Please open your eyes!Someone call the ambulance!*crying*
The ambulance comes soon and Dev is holding sona’s hand throughout.
Dev:Sona we are there almost!keep strong(Sona is unconcious)
Diya:Mumma please open your eyes*also crying*

Once they reach the Hospital, Sona is rushed into the OT. Diya calls home.nikki picks up.
Nikki:hello?ya bhai….
Diya:Bua? Bua please come to the hospital, Mumma has met with an accident.
Nikki:What?*shocked*which hospital Diya? Pass the phone to papa!
Dev:Nikki come to LLS hospital fast! With maa and everyone fast!
Nikki:Okay bhaiya relax we are coming!
Soon, everyone reaches the hospital. By then, the doctor comes out of the OT.
Doctor:It’s a miracle! Mrs Sonakshi is out of danger!
Everyone is relieved.

Precap:Sonakshi recovers..in that time period Dev takes care of the kids.(not permanent)!. Sonakshi vomits and feels uneasy. Why is Sonakshi feeling like this?

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