Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang)ep 117


The episode starts with dev and sona leaving the ACM after a Long tour in there.it is 5 pm .sona has secretly booked a resort in Sentosa and registered for many other activities.dev and sona reach home and dev gets ready into his night dress.sona is missing.its like dejavu!!
Dev sees sona’s letter and gift box on the bed.
love,your khargosh.
dev gets ready and goes down to see sona waiting in a red gown.she is stunning.
sona holds dev’s hand and walks him to sentosa(as it’s quite close in my ff)
After thy reach,Dev opens his eyes to see them on a bridge with many people romantically dancing with light green lanterns diagonally designed!!There is nice music,Nice food and perfect ambience.devaakshi break
into a dance.
sona:so Mr obodro,how did you like my surprise?

Dev:just perfect.

sona and dev finish their dance and havedinner there.
sona then passes dev his normal clothes and tells him to change while she changes into a light pink bubble top with white denims.her hair is open and is curling as usual.dev is also looking handsome.
Dev:where are we going now??
Sona:*showing the tickets to night safari*night safari!!
dev:what’s that?
Sona:it’s where we go on a tram with people to see the night wild life openly.dont faint because we can smell the poop of certain animals.
Dev:what???HAHA ok let’s not waste time and go.
dev and sona sit on the tram and watch the animals hand in hand.
*the bracketed part is helped by naina di(my sis)

[the next morning as decided,Dev gets into swim shorts with no TOP and sona is in a lose dress with her hair tied up into a bun.THATS RIGHT!!they were going to adventure cove,a water theme park.
Dev and sona reach there and buy tickets.
Sona goes down the huge slide as well as dev
Sona:this so reminds me of my childhood’!
Dev:I wish I had a childhood like this!!
Sona:*holds dev’s hand*dev!!
Before they finish their talk,they fall into the water and both laugh.
They go down the swirly slide which is on the other side,which after using,dev gets dizzy.]

*continued by me*
after that,dev and sona have a shower and sona gets into a white simple cotton shirt with dark blue leggings while dev gets into a black tight half sleeve shirt and black pants.They are going for the light show
SIDE NOTE:the light show is where it is a 3D effect with lights in the sky from the screen!!its very nice!!
when the fire comes up,
Sona gets scared and remembers bits and pieces of her childhood and holds on tightly to dev.
after the light show they go to the hotel and sleep.

Like this 1 month passes like anything and it’s time to return to Delhi.

*NOTE FOR SEVERAL READERS:since I’m young,I don’t really find it appropriate to include all like the romance stuff so pls forgive me if I have disappointed your enjoyment.?

PRECAP:sona and dev return to Delhi with a lot of gifts..The next morning sona is missing and is no where to be seen in the house.where could have sona gone?:(

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  1. Awesome episode dear

  2. Niki645

    Amazing dear!!!
    All the places they went to were awesome!!
    Post next one soon???

    1. Erica

      thank you nikki645 and princess

  3. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee nishi❤️❤️
    And it’s okay!!?
    Post soon❤️
    Love love?

  4. Hey Nishi!
    The episode was amazing! All those places were amazing! Loved it!
    However, the precap scares me a hell lot! Oh god! Where IS Sona?!!
    Please do post the next one soon!
    Love ya!?????

  5. Awesome…..?❤️?❣??……episode was ?❤️?…..and precap was ??

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