Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang) ep 76


Dev and Sona are taking 7 pheraas.*HOLY MUSIC PLAYS*
Elena:jiju*whispers*how did you manage to marry Shona despite ritvik?(throwing flowers)
Dev and Shona share while taking their 7 pheraas.
Dev:firstly,I hit ritvik,and then I carried Sona,and like superman,I flew far far away..
Sona:his name is dev,but he is not the real God.he maturely dealt with ritvik and made sure he did Not talk to me or any of our family members.
Dev:we were pretty safe.and then,after ritvik left for Paris,we immediately got married!

7 pheraas finished.
Priest:dulha dulhan ko mangalsutra pehenaiye.(groom make the Bride wear the nuptial chain)
Priest:ab sindhoor lagaye..(apply to the vermillion)
Priest:viva sampanth hogaya..bado ka aashirvaad lejiye..(the wedding is over,take the blessings of the elderly..
Dev and Sona take the blessing of the elderly.
BIDAI TIME.(don’t worry,no crying)

Sona and dev has their suhaag raath tgt and then they sleep(plz don’t tell me to describe yikes)?
Next morning sona Wakes up to find the room empty.
Sona:dev?(rubbing her eyes)
Dev:*entering with coffee*good morning.
Sona:what’s the time.
Dev:only 10.
Sona:what??10 am??oh no..my first day..I’m late shucks!!
Dev:Sona relax..I told Ma already that u kit be tired..
Sona:but I feel bad dev…ill get ready as soon as possible.
Sonakshi comes down in a salwar kameez.her Earings made out of teracotta umbrella earring dangles from her ears as she walks down the steps.
Ishwari:sonakshi,today is your rasooi and you’re late?
Sona:sorry Ma..double sorry..
Ishwari:why double?
Sona:1 sorry because I woke up late,2 sorry because I don’t know how to cook.
Ishwari:acha ok I will teach u..but no nutrition ah??
Sona:ok Ma..

Sorry guys geez..my episode’s will be short because of my exams so I barley get time to write sorry??

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  1. Aaru

    No sorry..atleast for me..I don’t post for WEEKS..so u’re far better than me..

  2. Manya

    It’s okay Nishi we all hve exams and we all hate them ??right ??epi was superb post after ur exams finish and after that I want a big DEVAKSHI special episode ?and all the best for ur exams ?!!!

    1. Erica

      Thank you so much aaru and manya di?Literally your comments every episode make me so happy because I find them so meaningful,?Haha,yup,hate exams?Ya sure one big episode of devaakshi!!!

      1. Manya

        Nishi this me ayushi?tired of telling that to everyone

      2. Erica

        Oops sorry ayushi di?

      3. Erica

        That’s a real beautiful name.why don’t u log out,register again as and put Your name as ayush or something like that?

  3. its ok dear no prblm take ur tym to post nxt epi..
    and haan as ayushi said after ur xams want a big big big special epi……
    and most imp ALL THE VERY BEST FOR UR XAMS….

  4. Awesome episode….Just loved it

  5. Simplesweety1

    Loved It!

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