Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang) ep 75


The episode starts with Preethi fixing a painting,standing on a ladder.kamini tries to push her with the ladder,when Preethi falls,she falls into pushkar’s arms.ekdv plays…
Kamini:*under her breath*huh..
Preethi:do you say something Mumma?
Preethi and puskhar go off for breakfast.

Suman remembers all the memories shraman spent together(IMAGINARY):
.childhood-shravan and suno are feeding eachother icrecream not giving eachother bites.
Suman and shravan dancing to “tere sang yaara”in prom.
Shraman getting engaged.
Shraman getting married.
She thinks of everything in the reverse manner and tries to erase all memories.
Suman:from now on,shravan and Suman are not one,but suman malhotra,or rather suman tiwari,will be an independent working woman,who will marry someone who has a good job,good respect,and good love.
Suman goes to puskhar’s house.
Preethi:Di?!?what are you doing here?
Suman:puskhar,it’s about work.can I talk to you alone?
Pushkar:ya ofc.
Puskhar and suman are alone.
Pushkar:what happened?what is that thing which can be said Infront of Preethi?
Suman:pushkar I want a divorce.and ..you’re the best lawyer I know..
Pushkar is shocked:did bhaiya do anything?wait I will call;
Suman:no wait,shravan dosent know about this and he will know when he needs to.otherwise please continue with the legal matters mr malhotra.
Pushkar:mr malhotra?bhabhi,I’m your chota pushku?
Suman:puskhar,don’t call me bhabhi anymore.
Pushkar:but;bha;I mean suman what why?i don’t understand anything.
Suman:you will understand everything if you fight this case for me.

Dev household.
It’s night time and dev is going through some photos of devaakshi.
Dev:don’t worry Sona..everything will be fine..
On the other side,
Sona:I hope so dev..
Dev goes to the washroom..and his phone rings…
Nikki is loitering and sees dev’s phone.
Nikki:oh bhabhi..trouble?ya na??ya!!
Sona:hello Dev?
Nikki stays quiet..
Sona:dev kichu bolbe?(will u say something)?
Sona:nikks?where is dev?
Sona:I’ll call later..bye..
Nikki:wait bhabhi..
Nikki:hai hai..so much shyness!!hmm..
Ria:Oi Jhansi ki raani?what are you doing in bhai’s room?
Nikki:I was talking to bhabhi..
Ria:oh..then u call her thru your phone..
Nikki;uffo duffer..nvm..

Sorry it’s short yikes?????

Precap:dev and Sona get married,after solving that prob,suman tells shravan about the divorce and Preethi is accepting more challenges from kaamini.

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    Episode was awesome ??and so as the precap ??post soon..

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