Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang) ep 74


The episode starts with rhea talking to shravan.they crack some childhood jokes.on the other side suman is thinking
Suman:I think shravan is not at any fault..I was the one who misunderstood him..I should say sorry to him..
Suman sees rhea and shravan laughing in the hall and her ego gets hurt.suman leaves to her room crying.
Shravan:acha rhea,do you know any Doctors who can prescribe proper medicine for my sumo?

Shravan:tu doctor hai?
Rhea:que nehe hosakthi?
Shravan:nehe nehe.
Rhea:chill yaar..just kidding..acha explain sumo’s illness,I will make a file..
Shravan thanks her and walks off.
Rhea:now it will be fun..when suman malhotra ..oh sorry I’m the Daughter in law of the malhotra house..how can she too?

Shraman’s room.
Sumo:are you done with your sweet talks with rhea.
Sumo:please.have you remembered now you have a Wife?
Shravan:is everything ok sumo?
Sumo:no..shravan..You hurt me today..
Sumo:rhea..you were so close..
Shravan:oh my sumo she is my childhood Friend..
Sumo:I WAS ALSO YOUR CHILDHOOD FRIEND!(all those in caps means the characters are shouting).
Shravan:oh my sumo I loved you then too!it was just because of your stupid ego,we could not be together.now we are together.
Sumo:*holds Shravan by the collar*look,I don’t like to see people disrespecting me so please.

In the dixit household.
Ishwari:what happened?
Dev:Ma,sonakshi and I have shopped so much you can’t even imagine.
Ishwari:so sonakshi helped you?
Ishwari:oh..ok..come in..where is sonakshi?
Dev:Ma,why would she come here?its 9 pm already I dropped her home.
Dev:it’s going to be different in 3 days.she is going to stay here..
Ishwari:stay happy beta.
Ishwari goes up to her room as well as Dev.
Dev thinks about the the sweet moments they have spent together
*DISCLAIMER-the sweet moments I will say has not happened in the show but since it’s my ff I’m gg to add memories.

He closes his eyes..and smiles while Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi plays..
-he remembers sona and him eating ice cream in the shelter while its raining.
-he remembers Sona and him on the bike and Sona riding it teasing him that he cannot ride a bike.
Dev smiles and gets a call from Sona.
Dev:I was thinking about you only.
Sona:dev,I’m sorry but..
Dev:is everything ok Sona?
Sona:can we meet up over coffee..
Dev:ya ok…Starbucks.your place.10 mins.
Sona and dev meet..Sona nervously twists her dupatta..
Dev:what happened Sona?
Sona:I can’t marry you Dev..
Dev is shocked.
Sona:I just can’t..
Sona:there is reason which I can’t tell you..
Dev:what?you have to tell me!
Sona:then listen.my college crush got my number through my best friend’s phone,and called me to say If I married you,you would lose everything and that everything also refers to your family.and I don’t want to be the reason of the loss of your loved ones.i want to be the advantage of increasing your love bond with maa,Nikki and all.
Dev:*cups Sona’s face*and you’re doing that..I can handle this guy for you..trust me everything will be ok..
Sona:it’s not that easy;
Dev:*puts his finger over sona’s lips*i said,everything will be ok…
Sona and dev hug and Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi plays.

Preethi puskhar house:
Pushkar:preethu!whats for dinner baby?
Preethi:hot hot(garam garam)pizza with extra cheese just for my life.
Puskhar:is there extra love in this extra cheese?
Preethi:aren’t you showing Too much love?
Pushkar:the doorbell just rang…go check!!
Preethi goes to open the door and sees kamini
Kamini:hello beta!
Kamini:what happened puthar?shock or surprise?
Preethi:ofcourse surprise mummy ji..
Kamini:menu tenu pucha?(did I ask you?)
Preethi gets sad..
Kamini:I’m going to stay here until Preethi gives birth..by the way,puskhar can’t take care of her..she needs a lady..
Puskhar:ok mumma.
Kamini:(in her mind):now it will be the real fun,when rhea seperates suman and shravan,and I seperate Pushkar and Preethi because of the baby.

Precap: Preethi is alone at home with Kamini and Kamini creates problems.suman’s ego is hurt and she leaves shravan(divorce papers),Dev and sonakshi fight for their love story.

Promos:(EKDV):for shraman-horahahei shravan aur suman ke beech ladai,kya yehi hoga,ek duje ke vaaste ka aakhri safar?
For preekar-kaamini banarehehi Preethi aur pushkar ke Khushi Khushi zindagi mein museebat,kya kamini ka plan,ho jayega kameyaab?
FOR KRPKAB:shaadiyo ki rango mein,dev aur sonakshi ek museebat hatane mein koshish mein,hojata hain sonakshi ka Jaan ka khatra,kya hoga jab dev aur Sona ke zindagi mein ek aur rang dikhajaaye?

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  1. Aaru

    Atleast in d ff Dev will fight for his love!!

    1. Erica

      I told you aaru di?I would make everything ok as time passes.

  2. Nandini aka Nandu

    Omg nishi! I doubt that u are 8. Who can write so well at this young age!! Too good yaar. Keep writing. But, mujhe rhea ka WO DIL wala dialogue samjh nahi aaya. Post soon dear. Lots of love.

    1. Erica

      Hahah.wo rhea waali DIL dialogue it means that I want to be the DIL of the malhotra family,but,there can only be one,and that one space is already taken by sumo,so she plans to erase sumo from shravan’s life.

  3. nyc dear!!!!

  4. Manya

    Amazing nishi?

  5. Nandini aka Nandu

    Nishi when is the next update coming up?? Post soon. Keep writing mys sweeto????

    1. Erica

      Thank you ibtesam,manya(ayushi?),nandini?,next episode..hmm..I will try my best to write..I think by the 22 nd of August(Monday),and it will be published I think 23 rd August?Lots of love,nishi?

  6. Neeti

    Hello Nishi di, how are u, woww so finally mera tension khatam bcs Dev ne kaha wo sab handle kare ga, yeeee yeppy,
    bt Shraman promo itna sad….thora happy kar do na plsss….
    woh ye Kamini toh ek num ki kaminni hai….real show me bhi Preekar ko alag kar na chahti he….
    Nandu di ki tarha mujhe bhi doubt ho raha he ki ap really me 8 yrs ki ho ya galti se likh dia, itne chote umar me itna accha likhlete he ap…jab tak doubt clr nai hoga tab tak di bulati rahungi me apko

    1. Erica

      Hahhaha oh my I find you so cute neeti di?Yup ill make everything fine!yes I’m 8,I just turned 8 in July?

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