Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi- Kya Pyaar Karte Ho ya Nahi?-Episode 1


Hey guys it’s nishi with a New ff! After completing 146 episodes of my previous ff(Ek aur rang), I decided I would start afresh and I was hoping that you guys would support me!Just for the new readers. I’m 8 years old and I live in Singapore! So hi, nice to meet you.

Character shade:

Dev Dixit- the rich Son of Khalid and Avantika Dixit. Raised up in riches, he is an astronaut and spends most of his time with his family. With his 2 other brothers, Nakul and Kunal, the trio is well bonded and make up the perfect image of the prestigious “dixit” family.

Sonakshi Bose- Raised in a middle class Bengali family, Sona, an orphan, despises the riches for one of them killed her parents. She lives with her Sister, Suhana in a simple but beautiful home. Sona is a air hostess.

Note: Just to note, this ff is from scratch and I wouldn’t be continuing/ Re-writing any of the episodes.

The episode starts with the introduction Dev. In his circular king size bed, he is wrapped like a burrito in his “Basketball design” blanket, as his aircorn is set to 17 degrees. His room is the size of (dev’S actual room in the show) but different design and architecture.

He showers and gets into his black t shirt with a light brown coat and light brown pants. His waves falls an inch above his eyebrow. He comes down for breakfast,where his whole family, neatly dressed, is eating their pancakes and juices for their “perfect breakfast”.

Dev leaves for office, where he handles the missions, events and every related astronaut thing. On the way in the car, he switches on his Bluetooth speaker.As he is connecting to his playlists of Favourite songs from Spotify, his phone rings, connected to the Bluetooth speaker..

It flashes: CHUDAIL?
Dev rolls his eyes to press “answer”.
As “Chudail” says hello, she is introduced. She is dressed up in a blue salwaar(ep 148 for reference)
In her bedroom, wearing her earrings in front of the dressing tables, she excitedly commnuicates with Dev. The girl is revealed to be Sona.

Sona: good morning Dev!
Dev: What’s so good about the morning, when you call me first?
Sona: very funny.*pissed* your Best Friend calls you and you call it a bad morning?
Dev: Acha listen, Its kunal’s engagement today. You’re coming right?
Sona:Yea relax…
Dev:How is Suhana?
Sona:Okay I Guess… doing well in her new job. Dev, about Kunal’s engagement, I have to leave early though.

Dev:Why yaar?
Sona:Dev, Im the air purser for LF677.i have to report for duty yaar.
Dev: My dear Girlfriend, LF677 leaves at 1 am. His engagement ends at like 12.30 am. You can go after that?
Sona: Yeh ki na typical Boyfriend jese Baath. Who will get ready?
Dev:change in my house and I will drop you.
Sona: okay.

If sona hates the rich, why is she dating Dev? What’s the secret?To find out, continue reading.

Precap: Dev and sona have some romantic moments before Sona leaves for the flight.

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